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tv   Today  NBC  October 28, 2016 7:00am-8:11am CDT

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good morning, breaking goods morning. breaking overnight. the campaign plane carrying mike pence skids off the runway during heavy >> remain seated. >> no injuries reported but an investigation is underway. this morning governor pence joins us live. looking ahead nbc news confirming hillary clint has joe biden her her short list as secretary of state if she wins. >>illa clinton put the
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d if she got chae she put the oval offic for sale. anchts er's y. we responds gary and refused to descri his relationship with her daughter. this morning she is speaking out to nbc news. and sweet home chicago. team to wrigley field. we are ability to give two tickets away today friday, tober 28th, 2016.c goodorningyone ever
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morning. how badly would you like to at wrigley field tonight for game there? >> moments after we give those away i was honing you would be that person's date. >> we will end up at ts place in chicago. that world famous bar is filled with fans this morning ch it is there we'll give away tickets in just a little while. >> i let's start with this scene. governor mike pence's plane sliding off the runway download. tom has made his way there overnight. what can you tell us, tom? >> reporter: this flight was coming in landing on runway 22. they removed the plane from the
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populations. later today they begin an analysis. it was a rough and scary landing. it happened in the pouring rain. just before 8:00 p.m. a plane >>y. 7an tauf roadway.fq carrying india governo mike pence. >>assengers clrly rattled. >> you could smell the rubber. that's when we realized it was a typical maate. >> he said it wasn't the first time pence's plane had a bumpy
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out. if say runwayet stohebed! r?? oaching the end of the runway. ty tweeted overnight, thankful everyone is safe, grateful for our first responders and conrnnd prayers of so many. la thursdayt ahio o donald trump saipoked so pence. >> i do know he was in an accident with a plane. 's okay. thelane swas in nger. ourimports are fro ahi
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airpor incluing -- and we become a third world countr >> as for demoats, hillary clinton and tim kaine said they were glad pence was okay. pence did not answer questions when w got his hotel. >> so the ntsb will be looking at the how far down the runway did the pilot land? was he coming in too fast in all of that all right part of this investigation with the ntsl pod. >> okay. 11 days to go.
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morehan 13.7 million people have already cast their ballots rding to ballots provided by target smart. >> it shows the races at a dead heat there. clinton and trump tied. >> beth holding rallies achbltd clinton had t events focused on vett his rifle appears to be looking forward t wt happens after election day. we kick off o this morning. good morning. >> good morning. health care healthcare is increasingly looking beyond district of co.ia
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joe biden back in the spotlight. nbc news reporting hillary clinton's transition team is adding him to aho sfo secretary of state. after considering a run himself burg the primary biden had been a constant presence on the trail for clinton. clinton is ahead in most polls but the race isn't locked up yet. and thursday cls gera. he put the sretary por and if sheot e e e would p the oval ficeporeal . >> hacked e-mai8ox@/ including memo wbin bouband
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elnghe predengag activities. >> the e-mai aren't authenticated by the clinton campaign. clinton's spokesperson pushing back. >> theyave had that no dision on ho turned t the campaign. >> she enlisted barack obama. >> if hillary clinton does not win this election it is because we did not vote for her. that is what her opponent is hoping will happen.
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want any part of it.ty we d >> the candidate repeatedly calling the election rigged. a trump official telling bloomberg business week it has voter suppression operation ? underw. either this unsnamed source misspoke or they have no idea what we are trying to with mr. trumppa's cam wehould righ right? >> the billionaire saying it was illegal. >> it happened after a taping of access hollywood. >> hello.
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legal action against the network. >> he referred to others as what her campaign called i tghest? ? ttleground stale. she will try to energize her base women voters join bade number of women rights leaders. >> all right. thank u.yo we have joining us. let me start with you that hillary clton has joe biden on a short list to be considered for secretary of state should she win. a, what are you reporting on this and b, is this what alike out there? >> they say their focus is on closing rosthanghe bt
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they say due to the nature of his current responsibilities he is deeply engaged. he would certainly be willing to do so. they knowledge and our reporting confirms he is on that list. zwl it is kind of measuring the drapes of optics there. i wouldn't think they would want itall. they are trying out. >> the west is lacking. >> let me ask you about this. it is a steady, drip, drip, drip. at this stage of the campaign with 11 days go, have supporters already factored this into their decision? have they come to accept that there are going to behings
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transparency that they are never going get satisfactory answers to? >> t gok to allth questions around why bernie sanders stay until after he codn't become the nominee. chuck minds us sit the two most popular. this is baked in the cake ev peopl whoay theyre voting for r, they are voting for her despite these kind of issues. >> if you're a fence sitter- >> yes. or swing voters. >> if trump is relatively on message it can't be good for clinton. >> she has a little bit of rig l room.
