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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 21, 2016 1:30am-2:30am CST

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>> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for ting mobile. it's the savings shopping network. cellphone bills driving you crazy? charges for this, charges for that, contracts, termination fees, and then sitting on hold forever trying to straighten out your bill. introducing ting, the number-one-rated mobile-phone company with no contracts, no termination fees, where you only pay for what you use.
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>> about $960 a year. >> over $100 a month. >> about $50 a month. >> $1,100 a year. >> $1,200 a year. >> announcer: here's former cnn anchor bob losure. >> big news for cellphone users looking to save big money. consumer reports magazine has completed a survey of over 63,000 mobile-phone users, and the results are in. the number-one-rated cellphone company in the united states is ting mobile. that's right. ting has zero start-up fees, no contracts, no termination fees, world-class customer service, and outstanding coverage with an average cellphone bill of just $23 per month. that's what i call big news. >> announcer: stay tuned and find out how you can get $50 just for trying ting. and now here to tell you how you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your cellphone bill is the host of the savings shopping network,
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savings here. how about $500 a year, just for starters? how about $600, $700, $800, $900, $1,000, $1,100, $1,200 a year? this could amount to thousands and thousands of dollars just by switching your current cellphone carrier to ting. who did you say? ting! that's right. i said ting. ranked number 1 over all the carriers in this edition of consumer reports. they received the highest rating in history. because ting has no contracts, no start-up fees, no termination fees, no plans, you can keep your old phone number, and you can use your existing phone. the average ting phone bill -- get this -- is just $23 a month. and their customer service is hall-of-fame quality. but don't take my word for it. i want you to hear from real ting users who have been customers for years and years, saving big, big bucks along the way.
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customers. >> before i was with ting, i was with verizon wireless, and although the quality of service was great, the bill was quite expensive, to the tune of about $172 a month. that was not tenable. i researched a number of companies. ting's stuck out, in particular. now i have four lines with them, and my bill, instead of being $172 a month, average is about $76 a month. [ ting! ] >> each time, we thought we were gonna get a better deal. we really did, 'cause they would advertise, "oh, here's this special, and you're gonna save money." and strangely, after taxes and fees and everything that they tack on, we kept paying between $140 and $160 a month. i happened to hear about ting, and i looked into it, and i thought, "come on. there's no way that they can really save me that much money." but, of course, i went through their website, i went through the online calculator, trying to figure out, "okay, they're telling me i'm gonna save a fair
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with three phones, and we're saving anywhere from $70 to $80 a month with ting with excellent service. i've never really added it up, but it's got to be $3,000 to $4,000 that we've saved by using ting over the last three to four years. [ ting! ] >> we've been on ting for 2 1/2 years. never a problem. i am never surprised at my bill with ting. i always know what it's going to be. i can look it up online. i can track my usage online. and i'm paying between $17 and $18 a month, which includes i'm retired. we're on a fixed income. and yet i can have the cellphone that i want to have because of ting. [ ting! ] >> i was looking at upwards of $150 to $200 for all of us to get phones and to be able to use the amount of data that we want to use and all those kinds of things. so, finally, i heard about ting, and when i looked into ting, i saw that it was gonna be very affordable. and all three of us now have phones -- new, modern phones --
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savings. thanks, ting! [ ting! ] >> you're probably asking yourself, "how does ting do it?" well, ting's been in business for almost 22 years with incredible customer service. about four or five years ago, the major cellphone carriers realized that they had drastically overbuilt all their networks. they kept building towers and more towers and more towers. and then, one day, they decided to wholesale large amounts of capacity to qualified resellers like ting. and ting buys this capacity at a is, they pass that savings on to their customers, and they still give them this incredible customer service that they've been known for for 22 years. >> my bill has decreased to the average of $50 a month less. over 12 months, it's $600. over five years, it's $3,000 in my pocket, not some big commercial house that could care less about who i am and that i even have one of their phones. [ ting! ]
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you're probably saying, "what good is big savings on your cellphone if the call quality isn't there?" but because you're always on the big provider networks, the call quality is fantastic. in fact, just listen to this. >> i'm not getting lesser service with ting. i have never had a dropped call. i go camping, i'm able to make calls when we're out in the woods. you know, anywhere i go, i can make a call. i can check my e-mail. i can go online. i have never had a problem with connectivity. [ ting! ] >> i never drop a ca i never can find no bars. i've always got bars. never a problem. it's the same kind of service that you'd expect to pay $100 for, but i'm only paying $15. [ ting! ] >> very, very happy. have had no problems with dropping calls, which i was with my prior company. and we've travelled not a lot but some and have never been into an area that we didn't have
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[ ting! ] >> so, with ting, i don't find any compromise in service whatsoever. i get service everywhere else. i'll be in a car with four other people who have three different other services, and we're all getting the same amount of bars. [ ting! ] >> my wife had never even knew that we even had switched companies at all until i actually told her, so she never saw any change in service. and so we experience the same quality of service and spend less than half of what we had paid before. >> one thing that truly amazed me when we shot all these the moon ting's customers are about ting's customer service. i have never heard anything like this before about a cellphone company. >> when i called in to ting, somebody answered the phone right away. i wasn't on hold. there was no automated system. somebody answered the phone. it was bizarre. [ ting! ] >> i always get a person, and i never get a person who says, "you know, i don't know that i can help you with that." it's always, "yeah, i can help you."
