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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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plus - police officers in virginia beach are getting a new weapon in the fight against the deadly heroin epidemic in their city. first we begin with breaking news out of portsmouth. right now police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital. police say they got the call around 3-30 this afternoon. when they arrived at meander road and broad street they found one man shot in the arm. he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. police are currently on scene investigating -- stay with newschannel three for the latest on this breaking news. it )s a serious problem - and people are dying. we )re talking about the disturbing trend of heroin overdoses - right here at home. the epidemic now has virginia beach police taking action. newschannel 3s margaret kavanagh joins us - with the story you will only see on 3. its killing too many people. today we sat down exclusively with virginia beach police as they explain how all the officers
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a device that could prevent someone from dying from a heroin overdose. 13:20 if we can save one life than it s worth it. virginia beach police are hoping to save more lives by using these devices. inside them - theres medicine called naloxone. na-locks-zone - it can counteract the effect of a heroin overdose. right now the department has 50 - but say they plan on getting 150 over the next few weeks. 2:53 we wanted to be among the first to roll out the program. the number of people overdosing is alarming. in virginia beach alone - police say in 2015 they had 135 heroin overdoses - of those 35 people died. and so far in 2016-- 36 people have overdosed -- and 6 of them were fatal. and those are just the cases that police have responded to. —tons 494483"i never ever thought in one million years that my children would die from drugs. it )s just horrible carolyn weems daughter overdosed at the age of 21. she is happy to hear that police are taking action in an effort to prevent people from dying. 13:36 there s an epidemic in this country and we )re trying to do
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make a difference i think this will help and will make a difference the virginia beach police says they are one of the only departments in the state training their entire department on how to use them. 06:47 )it does take us out of our role because typically when we respond to the scene where there are felony narcotics we are in the law- enforcement role but officers are very cognizant of the fact that our primary mission is to preserve life." preserve life." they cost about 100 dollars per kit. virginia beach police say they got grant money for their program.
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on the campaign trail: presidential candidate ben carson made a stop in virginia beach today. newschannel 3 s erica greenway joins us live at regent university. and erica - carson is the fifth candidate to visit hampton roads in the past week. right - it )s been a busy week in hampton roads leading up to super tuesday tomorrow. today s event was part of a presidential candidate forum hosted by regent. donald
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carson spoke for about ten minutes -- then answered questions from pat robertson and the audience. speaking in front of a crowded auditorium at regent university -- doctor ben carson touched on a number of issues - including immigration, moving people away from government dependence -- and his concerns with executive orders -- saying we need to review and get rid of 99.9 percent of them. he also spoke about religion several times - drawing a lot of support. 12:37:56 if president, i would eliminate the ban on christianity in schools :07 after -- he also answered a few questions from reporters - the first candidate to do so at as part of this forum. here )s what he had to say about what people in hampton roads should know about him. 12:50:32 one of the things id like them to know is were going to be extremely supportive of military, if you dont get military right, the rest of it really doenst matter, :45 some people at the rally already knew he was their candidate of choice - others say they )ve attended several of these events to learn more about the candidates. 12:56:03 i like speak to my generation, very bernie sanders friendly and thats terrifying :13 12:55:52 i love that he wants to revitalize constitution and thats one ofh is =big points, not a lot of andidates
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13:03:24 this helped me change my mind and lean toward ben carson, didnt thinks trong enough, i dont think give enough credit very knowledbeable aboa lot of things :40 it )s going to be a big day tomorrow - not just for carson but all the candidates. it s super tuesday - which is when 12 states hold their primaries or caucuses including virginia. more delegates will be selected tomorrow than any other day. live in virginia beach - erica greenway - newschannel 3. and tonight democratic front-runner hillary clinton is in norfolk. she s set to take the stage at lake taylor high school at 8
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clinton also has some key backers from the commonwealth -- including governor terry mcauliffe - and senators tim kaine and mark warner. newschannel three will be at tonight s event. look for our live coverage starting on newschannel three at 6. all month long-- presidential hopefuls stopped by hampton roads. last week alone-- bernie sanders, donald trump and ted cruz all made stops in virginia. and yesterday florida senator marco rubio held a rally at the virginia beach convention center. this all ahead of super tuesday. breaking news two children - hit by a vehicle in norfolk. we )ve just learned both are in the hospital. it happened just after four at the intersection of chesapeake boulevard and dudley avenue. newschannel three has a crew on the way - we ll bring you more as it s available. a vigil will be held tonight for the young boy -- and the two other victims - killed by last week )s tornado in waverly. 50-year-old larry turner -- 26-year-old devine string- field -- and two- year-old ian lewis died when a tornado