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i like the idea of voting for clinton say what it, this is whefrg i don't like there is still room for north carolina to win. >> and the people supporting him have already accepted the fact there would be things to do with his semperment that they don't like. >> all right. thank you both very much! i inspirational time. they protest the construction pipeline. we have the latest on this. good morning. >> good morning. the con fran fronation between police and protesters spilled into the earlyorning hours. more than 140 people were arrested and a second bridge was set on fire. demonstrators promise their
7:14 am
overnight police held the ground where they clashed with native american protestors, an army of 200 officers clearing demonstr demonstrators. use high pitched sound authorities arrested protesters that we fused to leaveva labd. >> many of the protesters9?y w get into the officers and say hundding vowing they will ?kzy back. >> what lengths are they willing to go? >> it will cross four states
7:15 am
the $3.8 million project capableover transporting oil a day. they say the pipeline plan to pollute the missouri river which provides water to millions of people. after months of protest this turned into a movement, the largest modern day with celebrities and activists going in. no comment from the oil company but those -- it's for the protection of all of us. >> reporter: authorities called this a mass arrest operation. protesters and police say there is no end to these demonstrations insight. >> all right.
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what do you say we talk about the excitement 71 years in the making. it is the first time since 1945. no. i was not there. the cubs and indians tide it a game a piece. fans will be going out of their plan to. >> training rolls around and cubs fans get excited. this year they are here. you guys ready? ev here you look it's cubs, cubs, cubs. they put a big c in front of the name. the lio at the art institu are wearing helmets for the first time ever. they are getting their
7:17 am
name it. it has been 108 years. that's the lucky number, 108. the?zwillis ter broadcasting the 118th i will have to get into costume. how does that song go? thaw are almost req?g?uester a with. >> we'll find out who is going to tonight's game a little later. you weren't there but listening to it on the radio in 1945 was just a exciting. >> i just set tm up.
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f forecast? let's show you wha the forecast is for the next three days. today windy, 64 degrees. showers possible for tomorrow's game four and of 66. the temperature about 53 degrees. we have had non-baseball-like weather moving there. this is michigan. we are looking at any where from 1 to parts of r eve ]y. ser it is now pushing away. some swn nor newthern enand. wet weather along the coast. we may see raifrom portland on into et po.
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here. winter weather advisories.
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. >> coming up we'll talk to mike pence about the rough landing at the airport last night and the trump's plans for the last day of this race. and se refusing to talk about the nature of his relationship with her daughter but first this is
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vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of 94 southbound at ryan road is
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a crash on 94 milwaukee racine county line therare no other crashes in ozkeracinemilwauke
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it is 7:30, friday morning, october 28, 2016. there is a happy crowd, and they are happy, because the one direction, specifically, niall horan, who has a solo act now. he is . and it soared right to number one. the girls outside all day. and they're like, and you are? >> you should tell them he will be inside and not outside. first, let's look at some of the headlines this morning, in ntsb go team arrives at laguardia airport to look into the incident involving governor mike pence's campaign plane. it slid off the runway during a
7:31 am
no injuries luckily. we're going to talk to governor pence about that, and other things, in just a moment. federal jury delivered a surprise verdict on thursday. acquitting in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refugee in oregon. the januaando lasted about six weeks, brought attention to the lon running dispute of ctrol o federal lands. the bundys still face charges at a nad >lar speaking in a form in sochi, accused americans of ia calling it a ploy to distract voters. donald trp jr makingig an unexcted stop on his way to a campaign in arizona,o help a driver whose car stk. gh?g?? other men help push
7:32 am
ter posed for a with e woman. >> exciting t ai indianagove,ke penc governor, good morning. always good to see you. we're really glad to see you, at was scary last night. what -- was it -- >> it was ten seconds of artaihe plane c down. we just have been so moved by the outpouring of concern, but d the campaign trail toda >> you thanked the first responders, thank the people who ? also that stopped thelaefore it got to the grassyare on to busy highway here. >> right, it was pretty remarkable. we were flying low ceiling, but as soon as we landed, we could tell they were trying to brake the aircraft pretty quickly, and we felt the plane fishtailing a little bit, and then it slid
7:33 am
mud splash up on the windows up in the front of the airaft, we knew we were off the runway. but we're so grateful. it seemed like the first responders were literally around the airplane before it came to rest. we thanked the pilots as well my son is mine corp aviator, and michael lik to save landing you? walkw from is aood ing. >> our cam the president corps, they're used to bumpy landings. is that something you've ever been worried about before? >> no, i've never been concerned about it. we've been landing on some pretty short are underways around the country. we have a family in, we feel like we're supposed to be. hopefully serving as vice-president of the united states, after this election, so we're just, we're really
7:34 am
including the president corps, and like i say, we're wheels up, off to pennsylvania and north carolina. >> you're really happy the president corps is? ay just kiddg. i'm glad your wif daughter are okay too. jo adai s myour running mate cancel t electnd declare the it was tongue and cheek, we should admit that, but coming on the meals o pledging that he'll accept the results, should a candidate for president be casting doubt in that way? >> you're absolutel right in saying he was joking about that, specifically, he was talking about the news about obama care, which i can tell you, traveling out west, campaigning all week, people are very troubled by the ere premiums lle a 25% in the care next year. hillary clinton's plan is to continue to expand it.
