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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. thanks for joining us. happening today...voters will give us a glimpse at who might compete in the november presidential election. right now, the race is really tight between both democrats and republicans... and starting this evening around 8 our time...voters in iowa will start caucusing for who they would like to see in the white house. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in studio. and emerald the iowa caucus is thousands of miles away and none of us are participating...why does this matter to us? well for one, we have two floridians in the race....jeb bush and marco rubio...and neither of them are at the top of the their performance tonight could shape how they do the rest of the way. but most importantly, this is
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of the presidential cycle... and after all the talk we've seen from pundits and all the poll numbers that you're probably tired of...we really get to see what voters are really thinking about the democrats and republicans competing to be commander in chief. so for many people, tonight's caucus is an important event to hear why they should support a candidate...especial >> we change our minds. it just depends. >> reporter: for many people tonight's caucus is an important event to hear why they should support a canidate if they are still on the fence. if you want to keep up with election results we'll keep you updated on our and on our website. coming up at 6:30 we'll talking about what happens after tonight's caucuses and why that matters to you. california coastline is waking up to a lot of damage after powerful storms turned deadly there.
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killing the driver. look at this video from san diego where a massive tree was uprooted by high winds and fell on top of four cars killing a driver inside one of them. another tree fell on a house. down. swinging. i came back getting ready to get in my truck and i heard it pop. >> forecasters say wind gusts reached 115 miles per hour in beverly hills. this is i-80 near california and nevada state line. blizzard and whiteout conditions closed a portion of the interstate both directions for three hours on sunday.
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the news of this investigation is sending shock waves through the entire community. >> you don't have to know them or anything like that. just to feel for the family. your heart goes out to them. >> nicole's facebook page shows she was a member of one teenager dating site. police have not said how they first met. they have not released information about how or why she was killed. today we are expecting to learn about what caused an amtrak train to derail in philadelphia in 2015. you may recall this scene. n.t.s.b. is going to release a 2,000 page document that includes data from the black boxes. people who ride the subway
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six people this year have been slashed with the most recent one happening sunday morning. two suspects have been arrested with the attacks. police are still looking for others. hillsborough county deputies are searching for two teens who escaped from a juvenile detention center in tampa. 18-year-old anthony bays and 17- year-old anthony cook were being held for theft. they broke through a hole cut through a chain link fence. serres police are looking for the person they say hit and killed a man riding his bike and drove off. the man was hit on u.s. 301 sunday night. the car involved is a toyota with front edge damage. they don't know what type of model it is. world health organization
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today to figure out how to hand the zica virus. the world health organization may classify the outbreak as a public health energy of international concern. as the drinking water crisis in flint, michigan continues people are asked to have their water levels tested. the crisis is getting attention from hollywood. actor michael keaton and rapper snoop dogg joined other support the city. if you have set in traffic on your way to clearwater beach you'll want to hear this story. today the city council will talking about ways to fix a huge traffic issue. one idea is an air cable gondola. >> reporter: there are a lot of options on the table.
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beach you know how. a the traffic can get. all the way to mcmullen booth road is how far traffic backs up. that's ten miles. some things city leaders are proposing to relieve the traffic is east shore drive as one-way streets. they are thinking of making coronado four lanes. they want to put in a new parking garage and elevated cable gondolas. they have buses and trolleys all over the island. this is one way it is helping. they need other solutions. the problem with these gondolas, they could cost millions of dollars. coming up, how that is going to be paid for and if it is a good investment for your money. got good news for you as you head to fill up. gas prices continue to fall at
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despite increases in crude oil prices. the national average is $1.80. in st. pete it is $1.75. we have seen some places that have gas in the $1.60's. a warning for anyone heading to orlando any time soon. >> tourists are becoming a target of a crime spree in a popular area. a recent any story has become the subject of a controversial video game.
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here is your bridge update. we are seeing slower traffic across the bay. sunshine skyway bridge 62 miles per hour. i checked your drive time. it is 17 minutes from i-75 in manatee county up to pinellas park drive. sky 10 network camera across the howard frankland bridge. these are the northbound lanes into tampa before kennedy boulevard. no significant delays. drive time is six minutes. bobby? >> we have low clouds now. they are breaking up. we'll have more sunshine as the day wears on. we are rain-free in the bay area. there are showers in the miami area.
