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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 10:00am-11:50am CDT

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this morning on today's take, jeffrey tambor is here fresh off his emmy win. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, september 20th, 2016. got to put the year in there. in case you forget. >> you still write checks? >> yeah. >> really? >> yeah.
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>> well, there are still certain things. like for bar mitzvahs or birthday parties, things like that. >> how did $53 become the number for a bar mitzvah? >> because it is the multiple of 18. >> really. >> i've got a communion on friday and i need to give the boy something very special. >> $1,000? >> what? >> right now it's $1,000. which means you're going to have to sell some shoes. >> actually, yesterday we talked about the thigh-high boots are the rage. and savannah asked how do you get them on. took about 40 minutes to get these on. >> how much to get them off? >> this is the big trend, ladies, they say. not up to the knee. you got to go all the way up to
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it is essentially like pants. >> wow. >> that seems uncomfortable. >> no, it has an adjustable string in the back so it fits different sizes. a lot of things women wear are uncomfortable, let's be honest. >> i wouldn't know! they look a little like bunchy leggings. >> we have a huge day today. very exciting. jeffrey tambor is here after his repeat win at the emmys. >> he's a great friend of the show. an amazing husband. >> well? in his acceptance speech, he said something an amazing husband would not have left out. we'll give him a second chance. you and i, tamron, boy did we have some day, just sort of a getting to know you day because we're kind of new together. tomorrow you'll see what al and i were up to. we went on a ropes course. this is one of my favorite things when you see small
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heckling tamron hall. >> why do they keep showing this screaming picture? there was a moment when there was no screaming involved in this. yes. but the children, like this young man, he gave billy the loser sign, they were deserving of $1,000 gifts. >> did you hit the tree? >> yes, he did. >> almost got us kicked out. we've been talking about this for about two weeks. we shot it when billyst finally you can see what we actually did when we are away from the camera. >> this little kid was probably like 12. he looks at me -- i'm yelling at him. he's mistreating tamron. >> he treated me poorly. >> looked at him, i said, young man, behave yourself. this is an adult here. he looks at me, gives me this, the loser sign. i'm still looking for him. >> going to do a beat-down.
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episode of "seinfeld." how about the show everybody's talking about, "this is us." >> i was deeply moved. at the end, i'm not going to give it away. but there is an -- not just an omg moment but an omfg moment which means oh, my, i feel good, at the end of this show. and it is what we need maybe at this time. >> they are saying this show may , we've been waiting for. >> deborah's dad was a very simple man from perry, georgia. and raised nine kids with his beautiful wife, ruth. whenever they'd do something -- this is -- these folks were products of the segregated south -- they'd do something special, they'd do, just think, this is us. like when they'd go on vacation. when i say that title, it makes
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in. >> my wife watched the episode with me. she said, oh, my gosh. >> the trailer for the show shows his body. >> his butt. >> it's like over 100 million -- >> in the episode, i'll give you this. the first ten seconds has the man's full rear end. is that allowed on nbc now? >> well, i guess. donald was on with jimmy fallon last week. now it is hillary's turn. >> equal >> he gets in there. hillary, by the way -- very funny -- fallon opens up with a surgical mask making light of her recent bout with pneumonia. good little laugh. warms up the guest. then he rolls with a bag that he found in donald trump's dressing room. he apparently left it last week. watch this. >> he lef that here and this is just -- i -- >> let's look! let's see what's in there. >> this is a framed photo of his
10:06 am
is it? are you sure? i don't know if -- >> the most famous romance going. right? >> besides me and timberlake. yeah. >> justin's worthy of your attention. >> i appreciate that. >> oh, look. you know what? he left these for you. soft balls. >> no, those are that was my gift to him. i'll give them to you later in the interview. >> he didn't mess her hair though. >> the donald mussing of the hair. >> they set it up. jimmy said donald trump said to him, it's okay, you can mess it up but be easy on me because i've got to go to this event. so before going out they'd already discussed this and the lay of the land. >> it looked like he was trying to start a fire the way he did
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like bristle. he described it as such. >> i've been in there. there is a very hard layer across the top. i finally asked him years ago. but -- and now that layer's got to be even harder because that was at least seven years ago. >> that's a lot. how about britney spears? she's got this new instagram out. have you seen? you follow britney spears? >> i -- i -- >> do you follow britney spears? you are a big brit infy spears fan? >> i am a big britney fan. i don't follow a lot of people on instagram. i didn't know she was on. >> okay. she's got a new video. this is britney. by the way, the key to her dance moves, it is all about the hair. she's doing this to the track "me too" by meghan trainor.
10:08 am
?? >> that's not just hair, billy. those are dance moves that mere mortals. billy likes to believe that britney doesn't sing or dance. >> her body looks amazing. >> spectacular! >> for the mere mortals, this is what we're watching. pair of sweatpants and a man. >> i'd be more impressed if she was wearing a pair of old champion sweatpants. >> but you can see how her muscles move in such great detail if she covered up. and, it is about the likes. if she had on sweatpants, she'd still get a lot of likes but not as many as she's getting now. >> but it would be more impressive if she got a lot of likes wearing the sweat pants.
10:09 am
complex. she doesn't -- she doesn't sing because -- she has a hairiographer. it is all about the hair and the hair flips and spins. >> real quick, just one more time. just one more time. you'll see. billy, you can't do. her legs are moving. you can't do that. >> i can -- >> you cannot! >> that i can't do. >> billy has a move like old-school slides across the floor, and then stops. >> like cedrick, the entertainer in the bud light commercial. >> that's how you know you're having fun. sorry. up next, would you pay over $100 for a pair of crocs?