7:35 am
paye ciantyle piece into obama care. re comtted to repealing obamaarplac itit - joke ub opress?p2 i --ha doow n is t ?time f pple to ae nrahi
7:36 am
-- trump/pence ticket. does that relief any concerns about a rigged system? somethghat donald trump talks a lot about, that somehow more your oe re you arehing sing those concerns >> well, you know, when he has talked about rigged syem, ha tduc a how tias that we see in much of the national media, with all due respect to the both of you. ere was study ren newshe gotten e majoty of coverage in the last few months, but 91% of it was negati. >> t aghning, the proof is in the pudding. tight because the american people are focusing on how dramatic a choice we have here. a chance between change and status quo. choice between policies that have weakened america's place in the world, stifled our economy, and in donald trump, we have
7:37 am
economy, the way ronald reagan did through tax relief, regulatory reform, repealing obama care, and having trade deals that will put the american worker first. >> can you answer in five seconds, would joe biden make a good secretary of state. >> we'll have a lot of good choices if we have the privilege to serve. it is the greatest honor of my life, standing shoulder to shoulder with the man who i believe will be the next president of the united states. >> heading to pennsylvania day. >> pennsylvaniand north carolina. just a thought.gornor t your family as well. >> thank you. let's check the wther with. >> warm weather to talk about throughout most of the country, cod even be records set in between the rockies and into the plains. we'reking loo at 85 degrees in oklahoma city. san antonio, atlanta,n i indianapolis, t makes its asyo thso as we get into the beginning of next week
7:38 am
nashville, tallahas and of, we' are all excited, sun night football night america,t& said stadium, it will be clear, mild and 78 degrees. on sunday night, night, in amica, hernbc.
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we promise. real ingredients. congressman gary condon spoke out for the first time in 15 years, what it has been like for the subject of so much speculation over chandra levy's despair rans. >> now the levy's family is
7:44 am
that this morning. >> right after gary condon's interview aired, we sat down with susan, saying she still h unanswered questions, but she right now to share his story. >> did you not have r plan take involvement with her and you were not involved in her dis --disappear, in any y. >> the investigation turned into a soap opera, while visit his office and condo, he said they were only friends. >> why is it you will not answer publicly whether you had a sexual relationship with chandra levy? >> doctor phil, i haven't, you know, answered that question publicly for 15 years, and i'm not going to change my position or my view on that today or probably any time in the future. not only is it not relevant, but i think that people are entitled
7:45 am
>> as condon talked, susan watcd and listened. >> my heart is broken. and he has tried to clear his name, and thas ay. >>usan levy says after watching the interview, theres more to th story. >> it wasn't a made-up thing. they weren't just good things. i know otherwise. i did talk to my daughter. and i found out who she dating, secretively,ecause i was able to guess it. >> as for chandra's murder, this man was convicted,ut appealed >>y interviewed people trying to find out things about me. their case was bas on dtying me up. >> this year, prosecutors
7:46 am
bendsonabl do gleavinhe leyvs again. heres no jusce for what happened to her. w reall happene to chandra levy. >> encouraged by his ds gar condon cauthor a ok susanlevy says she has no4y plas to read the book. dr. phil said the book was puisd >>ing we'll shift gears and about to make dreams come true for lucky cubs fans who
7:47 am
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brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. 94 southbound at ryan road is completely shutdown because a crash on 94 st and milwaukeracine
7:58 am
milwaue waukesha ozaukee area right now but g at ive times,several slow go spots plan ahead
7:59 am
johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. senior 1: ron johnson is attacking social security. senior 2: he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... yy necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnson supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families.
