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tv   Today  NBC  November 14, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CST

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golden globe winner donald sutherland on his new role. and two scrumptious sides feast coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," monday morning, november 14th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron and dylan. and everybody is about the supermoon. >> is it tonight? >> it is tonight. it is at its full moon peak
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spectacular. >> is this a super-duper moon? >> this is the supermoon. it is the closest it's been since 1948. the earth's -- the moon's orbit is like an elliptical. it is like it is balancing right there on the arch. >> look at these photographs! >> brian and i went out about 6:30 last night with a camera to took us forever to find the moon. we finally saw it really high up in the sky so it didn't have that wow factor. what is the best time to see it. >> >> depends where you are and your sky conditions. >> we're in the city. >> clearly. >> buildings shine brighter. is that times square or the supermoon? >> it is going to appear 14% bigger. 30% brighter.
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from the earth is about 238,000 miles. >> if i'm ever on a game show and i get a lifeline, one call. listen. you can say to me, any name in the book -- al roker. his line's busy? call him again. >> that show's from the '90s. >> i don't care. it is incredible. your ability to retain things. >> it is an event, you're going to look stuff up. >> but you remembered it. >> the next time this isn't going to be will be 2034. >> that's only 15 years away. so i'm 46. how old -- >> 15 years away, you'll be 61. >> it is not that far away. which is crazy. but december has one. that's not as super.
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the moon, what were you doing? >> i was doing absolutely nothing. >> i thought you were bringing the tree in. >> i did bring the tree in. but before that i was doing nothing. >> what was brian doing? >> brian told me to put my feet up and just sit and let him take care of the chores. brian's vacuuming. he likes to make up songs when he does it. >> doing a little "risky business" there. >> he vacuumed t about 16 times. but still it was great entertainment. >> i see a new challenge coming on. >> forget the juju on the beat. we, ladies and gentlemen, have the brian challenge. >> the weird thing was i posted that on instagram. so many people were commenting on his footwear. they were like, is he wearing your slippers? what's on his feet? they're just socks. yeah. so i was -- those are my feet on the table. so i was doing absolutely nothing as he was entertaining
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>> that's pretty cool. >> that's basically what happens on a daily basis. we did bring the tree in. saturday morning which is unusual for it to be on a saturday. veterans day was friday. we brought in the tree. they wouldn't let me actually ride the tree. the tree is 16 feet taller than last year. it i >> when we saw it at the home, that trees looks enormous. >> it powered over the family's home. >> what floor is that in this building? i think that's near my office. i can jump out. >> i'm going to dress like buddy the elf.
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as you can get. shape is great. 84th rockefeller center christmas tree lighting ceremony takes place on wednesday, november 30th. it is a little earlier. why? >> because thanksgiving is a little earlier. i think it is because of leap year. matt, savannah, myself and hoda kotb lighting it up. and then at 9:00, we get lit. >> he l >> tree gets lit at 8:55, 9:00 p.m. we all get lit. join us, we'll have a drinking game. >> i want to play. what did i do this weekend? >> i went out -- i said, al, i wanted to go somewhere, i wanted to drive two hours away from the
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you suggested this beautiful place called the wheatley. it is in lenox, massachusetts. we drove up there. i've been taking photography classes online. then i get advice. >> this is the class. have somebody take a picture of you. >> you're holding a camera. >> that's my picture. i went through and looked a they are of someone taking pictures of me and i did not take very many pictures. so i -- my name is tamron, as you know. >> yes. got that. >> a popular lens is the tamron. spelled exactly like my name. it is a japanese camera company. i was born in texas. and it was around the same time that someone at this camera lens
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>> had gone to texas -- >> saw my name. >> let's name a lens after her. >> i felt like it was only right for tamron to own a tamron lens. >> but tamron should take pictures with the tamron lens. >> the problem is it is a very complex lens. i'm still learning. i'm working on it but i am going to i am going to take the "today's take" holiday pictures. >> donald trump made his first picks for chief of staff. rnc chair reince priebus and chief strategist is steve bannon, former head of the conservative news site, breitbart. >> which is highly controversial. highly controversial decision made there.
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think of valley jarrett, she was president obama's senior advisor. that's what his role essentially at this point is described as. last night on "60 minutes," donald trump in his first tv interview since becoming president-elect, with leslie stahl, one of the best in the business. talking about the racial slurs that continue to divide this country. here's what he had to say about those allegations. >> i am very surprised to hear that. i hate to hear tha >> but you do hear it. >> i don't hear it. i saw one or two instances. >> on social media? >> it is a very small amount. again, i think -- >> do you want to say anything to those people? >> i would say don't do it. that's terrible. because i'm going to bring this country together. >> they're harassing latinos, muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it -- if it helps, i will say this -- i'll say it right to the
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topics, including the enormity of becoming president of the greatest country. here's what he said. >> i think so. it is enormous. i've done a lot of big things. i've never done anything like this. it is so big. it is so enormous. >> kind of just took your breath away. couldn't talk. >> a little bit. a little bit. and i think i realize that this is a whole different life for me now. tweeting and whatever you're upset about, just put out there? >> so -- >> when you're president? >> it is a modern form of communication between facebook and twitter, and i guess instagram. i have 28 million people. >> so you are going to keep it up. >> i'm going to do very restrained, if i use it at all. i'm going to do very restrained. i find it tremendous -- it is a modern form of communication. there should be nothing you
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the office, obviously voters wanted an outsider, that was the number one plea. there is is a report now because donald trump is such an outsider, he did not know you have to staff the west wing. like he does not know the mechanics of it. because he never ran for office and is the ultimate outsider. >> i think one interesting thing this be he is not going to take the $400,000 annual salary. he's going to take $1 a year. but i think the enormity of it was kind of obvious. when he came after that out of the obama. i think he seemed almost humbled by what he is about to step into. >> if he did not have that feeling, i know people have said is he a narcissist and all these things about him. but whatever extreme ego you may have, walking into capitol hill, looking out and knowing that now you are making decisions that will impact not just the 330 million people in this country, you impact the world.