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it's amazing. the best customer service that i've had with any company ever. [ ting! ] >> now here's something special for you. if you call right now, what we've arranged on our special tv-offer website or the phone number that's on the bottom of the screen. our special tv-offer website is if you go to that website or you call this phone number, you will get a $50 credit on your first statement. th average phone bill is $23 a month, that means that you'll be covered for the first two months or more. this is what i call instant savings. >> and each month, when i get my bill, i just do a happy dance because of the savings. [ ting! ] >> the reason everyone loves ting's customer service is simple -- every customer-service representative is the equivalent of a supervisor. that means not being put on hold
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again, or worse, getting disconnected and having to start from the very beginning. every single person you talk to can make a decision for you right there on the spot. just listen to ting's executive vice president michael goldstein. >> there's such a fundamental difference between the way we approach customer support and the way our competitors do. the large-sale phone companies basically figure customer-support people are gonna come and go, right? and some of them are gonna be good, and some of them aren't what they're capable of doing. they give them a very specific script. "here's the questions you should answer." they limit their permissions, and they limit their access to the systems because they don't want them running wild and giving out credits or changing things on behalf of the customer and potentially making mistakes. we go about it a totally different way. we put a ton of effort into hiring customer-support people. we put a ton of effort into training those support people. we have them sitting in a classroom for nearly a month
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customers, we can confidently say to them, "do anything you can to help people," and the result is, when you call us, you end up having a much more human experience, and you're talking to someone that you know could actually help solve your problems. [ ting! ] >> in referring my father-in-law over to ting and switching him over, and he uses just a plain old flip phone, and his service has been very inexpensive because he didn't need messaging or data rates. we turned off the messaging and data on his phone so he would first bill came, and they said, "well, it looks like you didn't really mean to have data because you use so little." they went ahead and credited him automatically. i never had to call ting. they just did what was right right up front. [ ting! ] >> yes, every time i call ting, i get a human being on the phone within no more than three rings. and furthermore, that human being knows what they're talking about, and every single time, they've been able to solve any problems or answer any questions within just a few minutes. [ ting! ]
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what they can do to help me instead of what i have to do to make them happy, and i love that. [ ting! ] >> it's the only time i've ever talked, and i was surprised that i got somebody stateside to talk to and didn't have to go talk to somebody overseas and keep repeating, "i don't understand you." [ ting! ] >> when i call ting, one of the things about their representatives, that they're completely empowered to solve your problem right there. they don't have to go back and look for a supervisor. they don't have to do anything like that. that representative can actually [ ting! ] >> i have never talked to customer service, but i have listened to my husband, and he loves them. he absolutely loves them. in fact, he loves them so much, he has written the c.e.o., he has written letters, sent e-mails commending them on their excellent customer service. and one of the reasons he loves it is because he gets a real person on the other end of the