8:00 am
it's 8:00. close call. vp hopeful, mike pence's plane slides off the running mate, donald trump, campaigns in ohio, and calls for a big win. >> we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right. while hillary clinton tries to shake off new allegations of improprieties at her family foundation, with just 11 days to go until the election. plus, big country surprise. hoda heads south to treat a very special teacher to the surprise of a lifetime. >> alicia.
8:01 am
she has in store for her. >> i don't know we're going. i the whole world w watching -- and goi solo, he shot to star dumb i one direction. now, niall horan is kicking off a solo career, with a highly anticipated performance, right here in studio 1a, today,
8:02 am
we are back now, 8:00 on friday morning. it is the 28th day ofoctober, 2016. we have a big, big fall classic crowd here. a lot of these people probably here to see niall horan as well from what group? >> one direction. >> you have a brain cramp. >> i love it. >> you actually, your head flhed. >> you know what, when it came out of my mouth, i said that didn't sound right, and then she >> you wer channeling the fifth dimension from 1970s. >> that would be my era. >> we have such a great crowd on our plaza this morning. i have to say there is nuthnoth like the crowd we're going to
8:03 am
impossible tickets. can we show savannah's jersey real quick. >> we are all wearing our jerseys. >> i couldn't choose. >> come on, man! >> i'm neutral. >> you need to go out on a limb. >> they're both so great and they both deserve it. >> earlier this week we launched our world series super fan get away kicking off the search for the biggest cubs and fans. surprised our winning indians fans for two tickets to the series. now after going through thousands of entries, we're going to give htt up, we hav .sre v ??'sob at a barhe t moment the cubs me it to a world
8:04 am
years ago and they've bee fans and together eve since. ha haulenbeck. a former principal and gave barb her first teaching jobs because he could tell she was a cubs fan. that was 41 years ago and the two get together today. i love that. last but not least, rosell shhisared t picture ted, her has been by her side for 39 years. listen to this, the bear even went on the nen.ho comforted her through the u dow y cub season. th finalists ready to hicago surprise the winners with tickoets ttorrow's me. that's bas baseball
8:05 am
this room. i have a question for yo i have a question. is anybo goingoorkto ybody goi ? okay .so,et let'sighto it. okay, everybody. let's introduce you to the finalists. first o w hav true you saw him tearing up. >> he did theyry a@? he didn't even ugly cry at our wedding. i knew then it was real. those emotions were completely to a game? >> no words could even mean what itld mean to me to a game. such an amazing time and we've been waiting for this for so long. >> let me introduce you to barb and dwight. you guys have been waiting for 41 years. what would it it mean for you
8:06 am
wonderful man here dwight hired me right out of college. >> you got to be friends ever since. >> he hired me because i was a cubs fan. >> noweave raquelnder father rafael. this is ted here. have you ever washed him? >> i have not washed ted because he doesn't need a bath. f t l 40 years, heeeded a bath. are we ready t announce who is going to game four? dr okay. got our two tickets here. ready? the winner -- the winner is, the winner is barb and dwight!
8:07 am
tell me this -- ?? think i'mngy. youuys g heis eaol congratulations. >> thank you! >> all right, guys, back to you. >> that's cool. they're goi to have a blast. thank you for that. that was fu o a ghe dave o ieickets here, but we do begin wi theacfor t w. m haley jackson in new york where mike pence has a new mpaign plane after his oer oneed off the runway overnight at laguardia shutting down the aiort. no injuries, but the ntsb is looking into it. both trump and pence will get back out on the campaign trail today as willilla h clinton th nbcconfirming her transition team is seriously
8:08 am
possible cabinet member, vice president joe biden, if clinton wins. on a rainy runway a scary landing. >> remain seated. >> reporter: mike pence's plane skidding off the tarmac, mud splashing the cockpit windshield. >> a quick bounce and for about o, three sonds started to slide. >> reporter: no one was hurt. pence posing with rescuers afterwar='ds. the accident shut down the ortor nearly0 minutes. >> we fe, felt the plane fishtailing a little bit and we saw the mud splash up on the windows up in the front of the aircraft, we knew we were off the runway. >> reporter: pence getting a call from his running mate as donald trump headed to a rally in ohio. >> the plane skidded off the rundnway a was ptty close to grave, grave danger. but just spoke to mike pence and he's fine.
