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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cbs news. breaking news tonight -- we have just learned an
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shot and killed on the job -- she was one of three police officers shot in prince william county tonight while responding to a domestic related incident. the police department confirmed on twitter that officer ashley guidon, died due to her injuries. no word on the other officer )s conditions yet. police say they do have someone in custody. the prince william county twitter account also has this picture on their twitter page -- it says ashley guindon was sworn in yesterday and her first shift was today. stay with newschannel three on air and online for more on this developing story. switching gears -- hillary clinton has won south carolina. that s two in a row for the former secretary of state. craig boswell has more on her big win -- and bernie sander )s latest defeat. pkg hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects clinton beat vermont senator bernie sanders by a wide margin.
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crowd chants hillary, hillary, hillary graphics exit polls showed 84 percent of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women... by nearly 50 percent. anne bolton hopes americans give clinton a chance to be president sot: anne bolton/clinton supporter :27-:32 the main thing on her mind is to see that americans have what they need to have. standup bridge: craig boswell, cbs news, washington, d.c. :32-:45 with more than 800 delegates up for grabs next tuesday....sander s looked past south carolina saturday and over the next three days is focusing specifically on vermont, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma and colorado. natz sanders was in texas earlier on saturday.... where he is fighting an uphill battle in the polls. sot: sen. bernie sanders/presiden tial candidate :52-1:03 if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and you bring your neighbors and your coworkers, we )re going to win here in tx. clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration.
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1:10-1:21 we are going to fight for every vote. we will take nothing for granted. voters there told cbs news that political experience was important to them...and analysts say that helped clinton pick up a decisive win in south carolina. craig boswell, cbs news, washington, d.c. clinton s campaign office says she will be visiting northern virginia and hampton roads on monday. no word yet on her exact stops. nearly every candidate is making stops in hampton roads. bernie sanders, donald trump and ted cruz were in hampton roads earlier this week. senator marco rubio s campaign will hold a rally in virginia beach tomorrow although the event is free -- each guest is required to r-s- v-p online. -- and ben carson is scheduled to appear at regent university on monday. the overwhelming support for those who lost everything in a massive fire in willoughby spit two weeks ago --
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hour away to waverly. newschannel three s kelly rule joins us live in the studio with the story -- erica -- newschannel 3 has been following how much the community has come together for those who lost everything in that willoughby spit fire two weeks ago today. with so many donations left over -- they are now hoping those who also lost everything in waverly -- can benefit from what they have collected. 10;08 we lost everything, if anybody has looked at the pictures we are the big black spot in the middle, we have nothing left while it was a massive fire that left betty prudner -- with nothing -- hearing about the devastating tornado in waverly -- not even two weeks later -- that put many other families in the same spot as her in just a matter of moments -- she says it hit too close to home. 10;43 i have a whole new respect for tragedy that )s why she )s back at the place that helped her -- to make sure -- others too -- can start to rebuild. 08;44 i dont have much to give, all i can give is my time so thats what im here for 14;07 when youre working side
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side with somebody that was personally affected by this tragedy its just such an inspiration the fire that destroyed prudner s home two weeks ago today -- also left more than 30 other people homeless in the willoughby spit section of norfolk. the next day -- judy boone realty -- just down the street in willoughby -- started to collect monetary and clothing donations. fast forward to now -- they say they are overwhelmed with donations -- and have set up what looks like an entire thrift store at an empty office next door. which they re now hoping can go much further -- than just to local fire victims. 10;54 weve been on the phone with people today to anybody in waverly that we could contact to tell them they are most welcome to come down here 12;25 we have clothes, bedding, food, kitchenware just everything you can think of everything is all sized so people can just come in 16;19 whether its the fire or the tornados up in waverly or y other area of virginia ease come down let us give you
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judy boone realty staff will be opening their doors again tomorrow from 2 until 4. they re asking anyone who knows what people in waverly need -- to call their office. we have all that information on our website at w-t-k-r dot-com. i m kelly rule, newschannel 3. turning to the weather -- it was a nice start to the weekend -- taking a live look outside.... it has been a chilly day -- but things will be warming up tomorrow. first warning meterologist dominic brown has the latest -- more sunshine and warm temps....get ready for quite a warm up. on sunday, high temperatures will climb into the mid 60s under mostly sunny skies. we )ll keep the 60s in the forecast for monday and tuesday, too. even be in 70s early in the week. a weak cold front will move in monday, mainly producing a few more clouds and possibly a stray shower.