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good at it, 'cause we've been their customer for just over five years. [ ting! ] >> imagine if you were the c.e.o. of your own cellphone company. well, i guess you'd have no contracts, no start-up fees, no termination fees, no plans, you could keep your old phone number, you could use any of your old telephones, and you'd have fantastic customer service with your average telephone cost per device of $23 a month. sound like a dream? >> in the two years that i've been with ting, and i'm not on a contract, which i don't need one. they keep me with them. so we've saved over $1,800 in two years with ting. [ ting! ] >> and don't forget about our special tv offer. you're gonna get a $50 credit on your first statement, but you have to call the number on the bottom of the screen or go to our special tv-offer website, which is
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>> as i have experienced for the last three years, the coverage is exactly the same. i have experienced no compromise in the coverage and a drastic improvement in the customer service whenever i've needed it, which has been very rare. [ ting! ] >> if you give people great savings and personalized customer service, you don't need contracts. but if your rates are high and your customer service is marginal, then you need to hold people hostage for two years or in fact, some companies have even gone to 30 months. now, ting has almost a quarter of a million customers, and hardly any of them ever, ever leave. >> in the four years i've been with ting, that's a savings of like $4,000. [ ting! ] >> i have two phones, of which the average bill runs around $37, including tax. five years ago, my bill was over $90. ting makes it impossible for you to want to leave. [ ting! ]
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the free phone is dead. the way they hook you into the new 30-month contracts is they make you buy a brand-new phone. with ting, you can bring any phone from any carrier. that can save you tons of money. we switched to ting, kept our old phones, and saved about $80 a month. and i'm still using my old 3 1/2-year-old note 3. works great. i mean, why should i spend $800 on a new phone when it basically does everything that the old phone did before? maybe the camera's not as good, maybe i can't drop it in the what -- this one won't catch on fire. that's not worth $800. now, you can bring any phone -- samsung phones, iphones, windows phones, flip phones -- and if you need a phone, you can get one on ebay or craigslist, or ting has a great selection of new and refurbished phones. take a look at this one right here. great little flip phone. refurbished phone. 20 bucks. not 20 bucks a month, just $20 with no contract.
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phone. she had this phone for about five years, and we were paying $50 to $70 a month. she never sent an e-mail, never sent a text, or even visited one single website. with ting, we could've saved probably $3,000 over that 5-year period just on one phone. imagine what you could do with all that money. >> the savings that we get allow us to do some of those things that we wouldn't necessarily be able to do otherwise, like fun out to utah where we're originally from, and visit family at least once a year. [ ting! ] >> the money that i save with ting is really invaluable. it helps out in a lot of different places. it enables me to allow my kids to go to acting classes or put my son in tee-ball or do things like that. those are things that enhance the value of ting for me above and beyond any type of monetary amount, that i'm able to allow my kids to do other things and have great cellphone service. [ ting! ] >> well, one of my daughters is in college, so that money goes
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[ ting! ] >> with $135 savings every month, it gives me time to use that money, utilize that money for shopping or helping spend gifts on the grandkids. love shopping for my grandkids. [ ting! ] >> imagine if you're going to the movies to see a brand-new blockbuster movie. maybe it's the new "star wars" or the new "star trek" movie. two theaters, side by side, identical theaters. this theater, it's $10 to get in. the $5 theater has popcorn at half price, drinks at half price, more comfortable seats, and better sound. which movie theater would you go to to see the same exact movie. of course you'd go to the $5 movie theater. that's why everybody picks ting. >> they're piggybacking on the same service that you're already using, right? so you're getting the exact same service but for less.