8:09 am
buckey asked in a new interview whether he blames that now infamous "access hollywood" tape for his second place showing in most recent polls. >> the microphone is not supposed to be on. i don't make that as an excuse for myself, but it was an illect that was nbc. >> reporter: the candidate threatening t sue nbc. "access hollywood" and nbc salerprogram. trit11p& race jing about it over w alady. >> we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right? itt are wven havin itfo >>lintdeire fortseen as the most damaging wikileaks stol e not authented nbc news or the campaign describing b dealings makin rom cnton fnd republicncans ar regardless. clinton looking pt it onhe
8:10 am
new this morning, a source familiar with the decision making confirms a political report that clinton is now seriously considering vice president joe biden as secretary of state. if she wins top hel her get there the forme first lady is gegm the current fit lady. some in theired up crowd waiting overnigh fhe chance ee clion a michelle obama on stage together. >> if hillary doesn't win this election, that will it will be because we did not stand with her. it will be becau we n vote for her anth iex?y what her opponent is hoping will happen. >> hillary clinton will be in iowa today and so will donald trump later on tonight with a new poll there showing the race in a heat. tiedt 44% each. getgnew look ate latest fund-raising numbs. the last of this race showing
8:11 am
advantage over trump as we head into the last 11 days before election day. matt, savannah. >> all right, thank you very much up next, what michael phelps is now revealing about his secret wedding before the rio olympi. hoda is?b?c?iingrapp u her month of pink power surprises ye h one of herp big look who's here. from oneirtis? with a perfance in studio 1a. he just cct bisco is celebrating 115 yes, bgiving ad waon drs and other daily cash prizes. buy today for your chance to wi
8:12 am
rved under esidt bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked form a obal coalition to cnter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic stator isil than do the generals, it implies a cplete ignorance of the reality. that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understand how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat
8:13 am
over there's good. so, how much longer you think this will take? i'live u -explain the process, unrec me i look forward to questioninged your everyove. what you're saying. okay, well i'll leave your house in shambles and disappear for six mohs wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the ti?doesble it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. we're back a . me fortrding folks. >> we were talking abouthe cleoor inuttons elevators,cay u. the yorktimes"ighlighted two other butns that don aiffere altton. >> i kne it
8:14 am
supposes to hp pedtrve ority of them don't dohi >> why are they there? and, , the office ther just d't botr with it.ic ma are filled with so-calle dummy designed to makekers tnk they have some kind of control. >> that's sad. >> that is horrible. >> that's great. what abo the belly button. whatoes tt do? >> why is hat does tha do????g >> what's it hng up. >> jning us w the pillsbury dougboy. does the snooze button do anything? is it good t sh? >> i don't hit it. if i hit it, do you fall back asleep? >> yeah. awayo, i hav to get up right it on my phone. >>ou'r a snoozer. ino waye
8:15 am
it' ou da >> we c settle a reader wrote into an advice columnist in "wall str journal" is it all right to hit the soze button no, it is not. this columnist, i don't know at the expertise is you need to get ups a your arm goes off because if you just confuse your body. >> i think it's more stressple. you fall asleep. >> i'd like to see that. >> if you stagger your alarms, that's just a snooze button.? that's the same thing. >> but i get up with the first alarm generally. just in case. >> safe. proud of that jack-o-latern you just cved for the holiday weekend? those pumpkins are nothing compared to the ones the engineert nasa's jet propulsion laboratory cam up with. look at this a barbecue spin
8:16 am
a takeoff on the miss pac-man game. what a return mission from mars might look like. and, of course, a little political commentary. >> wow. >> it's like when martha stewart comes here with her jack-o-laterns and you just want to go home and throw yours out the window. >> your results may vary. we like this tst. it avi ofur little buddy rver p tsoget fus. >> that's so sweet. >> i love it. >> he w simply glowing. >>hat's cu. first up, michael phelps. we told you heecretly married hisfiancee, nicole, back in june. yesterday on facebook live miael explained why he kept theedding so secret. >> i had to keep it secret from
8:17 am