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the next three days looks like that way. warm and humid. 76 today. 81 on tuesday. tomorrow we'll be close to record highs. tampa's record is 84. some areas may break a record for a high temperature tomorrow. it is monday february 1st. this is your eye opener. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. >> monday night could be a historic night for this country. >> canidates turn up the intensity hours before the first votes are cast in the iowa caucuses. latest bloomberg polls that donald trump leading with 38%. hillary clinton leads the democratic side with 45%. deputies in hillsborough county are searching for these two teenagers. they escaped from a juvenile detention center sunday
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they cut through a fence. theft charges. a winter storm turns deadly in southern california bringing snow. a woman was killed when a large tree fell on top of her car. strong winds downed dozens of trees and power poles. two weeks after a federal judge denied boston bomber of a new trial his lawyers are asking that his conviction and death sentence be overturned. the request is based on a claim that he was not given a fair trial in the same city of the bombing because of the emotional impact. oregon wildlife refuge standoff is being made into a video game. it puts terrorists against counter terrorists. the players are allowed to
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cuba is launching its first broadband home service. the first step to bring the nation online. they made the announcement on sunday saying cubans would be allowed to order service through a chinese telecom provider. we are days away now from superbowl 50 in san francisco. both teams will start practicing in a few hours. california panthers and denver broncos arrived on sunday. the mayor was there to greet them. you can watch the superbowl on 10 news this sunday. i'm on top of a fatal accident at u.s. 27 in lake hamilton. this is a single-car accident. one person has been killed. if you are heading this way, if this is part of your morning commute you'll want to take an alternate route.
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east of u.s. 27. it runs parallel there. i'll keep an eye on this and let you know when lanes are about to open. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera along i-4 east of macintosh road. there was an accident reported in the westbound lanes. i did see a car in the shoulder then the car pulled away. it looks like it is not a big deal. your drive time is 15 minutes from polk parkway to i-75 in tampa. rest of our majors in hillsborough county still in the green. i-75, i-275, veterans expressway, selmon expressway, we are still looking good, no significant delays just yet. sarasota and manatee counties are looking good with normal drive times. pinellas county there is construction on belcher road. this is happening until next week 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. you'll see lanes blocked north
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drew street and palmetto street. this will cause congestion. if you want you can take keen road around this. otherwise there are detour signs posted. bobby? >> good morning. we are rain-free to get your february started. february 1st. mid 60s outside with low clouds. no rain here. the radar is messed up this morning. our local radar at 10 news is showing rain-free conditions except for a couple showers to our south. you should not have any issues with that.
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visibility is looking great in sarasota. that could change later today as we get sea fog to develop. after 3:00 this afternoon. this morning, as you step o'lakes. 63 lakeland. stop. no. not today. it is warm as a matter of fact. low to mid 60s. topping out in the mid 70s. you can go with short sleeves. it is cool out there but it is nice. it will be a beautiful day out there. let's talk about that fog chance. i want to show you how we have breaks of sunshine through the day. we had a lot of clouds around yesterday. today not as much. we'll see more sunshine. have the sunglasses ready to go. lunchtime 73 degrees under partly cloudy skies.
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see that gray there 3:30 to 4:00. that is sea fog. that ride them across the skyway and beaches up through hudson and manatee and sarasota county that's where we could see thick fog. that's includes the chance to see it on the bridges on your way home. the howard frankland bridge, gandy bridge, tune in tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 and jim will track that for you live at 5:00. 7:17. sunrise goes down at 6:10 this evening. we are talking about 76 degrees for a daytime high. boating looks good except for the fog. light southeast to south winds. southwest this afternoon. 5 to 10 knots. one to two foot seas. water temperature 60. we are dropping slowly through the 60s tonight. isolated showers today 10%. same thing tomorrow. there is our best chance coming in late wednesday night into thursday. the weekend forecast will be
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highs in the mid 60s. we'll have to watch for some rain. we have our best chance of rain on thursday. some models are saying saturday night and sunday could be very, very soggy. stay tuned. we'll keep you updated. look at the next couple days. near record highs in the low
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stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a good morning sarasota. i-75 heading south from university parkway to venice connector your drive time is 12 minutes. speeds looking good. no delays so far in hillsborough county on i-4 heading into tampa going west. you are down to 46 miles per hour. travel time is nine minutes between i-75 and i-275. it just popped up to ten minutes. >> green on the traffic map on
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evening commute i want to watch the sunshine skyway bridge. see this light wind here? southeast winds 5 miles per hour will turn southwest. that will try to blow on sea fog. that's will be thick towards the skyways and southern pinellas county. it is a really tough thing to forecast. i think we'll see sea fog around today into tonight. traveling today will be some showers from new york to d.c. snow showers, a good storm moving through the denver area. otherwise you'll hear about the warm weather in the eastern half of the united states if next couple days. 59 knoxville. 47 syracuse. canidates are making their final plea for support of the iowa caucus happening today. >> donald trump has a slight edge over senator ted cruz. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are nearly tide.