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we )ll see partly cloudy skies. eventually, the clouds will increase ahead of a cold front. that front will slide in wednesday, giving way to showers and a few thunderstorms. highs will be near 60 on wednesday, then fall into the lower 50s by thursday. then, by the end of next week, our weather could get a bit interesting. depending on the track of an area of low pressure near our area, we could see rain and a few snowflakes or rain and a lot of wind, which could lead to tidal flooding. we )ll keep a close eye on it through the week. in newport news -- police were on the scene of a shooting this afternoon -- where they say a man was shot twice. it happened around 12-30 on 25th street. when police got
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old who had been shot in the leg twice. the victim told police he was walking in the area when he was shot out of the blue. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok -- but police are still trying to find who shot him. newport news police are also investigating another shooting -- this one happened overnight at the pondo cafe and lounge on jefferson avenue -- around two a- m. police say a 39-year-old hampton man was in a parking lot with friends -- he stepped away for a moment -- and that )s when he was shot once in the chest. the victim was taken threatening injuries. if you know anything about either one of these shootings -- take action and call the crime line. that )s 1- 888-lock-u-up. also in newport news -- firefighters were out afternoon. just take a look at this video fire officials sent us -- it happened before 2 on corinthia drive -- in the beechmont section of the city. according to firefighters -- one of the residents told them he heard an explosion in the -- he saw flames. he and his wife
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it took crews about an hour to fight the extensive fire -- the house is now condemned. no word yet on how it started. newschannel three has your first warning traffic -- drivers in virginia beach this afternoon were held up by several crashes on eye-264 eastbound -- one crash happenedust before the rosemont exit -- state police say there were injuries -- but no word on the extent of those injuries yet. there were also two crashes by the lynnhaven exits -- one included an overturned vehicle -- no one was injured. in norfolk -- a suspicious package at military circle mall had people on edge today -- norfolk police and fire crews responded and closed down nearby roads while they checked it out -- after a few hours they determined the package was safe. in suffolk -- a local church is taking action to make sure its students get the education they need. last december -- the greater first baptist church of orlando on factory street starting tutoring one student who wasn t
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now, that student, demetreus walker is feeling prepared for upcoming tests -- along with a handful of other push. reverend moses ware says they )ve partnered with lakeland high school to not only help them on tests, but in life. the tutors cover everything from algebra to english -- the
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tutors. as for the students, they take their s-o-l tests in a week. coming up on newschannel three -- -- a mass shooting victim tells a terrifying story of looking
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do.
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a stronger country. new at 11-- virginia beach police are on the scene of a fire on wayman lane -- residents say they heard an explosion and sent us this picture. stay with newschannel three for any updates -- a california k-k-k gathering instantly turned violent as police say protestors clashed with klan members today. police say the fight spanned an entire city block after a crowd surrounded five or six klan members -- one klan member even used a flag pole to stab a counter protestor. in all -- three people were stabbed, and 13 were arrested -- each for assault with a deadly weapon. both sides blame the other. four people were killed and 14 others wounded in a kansas workplace shooting thursday -- and now many victims are telling their
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as jade degood reports -- one victim says he came face-to- face with the gunman. adam miller is surrounded by loved ones -- as he recovers from four gunshot wounds at via christi hospital. 34:15 "i got hit once in the thigh, once in the bicep and two times in the chest." adam was at work -- at excel industries -- when he noticed everyone running. adam miller/victim 33:44 "i heard someone shout fire which is our code word for a shooter. but it didn t register as that." he was helping evacuate his team -- when he came face-to-face with the gunman. 34:48 "i saw him come around the corner and he looked kind of confused so i told him to run, there )s a fire. he still looked confused and i told him again and he said i know then shot me." wife 37:04 "he was facing the shooter head on. the two shots did not puncture anything. crying adam says he was able to run about 100 yards before two men
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him get out of the building and waited with him until first responders arrived. 46:48 "i can t express how much i thank them. everyone did such a good job. - police did make an arrest last night -- they say 28-year-old sarah hopkins gave weapons to the gunman -- cedric ford. police shot and killed ford - after they say he shot three people and wounded 14 others at the excel factory. the f-b-i has been interviewing witnesses. several other victims remain in the hospital. a ukrainian man in pennsylvania is facing charges after police say he )s been posing as a high school student -- as lara greenberg reports -- now his classmates are speaking out. those who knew the ukrainian man arrested for posing as a high school student in harrisburg are speaking out. mustafa ysa says he was a senior at john harris high school four years ago when he shared math class with a freshman he knew as arthur samarin, later known as asher potts. "my math class was for seniors," ysa said.
