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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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who was that? just work. don't kid a kidder. we can talk about it later, grandpa. uh-huh. something about sylvia. pop... i heard you two had lunch. what do you know?
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mm. sylvia hayden is not her real name. in fact, she's had many identities. and? and... she has a history with older men. you think i don't know that? erin, i'm an ex-cop. you think i didn't do my own digging? of course she's got a past. who doesn't? i don't want to make you angry. i'm just enjoying the woman's company, and i don't see any reason to stop. pop... (sighs) there's an active warrant for sylvia's arrest in palm springs for grand larceny. what do you want me to do? you want me to drop it, i will. a warrant they'll extradite on? yeah. hmm. (clicks tongue) we're supposed to have a drink tonight later at the hotel elys\e. (clears throat) come on, you two. everybody's ready. yep. coming.
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we can have her arrested there. but are you sure that's what you want to do? no. frank: anyway, it's just a... simple ceremony. nicky: i'd give anything to see you walk her down the aisle. it's really sweet what you're doing. linda: i think it's amazing how she stayed in touch with you all these years. jamie: someone saves my life, i'd stay in touch. right? it's an unusuabond. a very special bond. good to protect the people you care about. henry: everyone's always bashing the cops. this is exactly the kind of story that the public needs to hear. well, dad will never allow that. no. he's too private. you know, the real story isn't the wedding. the real story is, the day before, sarah is going to sit down face-to-face with the guy who murdered her family. why?
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erin: it's a program called restorative justice. oh, i think that is a terrible idea. maybe some good gets done. maybe she finds some closure. no such thing in a case like this. nicky: but if it works, maybe he haunts her less. jack: is it like when the principal has the bully apologize for wh he did? that's exactly what it's supposed to be like, jack. yeah, times a hundred. maybe that works for eighth graders, but an animal like donald berry does not deserve this chance. i don't disagree. nicky: but if it can help sarah at all, it's a chance you take. really? what if it backfires? you're putting a lot of trust in this guy, dad. i'm not putting any trust in him, and i'm sure as hell not gonna let her go in there alone. you could bring all the apostles and all the saints, and it wouldn't make a difference. the really bad people-- they don't change. they just come up with new ways
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hey. hey-hey. can you help me make sense of all this? no, i don't think i can. you came all the way uptown, you went through security, and you're not gonna help me prep? no, because i don't think you should do this. why? because i'm some scared little girl who can't take care of herself? no, eddie. you could be a navy seal, and i'd tell you the same thing. this operation was thrown together way too fast. u haven't had enough time to prep, and you don't understand the risks. that i'm going in blind? that my life could be in danger? i agreed to that. i made peace with that the day that i entered the academy. (throws pen on table) besides, this one's personal. why? because of my mom. she was a young girl from a small village in serbia,
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and that dream came true for her, and i think that ana marcovic deserves the same chance. i'm doing this, reagan. okay, if i can't talk you out of it, then... i'll say this. you should use your mother's story. what do you mean? the best covers are the ones that are closest to home. that way, under pressure, you can just tell the truth, which is easiest to remember. did you ever have any close calls? when i was a u/c? yeah, the sanfino family put a hit out on me. my father had to put me on house arrest. eddie, i was lucky to get out alive. that was your first assignment, right? they took a chance on you? that's all i'm asking for.
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(gentle piano music playing) ah. sylvia. whoa. don't you look handsome. last time i was in here was 1973. i was a detective. this place was the scene of one of the biggest robberies in the city's history. a robbery here? well, in the hotel elys\e above us. did you catch 'em? oh, yeah. that's what you have to understand, sylvia. hmm? we get everyone in the end. what do you mean by that? i think yoknow what i mean. dating a reagan maybe wasn't the smartest move on your part. that's because it wasn't a move, henry. you think i didn't expect an ex-police commissioner
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or that i didn't notice your granddaughter putting a teaspoon with my fingerints in her purse? then why did you stay? i haven't done anything wrong. the da in palm springs says different. palm springs. right. whaa joke. we were both adults who knew exactly what we were getting into. a man can't give a gift, and then expect it back when things go sour. sounds like it was a prettyig gift. well, i'm a pretty great gal. henry, breaking someone's heart is painful, but it doesn't make you a criminal. you'll have to tell that to the grand jury. what? hey, please. i really like you. i hope you believe that.
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okay. okay. i'm sorry i ruined this for you, grandpa. you were jus looking out for me. (vehicle approaching) edit? edit jankovic?
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yeah, we're supposed to give you a lift. i'm tatiana, by the way. hi. call me eddie. oh, eddie. um, let me take your bag. you can, um, sit up front. an door closes) tatiana: where are you from in serbia? janko: ecka. tatiana: oh, in the valley. yeah, i know ecka well. when i was a kid, my family used to go to, uh, ecka castle. so did mine. it's beautiful there.