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to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. we're back now with more of "today's take." >> we only have two minutes. >> let's just hit it. here's what happened. jo and lela planned to find out whether they were having a they had one of those popular gender reveal parties. this is what happened. >> went to the local party store. look what happened. >> you're having a puppy! >> the store apparently got it wrong. >> they searched the box. they find a sealed card. they used balloons the couple
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gender reveal party. >> there you go. their expresses when they opened the box, they're like that's not what we ordered. >> so they are having a boy. not a puppy. next up -- i love this one. according to a story on aol, they cite numerous sources. depend on what you eat and how you eat it on thanksgiving tells a lot about your personality. >> i judge people they have on thanksgiving. >> really? >> well, i have opinions. >> if you see people trying a lot of stuff on their plate, what do you think of them? >> i like them because that's what i'm doing. >> it says you are an adventurer. >> but, see, i don't like my food to touch. >> i like it all just -- >> that says you like could keep things clean. >> i want my squash to taste like squash.
10:16 am
stuffing? >> yes. we're side people. >> that means you are a lovable person who likes to hang with friends. >> just because you like the sides? >> carbs. the carbie sides. >> the carbs are comforting. >> yes. do you like cranberries? >> love cranberries. >> as a child the one my mom made. >> i like the can. >> that says you are reserved, finally, do you like stuffing. >> my favorite thing on the plate? >> i don't like stuffing. i like cornbread stuffing. >> if you like cornbread stuffing, it says you have an easy going nature. i love stuffing. it says you are a crowd pleaser if you like stuffing. >> what? that is not right. crowd pleaser. but guess what? we made it in two minutes! bam! >> we did it.
10:17 am
let's check it out. >> go for it. >> let's go. weather. put up the map. we were talking about the supermoon. first full moon, closest to the earth since 1948. where's the best place to see these bad boys? around the southwest, looking pretty good. notat northwest, lot of rain there. . showers in the northern plains. beautiful viewing in the gulf coast, into the southeast. not so great in the mid-atlantic and northeast. that's what's going on around the country. >> you can take a road trip.
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>> and that is your latest weather. coming up next, a rare look at the world's largest marilyn monroe collection, including three of her her thanksgiving side recipe! >> i'll take that in the middle, sir. >> i thought you already had that. >> i have it in purple. go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ]
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me. today you are getting a sneak peek inside marilyn monroe's personal items and movie memorabilia. executive director of julian's auction. you've got your white gloves. that means this is special. >> absolutely. this is from "some like it hot." amazing. she won a golden globe for her role in this movie in 1960. >> where has this dress been kept? >> this dress auction in 192 who wanted to protect marilyn and preserve her. all of these amazing items come from him. these gowns. >> do we know what size?
10:23 am
this is "gentlemen prefer blondes." she wore this in promotions in the trailer. >> it's kept in wonderful condition. >> that is the amazing thing about these. this was designed by one of marilyn's favorite designers. >> any idea like the range of what these things will go for? >> absolutely. so this dress, "some like it hit," $400,000 to at $20,000 to $40,000. marilyn is so collectible. of course, the wiggle dress from "niagara" an important movie for marilyn. it was the first movie she did in '53 considered as a serious actress. >> this dress is so tiny! >> yes. again, so petite. linen dress. we estimate $30,000 to $50,000.
10:24 am
>> this dress is so tiny! look at that. >> this is a poem she wrote in the uk filming "prince and the show girls." she was just married to arthur miller in 1956. it is a poem about a man. we presume it was her husband. they were sort of on their honeymoon. could be somebody else. it is amazing, on both sides, in her own handwriting. itom "fragments" published by the estate of lee straussburg in 2007. this is great. marilyn monroe gucci. her own address book written in her own hand. all of the greats are on here, including, of course, marlon brando. you know what? the reality of marilyn monroe is she loved to live a real life as well as being a beautiful actress.
10:25 am
own hand. >> a stuffing recipe? >> city title insurance company. she wrote this. it is on both pages. >> is it a good recipe? >> it is fantastic. you have to use sourdough bread. it can be used for chicken. just an amazing piece. lots of butter in there. >> how much would this sell for? >> this we estimate $15,000 to $20,000. >> that's an expensive stuffing >> you have to buy your own ingredients. >> martin, thank you. great to see these beautiful items. we are back after this. go to and check out go to and check out more of just press "clean" and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges, and in corners. and roomba's patented 3-stage cleaning system agitates,
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i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the
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he, of course, is a movie legend with an astonishing number of films to his name. more than 150, in fact. >> we know donald jennifer lawrence in "the hunger games." >> now donald sutherland plays the ruthless leader of a diamond cartel. "ice." it is good to see you, sir. >> it sounds really good after the introduction. he was not evil, president snow. no, no, he wasn't. i mean he had a job to do. and he did it. >> if he's not evil -- is he
10:31 am
>> you try to find a likable side -- >> i don't try to find a likable side. i find a reasonable side. that's within reason. >> your character in "ice," would you consider him a bad guy or a reasonable guy? >> i don't think he's reasonable, no. >> there are some that are bad. >> he personally has with which he dispatches. >> so is that -- >> they're real. they're real. >> they are real? >> they're for sale. >> are you head of a real diamond cartel? real life? >> no real life. no, no, no, i'm not. but this fellow deals in blood diamonds. so he's not a very nice fellow. >> what attracted you to that character? >> i wasn't supposed to play this character. >> really. >> no. no.