just because. thank u for the beautiful family and baby number two may be coming soon. >> wait, stop the press. baby number two may be coming soon. >> he's already stripped down. >> he's going swimming, i hope. so he kept it a secret just beca he could a that's a good enough reason for anybody. he and nicole are aeady parents to just the cutest ttle kid, boomer, who wasor drop. i feel like he may know something. >> if wollo that pattern- >> we'll see. next to jennifer lopez she i set to bring her super star talents to a live musical airing right here live on nbc. we have a tradition of staging musicals and this year is "hair spray" and jennifer will star in next year's production "bye-bye birdie." in a statement jennifer called
8:18 am
childhood's favorite. >> she's one of the busiest people in the world. she's got "shades of blue" in vegas and doing this. >> she does it allike a level ten. >> i want in on that. ? what's the matter with kids today ? >> come on. >> except i can't sing, but other than that. all right. that's
8:19 am
pink power today is sponsored by net jets, the worldwid leader in private aviation. and now it is time for the finale of our series, in honor of breast cancer awareness month. >> hoda has been crisscrossing the country this month. >> i have had so much fun. such a special month. we've do a spa surprise, rprise pa? urprise c delivery,n wonder woman herself. this time, how about a surprise of one of country music's biggest stars. we told luke bryan about that amazing special edcher i miss missis morppi, ande than happy to help her kick up dust. hadt specialfe. >> she is likemom. >> you know, t oho
8:20 am
>>ou got thi test. you kwit. you're ready. >> a rich ldig school in richland, misssippi, it is alicia tems, ms. tems t her kids. >> she is le a lioness, that hfamily, but heramily at the sc >> i le her. she mos kdest pern ever meet. >> she'll s up for yo maerwhat. >> even when she was diagnosed withreast cancer a year and a half ago, which sheri to hide from her two young children, and her students as lo as she could. until she lost her hair from chemo. >> we prayed, and we said that this will work.$? and -- i don't believe theirl missed a day. >> her students, still eal aboutst
8:21 am
>> it's okay, i'm fine. hey,y,?1 i'm fine. t was these students who got her through those dark times. >> it was hard. i wouldn't have made it, had it not been for them. >> but little did she know, the whole school was in on a little secret. alicia's husband cliff, had written us about helping him arrange an adven lifetime. >> perfect day, she gets to feel spoid and a princess for the day. >> we had to tell a little white lie, doing a piece on special education teachers. we were about to reveal we were a piece on one special educappln tse ]
8:22 am
we're fixing to get on a plane and going on a trip. >> weuickly whisked alicia off to the?1 t.aior where she hopped aboard a private plane toesons unknown. >> here we go. i don't know we're going. >> 90 minutes later, alicia and cliff touched down. >> there is alimo. why are those peoplefilming? >> and >> wha is that? >> alicia >>,y god. >> hi. >> okay, do u know wre y are? no, i don't. >> you are in houston, texas. okay, guess where you guysre going t?toni >> where? >> oh, my d.
8:23 am
>> yes. >> don't kno if you know how much you'r do y know? bo found out toda and lehe cnue he?r44 coert ts and hats, naturally. >> tell m a youuke bryan. have you ever seen h in co t? >> nois is my first concert. >>t do u mean? >> ever. >> this is your first very concert ever? >> this is the best day, ever. and the best day ever about to g enbetter, ae waited >> oh,y e for the concert to re you having a good day yet? >> yes, oh, my god. >> gd to seeyou. i'm glad you all are having a good time. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> you all are from mississippi. flew in today? >> yes.
8:24 am
>> oh, my god. can you take a picture? >> hey, we got timh5 for that. >> don't you love luke? >> i love being able to do this. make people happy. you got your tickets that ha ed up with? >> hoda don't have the tickets. i got the tickets. there you go. i know a guy in the ticket office. >> luke, we love you. thankso sorry for everything you've been going through. we know it is a struggle, and -- >> you want one more hug? >> yes. >> glad you're beating it. >> yeah. >> awesome. >> thank you. >> good to meet you. >> luke, fun was an understatement. >> houston! >> as far as concerts, this one wasn't bad.
8:25 am
whiskey ? ? whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky? special day for g special ed teacher from misssippi. ? rain i a good thing ? >> we love her so much, we're so happy toreport, alicia is doing great. her doctors say she is in remiion. by the way, when luke barged in the room, she was face timing her mother. she was like bye, mama. big dive in for luke. >> iove it was her first big thanks to luke bryan and his entire team. he is up for entertainer of the year. big thank you to the jets a well. they do such great work with the corporate angel network for cancer patients. we had so much fun doing it this h. >>hoyo smiles and a couple of tears too. let's head over to tamron. >> i hear the screams starting. do you hear it?
8:26 am
niall horan, talking about your single. what's up? he doesn't have a halloween costume yet. we're talc[king about that.
