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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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police say the women will be arraigned in court on monday. we begin with breaking new details about last months tragic chesapeake murder-suicide. newschannel 3 today that doris dooley - the grandmother of the shooter, cameron dooley - died after being shot multiple times in the head and torso. police say last month - cameron dooley shot his mother, father, sister and brother in the head, before shooting himself in the chest. the medical examiner didn )t release how doris died until today. police are still working to find killed. they say cameron killed
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police. they say its possible the rest of his family was killed days before. now to another tragedy we ve been following - the deadly tornadoes across virginia. we are now hearing from the mother of the two-year-old child killed when a tornado - tore apart the home where he was in waverly. trenicka stringfield was the only person to survive - when the ef-1 tornado hit wednesday. she says she thought it was like another rainy day but in just seconds - the family was thrown from their trailer. her son ian, boyfriend larry and brother devine were all killed. a total of five people lost their in virginia. newschannel three s margaret kavanagh is back in waverly as the town - tries to pick up the
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sot:tiara miles/victim 32:11 one of the scariest moments in our life. track the shock of what happened is still setting in--- tornados tear through the waverly community. driving around you can see home after home suffered damage-- trees down and debris still everywhere. killing 26 year old devine stringfield, 2 year old ian lewis -- and 50 year old larry turner. relatives say larry was dating the little boy s mom. ernest turner/nephew killed 52:20 the two- year-old baby he loved him so much he would let larry get away from him everywhere larry go baby was right there by larry track tiara miles woke up to the mayhem. sot:tiara miles/victim 32:37 a rude awakening, it was very scary to have glass coming in your face and you not knowing what is going on." track but today it )s a different story- while relatives of the victims are making funeral arrangements.... nat sound volunteers came out to help people with their homes back together. nat sound operation blessing had crews working on homes all day. sot: donald vann/contractor 37:18 i had no other choice my
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helping hand" track tiara had her roof fixed and says the outpouring of help has been wonderful. sot:tiara miles/victim 33:16 they came and dropped off dog food they ve given us bibles they )ve given us water gift cards to get food all the blessings that are coming in our amazing. and we are very grateful. more than 60 virginia national areas hit hardest across our state. you can see them with chainsaws-- as they help clear trees and pick up debris. last night-- additional personnel were brought in to help clear the areas. this new drone video out of appomattox - where at least 100 structures in the area were destroyed wednesday. state police said 78- year-old edward harris was killed when he was thrown from his mobile home in evergreen. first responders from blacksburg are on the ground helping those who were affected by the storms. and shelters have been set up for those in need. a chilly start but a mild
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quite a chilly start to the weekend. morning temperatures on saturday will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s. by into the mid 40s. we )ll see a nice warm up. west- southwest winds will help boost our high temperatures into the lower 60s. the best part of the weekend forecast, though, is that we )re not expecting any rain! we )ll see saturday and sunday. on monday and tuesday, highs will be in the mid and upper 60s. we )ll likely be near 70 on wednesday, just in time for showers and thunderstorms to move in. rain will linger into thursday. then, highs will cool back into the mid 40s by the end of next week.
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in the middle of the night - a fire rips through a duplex - trapping two families inside. everyone was able to get out - except an elderly woman - who was found
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right now newschannel 3s nadeen yanes is live at the scene. nadeen - tell us more about how this all happened. everyone we spoke with today - says they belive the fire started here - outside at the stairwell - you can see this car nearest to the stariwell - has some major heat damage - the fire right at the doors of the two famlies who live in this duplex - trapping them inside. everyone escaped, except for one escaped. an elderly woman who many in this neighborhood described as a sweet grandma. -- 12:16 we still have heavy fire conditions on the second floor. we do need a medic here. we have a victim at the front of the building the firefighters did everything they could to get to an elderly woman trapped on 2nd floor of this burning duplex. but by the time they got a ladder and crews up there - it was too late. 37:5outside shes a very sweet lady everybody in the duplex called her grandma i mean she was just a sweet lady -- 38:25 she walked really slow - there was no way that she
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people in the downstairs they had to literally run through the flames that was the only way out those people this neighbor is talking about - is allen cahoon and his wife. who woke up to flames at their front door. 46:36 when i opened my odor there was nothing but fire i had to walk through i put a blanket over top of my wife and we had to walk through fire literally the wooden deck was on fire we had to walk through that the on my head it was terrible 47:01 like i said another 10 second i dont think we would have made it out alive thats terrible cahoon - crediting his teenage neighbor - for giving him those extra few seconds. bradley caswell - -ran out in nothing but his boxers to wake them up. 28:47 just bang as hard as i could banging on the bedroom window everything i could to try to wake them up a woman and two children who lived upstairs also escaped - by jumping out of a 2nd story window. they are now in the hosptial recovering - not only from their
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cause under investigation today marks the sixth month anniversary of a senseless act: the shootings at w-d-b-j in roanoke. reporter allison parker -- and her photographer adam ward were both killed by a former co - worker on live t-v. newschannel 3 s gabriella deluca joins us now -- and gabriella - you traveled to roanoke that day to cover the shooting? we were one of the first crews in roanoke that day -- shocked at what we had to cover. six