10:32 am
and then i signed a contract. january. and then i was supposed to start and do it, and then i was going to make a film with helen mirren and i would do a couple of days in between, and then go off and finish it. but they changed the script, and then they changed everything. and then they changed my character. and my character went from being a nice guy to be an "ice" gu >> which do you prefer? playing the nice guy? >> i don't play nice or bad or good. i just play the fellow so i can find something in everybody to play. and he's enjoyable. you know? because -- but he's not fully fleshed yet. they were going to send you an example of him but it was not an accurate example. >> okay. speaking of the movie with helen mirren, "the leisure secret"? is that the one you were talking about?
10:33 am
only one i've done. and it was -- if it is a quarter as good as it was a joy to play, then it will be absolutely wonderful. helen mirren -- helen mirren came up to me on the set and stood in front of me and said, in the middle of a shooting. you know? and i love her. and she , privileged person on earth. i said you're joking. i mean i've been very fortunate and i've had a wonderful life but -- she said, no, you are the most privileged person on earth. i said how can you say that? she said you are a white male. >> and your reply to that was? >> there is no reply. i was ashamed. i was stunned. and i have gotten more ashamed.
10:34 am
you are seen as an integral part of a group that many of whom are misogynist, bigots, racists, and it's appalling. >> so what do you tell -- you have many, many grandchildren. what do you tell them? >> four. >> four grandchildren. what do you tell them to give them a hopeful view of life? >> how do i give them a hopeful hopeful view? i have a wife. i have a daughter. i have a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter. what do i say to them? what do i say to them? their women's rights are gone. the environment is gone. minimum pay has gone. what do i say to them? how do i -- i can only say one thing. i am a canadian. and that's what i am. >> all i could think about,
10:35 am
>> i didn't talk about -- "ice." >> in fact we are going to do that right now. catch audience network's "ice" this wednesday night on both directv and at&t uverse. you can also get donald's -- >> i'm not in it. i don't appear until episode five. >> but you can start watching. and it really gets good in episode five. >> there is a huge star in it! >> >> and he's got blinged-out cuffs. and a behind-the-scenes look at the new movie "hidden figures." i catch up with the all-star cast. they're all in it fro please bow your heads. and i'm just grateful that we can all be here in this moment. i'm thankful for my family and that they care about me.
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but have you ever heard of a group of women an integral part of the space group in the '60s? a few months ago i got a chance to visit the set in atlanta and got blown away by an incredible cast. >> was just on my way to work. >> at nasa, sir. >> i had no idea they hired -- >> quite a few women working in the >> reporter: "hidden figures" documents the story of three vital women part of the space program in the 1960s. octavia spencer plays victoria vaughn. >> talk about a trail blazer. all of these women are mathematically inclined. she is mechanically inclined and can fix anything. >> she was the macgyver. >> she was the macgyver of her day. she went in and figured out how
10:41 am
i cannot fix anything. >> she's joined by katherine johnson. >> her calculations were spot-op. >> how are you at math? >> i suck. that's why i'm an actress. yeah. i failed pre-calc in college. and i was like, maybe this isn't the field for me. so here i am. portraying a mathematician, which is crazy. right? that's life coming full circle. >> katherine! >> reporter: rounding out the trio, singer janelle monet as nasa engineer mary jackson. >> mary jackson was a part of a new revolutionary group of young african-american people who were not going to take any more discrimination and disrespect from white people. >> i plan on being an engineer at nasa. >> this has got to be a dream come true, in a sense.
10:42 am
learning experience? >> absolutely. i am learning fast. i'm working with two of the best women in the business. >> are they giving you any advice? >> yes. technical. as a performer, i'm always in front of the camera. but it is the different things when you're blocking somebody's light or when your nose is like in their close-up and you can always see your nose. those are little things i did have to get adjusted to. >> every time we have a chance to get >> tell me about working with janelle. >> she's very quiet. i'm sitting there scrolling through instagram and she'll post a part of her performance she had. i'll be like -- this is very different from the lady sitting next to me. >> you've got a terrific cast. you've got your pal, taraji.
10:43 am
what's your relationship? >> from day one we just gelled. we laugh a lot. she's the lead in this movie so i refer to her as number one. >> when you walk in, oh, here's number three. >> i'm number three but i'm number one in the hearts of my crew. don't tell her that. don't tell her that because she will be heartbroken. >> kevin costner also joins cast as the head of the space program putting his faith in these amazing women. >> i'm a supporting character in this movie but it is really the woman's story. >> i was watching a couple of scenes you were doing. jim parsons is there. this is a completely different performance for him. >> he's very small with things. but still you see this genius come out in the small things. >> you are there with kevin costner. is that one of those pinch me kind of moments? >> yes.
10:44 am
start in my down time going, wait a minute. and you wikipedia and you go, god, he's done a lot! you know it but then to see it all listed again. and that part has a little creepy ring to it, you're googling somebody off to the side. i'm sorry. it's shameful. >> "hidden figures" will be in limited release on christmas day, in theaters nationwide january 6th. it is an amazing story. another story not quite so amazing but kind of interesting, your he we've got some showers the beginning of the week along the mid-atlantic coast, heavy rain in the pacific northwest. could be localized flooding. by midweek we could be looking a the a winter storm, first one forming in the rockies. sunshine in the center of the country. the snow comes across the plains by friday with rain along the south, showers along the eastern seaboard, we start the week very toasty throughout much of the country. that warms continues to spread
10:45 am
average as we go into -- why are you stretching? they're telling me to stretch. what is it giving me direction here, the peanut gallery over here. >> stretch it, al. >> okay. >> and that is your latest weather. these were the people heckling
10:46 am
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"today food" is brought to you by campbell's. campbell's. made for real, real life. thanksgiving is just ten days away. to help you plan an all-star feast, our "today food" team is pairing amazing chefs recipes. thanksgiving staple, squash. >> we're starting off with a squash salad. >> that's right. the ingredients -- we've got some baby zucchini, yellow squash, baby carrots, hearts of palm, walnut, shallots, apple cider, vinegar. very, very simple salad. this is something you might actually make because it is so easy. this is a raw salad.