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>> remember what i said -- the savings are huge. we're talking about $500, $600, $700, $800, $900, $1,000, $1,100, $1,200 a year that you can save with ting. now, i know it sounds too good to be true, but to me, ting -- t-i-n-g -- stands for "there is no gotcha." >> i know that the bill is always going to be low, so i don't obsess about it. it's something i don't have to worry about. so with ting, there is no gotcha. [ ting! ] seen your first bill, you will know that ting is what you need to have. there is no gotcha, there is no extra fees tacked on. you pay for what you get. and it's all spelled out in advance. there's no surprises. [ ting! ] >> ting does stand for "there is no gotchas." [ ting! ] >> you know how everybody always makes this sound -- ka-ching! -- when they make money? well, now the new sound of
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>> i've saved over $3,000. ka-ting! >> i'm saving at least $50 a month. ka-ting! >> i've saved over $1,800 since joining ting. ka-ting! >> i'm saving $1,100 a year. ka-ting! >> i'm saving over $1,200 a year. ka-ting! >> i am saving $85 a month. ka-ting! >> i'm saving $50 a month. ka-ting! >> i'm saving over $0 year. ka-ting! >> these savings are off the charts. winner, winner, turducken dinner. did i just say that? that's right -- winner, winner, turducken dinner. it's bigger than a chicken dinner, because it's a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey. winner, winner, turducken dinner. >> ting, for me, becomes a no-brainer, and it's something -- i don't worry about my cellphone bill anymore, and they don't mind providing the services that i think they ought to provide
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getting -- can i say "screwed"? 'cause that's how i felt with my old service. [ ting! ] >> and they'll pay 25% of your termination fee to switch you over to ting, plus, if you go to our special tv website, which is -- it's the only place you can go to get this -- or call the phone number on the bottom of the screen, you're gonna get $50 credit on your first statement. >> you're looking at savings well over $3,000 since we first started with ting. [ ting! ] >> my phone, i use it nonstop throughout the day, and it's very important. and i find, like i said, when i switched over to ting, i'm on the same network i had been previously and experienced the same service. i just pay considerably less. [ ting! ] >> this is a 22-year-old nasdaq stock exchange company that manages over 15 million domain-name registrations around the world, and their focus has always been on customer service. so they figured out if they
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personal customer service to the cellphone industry, with huge savings, they would be number-one rated. and guess what. according to this edition of consumer reports, they were the highest rated company ever. let's hear from former cnn anchor bob losure. >> consumer reports highest-ranked mobile-phone carrier, ting, has just announced their latest plan, which is no plan. that's right. ting has no plans, no start-up fees, no contracts, no termination fees. you can use any phone, and monthly bills are as low as $9 per month. we fact-checked these claims, and we can say, without question, that these claims are 100% true. >> well, you heard what bob said. the news is in. the new ting plan is, there is no plans. there never has been any plans on ting, because plans only help the cellphone companies. they lock you in to big rates, big usage. and let's face it -- let's say somebody gives you 10, 15,
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only use 3 or 4. what happens to those 16 gigabytes of data? oh, you can carry it over to the next month. now you only use 4 again. now you've got 32 gigabytes floating around. by the end of the year, you might have 100, 200, 300 gigabytes of data. what can you do with it? you can't pay your rent with it. you can't go shopping with it. those plans are absolutely useless. that's why ting has no plans, has no contracts, no termination fees. just great rates and great customer service. >> we were paying considerably more for, really, what we were using and with a contract. and with ting, didn't have to have a contract. did the math and had to redo the math because the number was so different that i couldn't believe that i would actually save so much between the two of us. about $960 a year. [ ting! ] >> everyone we talked to raved about the fact that, with ting, you only pay for what you use. they have this great online control panel, and the operative word here is "control." you can view your bill in realtime, you can adjust your usage, and if the kids are using
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with the big cellphone companies, you are held hostage. with ting, you are in total control of your bill. >> with ting, it's a lot easier. it's all in realtime, you get right on the app, and you can see in realtime what you're using. [ ting! ] >> it's the best website that i've ever used. i can turn on services and turn off services on the app on my phone. i can do it online. i can do everything that i've ever needed to do. i can activate new phones, and i don't even have to talk with somebody. but if there is a problem, they're ther h [ ting! ] >> the big difference in what i had and now is that it just seems to be easy. the bill paying is easy, the website is easy, the talking to a person who can speak my language is easy. there's a lot of things that i find endearing. i would not have driven two hours from the west side of orlando metropolitan area to here to do this without pay or
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with ting and would like to see them grow. [ ting! ] >> so when i go and i visit or i go on the ting website and i try to look and do different things on there, i can't believe how easy the site is to navigate. 'cause if i try to log in just to do my land-line phone company, i can't find anything, i have to log in, things are difficult. with ting, it's a couple of clicks, and i'm right to the information i need right away. [ ting! ] >> the best thing about ting, for me, is total control of my bill. >> if it's looking like i'm gonna be paying more this month because one of my teenagers decides to use the phone a lot, i can set up automated alerts and curtail service at my discretion to keep the bill under control. [ ting! ] >> so, you have heard from testimonial after testimonial. you have heard from people who are professional people, who are teachers, who are in the i.t. industry, who have done the research, who've gone online, compared the companies.