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adam ward s deaths -- their co-workers held a moment of silence on air to honor them this morning. smiling --- vibrant -- and full of life. this is how friends and co-workers of allison parker and adam ward want you to remember the pair six months after they were ripped away in the prime of their lives. the reporter and photojournalist were killed by their former co worker vester flanagan on live tv. the two were doing a live interview -- when flanagan came up behind them and began shooting -- klling parker and ward. flanagan also shot the woman they were interviewing -- vicki gardner. she survived. after a police chase -- flanagan killed himself. on social media today -- allison parker )s boyfriend, wdbj anchor chris hurst posted on twitter -- saying the only six month mark she )s trying to think about is theirs -- the beginning of july, planing each new adventure. the day allison and adam were killed - the community honored them by a growing memorial outside the station -- filled with flowers, candles, and balloons. that s
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nadine maeser made ribbons with the pair s favorite colors -- teal for allison, and virginia tech maroon for adam. 16;21 all of us have been sporting these. i have cutting up more ribbons because they ve been going so quickly even for people who aren t even a part of the channel 7 family favorite colors -- teal for allison, and virginia tech maroon for adam. 16;21 all of us have been sporting these. i have cutting up more ribbons because they )ve been going so quickly even for people who aren )t even a part of the channel 7 family is someone monitoring the navy - a little too close? tonight officials are trying to figure out - who is flying drones over their base. then -- disbelief - at the devastation. today was the first day a couple has seen their summer home - since storms
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right now - people living in the hardest hit areas of this week )s deadly storms are picking up the pieces. as volunteers are assisting with clean up in waverly - the site of a deadly tornado - families are beginning to return to their homes in naylor s beach - just across the water from tappahannock where another tornado caused a lot of destruction. here )s chelsea rarrick - with one couple )s story of
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this is just one example ... for the first time. its friday morning -- linda is just now seeing her home for the first time after wednesdays tornado she and her husband live in glen allen but have called this their summer home for over thirty years now this... is all that s left as they try to salvage what they can -- many items are completely destroyed or gone .. thankfully--were told only a few people were here during the storm and no one is injured still for those who live here -- whove created years of memories , seeing this damage is absolutely heartbreaking --- but their grateful no lives were lost ...get out safely. tell
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on the military watch -- the navy is trying to find out who is flying drones over its kitsap- bangor submarine base in washington state -- this
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to a military times report. a navy spokeswoman says the drone reports came in from civilians who saw them flying over the base at night -- bangor is home to eight of the navy )s 14 ballistic-missile submarines. each can carry up to 24 missiles with multiple nuclear warheads. the f-a-a designated the airspace above bangor as "prohibited" in may 2005. officials cited in the report say security forces are supposed to shoot down violators -- but they haven )t needed to yet. the u-s navy had stopped teaching its sailors how to use the stars to navigate. but now -- with increased threats of cyber attacks, it s bringing back celestial navigation. mark albert explains. super information : :14 - :19 - lt caleb handy/celestial navigation instructor 1:01 - 1:11 - mark albert/cbs news/us naval academy 1:12 - 1:14 - shane condon/naval academy junior 1: 17 - 1:21 - katie lazzeri/naval academy junior pkg trt: 1:34 locator: us naval academy/annapol is, maryland pkg nats "every degree is equal lieutenant caleb handy is teaching midshipmen something he never learned when he joined the navy - celestial navigation. sot/handy "q mark albert : do the students just have this blank stare of )i )m just not understanding? a
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you do get that wide-eyed what is this? ) look." handout stills: smithsonian (this is a sextant. created in the mid-1700 s, it was named for its scale, which extends 60 degrees - one- sixth, or sextant , of circle. it uses the stars to determine a navigator s location. lt. caleb handy/celestial navigation instructor "it is a core competency of a naval officer to be able to navigate by the stars. but the navy stopped teaching celestial navigation more than a decade ago when gps became available. now, with high tech threats, the navy is bringing it back. a sextant - unlike g-p-s - cannot be tampered with electronically. "q mark albert : is there a fear of hacking in this age of cyber attacks and cyber warfare? a caleb handy : i wouldn )t really call it a fear, but i would say it is a potential threat." standup bridge mark albert, cbs news, us naval academy )it s not just the naval academy. the navy is bringing back celestial navigation training fleet- wide... including at navy r-o-t-c units on college campuses. sot shane condon/naval academy junior "i had never done it before, never seen it before, never imagined i would be doing it." these midshipmen told us they re on board. sot katie lazzeri/naval academy junior "you never know what )s going to happen. you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario." "q mark albert : is there ever a day in the future when you think the navy will eliminate it again? a caleb handy : i hope not. its a maritime tradition that could be a
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mark albert, cbs news, annapolis, maryland. a chilly start but a mild finish to the weekend....we re expecting quite a chilly start to the weekend. morning temperatures on saturday will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s. by afternoon, highs will only rise into the mid 40s. but on sunday, we )ll see a nice warm up. west- southwest winds will help boost our high temperatures into the lower 60s. the best part of the weekend forecast, though, is that we )re not expecting any rain! we )ll see plenty of sunshine on both saturday and sunday. on monday and tuesday, highs will be in the mid and upper 60s. we )ll likely be near 70 on wednesday, just in time for showers and thunderstorms to move in. rain will linger into thursday. then, highs will cool
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it )s an amazing story in the advancement of medicine. ahead
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infant who had heart surgery - newschannel three is happy to announce today )s winner of the local dish contest. after more than 500 entries today alone - debra jarzynka from virginia beach won the big prize. she will receive a 100-dollar gift card to cobalt grille. that )s on laskin road in virginia beach. we feature the restaurant this week - and according to our makenzie walter - not only does the food look good - it tastes good too.
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no charges against the newport news police officer involved in a deadly shooting over the summer. good evening - i )m beverly kidd. and i m les smith. today the commonwealth )s attorney said the officer s actions were justified. it was not the news the family of kawanza beaty s --p&hoped for. newschannel 3 s kelly rule has the update.


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