8:27 am
vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. 94 southbound at ryan road is completely shutdown because of a crash on 94 east and milwaukee racine county line
8:28 am
ozaukee area right now but looking at drive times, several slow go spots plan
8:29 am
russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. vo: keep them working... that's senator ron johnson's plan for seniors. he supports and wants raise social securitthe retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventy. he also has a plan for medicare... turn it in a voheram and add means testing -- so seniors pay more out of pocket but wisconsin seniors know that in washington, ron johnson isn't working...
8:30 am
it i:3 friday, october 've aat cro on t plaza. pret turn itp quite auite a few moments,beuse?c yes. >> niall horan, of one directio
8:31 am
guys.??? he is going to perform his new solo single in just a little bit. and yes, he has wion waiting all morning. meanwhile, we've coved t rld ser excint, but there is a bigootbl games wee got chefs from both cities here, ready to sre voriootb watching recipes. >> sosavaah, what timo i call m you eagles lose to my cowboys? >> don't talk to me. >> snack talk. >> this is the one time we go at it. one time a year. with the holidays right around the corner, we'll introdu you to the year's absolute best new toys, talking about the toys, s don'to wte your time? money on anything
8:32 am
ourselves. revealing our big costumeon't miss it. come?o?ced. >> let's checkhe wer. let's look at the weekend. starting with tomorrow, we're looking at wet weather in the ific northwest, northern and hern california, recd warmth fromidatlantic into the gulf coast. sunday, sunday, more ra moving into the northeast.eaer e the upper mississippi river valley, flooding rain cenal cali let liak ahead toward halloween night. spooky.
8:33 am
thas your latest we do8" rget, l. >>channe thousands of now toys r just in time for thiim of
8:34 am
say, it does not come assembled. >> next is what? >> castles are not new, but this one is. you can build is as one big castle, james, elizabeth are playing with it. it is a great to pretend they can use, and really good for building story telling ability, language skills, a great toy. >> durable, it will hold up? >> yeah it is a great toy.
8:35 am
of many toys that we saw this season that teach kids, introduce them to coding. >> how? >> each part will send it in a different direction and make a different sound. so kids learn how to use things in sequence, in an age appropriate way. one of the best uses of technology. it lights up, goes off, open-ended game. it is a lot of fun. >> i love that. >> now we're in early school. matt, this is one of the coolest toys -- >> like a tablet. i can draw a line, anything. i can then put one of the award stickers here. i push the button, and the animation will magically, watch for it, it will grab the wand. see the wand is in the animation. you know what i love about this toy is that it engages kids to use technology in an active way, rather than just watching the screen passively. >> is this expensive?
8:36 am
the starter set is about $73. we grew up with racetracks, the showdown, what is different here is you have light-up tracks that glow in the dark, but then the cars will also leave a trace of light. super cool. this is a super big set. i call this a grand toy, but there are smaller sets. >> would this be appropriate for a 58-year-old man. i may have to take it home. >> you got it. ever high end. these are jewelry kits. this is a message from verizon group. they can show off, and also give as gifts, which we like as well. tweens, castles are super hot and this has enough to make seven different bracelets. >> last but not least? >> aright, this is the invention mansion from goldie
8:37 am
what b wa srlthe girls who??d tte wandit, andheyand to build it. it is so ol it eveasye ot? we ha things on all price ranges, for all budgets and all es. >> stephanie, these are >> tnk you, matt. >> as ways, thank you very complete list of plum ward check out
8:38 am
8:39 am
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:40 am
so it wil be crazy. i ak take knife and make inc
8:41 am
all yoveull it part. >> that moist and easy. super easy. press it gether. then you're going to pull it apart, let it on the inside, there is a whole bunch of good garlic as well as in the pot, i put garlic too. pop it i th little bit of the this, and i make my garlic butter. it works across. then over here -- >> nothingoio waste here. nothing. i' grain butter. >> i've got my cheese -- we're not all swine fans in philly, but this is a good way to go. pop the butter on the outside, just lik th(qat, and i take my pork, ?o o t hasbe? >> it h to be, aged, nutty flavor to it. a little bit of broccoli rabe.