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it's real simple. they'll tell you what your bill is gonna be. do the math. you'll see "i'm gonna save $30 a month, $40 a month, $50 a month, $60 a month, $80 a month." you'll know exactly how much you're gonna save. what kind of peace of mind is that? this is something that every cellphone user in america has to take a look at. >> i'm a natural skeptic. i doubt everything i hear. i've always got to do the research, i've always got to check the sources, and i encourage everybody -- check the i regret not coming to ting sooner, but then, i didn't know about ting. as soon as you do the research, you read it, you find out what's in store for you, ting is what you need. [ ting! ] >> the biggest thing is their app, their interface, how they bill you. it's very transparent, very simple. surprisingly simple. i don't know why it hasn't been that simple before.
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>> here you see two identical iphone 7s. i just bought them yesterday. they're still in the box. this is a bad phone, this is a good phone. this is a bad phone because it's on the big networks, and you're paying the big money. this is the good phone because it's the ting phone. you're on the big networks, but you're saving money. this one has a two-year contract. this one has no contract. this one has a termination fee. this one has no termination fee. this one could cost you $50, $60, $70, $80 a month. this one averages about $23 a month. bad phone, good phone. bad phone, ting phone. >> i was paying $82 a month. that was just for my wife and myself, 700 minutes shared, 1,000 texts. went to ting. phone bill dropped $50 a month. now i had data, which i couldn't get 'cause i'd have to go up to the next level. i love st. jude children's hospital, cancer research
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$50 a month. okay? and it makes me feel good for what i do. thank you, ting. that's what they did. they gave me the opportunity to give to my favorite charity. [ ting! ] >> there's a clock on the screen right now, so you better call now or go to our special website, which is to get our fantastic $50 credit on your first statement. >> i was talking to my wife about this today, and she actually -- i thought this was funny. you're gonna go over and do this commercial thing for ting, and they're not paying you?" and i was like, "do you realize how much money we've saved?" [ laughs ] we've saved thousands of dollars. this is how much i love ting, that i'm willing to take a couple hours out of my day and come tell people that you can't beat it, right? just economically, it makes so much sense. [ ting! ] >> i got ting because my teenagers wanted cellphones, and i was not willing to pay the high prices.
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introduced me, and i said, "that looks great. it looks affordable. let's give it a try." [ ting! ] >> the clock is running down. and remember, these savings are big -- $500, $600, $700, $800, $900, $1,000, $1,200 a year. how about this? over the years, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 or more you can save with ting. and you've heard from one user after another user, happy, satisfied, in love with ting. they'raz why is that? because the customer service is off the charts, because there's no contracts, there's no start-up fees. you've got all these great savings and a fantastic network. people love the service, people love the customer service, people love the network, people just love ting. and you're getting all the phones, all the newest phones that you want, refurbished phones, great savings on phones, phones that may even be below cost from ting. so if you want to save money, if you want to use that money for your family, if you want to go
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things for your kids like acting lessons or tee-ball lessons or anything else that you want to spend on the family, the money is available to you right now from your cellphone bill. whoever heard of that before? whoever heard of people being in love with their cellphone company? ting is the answer. this is the best cellphone company in the united states, and that's not me talking. that was consumer reports in the magazine that i just showed you. number-one rated. you have to dial in right now. the phone number's on the bottom of the screen. the website for the special first bill, only available at this phone number or on so you have to dial in right now. remember, ting doesn't want to be the biggest. they want to be the best. same service that you're already using, right? so you're getting the exact same service but for less. that's a no-brainer. >> i'll be a customer of ting till the day i die.
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>> 30 miles north of here. i think a lot of people feel like she took it for granted, like it was always been a blue can state and she had it in the back pocket. >> macomb county is car country, ford is next door in sterling heights. half of the manufacturing jobs in macomb vanished. some have come back, but median household income is down 25%.