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it's that easy to make a difference. ?? walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. . we're back now with more of "today's take." check this out. can crocs be chic again? were they ever chic? >> they had a moment. wears. they definitely had a moment. >> this is london fashion week. custom crocs decorated with rocks on top of them. >> rocks on crocs? >> rocks on crocs. by designer -- >> you sound like dr. seuss. >> i'm a fan of this designer, he does a lot of unusual designs. i don't know -- about $150?
10:14 am
he wanted birkenstock's. >> my niece, maya. 17. >> jerusalem cruisers. >> i'm like, are you sure? he's yeah, yeah. >> they're very comfortable. >> they're in style. they also have pair. they were like in the $800 range. >> they're for the beach. >> if you're on a boat. originally they were made for boating. mario looks adorable. i don't know about a guy, like a 30-year-old guy walking around with crocs on. i love them on kids. i think -- 15 and under. >> okay. what if it was -- leonardo
10:15 am
>> wouldn't matter. >> walking around in crocs. >> doesn't matter to me. >> he was walking around in a shoe similar to that. >> he does wear like a crocs style. it was like a band, but not. we have a picture. stranger walking up asking a guy for directions because of his -- i guess low-profile attire. they had no idea, we're told by "people" magazine, they were talking to leo dicaprio. would you have known that was leo? >> oh, yeah. >> would you have cared and just carried on? would you have it and asked for a selfie and all that stuff? >> i think leo is filled to have a nice moment. say the couple is from norway. they're visiting here. hans and soto asking for directions from nice young men with the news boy cap on. he's blending -- until -- it was a nice moment until somebody spotted him and it became a story that he actually gave
10:16 am
directions. >> that's the thing that creeps me out about the picture. looks like the person is shooting through the trees! look at that. like someone's -- >> there's a branch in front. >> right? >> the story of his life. >> yeah. that is the story of his life. on your list of -- you lived in hollywood for a long time, where does he rank? >> i connect with this. willie geist and i both agree on this one, we would like to be in leo's squad. that's the there. he's living the dream. he's got courtside seats. he's taking the guys to vegas all the time. >> what about the girls? >> well, we have to support him on that. we'll support him with that. >> check this out. this is the cutest thing in the world. i say cute because i think the number one women use and abuse is cute.
10:17 am
>> not only what you wear but like a moment can be cute. this little girl named audrey in michigan. her mom posted to facebook. it does apply. it is cute. really cute. >> i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. >> you're beautiful. >> no, i'm cute. >> oh, okay. >> i'm te i'm cute and beautiful. i'm cute and beautiful. i'm cute and beautiful. >> yeah. and you're smart. >> i'm cute and beautiful and smart. >> yeah! all right! all right, audrey! >> i love it! >> that's beautiful. >> i'm going to have to do that in the morning. i'm cute and i'm smart. >> love her! let's show you what's going on and see if you love your weather. we've got wet weather. remnants of tropical storm paine
10:18 am
southwest. we've got leftovers of julia along the southeastern atlantic coast. in between we've got a lot of hot weather. hundreds to 90s, texas and mid lanes. we do have tropical moisture along the mid-atlantic coast. we've also got that wet weather in the desert. late storms in the afternoon in the northern plains. wet weather in the pacific northwest where it is a little cooler. that's >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by camping
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get one-stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv super center. that's your latest weather. coming up next -- we have been waiting all morning for this young man. "transparency's" jeffrey tambor taking home an emmy for the second year in a row. continuing his interview with our audio guy, davy. he'll tell us how it felt to win again. >> davy, who are you wearing? had. had. >> moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. listerine? total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine? total care to the total family. listerine? total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth?. and for kids starting at age six, listerine? smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing.
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he is a golden globe winner -- and two-time emmy winner. >> jimmy kimmel predicted at the very start of the show. check it out. >> one thing before we get started is -- just give me one moment, if you would. where is jeffrey tambor? jeffrey? there you go. al all right. that saved us 22 minutes. >> indeed jimmy kimmel was right. you didn't know he was going to do that. >> i had no idea. what's interesting is as we went to a commercial right after that, no one even said -- excuse me. they just took it!
10:24 am
he ate the nomination thing last year, so we are moving up the chain. he did a great job. you know dave, the sound man? >> you know him intimately. >> can i ask you a question, what's wrong with dave? >> where do i start. he's the person who mikes me every morning. he mikes me every morning. dave complains about my outfit. >> you know, we're in new york. there are therapists. >> thank you. >> there's pills. there's things you can do. >> dave coming back hard! >> they told me to tell you something. congratulations. thank you for all your work here. you're fired. >> today's my last day? really? >> we're going to get somebody who's -- what's that word? there's a word. there's a word.
10:25 am
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lets get a check of the weather..