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were in on wednesday. tonight s candle light vigil is being organized by the women )s social club of wakefield. it will be held around 6-30 this evening at the annie b- jackson elementary school in waverly. locally based business - lumber liquidators lost nearly - 20 million dollars over the last quarter. experts say that is much worse than expected. so now the company is shaking up management. lumber liquidators is still dealing with fall out - from last year s 60 minutes report that found that some of its flooring from china contained high levels of formaldehyde. the c-d-c says people exposed to the company s flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than previously thought. earlier this month - the company was in federal court in norfolk. it was sentenced to pay out more than 13 million dollars for environmental crimes. new at 5 - today is february 29th - a day that only comes around once every four years. newschannel 3s merris badcock spoke to a family who celebrated the birth of their son today. she also asked how they plan to
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natz pop from father: 01:03:58:01 - )you want some more? baby sounds " 01:04:03:15norfolk newborn chase alan wyland will be four years old before hes able to celebrate his first birthday! christopher wyland, father, norfolk resident tori hohorst, mother, virginia beach resident christopher wyland, father, norfolk resident coming up on newschannel three at five - should women -
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coming up on newschannel three at five - should women - be required to register for the draft? it s a hot button topic - presidential hopefuls - military officials - and many newschannel three viewers are all debating about. plus - an ambulance ride can be one of the scariest experiences of your life. but getting the bill for it later can be equally scary. how one local city is offering a cheaper alternative. newschannel three has a first warning traffic alert -- expect delays on 64-eastbound - near chesapeake boulevard in the city of norfolk. a crash has closed the left shoulder and left lane. backups are
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you can buy an annual pass for a lot of things -- from busch gardens to the virginia aquarium and marine science center. but would you buy one to cover the cost of your ambulance rides to the hospital? todd corillo is here with that story new at five. les and barbara -- the city of suffolk offers what they call an e-m-s passport -- covering your ambulance rides for an entire year. it )s a big cost savings when insurance doesn )t cover the tab. a pass that covers the cost of
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of suffolk for an entire year the sixty dollar subscription can be a real cost saver -- especially when you consider that an ambulance ride can run anywhere from four hundred to eight hundred dollars if you )re insurance doesn t pick up the entire tab -- what )s left comes out of your pocket. suffolk has been trying to increase participation in the program they admit that frankly many people simply haven t known about it but considering the significant savings -- they think it s worthwhile especially for suffolk residents who have their entire families covered. we )ve posted all the information about how you can sign up for the e-m-s passport in
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live in the studio -- todd corillo -- newschannel 3. breaking news we )re learning more about those two children - hit by a vehicle in norfolk. both are in the hospital - but we )re hearing they will be ok. all this happened just after four at the intersection of chesapeake boulevard and dudley avenue. we )re told a maroon chevy 4- door was making a left turn onto chesapeake boulevard when it hit the children. the man driving the car was cited for failure to yield - driving with a suspended license and driving with no insurance. on the military watch - with combat jobs opening up to more and more women - should women have to register for the draft? the topic was recently brought up ahead of last week )s primary in-p&south carolina. when the candidates were asked during south carolina s republican debate if the selective service should include women - florida senator marco rubio - former florida governor jeb bush and new jersey governor chris christie agreed with the move. bush and christie have since dropped out
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rubio - who was also here in hampton roads over the weekend said - he does believe the selective service should be opened up for both men and women. and earlier this month - top army and marine corps generals also agreed - saying that women should be included in the requirement to register for the selective service at age 18. the topic is getting mixed reviews from newschannel three viewers. on our facebook page - danny said quote: equal rights and responsibilities for everyone! males don t have a choice - no one should. everyone should be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country." - end quote. but susie posted - quote: "if women are put in combat roles then the men fighting beside them would get distracted if one of those women were to get hurt. this is just human nature: men want to protect women." end quote. so far - lawmakers have not jumped on board with requiring women to register for the draft.
