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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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be careful, danny. i always am. i'm not kidding. choinski's grip goes back a uple generations. they have a real problem with people poking around their neighborhood. i'll be careful. (sighs) hey. if i had a porsche, i'd definitely service it here. and i'd bet they'd get you a great price on parts. tell me about it. hey. lukas gorski. who wants to kw? proper response is: "how can i help you, detectives?" (groans) how can i help you, detectives? start by telling us why a guy on parole is working in a chop shop. that's not what this is. suppose we get your parole officer down here and ask his opinion? uh, he's, he-he's been down here. really? so maybe we should get the auto crime unit down here. th could check out some vin numbers, do some sniffing around, how about that? what do you want?
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wearing a wire. what?! no, i-i already told the d.a. (scoffs) no. okay, well, then you can just go back to the joint. i-i can't do that, either. well, then you're gonna talk to choinski. (sighs) (groans)
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(indistinct atter) okay, you walk up to a bad situation. what are the words you really don't want to hear? "not likely to survive." not a shooting. if someone involved turns and sa, "you owe me a favor." yeah, i can see that. "your kid did it." (laughter) linda: danny. that would never happen to you guys. well, never say never, but... what's your answer? "he said, she said." i'm with you on that. right? erin: they ought to teach a course at law school, because trying to get to the truth of situations like that is like trying to deconstruct a milk shake. what'd you catch? girl says, "he's stalking me, harassing me."
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is there any hint here of "she had it coming"? implied. and how old are we talking? just out of college. any record, history of harassment? none that i could find. erin: you might want to take a look at his college files. i know the ferpa laws are a little difficult to get around, but you might find a cooperative ear if you dig. which'll just turn up more, wait for it-- "he said she said." yeah, but it might turn something up, so you got to do it. henry: mm-hmm. okay. 'cause, boys, if what she said doesn't count because it was a "she" who said it, it has no place in police work. a good cop can also be a gentleman, when the situation warrants. i taught you that. good advice then, good advice now. (knocking on door)
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yeah. hey. hey. look, i'm thinking maybe u were right. i did some digging at his college. he went before a disciplinary board twice for stalking and menacing two different ex-girlfriends. what do you want to do? christina has problems, doesn't mean she deserves to be abandoned by us. i say we check on her, make sure she's all right. m. i'll take a dozen wellfleets to start, and a petite filet, medium. bone-in rib eye, black and blue, side of spinach, nothing to start. thank you. well, my friend, where are we? you give me that look, i want to vote for you twice.
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it's a gift. what? i looked into it, like you asked. i didn't like what i saw. well, i didn't ask you to likit. i asked you to make it go away. it's just a summons to appear... only because i asked my officer if he could find a way to knock down the charge. and you lied to me about jess weinstein. not at all. i told you she was important to me. come on, ted, i'm a cop. frank, things have been over that way between laura and me for a long time. it's none of my business. ok, exactly right. but my officer did get the distinct impression he was in the middle of a lovers' spat, and you did ask him to call me. so? so, if he is told that even the summons to appear wentway,
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and what adds up is his pc got bought off. so? he's some cop. i don't look at any of them as "some cop," ted. hey, frank, you are pc in significant measure because of me. and i'll always be grateful for your support. yeah, well, you don't know all that i did to support you. how's that? like the grand jury decision not to indict in '86 around an iffy police shooting where a lot of people thought you perjured yourself to protect your partner. i testified truthfully under oath. and the mayor's committee never even heard about it because of me. well, it's still floating around out there. i don't like being threatened, ted.
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in this climate of anti-police sentiment. come on, i can just go to the mayor myself. it's not gonna scan. there's people out there th are ready to jump all over this thing. ted, when i pit the loyalty of even one of my men against some inconvenience for you in the news cycle, it's no contest. and that's not gonna change. we just ordered. i gave up steak for lent. i've been thinking about that rib eye for two weeks. i'm not going anywhere. (chuckles)
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christina, it's officers reagan and janko. anything? it's ringing. not hearing a ring inside. and you won't-- ms. henley left a few minutes ago. alone? yeah, but i think the boyfriend's back in the picture. she was all dolled up. she wouldn't trust him again, right? until she did. (sighs) where would they meet? somewhere they were good. the williamsburg bridge. august of '86, my partner and i were returning to the squad when a call came out over the air. woman who was screaming for help. we were two blocks away, so we lit it up and responded. but when we arrived at the scene, the perp had already smashed the victim's face
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and was in the process of stealing her watch from her wrist. we got out of the car, grabbed the perp, 'cause he was fleeing. what we did not know is two other perps were waiting in a parked car. they jumped out, shots were exchanged. jerry hit one of them, who went doa at the scene. the other perp got away. unfortunately, the doa's gun... was never recovered, making it a questionable shooting. that's truth. that's what i testified to. and the grand jury ruled it a justifiable homicide. (sighs) some in the press wrote otherwise. so, mccreary greased the wheels for you to become pc by keeping this out of sight of the mayor? or at least he thinks so. and now he wants you to return the favor vis- -vis the girl in the car with him. that's about it. if you were cleared, then that's that. i... no, those grand jury hearings
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if there was talk, then three decades is plenty of time for the talk to ripen into legend. when legend becomes fact, print the legend. look, my dad was pc back then. there's no way neither he nor i would pull any strings. but somebody thinks they're doing you a favor. they could pull stris without either of you knowing anything about it. time to shake the trees. meaning? when there's a girlfriend you can see, there's a dozen others you don't see. 'cause you don't know to look. not my style. corruption, then. you don't spend 20 years in albany by keeping your nose clean. no. what do you mean "no"? you're just gonna hang fire? i have no idea what i'm gonna do, which means neither of you are going to do anything. all this for what-- a summons to appear? all of this so officer eric landau knows his mmissioner can't be bought.