10:28 am
racine county still not offering any explanation as to why they shut down highway 32 early this morning near the kenosha county line. this is video from mount pleasant... where police radio traffic suggest this was some sort of drive by shooting.however, after several phone calls, we can't get anything confirmed from law enforcement. this was highway 32... just north of k-r early this morning. officers observed collecting evidence... but again will n confirm what exactly they're
10:29 am
10:30 am
we are back with the incomparable jeffrey tambor who stars in the groundbreaking show "transparency." this season his character is ready to make a few changes, including what her children call her. >> what do you want us to c you? >> how about gaga. >> that's to close to gigi. >> grammy? >> hold on. not grammy. >> grandma? >> grandma. >> and maybe you guys want to call me -- i don't know -- mom. >> how about that. jeffrey tambor. thank you so much. the third season is under way. i'm in bed yesterday taking a
10:31 am
so i gave up on the nap and i pull out -- i start watching seeps three, first two episodes. right there on my phone -- >> i know. there's a revolution. that's what's happening. kids are walking to their bus watching -- old and young alike. the revolution is here. i think the kids -- our kids and our grandkids are going to be, i'm going to watch television. they're going to put on these glasses and watch television. >> this first episode this season is so beautiful. >> thank you. >> achieved everything, it seemed. you're happy. you're in a relationship. and you said why aren't i happy? >> yeah. well, because she doesn't quite know -- she's a great character. she is a great teacher. she teaches me every single day. and there's something missing in her life. she doesn't quite know what it is. she's made an authentic decision but she doesn't know where she lives. she doesn't know how to wear
10:32 am
are. she goes to the lgbtq center and still thinks she's older than the little fishers. she's still "other." she can't quite get inside. >> can i ask a question? can i get this cup now? >> we gave you the other one. >> every time i go away you change a cup. >> this is yours. >> one for your wife. we'll give you two. because you said in an interview that i saou in your speech. >> i was so shaken. they're going get off, get off, get off, get off. it was a jewish orchestra who went -- oh, okay. i forgot to mention my wife. >> when did you realize it?
10:33 am
>> when she looked at him when he sat down. >> i think when the door was locked when i went home. but i have to tell you -- i said it many times -- i would not be standing on that stage were it not for kasha tambor. she's the one that just said go, go, go. i have four kids at home. 11, 9 and two 6s. that's they love the show. this is a really interesting time. this is a blessed, blessed time. >> you took a stand also for actors who you think are not getting -- >> there should be more opportunity for transgender talent. i had the honor of teaching at the lgbtq center this past summer. and the trans talent in that room was killer! i want them to have more opportunities. i'm ready.
10:34 am
happiness. >> dave has really impacted you. >> wait. >> here he comes again. >> dave. dave. i want to say this because we've been kidding a lot. you need help. >> "arrested development." >> there's always candor. my marching orders are to go his own show. >> do not touch the guest. stay back. >> wow. i don't think we've ever had that happen before. >> we've never had a confrontation. >> i teased earlier there was an airport encounter. a man bumped into you, it scared you and you thought he was going to hit you. turned out it was dave. >> no.
10:35 am
he was all cuffed and all just like -- you. you. you. stay right there. he came up to mend a he grabbed me and he hugged me and he said, thank you for teaching me and my family about something i did not know about. >> all right! >> jeffrey tambor, thank you so much. the third season of "transparent" will be streaming -- >> dave. . dave. dave. dave. >> screamed like babies. jeffrey, you got to watch what happened with me and billy. it was frightening. the bromance continues with
10:36 am
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for the past few weeks, the three of us have been getting to know each other a little bit, on television. why not kick it up a notch? al and i had a very lovely, friendly at a yankees game. #vendorwars. you'll see that tomorrow. >> yes. before they went to hang out at the ballpark, billy convinced me, with our producer, to step out of my comfort zone -- which i'm not sure what that means because i am comfortable doing everything except jumping off things. we put on a harness. buckle up for this wild ride. it was a lot. >> it was great. >> it was a lot. >> i feel that all this land in front of us, we are conquer. >> oh, yes.
10:40 am
>> hey, guys. >> reporter: like any great challenge, the key is go small. >> i only went to camp once and it was church camp. we had marshmallows. . >> help me! >> over we go. let's see you move. how about a yo! there we go. >> fancy! you're so fancy. this is a bit more dangerous. >> reporter: it wasn't long before mr. fancy pants became a target. >> you're being heckled. >> all right. okay, kid. i hear you. >> reporter: next up, the zipline. >> there are 7 year-olds watching you right now.
10:41 am
[ screaming ] >> all the kids heard me scream. that's so embarrassing. >> finally we reached our highest altitude. >> a lot higher. >> are you heckling us? >> don't get me started, little fella. or i'm coming over there. >> okay, then do it. >> don't make me come get you. >> am i on tv? >> he just gave me the loser sign. he gave me the loser sign! i know where you live!
10:42 am
here to there. >> good-bye, my friend. >> no, billy! stop! stop! >> come on, everybody! yell, please! yell! woo! five, four, three, two, one go! [ cheers ] >> woo! >> my hands are shaking. thank you. >> hold on.
10:43 am
terrible feeling. >> that's horrible! it's horrible! >> it's a horrible feeling. >> it's a horrible feeling! but then when you are done? >> done, it's a great feeling. a great feeling. >> we panicked. we got heckled. we wanted to turn around. we wanted to say good-bye. we want mom, dad, anybody, to save us. but we did it. >> that was a lot of fun. >> turned out that little kid, davy's grandson. >> tho k around. they were like little monkeys in trees. everywhere all around us. >> hurtling insults. >> yelling at us to keep going. but despite all of that, we would like to thank long island adventure farm for letting us hang out. it was really fun. i think we might have been just a little too old. those 8-year-olds were like backfliping off of things. >> the jump-off, 17 times. >> we counted down.
10:44 am
television here is not capturing how far up we were. >> when you're up there looking down -- >> it's horrifying. but it's fun so check them out. >> it was 100 feet. >> that was 100 feet? >> no, i just made that up. your weather, looking at today, you've got wet weather, tropical downpours remnants of julia along the mid-atlantic coast. desert rainfall, the moisture from tropical storm paine coming on up there. wet weather in the northwest. tomorrow we've got more wet weather along the mid-atlantic coast. heat and humidity in the midsection of the country. cold front brings showers and thunderstorms to the upper in is miss river valley. showers in the upper plains.