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data breach is much bigger than first realized. hackers were able to get sensitive information using the agencys "get transcript" program - which allows people to check their tax history online. jan crawford has the update. not even virginia based tax attorney, wayne zell, was protected from hackers who he says stole his identity. sot wayne zell hrem05 @ 180902 "somebody was trying to claim a refund using my social security number and i knew something was wrong." the irs s data dump is the latest in a series of disclosures. gfx1 in in may 2015, the agency reported cyber criminals accessed some 114,000 taxpayer accounts. three months later, that number grew to 334,000. this month, the irs says there as many as 724,000 victims. gfx1 out natsot sot steve weisman, bentley university, identity theft expert "the irs is frankly not doing enough to protect us." gfx2 in the irs said hackers used personal information gathered from other online sources - like bank
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identity questions on the "get transcript" forms. gfx2 out one possible culprit: irs- approved tax preparers. gfx3 in one audit found 6 out of 13 irs- approved companies failed at providing adequate security to customers. gfx3 out sot steve weisman, bentley university senior lecturer we )re often our own worst enemies because there are times that we don t use proper passwords, we don )t use proper security, the irs says it is notifying the hacked taxpayers by mail, as well as offering free identity protection for a year. the online viewing and download feature of "get transcript" has been suspended since may 2015. the i-r-s is working to restore that , but this time with enhanced security to protect taxpayers. jan crawford, cbs news, washington. suggested anchor tag the irs has previously said it believes the hackers are part of a sophisticated crime ring based
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march may come in like a lamb on tuesday. but we have more wild temperature swings on the way and several chances for rain, maybe even a few snowflakes. a weak cold front is crossing the region today. that will drop our temperatures a few degrees on tuesday. highs in the mid 60s for most of us. but the big drop in another cold front on wednesday. that cold front may bring a few showers for your wednesday morning in
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expect highs on wednesday in the mid-to-upper 50s. our coolest day of the week will be thursday, with morning lows near freezing and high temperatures in the afternoon only in the mid 40s, despite plenty of sunshine. more wet weather moves in overnight thursday and into friday. some areas could even see a few wet snowflakes mixed in at the onset. expect high temperatures on friday only in the upper 40s. the weekend isn t looking terrible,-p&but certainly not as mild as-pthis last weekend. we will see highs near 50 on saturday with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and into the mid 50s on sunday with partly cloudy
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you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman...
5:25 pm the men who are doing that job.
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the new krispy kreme in chesapeake is set to open tomorrow. and with the grand opening comes big prizes! folks are lining up because the first customer in line gets free donuts for a whole year! but that )s not it-- customers two through 100 get a dozen donuts free every month for a year. newschannel three stopped by the store today and you can see more people are out there now. the north battlefield boulevard store opens tomorrow at 10 a-m. next on newschannel three - a massive fire rips through a marina - killing two people and destroying nearly 2 dozen boats. we have a live update on how this all happened - straight
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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a virginia man - saves his brother s live - but losses his-pown. tonight we )re hearing from his devastated family. their worst encounters with drivers. tonight - bicyclists are demanding stricter laws to protect them on the road. and tonight we )re learning more about a massive marina fire - that killed two people. good evening - i )m beverly kidd. and i m les smith. right now - investigators believe this is a case of arson. newschannel three s gabriella deluca joins us live at the scene with the update. from up here you can see whats left of the marina. the flames destroyed two buildings, almost 2 dozen boats,


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