2:01 am
the cost of health care is up. >> if i'm elected, you won't lose one plant. >> voters expect trump to keep the promises. >> put us all to work. give us the opportunity to earn a living and take care of our families. that's it. it's that simple. >> job creation. not doing all of our jobs off shore. >> macomb still whiter than the rest of the country, is diversifying about how proud they are to be diverse. >> i see my children with a school with 30 different languages spoken. >> with it, come some cultural changes. >> i don't like that you can have a transgendered person going into the bathroom. >> voters aren't sure that trump can unite the country. >> how he's talked about me, my daughters and women, who he's appointing all these all white men, to me reaching out is having women and women's issues
2:02 am
muslim from kosovo. stop the rhetoric that's out there where people are being offended, attacked or whatever the case may be because they're minorities. they have a different look to them, a different name to them. they practice a different religion. he has the chance to unite us obama to trump counties in michigan that i mentioned? bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in nine of them in the michigan primary. by the way, bernie sanders also beat her in all 22 of the counties in wisconsin that went from obama to trump in the wisconsin democratic primary. joining me now is bernie sanders who is out a new book called "our revolution." >> good to be with you, chuck.
2:03 am
clearly and i ran into them, there were clearly people supporters of you. you were for some supporters second choice and clinton was not the second choice and they chose to stay home. do you think you would have had a better chance at carrying michigan and wisconsin if you had been the democratic nominee? >> chuck, i don't know that does a whole lot of good to look backwards but we have to look forward. and we have to hear what the workers are saying a few moments ago and they're sick and tired of seeing their standard of living go down. they're sick and tired of seeing their jobs go hi low wage countries. which means that we have to transform our trade policies and tell corporate america to tart investing in this country and not countries all over the world. that means we have to raise the minimum wage. we need pay equity for the women workers and we need to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure and make public colleges and universities tuition free. in other words.
2:04 am
worker class of the country has been decimated and the rich are getting richer. people are tired of it and they want real change and i'll do as part of the new leadership of the democratic par tri to bring about the change. >> one of the things you hear about is job retraining for folks who are displaced but i want to play a quote from the coo of the auto parts manufacturer and he was talking about the problems with some of these retraining programs. take a listen. >> you have been out on this floor doing skilled or semi-skilled work and you're 40 years old, you don't want to go do a computer based job. you want to make things. >> essentially the job retraining programs and some of these younger vo-tech programs almost too computer based. he was complaining of lack of skilled labor, but physical skilled labor. >> well, i think we have to move forward on all fronts. i think we have -- not everybody wants to go to college.
2:05 am
amounts of work out there that don't require a college degree. we have to get people the training to do that which is why we have to rebuild our inner cities. we have to rebuild our infrastructure. there's a desperate need for affordable housing in this country. we can put millions of people to work rebuilding this country and so many other parts of america and that is what we have to do. on the other hand, in a highly competitive global economy we do need the best educated workforce in the and universities tuition free and mr. trump by the way and his billionaire friends are going to have to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> the progressive movement, the democratic party is having a debate about whether to work with donald trump when there is agreement. i want to read for you something that eric sassen of the new republican had to say about this debate. to so many democrats any mention of finding common ground with trump is a step towards accomplishing the exact thing we
2:06 am
with trump before he's shown the slightest bit of contrition, congressional democrats are hollowing out the argument he's unfit for office and that needs to be made more than ever. it's up to trump to prove to us he's able to lead. we shouldn't make it easy for him. bottom line is this, essentially, do you not work with him until he shows some contrition on some of the social issues? >> well, look, let us be clear, chuck. when donald trump helped lead the birther movement that was nothing less than a racist effort to undermine the legitimacy of the first african-american president we have ever had. that was racist and disgraceful. the african-american community and all of us deserve an apology. when he talks about latinos and mexican as criminals and rapist that's outrageous. when he says that people who are muslims cannot enter the united states, that's an outrage.