10:45 am
>> and that is your latest weather. coming up, it is one of the hottest new shows on tv. deeply moving. the trailer's been viewed more than 100 million times. lot oft handsome man right here. he appears in the buff in the first 30 seconds. it's true.
10:46 am
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i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? no stranger to popular television series from his days on "the gilmore girls" which is coming back. an upcoming reboot people are going crazy about. his role the series "heroes." >> now he's back on tv, a husband and a wife of triplets. >> we're walking out of this hospital with three healthy babies and one healthy wife. i have three cribs at home i bought specifically for my three
10:50 am
today which tends to be a pretty great day in our house. a day when i get pretty lucky. so i'm going to need everyone of us to believe me when i say only good things are going to happen today. >> i still get worked up a little bit watching the trailer, watching scenes an moments with mandy and mack. it still gets >> you've had 100 million views and counting on trailers. >> it is very humbling and very flattering to know that people are connecting to a show like this that doesn't have super heroes and it doesn't have alien invasions and it doesn't have scandals at the white house level. it is just about people. something we can all connect to. >> it is kind of a throwback in the sense of the television we grew up on, we loved watching as a family back in the '80s. >> yeah. very much so.
10:51 am
it's for everyone. it's one of those rare shows that goes beyond age and race and gender and socioeconomic. everything. it's just for everyone. >> we have a news cycle right now that's just not good. we look at it, we get depressed. some people could get anxious. this is a show that unites. i wonder when you look at the script for this, do you realize that, and thus go fight for it? like this is one that makes a difference, i got to >> as in like wanting to be a part of it. >> got to be on the show. >> yeah. when i first read the script, i went front to back. i leaned back in my chair, i thought about who these people were and how they were connected. then i went back to page 1, reengage in just -- i had to be a part of it. but it was the only show that was being cast in october last year. it stood alone. >> that's incredible.
10:52 am
for a scene. right? >> yeah. what you discover is my character -- >> don't give away too much. >> i've been doing this for a year. i'm going to not spoil something. it is one of those special shows where you meet these people at a turning point in their life. at 36. on the road to something different, something unfamiliar. where we go from there beyond thing to explain but it is actually the easiest thing to understand. once you know. you just got to see that first episode and all will be very clear. >> he's in sick shape, this guy. >> we saw a shot of your buns in the first few seconds of this episode. right now! the exercise, the trainer -- >> i got to thank jason walsh, my trainer. >> clearly you can show that on network television.
10:53 am
rear precedes my face on camera tonight. >> that's a heck of a business card. >> it is. >> j. lo did the same thing at the billboard awards. it is okay. >> it worked out for her. >> the premier of "this is us" tonight at 10:00, right after "the voice" here on nbc. don't miss it. back in a moment, this is
10:54 am
10:55 am
? please don't take my sunshine away ?? coming up, bill griffeth is here. you can take a dna test these days. sometimes you aren't going to like what you find out.
10:56 am
10:57 am
check of the weather.. paralympic athlete rebecca murray will be welcomed home in germantown today after winning gold in rio.she was part of the wheelchair basketball team the beat germany to bring home the gold. a parade will be held in her honor tonight starting at 5-30. the milwaukee art museum is getting a splash of color this morning. all of the museum's fountains will turn pink today. it's in honor susan g komen race for the cure that's coming up this sunday along the lakefront.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1 is in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! welcome to booze day tuesday. it's stember 20th. also thank you, tuesday. that is my way by calvin harris, who seems to be getting along just fine. the actor's breakup. >> well on his way. look at the kitchen. >> look who's cooking for us? the alalberte twins.
11:01 am
they're making. >> happy we're excited. >> we're excited. >> okay. a cnbc anchor, bill griffeth, gets the shock of his life. he did one of those dna tests you guys have heard about, anyway, the rests were surprising and shocking, and he's going to tell us all about that. he put it into a book. >> yeah. and if you have kids you know hoe stressful homework can be for thm and you. help that will affect their long-term success. he under and pop rock sound about to take the world by storm. elvis duran has chosen the griswolds, we're going to talk about them. a big announcement they're going to make a. very big day. created something brand new called the grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza. >> that say again -- >> yes. the grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza. i've already gotten into it, a
11:02 am
>> when i have pizza, this is what i do. i say i'm going to be good. just tak the cheese off the top and not eat the bread. >> now what have they done to you? >> what do you mean, the cheese is in the bread? look at this. look at the crust. >> oh, my -- >> if you take the crust off, look what happens. >> oh -- >> yeah. >> get in there. >> how good is it? >> cheddar cheese and mozzarella. s 12.99 comes with one topping. what do yoth sound good? >> where's my piece? bring some over. >> right in front of you. there's your piece. >> a whole -- just stand there, guys. okay? [ laughter ] >> by the way, how good is it? tell u.s. us. >> really, really good and 340 calories a slice. not going to stop me. >> 15 grams of fat. >> available now at pizza hut. i wish they wouldn't tell me how many grams of fat. >> one slice? >> the calories you can deal
11:03 am
dinner. >> only a few bites. haven't had 100 calories. >> the problem, when it's that good you want to finish it. limted time only. go get your pizza. >> so on your iphone, you have now, there is a new update or somehow you update your phone. i hit that one, and then along with that you get this, an imessage sticker app which means you can little stickers to decorate your business. so these are some of the stickers that are available. it's a sticker pack from the app store you were drag down. >> are they paying us for that. good point. >> yeah. >> it adds something special to your screen -- >> or not! >> the folks at jezebel wrote an article and it was entitled, here's an easy way to lose your friends. they explain how the use of stickers and then directed people to -- >> 7. >> in that step -- look what you see? ut drinking wine. all over your text messages. why would that lose you friends? >> i think it would make you friends. >> i think it would maky friends.