10:51 am
mandolin. >> i have taken off a knuckle before in a mandolin. >> that's right. make sure you get it as thin as possible. >> how do you do it with these? >> same thing. just slower. or you can go real fast and buy a lot of band-aids. either way, fine with me. you get these beautiful vegetables like this. keep them raw. then the vinaigrette. shallots, like little baby onions. >> they're not as powerful. >> that's right. apples. ge reduce it a little bit. add some apple cider vinegar. like this. little bit of water. in the food processor. add some egg yolks. they are going to bind the dressing. add walnuts to it and olive oil. looks just like this.
10:52 am
dressing like that, mix it up really well. stir it together and you get this right here. >> there you go. if your equipment is not working, you can't tell. start off, butternut -- acorn squash. >> it is a lighter version. this is a tropical sweet potato. i grew up eating this in brazil. it's got a softer taste. it is more starchy than regular orange sweet potato that you have. you can find anywhere. you are goi we don't have time to show. recipes online. basically get your potatoes, you put your squash in there, cook with butter and garlic. you roast it together. you took all the time. i'm going to get you back. >> it's dylan's fault. >> pour the honey for me on corner. in the corner. you're going to caramelize that honey. until it bubbles up and the honey disappear. you mix it together, pour it out
10:53 am
alternative. sage. >> jim, camilla, thank you so much. as you said, recipes are on we are back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on
10:54 am
10:55 am
just saw james brolin in the
10:56 am
10:57 am
lets get a check of the weather.. certainly the holidays are near... but they're getting set to turn on the lights downtown. the city tree lighting ceremony... followed by the holiday lights festival kick-off are both thursday in milwaukee. waukesha lights its christmas tree this friday at 5-30. they'll have hot chocolate... music and holiday cheer! santa claus also scheduled to appear. the holiday train returns to wisconsin in a few weeks! the festive canadian pacific train- - will make several stops in our area-- on december 5th and 6th! stops include... sturtevant, milwaukee, wauwatosa, hartland and
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from hey, everybody. welcome. ? a lot like christmas ? >> who is -- >> don't play my music when we have jim brolin on, hoop playing barbra streisand music. of all days. it's november 14th, everybody. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> i like it. >> here in rockefeller plaza. look at the 94-foot norway spruce put in -- last i looked they were cutting it down.
11:01 am
scaffolding up. >> what a bonus at the "today" show. got to see the tree on day one. from new york, upstate. >> a family from -- oniana. >> okay. >> an entertaining and very good looking show today. look who's in our kitchen heating it up. >> oh, i like that. >> heating it up. the best is yet to come. and nots just you. tony bennett is here today. >> really? i've got to say . not nominee. has a great new book, and talking about, with us, the one person who changed his life forever. >> and speaking of music, country music star justin moore is here. another number one album and he's going sing his newest song a little later, and he is such a great guy on top of everything else. >> and we have katey sagal and pink made a surprising announcement. we'll talk to you about that. with our hollywood buzz section. >> how was your weekend, miss thing? >> it was a fun weekend. i left.
11:02 am
try to do at least twice a month and see my mom and shecky. >> little sheckster. >> and one of my favorite places, with my favorite awe stuff." and there's the sheckster. >> little kuds just love phone. love it all. >> he's fascinated by it. >> do we have the little video we gave you guys? he's still not real communicative and yet he says -- watch this. >> baba! >> ba, ba -- >> that's not the part i wanted to show you, but, okay. >> it goes on. we'll continue watching. >> ah! >> i love that kid. he's got have glasses already. instead of calling him shecky we're going to call him specky. >> i don't know a child needs glasses when they can't even tell you -- i don't see so well with this one eye. >> i don't know. >> fascinating. >> peek in and see how things folk jis interesting.
11:03 am
>> an interesting moment that -- i won't talk about my whole weekend but i did have an interesting moment. i went to a soul cycle class. >> you go for the music. >> i love the music. it was kind of the -- the instructor is emotive and makes you feel spiritual and good about life and people. her name's sue. anyway, we're pedaling along and this song comes on. ? it's a broken hallelujah ? >> playing everyone's pedaling, slow, but strong pap guy unsnaps his sneakers, his shoes from his bike. walks down the aisles and starts hugging everyone in the class. >> are you happy about that? >> i literally, kath, no kidding, almost started -- >> don't like to be hugged. >> picture this song and that moment, lights down, he just said, fellow man. i was sitting next to this woman
11:04 am
i was really thirsty. after he left, she said, have some of my water. i said no thank you, only because she took the top, unscrewed the part she -- she goes, please. i literally was -- can we crank it. ? hallelujah ? it was like that. like love in the room. exactly what it felt like. >> aren't people stinky and sweaty during a time like that? >> i've got to tell you -- >> i know i would not want hugged then. >> tell y i was weeping. i was weeping. that's how it moved me. >> did leon write that one? >> this is sis song. re wrote -- >> leonard cohen? >> i said leonard cohen. >> leon. no? okay. and i'm happy for you, hoda. >> ealmost didn't go to the class. there are moments of kindness. like you almost have to make sure you're aware and looking. because sometimes you go about
11:05 am
horrible person. if you're looking -- what did you think, jim? >> you guys -- i mean -- i know it's a talk show but you guys know how to talk. [ laughter ] >> and -- and you -- >> i could sit and listen all day. >> and you know how to do just about everything perfectly. i won't embarrass you. all down to do "the din s show" and things did not go well for me and you were so, so kind to me. you never forget. >> it was a cruel situation i. wasn't working ot sweaty and you came over and hugged me. from him i wouldn't have minded, probably. >> had somebody do that to me on my first real job. the worst director in history, and diane baker came over to me and said, it's not always like this, honey. you know? >> ah. >> yeah. so great. >> and you paid it forward i. was going, you know, maybe
11:06 am
job for me. you know? i love to wash dishes. >> things worked out well with you. he'll be with us in a minute. still learning and growing, justice ginsburg. surprisingly, always wanted to do this. she's 83 years old and finally got to fulfill a lifelong dream. >> always wanted to be an opera star. so she walked out onstage. had a speaking role, in "the daughter of the regimen" at kennedy center of performing arts and had the whole on. look how little she s. she looks like dr. ruth sitting there with the little neat didn't even touch the floor! [ laughter ] >> oh, my god. how cute is the whole thing. >> only one night appearance received a standing ovation. >> wouldn't that be fun? what would be something i would like to try one time? >> jim, you still have a bucket list? >> no.