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christina? trevor. i came. yeah. look, those cops told me whatappened. i just, i want you to know i wasn't behind it. you were so mad. yeah, i know, and it was a big mistake. just like breaking up with you. really? yeah, really. let's take a walk. i-i don't know. come on, babe. you can trust me. i-i don't want to. please... christina. i don't want to go, okay? come on. stop! (screaming) what a stubborn bitch! (gasping for air) hey, trevor! let her go! trevor!
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(grunting) hey, hey! let go! (shouting indistinctly) i got you. stop it! i just wanted... stop fighting. christina! shut up. (crying)
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all right, 15 minutes is all it should take. 15 minutes in there. oh, my god. or 15 years back in prison. pretty easy choice. get to it. (sniffs) all right. you're good. go. i'm ready, i'm ready. all right. (singsongy): i'm ready! choinski: so, there i was in warsaw... lukas? lukas! come over here! mr. choinski, milena. (speaks polish) i haven't seen you since you free. oh, you know. yeah. i'm trying to keep a low profile till i'm off parole. ah, yes, of course. and when you're off, you come back and you work for me. really? yes, of course. you are a go boy! lech is very loyal to his friends.
6:53 pm
well, so far, so good. okay. (milena clears throat) na zrovie! na zdorovie! ha! (exhales) s-so what-what i've heard about victor bajek... is true? really? what'd you hear? lukas: that he... got in some trouble. yeah, but he's a good boy. he'll be out not too long, and i take care of him. lukas, why you sweat so much? me? yeah. take off jacket. r-really, i'm fine, thanks. come on. come on, keep going. why, uh... wh... wh-why take care of victor? i mean, he's a punk. well, yes, but he's my punk. you had him kill that chef? (sighs) come on, get a name! madison?
6:54 pm
what's so funny? only people believe that are cops, man. (quiet chuckle) s-so he didn't? of course not. then who did? you're writing a book? (laughs): no. then why so many questions? stupid men. what's that, milena? oh. you think women can only be secretaries? so foolish. i killed madison. got it. i'm more valuable than you. he wasn't gonna pay. had to be done. milena, you... you think that lech would choose any of you idiots to do the job? wait, i don't have take this from her. (lukas yelling) (grunts) what are you gonna say to that, huh? (yells) he's wearing a wire!
6:55 pm
choinski: you son of a bitch! i'll kill you myself! danny: drop the knife! hands over your head! freeze! danny: drop it! get back! (milena shouting in polish) against the wall! freeze! don't move! (milena continues shouting) hands overour head! get 'em out of here. (groans) you all right? get him a bus. yeah. u okay? okay. (panting) (lukas grunts) good. good work. what are you so antsy about? i'm not antsy. if anybody's on the hook here, it's me. (chuckles): i'm t as dumb as i look, frank. you don't look dumb, you look antsy. if somebody you worked for rare took your advice,
6:56 pm
you'd be wondering, too. wondering what? what he was up to. why would i be up to anything? you said it was a win-win: your problem goes away, my problem goes away. they're ready. (garrett sighs) she have everything? everything we have. you're equivocating. everything that we know of. and we're agreed on the terms? yes. the first question and full response has to make the cut, or the entire interview is off the record. (sighs): okay, then. i can't control how she'll shape the narrative. that's the risk we're taking. you're taking. we're taking. i'm doing this upon your advice and counsel. (sighs): garrett... look, i'm taking your advice because it's damn good advice. or not.
6:57 pm
thanks for coming. wouldn't have missed it. you ready for th? (clears throat) well, i think that's what i should be asking you. then yes. man: sound. (clears throat softly) man 2: rolling. woman: and five, four, three, two... commissioner reagan, thank you so much for sitting down with us today. my pleasure. so, as you may know, rumors have surfaced that in 1986, when you were a detective for nypd, you and your partner were involved in a fatal shooting that may have been a tragic error... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. garrett, we're rolling. i got this. (anne clears throat softly) ...rumors that it may have been a tragic error, that it may have been swept under the rug... and that subsequent internal reviews may have been tainted. would you careo speak to those rumors?
6:58 pm
in august of 1986, my partner and i were returning to our squad when a call came over the air. it was a woman screaming for help. we were two blocks away, so we responded.
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chief kent is here, sir. well, let's have him, baker. thank you. hey. hey, hey. man voted least popular by the gangs of new york. (chuckles) thank you very much. please. it's an honor. on the other hand, you're sending so much business over to the da's office that they owe you a thank-you note and a nice bottle. and every one is a good collar. and by the book. then they owe you a case of nice bottles. i won't hold my breath. seriously, don, great work. incredible results. we're getting there. briefing said you're mopping up. as we speak. well, then take a rest on your laurels for a minute, starting now. i'm good. and how's maggie? she's great. (chuckles) taking her out to lunch today for our 30th.
7:00 pm
department should have a medal for the wives that put up with us. i'll work on that. and let's book a date for dinner, just the three of us. that sounds good. but you know maggie will want to bring along one of her girlfriends for you. what, she's still on about that? same as it ever was. but you got my back, right? until you say otherwise, boss. little something to wear at your lunch. what did you do? wow. you rned it. like father, like son. as of now, you are officially a two-star chief. don't know what to say, frank. then i'll say it for both of us.


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