11:04 am
>> so there -- jezebel. >> if nobody knows, jezebel was a most evil queen, most evil woman in the entire bible. maybe why they named the site after -- so look at jezebel -- >> jezebel. >> never changes! >> i hope you guys stayed up for "the voice" last night, because i think this season of "the voice," the 11th season is the best they've ever had. >> that's saying a lot. you love the comna >> miley cyrus and alicia keys. >> one of the sweetest women. >> amazing. she exudes it. so many great moments. we picked one. a 17-year-old quartine ramirez from texas. her audition, take a look. >> my parents, they work a lot, they do, and they very much inspire me. >> i'm a u.p.s. driver, doing it 25 years. i don't mind working hard, because, they're my kids.
11:05 am
if a chair does turn, i'm still going to be just as proud. >> thank you, dad. >> my dad has sacrificed so much. some nights he's been having to work a different job ubering and it hurts a lot, because he needs to work extra, like, to let his baby girl do what she wants to do. ? something's going down ? like the storm in the sky ? ooh-ooh ? i'm going to be ? yeah ? she got the smile, she got the style ? >> this crazy rain and swaggy walk, which i love. like a rocker vibe, because i'm not always in my flowers.
11:06 am
>> genrewise, what's your vision. >> who cares about genre. thank god he didn't turn around. would ruin everything. >> your voice was an immediate personal. woke me up. alive. not bashful. it was amazing! >> who do you think she chose? >> well, i know. who do you think? >> i think alicia. >> take a look. >> miley. >> think a moment and then, boom, >> i pick -- miley. >> yeah! yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> by the way, yeah. >> probably right. >> a good choice for her. young like her and, not that alicia's old. >> i have to tell you, alicia cleaned up. you know who's kind of getting stomped a little this season already? adam. >> hmm. "people" magazine cover, most sexiest man. wow. anyway -- >> lonely one now. lonely sexy man.
11:07 am
>> have you guys ever been lonely? >> never. in stereo, baby. >> we have to -- i saw this in the paper this morning and went, oh, my gosh. our pal bette midler is haven't even come to broadway but already made broadway history. march 2017 in "hello dolly" playing dolly david pierce playing opposite. tickets went on sale this past saturday, best first day of sales in all of broadway history. $9 million in ticket sales. >> in all of broadway history? >> in all of broadway history, and that's a long time. so congratulations. that combination's going to be amazing. bette and -- >> terrific. >> i'm looking forward to that. that's great. >> so did you think -- what is this about? is this -- do you -- yeah. were you made to write -- guys,
11:08 am
because we love going to you -- were you made to write thank you notes by your mother when you were children? >> yeah. >> always, yeah. >> yes. >> we did. >> i understand -- >> the one on the right -- no idea what the one on the left -- >> i have no idea what they said. what did they say? >> they're twins. came from the same place, but i think one from italy the other from yugoslavia. i don't know. someplace else. we're going to get the answers. yes? >> yes. >> maybe. >> what's the other one saying? >> ma-be. elle macpherson, beautiful, the body, told an australian television show she has strict rules an thank you notes, sons 18 and 13, hard to get them to do anything at 18 and 13 and says if they don't write a thank you note within 24 hours of receiving a gift it's confiscated and donated to charity, a great idea. >> i wish i had started it.
11:09 am
always, always, but i today's world, it's usually -- an e-mail a call, and often cass would write the notes but cody's -- cody's like the brother on the left. you can't understand a word he writes, when he writes them. i said, cody, you just e-mail or call. most people would love to have a call, anyway. you know? but i've been a maniac about it. >> by the way, and anyone who gives kathie lee a gift knows that if you give kathie lee a gift on monday, on tuesday you will have a thank you note. >> i try. i am not always best at i try. i just think if somebody goes, you know, to the trouble, you want them, the least you can do, say -- i heard there's an old thing, this kind of makes sense. if you open the gift in their presence and you thank them then, they say then you don't need to write a note as well. what do you guys think? >> the one on the right? [ laughter ] >> i think people -- >> yes, always good manners. definitely. in person is better.
11:10 am
but i can't wait to go over and interview them in detail. how cnbc anchor bill griffeth discovered a shocking family secret. the six words that literally changed his life forever. >> plus heading into the kitchen for double pleasure with the alberte twins and their five ingredient pasta dinner. right? right? >> yeah, right. awards are great. but i'm more than just a trophy. i'm not sitting around collecting dust. i'm moving forward... thinking about all the steps that i haven't taken yet. what helps keeps me going? oikos triple zero greek nonfat yogurt. with 15 grams of protein. 0 added sugar, 0 fat, 0 artificial sweeteners. zero holding me back. i'm cam newton and i'm unstoppably myself. oikos triple zero, be unstoppably you. if you haven't heard the news, prepare to flip out.