8:42 am
is not as bitter. then your pulled pork over the top of that. same thing on the other side. pop it over here. >> throw it on the griddle. >> right on the griddle. tas, think othehalf time, cheese steak. >> it's good. >> i'm on the second half already. >> jay, what are we making? >> you knowwhat, my boy j.j. wilcox is mst friends, and we bring people together through cooking. so j.j.'s favorite chicken pies, i make a spice rub out of coriander seeds, chilliflakes, add it to the salt, season your icken thhse in, on. that's whe the flavor is at, baby. >> don't think about a chicken brst, right? >> no, it is n t recipe. >> i know. we're not doing that
8:43 am
>> nice. >> toto, goes over this pop it in oven, boom. nice and simple. ai braise it and it will fall off the bone, a little chipotle its. >> let me take this giant spoon. >> you go. >> guys,hat do you think - sorry, i'm eatg for o.>> this i. what a newterpretation. >> it is where the flavor is at, baby. getting a lot of love. >> cowboys got the record. we may have to take it to philly.
8:44 am
em on sundaynigh night in america, 7:00 eastern. catch the recipes on the website. live performance from one direction star, niall horan, coming up. asenst if anoo ectrush was g toerclhan a maal. d my he said sure, but don't just get any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head!
8:45 am
and oral-b crossaction delivers clinically pron superior clean vs. sonicare diamondclean. mouth fuper cle! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean.
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8:47 am
because you came out to do a little rehearsal. are you still getting your arms >> you never get used to it, actually. i was saying to everyone this morningow nostalgic to be back here. i don't remember if all the times we were here. >> of course we do >> soh,bvusly t that. >> security still talks aut that. alo d yourown, which i'm sure in some ways, it is bit less people with me.? but yeah, it a daunting prospect, but you know, the song is good, and i'm enjoying making the album and stuff like that. it has been a fun process, something i'm sure i'll get used to. >> always liked you so much, loved you so much, i saw you on
8:48 am
mes rd. you and ellen are ringers, rne anot all the time. every teo it'snd ellen. ll that. >> we've got your?. halloween costume. >> seven withhe st with james. >> who i the better dancer, y or ellen. >> een. >> ladies and gentlemen, niall horan. ? waking up to kiss you and nobody's there ? stuce smell of your perfume ? ?t'? ? yesterday i thoht i saw youro?
8:49 am
? and want to tell you erything ? ?heds to say &34 ro dren playiisfagr? e with you now ? ? if the whole world wa yo ? over and over the only truth ?
8:50 am
everything comes back to you ? ? know that i can't move on, there is something about you ? ? if the whole world was watching i would still be wa ? over and over the whole truth ? ? everything comes back to you ? ? butterflies come alive when i'm next to you ? ? over and over the only truth
8:51 am
? everything comes back to you ? [ applause ] niall, thank you so much. what a beautiful song. we're back in a moment, on friday morning.
8:52 am
start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief.
8:53 am
... you forget how beautiful your voice is individually. you have a stunningly beautiful voice. >> thank you, matt. you too. >> you travel with your family, your aunt is here, your cousins are here. >> my aunt has been living here for 30 ye word, singing with you. >> you you have always traveled with your family, nice young man, since success has had. i'm so proud of you. >> thank you very much. >> we brought you ice cream. >> i haven't got a sweet tooth, but thanks. >> i do. >> no secret, this one loves milk shakes, she has cravings, which are normal. another one day. >> these were especially
8:54 am
orlando restaurant, they serve up these one of a kind milk shakes, a key lime pie shake, that has entire piece of key lime pie. a 19th century themed restaurant. check it out at universal >> that's the key lime pie, red velvet, which looks amazing. >> that's america. >> i know. chocolate, i don't know. i'll try this -- i'm going to go different. i'm >> i like the garnish. >> willie, you've got to look ahead to sunday, don't you? >> yes, i do. we'll be live with both campaigns as we come up on a week with the presidential election, we'll be hearing from both sides, also highlighting up and coming artists, justin timberlake. talk about his family, new documentary, how he made the transition, as niall is doing now, from boy band to solo .
8:55 am
o courage. he of th day, you know that you'reettingl@ that can'befor grant.
8:56 am
senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families. it isn't just gr passnatebout , i like mturkey cthk! sos bway. the all-white meat in our new, thick-cut tumn auarved turkey sandwich has no artifiapreservatives or flavors, and is topped with cheddar and cranbey mustard sauce.
8:57 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. a new ordiance takes effect in milwaukee today... trying to bring an end to people begging for money near freeways. the common council unanimously approved the ordinance earlier this month and the mayor signed it. the new rule prohibits - on any median less than 5 feet wide... or on a median in a road or way that's deemed a safety hazard for pedestrians. aldean bob donovan sponsored the ch. says there was growing concern about people asking for money or selling things on dangerous
8:59 am
? ? m?


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