11:07 am
huh-uh. i'm not old enough. >> you're going to end up being a teacher somehow. >> look, you're still crying. >> i getting all verklempt. i don't know why. it's a moment. everyone has their bucket list. >> i love you, sweetheart. >> okay. thank you, jerry. >> thank you, jerry. >> so lindsey vonn had a tough weekend. >> she did. by the way, one of the toughest cookies in the world. she revealed on social media she crashed during some training. a skier, as you guys know. on a mountain in colorado. she shared her x-ray of her broken arm. >> ooh. >> it's the x-ray. it's totally broken. she says this, while i'm beyond frustrated by this setback at least my knees are okay and i'll be able to return to the slopes as soon as possible. >> but has to hold on to the -- you know? she needs, everything to ski. >> can i tell you, remember? in march? >> here with us. >> had a bad knee injury a fracture. this is what her arm looks like. posted a funny caption to they saying she's going to need a lot
11:08 am
>> i wouldn't bet against her, for sure. she's amazing. >> really is. one the -- she the "the" most successful woman in the world with ski racing with 76 wins and like you said, she is -- don't bet against that girl. >> i've never broken a bone. have you? >> huh-uh. i think i broke a toe once but i don't think i paid attention. ever done that? you kick something, wonder if it's broken? >> i don't even think they can set the toe. just say, sorry. all right, we can move on. to robert redford, only on our show do you go fromro to robert redford. >> what did he say? >> retiring soon from acting. 80 years old. committed to acting in two more films. one reuniting with jane fonda in a love story. >> i wish he'd do "the way we were "again" with your wife. years later. >> they've been trying. well, kicked around. we'll see. >> does barbra do that to your hair -- >> and two more? >> we'll see. >> that's the other one. >> the other one! oh, my gosh.
11:09 am
"the way we were"? >> he's don one and that's the other one. we made news. we made news! >> we did not. >> yes, we did. go with it. >> all right, also going to star in a star with casey affleck and sissy spacek. when they're done, i'm saying, okay, good-bye to all that and focus on directing, which he's also good in. he's dmuchb. >> won two oscars one for directing "ordinary people." >> debut. great movie. what else is going bruce springsteen got -- saved. by fellow bikers. >> imagine this. so bruce springsteen broke down on the side of the road. okay? fooling with his bike. on a motorcycle. a group of bikers goes by. stop to help, not knowing who it is and then lo and behold, find out they've just helped bruce springsteen. bruce takes them all to a pub, i guess, a tavern down the road. >> a biker bar, i hope. >> i hope it was. >> all right, great. okay. >> and say good-bye.
11:10 am
help. >> all righty. don't miss now. you'll miss our "favorite things." >> always one of our favorites. james brolin brings us home for the holidays with his new christmas movie. >> and you'll never guess who rob lowe was seen around with in vegas. >> yeah. >> he's so cute. >> he's so cute. >> all the scoop in for all you friendsgiving hosts, >> he's so cute. >> all the scoop in invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. quilted northern works their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing.
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. ugh, it's only lunchtime and my cold medicines' wearing off. i'm dragging. yeah, that stuff only lasts a few hours. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. no thank you very much, she's gonna stick
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seeing you for a while. is that a bisque? i just lost my appetite. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. if celebrity gossip about. >> all: the buzz. >> and tim stack, we call him stackable. >> we love you, stackable. >> well i love you, too. i love you, too. i love the curls. >> thank you. >> let's discuss the curl as minute. >> ah! >> aren't they hot? >> they are so hot. you are trending. you are -- >> can we let everybody know on thursday gearing to let people know. so many writing in what do you do, how do you get? laura's going to show --
11:14 am
edit it and have a live thing. >> very important. >> next time i come on i'm going to have those curls. >> buy a wig. >> okay. so breaking news with pink. >> yeah. pink is pregnant, her second child. announced it on instagram. as everyone does now. how you announce things. with her husband and youngest daughter willow, who's 5. post add photo on instagram with willow sort of hugging her -- >> her tummy. >> it's beautiful. her tum pip clearly i don't know lady things but i far along. >> yeah. you would be correct. >> i'm not familiar with that part of body but i believe that's a far along pregnancy. yes, they're second child and she's talked about, she loves being a mother, and what a cool mom to have. pink. hasn't released an album in a long time. i want her to get back into music. >> probably loving being a mom. >> i know. momming it up. >> priorities changed. >> exactly. >> rob lowe hit vegas with a big brood.