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ps working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
11:14 am
griffeth, women, as longtime anchor on other sister network cnbc and current co-host of "closing bell" but when a relative asked him to take a simple dna, a swab on the inside of his cheek, bill's life was turned upside-down. >> that reveal add long buried family secret. in his new memoir, "the stranger in my jeans" bill rights about the lightning bolt that struck four years ago. >> my cousin doug used dna tests to find know about. i had finally submit add sample two months earlier and the results were in. deep breath, he wrote. your father was not your father. my body responded before my brain could. i experienced a strange sensation of floating, and i could no longer feel the chair i was sitting in, or the blackberry i was holding. my breathing became labored and shallow and i heard a roaring in
11:15 am
crashing off in the distance. time stopped. it was as if a movie director had yelled, "cut!" >> wow. >> i'm reliving it again all of a sudden here. it's crazy. >> your reaction must have been like, there must be something wrong here? this cannot be right? >> well, i went through all the stages of grief as we all know. >> you lved your father? the one you thought was your father. >> absolutely. right? i grew up believing he's my father. right? we all do that. there was denial. then t then there was real anger, but i'm in acceptance now. kniss was four years ago. i'm caught up. you guys have to catch up with me now. going through the emotions, i can tell right now. right? >> i think people are either excited to find out something they don't know or they're dreading it. >> yeah. >> you know? we don't want our fairy tales worlds, if we've come from one, to be upset at all. >> what made you, you talked about your brother, but you liked your life. you loved your parents. like, why do it? >> i'm into genealogy.
11:16 am
england historic genealogical society up in boston. been doing this a long time. my cousin also into it, but he got into science. you can use dna to find cousins you don't already know about. so he asked me to take a test to figure out the differences in our genes, and i said, okay. whatever. this is your thing. take care of it. but lo and behold, it um cans back and it's -- i'm not who i thought i was. >> and when you found this out, you realized that your biological father had passed, right? >> he has passed. him? >> no. never met him. i went, i visited his grave. and that was a very emotional time for me, because i realized that was a missed opportunity. he and i were on the earth 40 years. >> together. >> together, wow. >> and he's gone now. >> the big question to me. so you find out the information. your mom is elderly. you have this knowledge. >> yep. >> there must have been a debate in your head. should i bring this up to mom or maybe could this be a mistake? >> the only way i was going to figure out what the deal was,
11:17 am
>> oh, bless her heart. >> i got to tell you, it was a difficult choice to ask her, but i had to ask her. in order to get answers. that was the only way i was going to get this. >> what did you say? >> you haven't lived until your 94-year-old mother confesses to a fling. >> just a young teenager? >> she was a little older than that. i'm the youngest of five. my four siblings the whole family in 1961, me on the front left, i'm 5 years odd and look at the rest of the family. i'm the standout there. >> when you told her, she immediately said i have to tell you something. >> immediately she said, i made a mistake which wen i was younger, and i'm it. okay? >> but you're not a mistake. >> of course. >> and she made a mistake that ended up being a blessing. >> absolutely. i say in the book, as troubled as i was to find out the
11:18 am
also eternally grateful, because if it hadn't happened i wouldn't be sitting here today. >> and dna a is so important, too. looking at it, like health problems. things like that. we need to know where we've come from biologically. >> really, that's the reason i want to continue to pursue this now, for my kids. so we know what our health issues may be down the road. half of my dna is a total blank now. >> i'm thinking of doing it, hoda. always a question where my father's family really came from, how much native american we are, on his mother's um -- oh! the guy who wrote "if," the fabulous poem. rupert? rupert -- ah. i'll think of it. >> you know, him. >> yeah. supposedly descendants from somebody very, very famous, who i can't remember. >> you're very, very famous, kath. >> i don't believe it but i'd like to find out if it's true. fantastically interesting, bill. thank you so much.
11:19 am
we can all relax. we got it. >> all right. coming up, pizza. >> elvis duran is here with not one but four artists of the month. month. >> the awesome ?? is depression more than sadness? month. >> the awesome ?? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ?? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. trintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications,
11:20 am
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11:22 am
eet sun no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia? oh when it comes to finding great musical talent who is better than national radio host elvis duran? >> no one. >> exactly. >> exactly! shower love to find his artist journeyway to australia. better known at the rockers the griswolds. >> with a single out of my head first popped up, racked up more than a half million spotify streams and they'll sing for us in a little bit. first, we would like to know, elvis, how did you find these boys? >> now, look, sometimes we go down under.
11:23 am
>> some of us more often than others. >> what's a whole other hour. we need another hour for the "today" show. they hit so hard in australia, now i see them bubbling, simmering here in the states. they sold out a show in brooklyn last night. in richmond tomorrow. everyone who hears their music loves their music. i see where they're going. this time next year they won't even know who we are. >> we'll always have time for you. >> second the end of the year and now going to announce the name. >> excited to announce the name. calmed "high times for low lives." >> wait, what is it? "high times for low lives." >> that's like a merle haggard song. >> do you even know who merle haggard was? >> say, yes. >> big in australia. your concert in brooklyn was one of the best you'd ever done? >> a real intimate show and the
11:24 am
it just felt like, you know, a band playing a show to family. like, it was crazy. it cass cool. >> how did you all meet? >> we all met on tinder. >> you said it's a small musical world, in sydney. everybody knows everybody. >> a small world on tinder in sitny. >> i think drinking had something to do with it. like you guys met. >> what? >> oh, no. that came later. >> tell the story. >> me and dan met at a party, like, back in the day, probably around four years ago, and we'd al but dan played a riff. let's start a band together. >> that was it. hell yeah. that was it. >> where did these two guys come from? >> they're the other guys. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> some of the out of focus guys. >> you'll sing in a little bit. elvis we love ya, baby. love you. two italian stallions waiting to cook up -- >> what? i can't wait. >> your local news, hoda, you
11:25 am
?? there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. introducing newheard the capri sun organic.lip out. made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and one serving of fruit, their drink is now as organic as their play. skin need an insta-detox? new pure clay masks from l'oreal 3 masks enriched with pure clays green to purify black to brighten red to exfoliate pure clay your way
11:26 am
if you haven't heard the news, prepare to flip out. introducing new capri sun organic. made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and one serving of fruit, their drink is now as organic asheir play. on the show, we adored him. >> yeah.