2:07 am
clear. speaking for only myself. there is no compromise. we have come too far as a country to try to move forward in a nondiscriminatory way. to go backwards and see us divided up by racism and xenophobia. on the other hand, issues like raising the minimum wage -- you know trump has talked about he's not going to cut social security or med care and he's going to re-establish the glass/steagall kind of legislation, we have been working on those for years. if he wants to work on those, i accept that. >> you don't accept the premise you shouldn't work with him under any premise? >> right. but he's said outrageous thing and he needs to apologize to the american people. there are people all over this country who are really frightened. but the other thing, the other
2:08 am
it is beyond comprehension that we have a president-elect who thinks it's a hoax when the whole scientific community is telling us -- >> senator, right. i want to go back to the other point. what do you say to the progressives that say, hey the republicans essentially united against president obama and guess what? it was good politically for the republican party. what you're describing is going to be perhaps good for the workers you're talking about, but may be bad for the democratic party. what do you say to if progressives? >> i think we need a good fact we push our agenda. look, on the issues, chuck, that i'm talking about, these are the things that i have been fighting for years. but there's no compromise, none whatsoever on bigotry. there's no compromise on climate change because the future of the planet is at stake. we need a strategy and i'm going to work on the strategy. to go to michigan, to go to wisconsin, to stand with working people, to demand that we
2:09 am
>> senator sanders, that's all the time i have for today. thank you for sharing your views. congrats on the new book "our revolution." before we go to break, we said good-bye to our dear friend and colleague, gwen ifill. she was the host of "washington week" and she broke a barrier everywhere she went. she was tough and fair yet at the same time brought so much joy to her work. not to bs detector. something plenty of politicians learn the hard way. i was honored to have gwen as a panelist on this show many times. she made everyone including myself a lot smarter. she made over 70 appearances and many times we were on the show together we both called a mentor, tim russert. on the recent appearance on "meet the press," just eight weeks ago. she reflected on the opening of the new national museum of african-american history and
2:10 am
that audience, mostly blacks singing full throatedly reminded me of what -- one of the things that are true in this country. which is that we want to, aspire to make it a better union and we see the clash and the hopefulness of that beautiful museum put up against what we see happening in the streets. [vo] wells fargo is making changes to make things right. first, all customers who have been impacted will be fully refunded. small business checking, savings or credit card accounts are opened. third, we've eliminated product sales goals for our retail bankers to ensure your interests are put first. we're taking action. we're renewing our commitment to you. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall.
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we are back. it's data download time. it's a rule of thumb, the winner of a popular vote also wins the popular vote in the swing states. but this year, that's not the case. we have been keeping track of it as it continues to be counted, particularly out west. hillary clinton leads by more than 1 pnlt 6 million votes nationally. that's triple of what al gore led george w. bush by in 2000. among the 13 swing states, these are defined as states that flipped from 2012 or decided by five points or less, it's reversed. trump leads clinton by 863,000
2:14 am
reason. they are competitive. in fact, we looked at the vote in some key battleground states going back to the '92 presidential election. get this. in virginia, out of more than 20 million votes cast in the last seven elections combined, only 72,000 votes separate the republicans and the democrats. in ohio, 34 million presidential votes cast, only 68,000 separate the two major parties. but take a look at florida. out cast in a presidential race since '92, only 11,296 votes separate the democrats and republicans. that's .02%. if that was the margin in a single florida election, we would see a recount, probably a lot of hand counts. florida, florida, florida. it's for good reason.
2:15 am
coalition and the new democratic coalition. florida is the ultimate battleground state. when we come back, guess who thinks he should be the de facto leader of the democratic party going forward. it's barack obama. before we go to break, here is snl's take on trump meeting with potential cabinet picks. >> thank you for taking the time to meet with me. >> >> t mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever.
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back now with the panel. what do democrats do? i want to -- the question that i addressed to senator sanders and senator schumer and they both essentially had the same position, they will work with him where they agree. there are democrats that think that's a mistake. where do you come down on this? >> look, willing to give the benefit of the doubt. but i think the reality is just this week when you see jeff sessions, mike flynn and steve bannon, you know, there's a view that the president has to reach out after a divisive race. we haven't seen much of that. i think democrats are actually -- many democrats, many progressives are deeply worried that we're going to see a divisive presidency --
2:21 am
schumer this morning? >> i would love a tweet that said that people should stop hate crimes and people should stopwastikas. but there are people who are worried because they feel bullied. the president of the united states has yet to really use his twitter account to address that. >> i couldn't agree with that more. i've been advocating that donald trump needs to give a speech. he needs to address the nation and talk about, look, i'm a i don't mean, i don't feel. make it a serious and sincere -- it doesn't have to be an apology necessarily. look, this is not who i am. this is what i intend to do. he has to address it face on. it would change things. >> you know him well. how likely is he to do something like that? >> most important relationship in washington is between schumer and trump. you didn't schumer drawing a big line in the sand. what you have to watch is how
2:22 am
starts working with democrats. most important interview was bannon to the hollywood reporter. he dangled out there a million dollars in infrastructure. you will see trump -- he is not driven by an ideological compass. >> i want to talk about who will run the party. i found this fascinating. president obama did an interview through the final days of the campaign and then after. tom, the president said this. in other words, he is saying, i will lead the party. when is the last time we had an ex-president do that? >> democrats could do a lot worse. but i think it's not just who leads, it's what they lead on.