11:15 am
surprise guest. not who you think. it's his son. it was his son john's 21st birthday and went with his wife sheryl and his other son. >> still looks like he's 21. >> rob lowe looks incredible. >> radicchio. >> 21st birthday, went to the omni nightclub, table and bottle service. calvin harris the deejay. he likes to party it up. >> he does! >> granted, i once -- my parents went with me nights" on my 18th birthday. which is -- >> that's disturbing. >> yeah. >> wow. we met your little mother. she went to that? >> yes, yes. at the end, a big reveal. >> it's about the porn industry. >> a big reveal of a body part and my mom gasped laughing. >> everybody gasped! >> families are different. [ laughter ] i don't know. maybe i shouldn't have revealed that. [ laughter ]
11:16 am
half. >> broke up with wilmer valderrama, long-term boyfriend, like six years together. and revealed dating a ufc fighter named luke rockhold. hello hot name and secondly, hello, gentleman. he is so hot! also, rockhold hot. anyways, this is -- look how handsome he is, and she looks great, too. >> she does. >> they went to, a big ufc fight at madison square garden and luke's a ufc fighter. >> i hope she finds happiness. a rough time. >> such a sweet kid. really is. >> and also, lovato, luke rockhold. lots of stars. madonna, hugh jackman. >> you're jealous. >> i am. followed luke on instagram prior to this and so i feel a little -- i feel like he's -- mine. she took him from me. she took him from me. >> so sad. >> so sad. >> therapeutic segment for me.
11:17 am
>> number one, "dr. strange" held well. "trolls" two. held well and amy adams new movie about an alien arrival. a linguist did really, really strong. people wan escapism. in trying times -- >> a chance to see "hacksaw ridge" while still out. it's such an aun believable movie. h >> thank you, tim stackable. >> i'm come back and share more awkward stories next time. >> bring your mom back on. we'll tease her. james brolin, an early christmas present. >> and wait until you hear what his wife ?? ? i never over think it do what i want ? ? and i do it my way (okay) ? ? we live the life we want to live ?
11:18 am
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make her sing to me every day. >> with the perfect combination of charm, good looks and incredible talent. >> talking about golden globe and emmy winning actor and director james brolin. >> with more than 130 movies 15shgs tv shows to his name. >> whoa. >> and his newest project jim wears multiple pats, producer, director and star of the new holiday movie called -- >> all: "i'll be home for christmas." >> you'll recognize this familiar face. take a look. >> christmas is a of year for some people. it's kind of hard to explain. >> it's not. i get it. everything has to be perfect. >> well -- >> everyone has to be happy. if you want to know the truth, it makes me want to run away sometimes. >> hmm? you and me both, kid. >> she is just darling. it's so nice to see you. >> oh, thank you.
11:22 am
love? >> oh, yeah. >> tell us about the genesis of it. >> well, i did a hallmark movie a couple years ago and it did very well. >> i bet. >> yeah. but it -- yeah it was okay. it didn't very well, they asked me back and my manager said, not unless he's directing and they went, ah -- okay. so nothing happened. >> not like they were putting it in the hands of a novice. >> well, i get -- it's not that easy, ever. >> yeah it is, kind of. so, anyway, i went, where's the script? nothing ever came. so one day a producer who works for them said, let me get you some ideas. so we looked at ideas. i started with a paragraph. i said, gisele has to be involved. >> the little actress. >> the little girl. >> was was she so important -- >> she's on "life and pieces" in our show and did something in
11:23 am
wise. not precocious so much, but she was the moral to everything that was going -- the adults were messing up, and she was saying, you know, let me tell you how life works. >> wow. >> yeah. >> right? i said, let's -- >> make her a part of it. >> i'm teaching her how to fly, by the way, on thursday night. >> can we talk about the headline? one of the headlines. the big gift your wife gave you for this movie. >> uh-huh. >> would you, please, reveal what that >> well, once we developed the film, it was called "pair of jacks." i said that doesn't really mean anything. >> your name is jack and her name was jackie. >> jackie, right. right. and -- actually, my manager, scott hart said, wouldn't it be great if we could get barbra's music and especially, "i'll be home for christmas" and i said, well good luck on that. >> you knew somebody?
11:24 am
wouldn't ever put up that kind of money and i mentioned it to my wife in passing -- >> how did you do it? give us the -- >> oh, right. >> i just said, you know, we just had this thought, and she just went, well i don't -- i've never done anything like that before. and then -- she came back around to me and so sweetly said, merry christmas. here's my song. two songs. >> so barbra streisand's two songs? he a montage and, yeah. so, anyway, it opened the movie, gave us a new title, and it's -- so sweet. >> happy with the way the movie turned out? >> yes. so happy. >> very sweet. >> and it's always -- you guys, i don't know if you ever have issues about what you can do for a network or what you can't do. ever have issues? >> yes, i had a lot of them. i feel like i won and they're happy. >> it's great family
11:25 am
>> a great one. >> okay. >> great, great. >> "i'll be home for christmas" premieres sunday on the hallmark movies and mysteries network. >> so and at progressive, we let you compare our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal. saving the moolah. [ chuckles ] as you can see, sometimes progressive isn't the lowest. not always the lowest! jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! talking about getting that moneeeey! savings worth the hype.
11:26 am
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brian gotter...lets get a
11:28 am
summerfest already announcing headliners for the 50th anniversary of the big gig... the red hot chili peppers will hit the stage at the marcus amphitheater on opening night of summerfest 2017. that's june 28th. announced pink will play the amphitheater on sunday, july 2. celebrating half a century of what is now the world's largest music festival. tickets for the red hot chili peppers... and for pink... go on sale friday. although keep your eyes on the summerfest website... and social media accounts... for pre-sale opportunities wednesday and thursday. certainly doesn't feel like the holidays are near... but they're getting set to turn on the lights downtown. the city tree lighting ceremony... followed by the holiday lights festival kick-off are both thursday in milwaukee. waukesha lights its christmas
11:29 am
music and holiday cheer! santa claus also scheduled to appear.