11:28 am
police in racine county still not offering any explanation as to why they shut down highway 32 early this morning near the kenosha county line. pleasant... where police radio traffic sugges sort of drive by ooting. however, afr several phone calls, we can't get anything confirmed from law enforcement. this was highway 32... just north of k-r early this morning. officers observed collecting evidence... but again will not confirm what exactly they're investigating. paralympic athle rebecca murray will be welcomed home in germantown today after winning gold in rio.she was part of the wheelchair basketball team the beat germany to bring home the gold. a parade will be held in her honor tonight starting at 5-30.
11:29 am
morning. all of the museum's fountains will turn pink today. it's in honor susan g komen race for the cure that's
11:30 am
okay. it's booze y, tuesday, everyone. hoping to make your busy nights a little less hecti with five ingredient dinners. today's fod team called in twin cooks tony and john alberti. giovanni, better! >> antonio and -- >> yes, creators of e blog, the and today making a pasta that is -- >> all: twintasticical! >> that's got joann written all over it. >> it does. >> where you from originally? >> tuscan, an italian family. >> love tuscany.
11:31 am
obviously. >> yes. >> italians yourselves. >> and to traditional italian food. >> see what i mean? i understand every word you say, but i'm watching your lips move -- >> i'll talkor him. >> just watch the lips. >> there you go. >> i'm not -- >> yes, i am sure. >> so just a few ingredients. right? >> only five ingredients. we've got t [ inaudible ] sage, garlic, double cream and -- italian sausage. >> you kno are bigger than in -- >> there we go. [ laughter ] >> ok. >> the best to u. >> so slice the sausages, pull out the actual sausage and fry them off. >> making mini meatballs? >> s, mini meatballs. >> those are cute. >> so slice them up, through the middle, and they cook better they way. >> take the skin off. >> yes, tak the skin off. >>hatever size you nt.
11:32 am
>> and we cook them and this is where we have around 30 seconds. >> the . ic >> garlic, 30 seconds. >> until goen. then doubleam. >> double cream. >> doublcream. >> oh! >> double cream. >> i have a question. what is double cream? neverrdf it. >> it's thick. >> heavy. >> you callteavy cream. >> that'eavier than heavy. >> the heaviest cream i've seen iny life. >> okay. whe did they get this from? added sa. >> the sage, the sage. >> ts is ath earthy texture. >>ier. >> goes well in t sausage. >> and youlrdy did that? >> alreadyid the garlic. >> okay. comen down. >> the salt, which pple - >>e terriob of mixin i. didn't mix well. that looks aw it looks likeoda did it. it's awful. you can fix it up. and use thi sauce int the
11:33 am
>> okay. >> and then mix tt in. >> okay. what el? do you add the garlic and the -- >> all the same stuff. >> yeah. >> okay. what are we simmering here? >> finishing it. giving it delicacy on top. make it look pretty. >> okay. >> the feel of -- >> sage leaves and -- >> sage leaves? >> sage leaves. >> they've never been happier. now what do we do? >> season with salt and pepper. >> we're going to eat it? >> yeah. >> comeon come on, boys. >> okay. >> try this one first, hoda. >> the pasta -- >> and the sauce. >> always, always add sauce, mix it i >> holds the sausage better. >> oh, that type of pasta, and then our finished pieces. we have this and -- with italian sausag and -- >> so happy! ctua a that's italian
11:34 am
>> and always -- >> trying to get a bite o it. okay. here we go. >> i can't -- good?it. >> itaan sausage. how's the ilianausage today? good. >> hmm! hmm. >> what about that one? >> that' the crm. >> th,ry thate. >> start thathodawhil tasting. >> h. ak theseecipes at?some go today.m/food you c't get eug ofohnnd tony -- the he a. >> >> ytube channel? >>ertilb in it wil ceup, be allve ace. >> what? >> w fd u. >> kids and homewk. what y should and shoulu be be doingr them whe it here yo.
11:35 am
and here you go. buy any five mccaf? veragesand e when you use the nald's app. here you go. joa mccaf? ment. w me in and try our pumpn ice latte. ? ? crisgardegetles. no artificavfl philelphia rden v.etle ..elic.and d thing eltes lise tas phila. because i usr qut theiity. made fh oil. i th were the fit to have proda . an indepnt oaniznth s rict quality and puritystandard. nature made. number one pharmacis recommenvitami ann pplement brand. this is mister kitty. re so wsi freshtep with theower of febreze
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frstepwith t power febre. victs,y o mry!. tt what a you dng up? mosaid i couldave midner febre. snack. victs,y o mry!. tt 'sot emidnight's ten foy-th ietly, tho ahl, les have a ten foy-three k. mm. sh the miorite. yoplai what do you call yogurt that s in azing flavors plt orig at hilhire fm, spice is th spice ofife.