2:23 am
democrats not just be about redistribution. they have to be about growing. they have to be about entrepreneurship. i watched the democratic convention. they had women, black, gay, transgender. they had a dwarf who was charming. they didn't have a entrepreneur. somebody who was a risk taker. i'm here to grow the pie, not just to redistribute. >> what about ryan in the house? >> i find it fascinating. he is challenging -- let me describe him and finish your point. >> democratic young youngstown, ohio. he wants to challenge nancy pelosi. he probably will lose. but he will probably make himself a very competent candidate for governor of ohio in 2018. this is a fight in the party what have to be. >> we're asking why is president obama prepared to be a leader? democratic leadership doesn't have the political capital because they haven't had opportunities to become leaders.
2:24 am
can a person like ryan get a shot? >> look, i think -- i think that the party needs all voices. i think it's -- >> >> it need fresher voices than schumer and pelosi? >> look at the reality. senator sanders, he has been there a long time. he is giving an important voice in the leadership as well as an array of diverse voices. this is the time to have a debate about the future of the democratic party. nancy pelosi has been a person who has been able to hold but it's an important debate for us to have. >> this race could end up being decided on what you just mentioned, identity politics in the house. if the democrats become too associated with identity politics. >> i think everybody recognizes that we need a stronger reform message. both about our politics and about our economy. i think the message of the election is that people are angry. they feel left out of the process. and democrats have to give a voice to that. >> technology and globalization are upsetting the two things
2:25 am
community and their workplace. it's happening at the same time. >> diversification. >> people go to the grocery store. they are being spoken to in a different language, dressed quickly. they go into the bathroom and there's a person of another gender. they go to work and there's a robot next to them. all those things, fast and at once, have destabilized people. >> tim better used if he could teach us to meditate. but on the issue that tom was addressing. one of the big elements here in this sort of sense of disenfranchisement is loss of identity. this is what's driving the movements in europe as well as here. no one is actually really spoken to that. yes, we acknowledge there are languages, which i sort of love. >> i love it, too. >> the diversity of our population i find appealing.
2:26 am
our national identity is what's not being discussed in terms that people can relate to. you have to identify it. you have to say it and democrats just don't do that. they just collect all the various identities that they can rather than talk about the one that unites us all. >> i will pause here. homeless in their own country. we will be back in end game. why did donald trump give in and decide to settle that trump university lawsuit for $25 ll >> coming up, "meet the press" end game and post game brought end game and post game brought to you by boeing - listening to music in the shower can help you conserve water, so start your favorite song when you get in, and when it's done, time's up. you've probably conserved at least ten gallons of water.
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brought to you by boeing, building the future one century at a time. >> back now with end game. trump university lawsuit on this show, robert costa, he told me he would never settle because he said if you settle, it means you will get more lawsuits. well, he settled. he tweeted that it is not an admission of guilt, which it technically isn't. $25 million not chump change. >> it's an example of how trump is trying to navigate becoming president of the united states. he has to get these his table. >> he would have to testify the monday after thanksgiving. >> he may not want to deal with the family issue and entanglements in business. when it comes to the legal entanglements, he is cutting some of them. >> i think we're losing sight of the fact that he said he was innocent and nothing wrong. it was a great university. he settled after he said he would never settle. multiple times saying when you settle it's an admission of guilt. he knows that he was basically
2:30 am
he is giving them money for his defrauding them. it's the reality. >> we can't forget he ran a campaign that debased our culture, that hurt a lot of people and erased red lines we have never seen erased before. somehow if we forget that, if we think it was about the campaign and it's not going to happen again and we don't set up new red lines in a clear way, we are really going to regret this. >> who is listening? i mean, i have to say, who is listening? >> i don't know about the rest of you, any time i say anything that's minded towards trump, it's saying -- people are responding, you are normalizing him. there they go, they will start -- >> it's apocalyptic. the responses you get on social media. >> exactly. >> no matter what. >> this is a problem for a lot of progressives, which is he said terrible things about a lot of people. he succeeded. people are wondering -- he has erased the red lines. who will uphold the red lines,


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