11:30 am
i left my heart ? ? in san francisco ?? >> it's fun day monday and we're honored to be joined byio treasure and a living legend and a wonderful man, tony bennett. >> throughout his illustrious is exsix-decade career has earned 19 grammys along the way. he's still going strong with an upcoming nbc special celebrating his 90th birthday. >> and his new recordings. thank you so much. including a collaboration with
11:31 am
called -- >> all: "just getting started." >> yeah! >> a great title, because you are -- you're like the energizer bunny. nobody can believe you're 90. you still have a hit record, still doing sold-out concerts all over the world. it's a huge schedule to keep. >> in the macy's parade. >> right. i have a charmed life. i really do. >> you give so many thank yous in your book. one in particular that stands out is bob hope. >> right. >> what kind of an imp t and career? >> changed my whole career. i was trying to get started, and he saw me down in, greenwich village. >> yeah. >> and -- he said, you're coming with me. and he gave me my name. tony bennett. >> because it's really bennedetto. translated means "the blessed one."
11:32 am
>> you lived up to your name. >> he said, let's kael you tony bennett. he gave me my name. >> wow. >> so did you go on uso tours? >> he took me, at the paramount. i was in the village. he said, you're coming with me tonight. and he took -- >> that -- wow. >> and he took me to the paramount theater. the biggest break i ever had. >> what did your family think, when you were with bob hope? >> all of those bennedettos? >> fantastic. he took me on a tour to the west coast and i was in show business for the first time. >> wow. i can't believe that. it's so interesting to me, tony, how many people you collaborate with. right? >> from all different genres. >> lady gaga, amy winehouse. and you seem to be at home no matter who you're collaborating with. >> well, i -- the two people you mentioned were very talented people. >> yes.
11:33 am
she's doing fabulous right now. >> she's acting as well, too. she doesn't need advice, but did she ever ask for any, from you? >> what's that? >> lady gaga, did you ever give her some advice about her career? >> not at all. she's -- she gave me advice. >> oh, she did? >> she's very -- very -- she's had great training. >> she knows what she wants. >> she knows what she's doing. >> yeah. let's talk about that song we played right when we came in. "i left my heart in san francisco." >> let's do it again. ? i left my heart ? >> ah. didn't sinatra tell you, you were the best singer he'd ever heard. >> what did he know? [ laughter ] >> but was that -- was that song, "i left my heart in san francisco," was that a song your piano player found it, like tucked away somewhere? >> ralph sarin, the late ralph sarin with me for 40 years. he found that song for me. >> how? >> what was your first reaction
11:34 am
>> well, it was just -- it was, he took it on the road. we were down south and we on our first time coming up to san francisco. he said, let's do this song. and -- >> do you ever get tired of singing that song or any of the -- >> never. i love it. i love the city. they treat me so wonderful when i go there. >> you know it's a highlight in every one of tony's concerts and i've been to, i can't tell how many. when you drop the mike and you do -- ? fly me to the moon ? >> want to go out on that a li? >> what? >> want to do "fly me to the moon" so we can go out on a high note? >> no. it's too early in the morning. >> i only could ask. love to see you. have fun at the macy's day parade. >> thank you, tony. >> thank you very much. >> the book is called "just getting started." he'll be back next month to perform for us right here on "today." a new cd, tony bennett "celebrates 90" available for pre-order now and catch him, as
11:35 am
nieces. >> absolutely. >> by the way, you're making a couple of guys nervous. justin moore and his band are here. how are we supposed to perform with tony bennett sitting right next to us? he's going to perform his newest single in a little bit, and golden globe winner katey sagal. we'll ask if she's ready to do a little "dirty dancing." >> oh. >> uh-huh. >> right after this. before fibromyalgia, i was energetic. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
11:36 am
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death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto? with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto?. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. katey sagal got her start as backup singer for musical greats lie bob dylan and bette midler but the role of peggy bundy, "married with children" that made hear household name. >> indeed. grabbed a golding globe for psyience. and now katey plays another mother this time in the true story "bleed for this" about the
11:40 am
amazing comeback after breaking his neck a car accident. >> hi! >> hi. >> talk about a -- a different kind of "rocky" story. >> yeah. >> so were you aware of him before you were asked to -- >> oh, no. i had never heard of any paz before and then i read the script. told it was a true story and didn't believe it was a true story. it was really fantastic. >> what didn't you believe about it? >> the comeback part of it. i mean, when you come see the movie and see how he on -- >> within a year, basically? right? >> and the actual true story, it was even sooner. they had to dial it back, because the writer, director felt nobody would ever believe this. >> you're kidding? >> yeah. >> you play the mom, and you have an interesting way of watching boxing matches. >> yes. >> right? >> the way i was, when my son was doing it. >> absolutely. >> describe. >> she's a very religious woman and she won't watch him fight. so she'll listen to him from the
11:41 am
altar. >> sort of believes if she prays hard enough, this is way to keep her son safe. she feels somehow in control. >> you have a bunch of projects going. >> in the new "dirty dancing". >> i know. >> what? stop it, katey. >> so fun. >> what is going on with that? >> i play the hot divorcee. >> you slut! >> i know. and i seduce the young dude. >> who's the young dude? >> his name is -- oh my god. it just went. >> that's okay. doesn't matter. >> cole >> so i think "fever" and i dance, and -- ? fever ? that one? >> yeah. i know. it's so hot and the choreographer from "hamilton "did the movie, one of the main reasons i took the job. i really wanted to work with him. >> coming up when? >> it's on another network. >> that's okay. >> i don't know. should be out soon. >> and so many projects. another memoir coming out called
11:42 am