11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:39 am
homework. >> i d't know how essential it is a question about that. the average first grader spends 28 minutes on hework every night. near three times what educatio expertsommend at that age. >> allright. re with advice to help yound your kids is senior ltyle editor forarents "magazine" >> a jca haseen. >> i'm here s you don spe so much oour evening time. >> w th finishmerk. whatage? >> from ginnin you don't want to be apping all night when wil you do yr ?howo afr dinn, after iouey baetba. pake time and ho them to st to it onlyenuteser ad which m aseconrader 2 mites, third grader, 30 minutes. sihraderpn ho. out rea l tif y. orks he a idelin you'l kw have an ur of homework
11:40 am
start. >> i thi it is. kids don't get enough sleep. they sta their day too early. >> finish your homork do atever y want >> some kid juseed wor so stuff out behe sit down. let them set it. first tip. send tip ntor them,ot correctthem. this ishard,e'rell a bit control. eaks >>enow ty'llet grad. >> sometimes tchers need toir struggling fr looki at the hom i somimes let themtry, circle it forhe acher, they're not get.ting you're not there toivehe answer are whyou flaggg for the teacher? >> last night dowest mmon denotors, my son 'tit. lowest common nonator. mo beneficial to let the
11:41 am
king i off. they saw h worke oit. i need t to alsoee getng the an. >> without doing it for him. >> okay. >> our ents" magaze ahor had a great idea letti her ki ask them three qstions a nigh they're aowed to ask her three question agh. like the value of her time, you don't ask me for helpit ery sing thing. like you get three. >> thas smart. >> and then kidsilllly th befor ty ask for he. >> picheir fights? >>righ work real they don't need y lp and w theydohey'll ll you er. mys - goog fsho d you >> of oucoseangleirok or onrsion them. e y wanerong aut themhen talking about rk a t sayi. u d't wanto be like,he i looked it up. answ 38. gh >>right. >>aybe -- aou more tes. you kn?
11:42 am
>> i gether w,r don'toudd a anottenc to ragrap yw it's a lile lame interemeitg,. yo them -- >> s the one and t way you shou -- back to mentoring, supporting rather tn g i dono w n goo bed. a hard ion.situat >> itis parents turning i lat
11:43 am
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prouy presented to you by citi. elieray met elvis ras at of nth. me to hear them ng. f und dina name fomselvesn the. ouwhat y, t nnd again? >> aaldhegriswolds. >> why did you pickhat >> big f lampoo series. which tells you a lot about their wasted yout [ laughter ] >> s. >> so you ready? th mic will get loud. >> okay. >> wit their newest single caed "o of my head," the griswolds. >> yeah! >> one -- ??
11:49 am
nobody's home ? guess what i wan you out of my head, my head ? my head, my he, my head ? you've got your reasons wrong ? you can't complain you can't complain you don't have anyone to blame ? ? i got the message i realize, i realize i didn't read between the ?ince we've been throwing sticks and stones? there was a time, there was a time, you would forve me but now the season's done ? you can't deny, you didn't deny i was the reason we survived ? i hope you understand ?
11:50 am
nobody'shome ? get o theff phone i want you out of my head, my head ? ? my head, my head, my head ? and when i hear you voice, it minds me, it reminds me of a perfect summe night we da to elton john ? and i can't prend, i c't pretend i never wted this to work ? d everything i cou stay ? don't c my pne because nobody home ? es what, iant you out of my head ?
11:51 am
?? ? hope you understand, this wasn't everything that i had planned ? and i hope you call my phone ? 'cau nobody'se ? ?ll your fault i want you out of my head ? myhead, my head, myead
11:52 am
head ? my head, my head ? my head ? ?? yeah! [ applause ] the griswolds! the griswolds. i love that. i love that. >> great shot, guys. >> we're going to do another song. >> do it. straight up, o of our surprisesyet. >> find
11:53 am
if you don't... you can get a free wisconsin state id... ...before the next election. you can get a free wto get your free id,
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just told abo breaking news. couplenews. pe i not true,ut tmz is fiportating th angelina has d for divorce. angeli jolie filed for divorce fra brad pitt. >> married in august 2014. been togetr since 2004. nbc news has not been ableo
11:56 am
>> surprg to hear that. beauful kids. rt shocki. >> spread happiness, okay, for our viewers. five more. >>ime t give itaway. >> yes. >> next week prize a gold uare bar cart, with a- >>oh good. something good. >> and somewhere from pier 1 import worth -- >> how ? $4. >> allright. with thismber luster de -- create your own look for fall and entertaining. >> who t winners are, hoda, ma >> very pretty. >> you would like all tha i like a at. our first winneris. >> who is it? >> susanarvey from clarksburg, massachusetts inchs likeo get -- >> don't wait no me, hoda. >> wade in, to getone. >> no. it's already been tumbled. >> i he sandra lib ert, or
11:57 am
and iave h dia nowski. >> i love her. >> hoda, stop it. >> gting way under here. s>>hione. wait. marc schmi from rosalynn, south dakota. we love you. >> marcia, maia, marcia, and congratulations to our winners. we shred all of these non-winns. got to enter again for next week'sprize. complete rules and regulations go to connect button. >> assume the position. >> okay. >> tomorrow, performance, by one of music's rising stars -- mickey guyton! >> check out the best monthly subscription services. >> don't try this at home.
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- serial bombing instigation.we're heing from the suspect's -- what hs to say about his son... and what authorities found a mile a fromis home. th - voting rules.hecity of milwaukee finalizing proceedus for the upcoming eltion. what it means for voters who want to cast llly. ana perft day today... less than t that bring the best chancefor rain in the storm team forecasti'm vince vitrano.and i'bridget
12:00 pm
that breaking that breaking news now--a small plane was foed to land on a highway in washington county.chopper four came in just after ten this morning.the plane landed on highway-h in kewaskum-- after having throttle cable problems. sheriff's office tells us the pil was able to make it out of the aircraft and that no one was injured. now at noon -- the man police say is responsible for planting bombs in new york and new jersey continues to be treated for gunshot wounds after a shootout with police. and today-- we're learning more about bombing suspect ahmad rahami and hearing from


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