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oh, you must be confused. it... the castle didn't burn down. they just turned it into a resort r tourists. same thing. where are we going? i... i picked this hostel because i wanted to be in the city. i need your phone, your passport and your bag. why? (janko gans) tatiana: you do as we say. jamie: wire's out. all right, that's it. light 'em up. danny, we're taking the van right now. danny. hold on. wait a second. we still got gps? yeah. then we wait. let me see if we can get a visual. car two, you still got eyes on our girl? hill: yeah. she looks okay... for now.
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we're gonna see this operation through, kid, all right?
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mr. berry is on his way. (quietly): okay. (frank sniffles) woman: commissioner reagan, you can watch through the glass. i'm staying with sah. there's no protocol for that. i'm staying, and if he so much as looks sideways at her, i'm pulling her out.
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donald berry-- sarah grant. commissioner reagan, miss grant, i would like to thank you both for coming all this way to participate in this process. before we start, i just want you to know that i will never forgive you, never. so if that's your purpose here, then we can just leave now. oh, i don't expect you to forgive me. i don't forgive myself. so you understand what you did? i want you to look at these. i'm getting married tomorrow,
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my mom didn't help me pick out a dress. my dad... won't get to walk me down the aisl and my brother-- his name was steven. steven evan grant. look at him. he was five years old, you pig. you animal. he didn't have a chance to do anything. he didn't have a life. and you're still sitting here, eating, watching tv, writing letters. and i'm supposed to care that you're sorry?
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who do you think you are? you don't deserve to breathe air. i know exactly what i was, sarah, but that's not what i am now. that's why i ask you here. go on, donald, say what you came to say. it was only when i was locked up that i was finally given a full psychiatric evaluation for the first time. was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. i was prescribed the proper medication. and it's only when the voices in my head stopped that i realized the truly evil things that i'd done. i couldn't handle it.
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hit three inches to the right, put me out of my misery. i had the same dream. but that's not what happened. i saw the horrible things i'd done to your family. it played over and over and over and over and over and over and over in my head. it drove me crazy. you should've killed yourself. oh, i tried. it's what i deserved. and i was so angry at the guards when they saved me. for what? what purpose? why, why? but there was a prison chaplain that... in the infirmary, and we started talking, and we talked. and talked. and something happened.
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or god found me. i found a purpose. and whatever's left of my life i've dedicated it to other prisoners in crisis. and it's made me feel human again, and to know what it is to try to be a good person. but i know the only person i can't save is you, sarah. and i'm so... dreadfully sorry for that. if you're really sorry, you will try and kill yourself again.
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i think we're done here. they stopped. we got to get there. relax, we know where she is, okay? baez: 5-4 detectives requesting a 10-13 at 1399 claremont. we have a missing undercover at this location. jamie: we can't wait for backup, danny. you know what can happen in 30 seconds. on our way to location. we're going in. roger that. make sure you put your vests on. we better get her out.
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(indistinct conversations) take off your clothes, get on the bed. why? (short chuckle) why do you think? wait.
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i want to be clean for you. make it fast. (door closes) all right, you guys take the back entrance over there. we'll go up front. come on, we got to move. let's go. i told you ft. (shower running) janko: why don't you join me? (grunting) police. police. police. police. get on the ground, right now. now! get back against e wall, back up. right now. (woman whimpering)
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(woman screams) (grunts) cover me. yeah, i got you. police! (man grunts, woman screams) police! eddie! jamie (muffled): police, nobody move! get down, get down on the ground. eddie? danny, what do you got? drop the gun. drop the gun. on the ground, right now. get down on the ground. jamie: eddie! (whimpering) he show me your hands, show me your hands. get down on the ground. (grunts) hands behind your back. back up against the wall. back up against the wall. (sobbing) they tried to kidnap me. we're gonna help you. stay put. no, they raped me. i said stay y ck. don't even think about it. eddie. hands off the gun. now. now. (grunts) this is the ringleader--
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game's over, kucka. hands behind your head. now! (crying) janko: ana? good work. ("wedding march" plays) um...
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for indulging me. i've known sarah since she was six years old and i couldn't be happier-- or more proud of her-- than i am right now. david. you're a lucky guy. before i turn this show over to father barnes, i would like to take a moment to remember sarah's father, steven grant, her mother, elizabeth, and her brother, steven jr.
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barnes: sarah, david, will you please join hands and face each other? we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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who? people that live in these neighborhoods. money moves in, they movout. the poor get pushed out, but murder gets to stay, huh? sounds about right. what do we got? we got a male, white. counted a dozen stab wounds. i.d.? no wallet, no cell phone, but i'm pretty sure that's brent madison. what? you're kidding. nope, the wife and i got into farm-to-table cooking 'cause of him. well, he was a chef on a reality cooking show a couple of seasons back. he won big. he opened up a place in tribeca, the les. yeah, that's him all right. no cash register to rob, no knife, no footprints in the blood. may be a hit. i may have a suspect for you. last week, my partner and i responded to a call here. two males having a verbal altercation. huh. it was the victim out on the sidewalk having a screaming match with marty dustin. well, it wouldn't be the first time. another celebrity chef i should know? brent was marty's mentor on the show. they almost strangled each other on live tv


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