>> how come wanted to tackle that? a memoir? >> i didn't really want to. i started to write essays for my children, because i have three kid, and i had lost my parents when i was young, and -- >> how old were you when your parents passed? >> i was -- i was 20 when my mom died. 25 when my dad died. so i have a lot of questions. so i wanted to write something for my children. it's kind of how it started. of course, i let my manager read it and she said, ah, this should be a >> of course. >> so before i knew it i got a book deal and then had to write it. >> i know. >> oh, my gosh! the hardest thing i've ever done. >> except when it comes out and you have to go on a book tour. >> you aren't even close to working hard yet. >> really? >> how much are you revealing in that, katey? a lot of really personal stuff? >> there's personal stuff, yes, but there's also protection of the innocent, i would say. >> sure. of course. >> it's my perspective of my growing up. i come from a family of five
11:43 am
so it's definitely my point of view. >> which is should be. it's your memoir. >> yeah. and then it's a lot about -- it's not a celebrity memoir. this was my hesitancy about doing it. i really don't know that many famous people. >> you work with them. >> i work with them, but i know about my experience in life. >> you're right. >> it's kind of more about that exciting. comes out when? >> that will be in march. >> a lot happening rmts i know. just turned it n. congrats. >> keep going. nationwide friday. from small usa to the big city, country crooner justin moore performs his newest single coming up, right after this. so last year we were invited to thanksgiving at the anderson's. i was stoked. that's my holiday. we invented it. so i'm like, "pass the stuffing!" and... it's not stove top. and i'm like, "what?" i wait all year.
11:44 am
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi.
11:49 am
made a name for himself opening up for luke bryan. >> and now justin moore is on a roll with a studio album called -- >> all: kinda don't care. >> and great songs like the number one single "you look like i need a drink" that should be a bumper sticker. you're about to hear his newest single burning up the charts called -- >> all: "somebody else will." >> hey. >> so nice t >> thanks for bringing the guys oonchtsy didn't want too bring them. taught i would. >> you went from being an opening act to now co-headlining an act yourself with lee brice? >> yeah. lee and i have been friends for a while and each done our own headlining tours and thought it would be fun to do something a little different and look forward to getting out in together for sure. >> we're looking forward to hearing the brand new single. you ready to sing it? >> i guess so.
11:50 am
? been sitting there tipping back crown straight work up nerve and the words to say ? turn those eyes and that smile my way no time to waste ? you showed up and all eyes on you shining like a diamond in a neon room ? baby, every guy here wants to make a move else will ? walked up and ask are your nam right now ? ? offertory buy awe drink sit down ? if looks could kill, somebody else will ? if i can't take a chance on your lips, slowly lean in and making your worst dreams new ?
11:51 am
maybe you're a little bit west coast ? ? and maybe you're a little bit down home ? either way, girl, i just gotta know ? i just gotta know somebody else will ? if i don't walk up and ask you your name right now ? offer to buy you a drink, sit down and tell you your looks could kill ? somebody else will ? ? if i don't take a chance on your lips and lean in stealing your kiss ? ? like this making your world stand still ? somebody else is gonna hold you somebody's gonna get to know you ? if i don't get there and sweep you off your feet ? yeah, somebody else will ? oh, oh, somebody else will ? somebody else will ?
11:52 am
your name right now ? offer to buy awe drink, sit down and tell you your looks could kill ? somebody else will ? if i don't take a chance on your lips snoes lean in slowly stealing your kiss ? ? like this making your world stand still ? somebody else will, baby, oh-oh ? somebody else will ? yeah, yeah ? somebody else will ? oh, oh ? >> yeah! [ applause ] >> whew! justin moore. >> justin, you killed it! >> love that. love that. all right. you guys take care. all right? have a good tour. don't miss our favorite things coming up next. >> that was awesome.
11:53 am
11:54 am
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11:56 am
uh-oh. >> and welcome back to "today." time for our "favorite things"? >> not sure. is it? >> i think it s. remember the other day we were talking about what happens when you are -- unfortunate things happen sometimes. >> in the bathroom? lots of bad smells. >> people sent me something. we're going have to try it out. >> here it is. >> slogan, spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know. >> put it in your purse! >> prices start at $9.99. >> and what's yours? >> mine are, i found a comfortable, affordable shoe. here it is. >> so cute. >> look at it. it's jessica simpson. look wit tassel. >> she's got great shoes. >> look at the tassel. so the prices for her shoes start around $50.
11:57 am
quick thing. >> >> so comfortable. >> model them for us, ms. hoda. >> and make your foot look so petite. >> by the way, these are 9.5, no 10s. look at me. >> and tomorrow, minding your manners heading out to celebrate thanksgiving. >> and new kids on the block here with a huge surprise announcement. >> and written music for beyonce. singing his newest song just for us. >> it's monday, >> oh, forgot, hoda will be on
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- red wisconsin. republicans widen their control of state government. what on repulican lawmaker says voters can expect to see next year. then - winter ready. emergency management officials urging drivers to get ready for snow and cold. the number one reason there are so many accidents on those first few snowfalls... ano mistakes stranded drivers make. and it hardly feels like winter is coming... today. meteorologist brian gotter does have a taste of next season in our storm team forecast. what days we'll stuggle to reach 40. i'm vince
11:59 am
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now at noon -- decision made-- president elect donald trump picking his chief of staff and chief strategist and senior counselor. two very important choices were announced this weekend. this as protests continued-- as trump's transition team moved forward. reid binion reports on his picks and the backlash following the announcement. "it is. imminent means coming


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