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only a freshman there. he said the 9th grade math was what they taught in elementary school in the ukraine." court documents show stephayne mcclure-potts and michael potts enrolled him in john harris high school in the fall of 2012. ysa said potts excelled academically and that he looked and sounded like a 14-year old kid. "he had american dreams. he said he wanted to join the navy seals, wanted to join the military. he was fascinated with nasa though," ysa said. other friends of potts also offered their support for him. "we re looking at him because he )s from the ukraine and everything like that, that he might be a terrorist, or could be a spy or something like that," brianna smith said. "if he wanted to do any of it, why was he in school?" "i don )t know much of his background, because he kept it vague," ian garcia said. "but what i do know is that he s a good person overall." samarin is charged with theft, identity theft, tampering with public records, statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors. according to police, additional
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harrisburg police say there could be more arrests coming in this case. more sunshine and warm temps....get ready for quite a warm up. on sunday, high temperatures will climb into the mid 60s under mostly sunny skies. we )ll keep the 60s in the forecast for monday and tuesday, too. some areas may even be in 70s early in the week. a weak cold front will move in monday, mainly producing a few more clouds and possibly a stray shower.
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we )ll see partly cloudy skies. eventually, the clouds will increase ahead of a cold front. that front will slide in wednesday, giving way to showers and a few thunderstorms. highs will be near 60 on wednesday, then fall into the lower 50s by thursday. then, by the end of next week, our weather could get a bit interesting. depending on the track of an area of low pressure near our area, we could see rain and a few snowflakes or rain and a lot of wind, which could lead to tidal flooding. we )ll keep a close eye on it through the
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-- it )s senior night at o-d-u -- but would the veterans leave the ted constant center with a win? highlight from the game up next -- every wonder what nature valley is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars.
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it was senior night -- at old dominion -- four monarchs playing their final game in front of a sold out ted constant center. a couple of familiar faces
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aaron bay-coh and kellam alum trey freeman were some fan favorites over the past few seasons. texas- san antonio trying to spoil the night -- but the roadrunners just couldnt keep up -- jordan baker gets the steal and takes it in for the score -- the monarchs showing off some great defense forced nine first half turnovers! they led by as much as twenty in this game. and of course the seniors would show up big -- monarch fans are gonna miss this guy a lot trey freeman. later on aaron bay-coh with some fancy moves and the score -- the monarchs cruise to a 22 point victory -- 78 to 56 and improve to 17 and 12 on the season. after the game coach jeff jones had some good things to say
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o-d-u s next game is next thursday against north texas. a women s basketball player was one basket away from breaking a record -- when she suffered a season ending injury. in a showing of incredible sportsmanship -- a rival team stepped aside to let her have one last shot at history. evan schreiber has the story -- --pkg-- for four years - monay lee has stood proud ( with her toros teammates. she even (shared the stats... tied atop the cal state dominguez hills record book. on february 13th? lee was ready to stand alone as the school s all-time leading points scorer. lee talking about feb. 13 injury: "i was more than ready to come out and do some damage and just get the win." but in damaging fashion? that moment never came. captured in this photo? monay went up for the record- breaking shot just two minutes into the game? and her knee buckled. she expected to never play again. "just really hard to see her have to end her
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thursday night at chico state? monay was standing (alone from her teammates - with a brace. distant. something unusual for her. ( barely able to participate in warm-ups. yet - a smile still gleamed across her face. a special night? and she was going through drills with a purpose. "she s what helps make the ccaa - california collegiate athletic association - the league that it is from the competition standpoint. so anytime that somebody of that stature gets injured you want to be able to recognize them." a plan crafted by the opposing coaches. chico state s brian fogel calling his longtime friend molly goodenbour of dominguez hills. and from the opening tip -- it was a record- worthy moment. "ladies and gentlemen: with that basket, monay lee is now the all-time leading scorer in dominguez hills history."--- chico state s team stepping aside for one of its biggest competitors. a hug from the rivals. "my girls were all on board." even a little ribbing from her doting coach. "way to not miss."--- "i was so nervous. i actually think i was so nervous that i ended up jumping off this hurt leg. laughter "the opponents -- stood and honored one of
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yet - she remained humble. like a true competitor? she wanted to finish the game. "it s not the way i really want to break the record." instead - she had to accept their hugs and tears - as she walked off the court for a final time. taking a spot at the end of the bench... and cheered ( them on? ---nats: lee--- the way they cheered all of her record 1- thousand-472 points. she now sits alone as the best? and has her opponents to thank. "but for this - for the people to be able to do this for me - it )s just incredible." a lasting sign of sportsmanship. "it s a small consolation to be able to have your name in the record book, but it is something. and ten years from now nobody is going to know how you but they )re going to know the kind of player and the kind of impact she had on our culture and our program." and now -- a lasting
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breaking news -- hampton police are investigating a fatal accident at the corner of east mercury blvd and cherry
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they also say the victim was a pregnant woman -- both she and her unborn child were killed. right now, all lanes but one are closed on east mercury boulevard. stay with
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