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this is in connection with a 13- year-old's death. >> david eisenhower abducted her and natalie keepers helped him move her body near a north carolina highway. police believe she climbed out of her apartment on monday after blocking her door with her dresser. she was a member of one teen dating sight. today the n.t.s.b. will release a 2,000 page document about the train derailment in philadelphia. >> this crash killed eight people and injured 200. the accident happened last may. the train took a curve at 106 miles per hour. that's more than twice the speed limit. in health news a common medication may help prevent alzheimer's. researchers are looking at how blood pressure drugs may be effective in the disease. hyper tension is a risk factor
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blood pressure drugs can help prevent or delay alzheimer's. you might be able to make money playing with legos. the hiring process will include participating in a lego build- off. >> that has to be cool to see. you are trying to do the best you can. >> you have to impress everyone. >> it is crazy what people can make with them. still to come, a live report from san francisco on the excitement surrounding superbowl 50. >> we are live streaming through the 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. show. we are talking about the superbowl and your picks. >> let's hear who you want to win. hop online search for ian reitz and allison kropff on facebook and join the conversation. let's take you live to washington, d.c. it is mid 40s there this morning on this february 1st.
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it's called ceviche, gary. learned to make it when i lived in tonga. tastes like uh... chicken. you should get out more. your out-the-door forecast is a mild one. low to mid 60s. most areas 62 to 66 degrees.
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we are going to 68 by 10:00 a.m. get yourself and the kids dressed for temperatures in the mid 70s for today. 62 now in land o'lakes and sarasota. rain-free. that could change by midweek. i'll have that coming up in my full forecast. a hot spot reported in zephyrhills. there is an accident blocking a couple of lane on paul buchman highway. live from our sky 10 network camera another shot spot i-275 through hillsborough county getting slow past hillsborough avenue. all the head lights going south into tampa. i'll have drive times and bridges coming up next. good monday morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. iowa caucuses are set to kick off in a few hours. canidates are making their push to get voters in their corner. how much do caucus' really matter and how much of a role
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presidential election? why do canidates focus so much on this first voting event? >> it comes down to influence and publicity for whoever comes out on top. that could have a big impact on how they do the rest of the way. presidential canidates get delegates according to their caucus votes. since iowa has such a small population it doesn't make a huge difference. what matters is that the entire country's eyes are on iowa. those who come out as winners attract more fundraising dollar, which sets the tone of their campaign and can state how well they do in later primaries. how wells a iowa been a predictor of who will be the democratic or republican nominee? for the last three contested nominations the winner of the iowa caucus has been the democratic nominee. on the gop side it has been 16 years since the winner of the iowa caucus has gotten a nomination.
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democratic debates this year. democratic national committee reached an agreement to schedule more debates during the presidential primaries. details will be finalized tomorrow morning so the canidates can focus on today's iowa caucus. new hampshire primary is february 9th. apartment complex in gainesville is offering counseling services today. this is available to renters after a man fell off a balcony and died. it showed university of florida student chance wolf walking down the hallway and falling over the 26th floor balcony. an investigation is underway to find out why wolf may have fallen. taking your commute from the beach into the air. that's the idea being talked about today in clearwater. are the gondola cable chairs
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tag? we went straight to city leaders to ask about this investment. >> reporter: here's how much it would cost us. $3 to $12 million for one mile. this will be have to be a couple miles then they want to connect it down the beach. is it really worth your money? that's one thing we are looking into. there are a slew of different options for traffic. if you have sat in this traffic you know how irritating and frustrating this is. when you finally get on the island and there is not a single parking space. the beach is definitely drawing record-setting crowds. these gondolas are one way to bring in tourists and locals having making them bring their cars with them. that price tag is hard to swallow. city leaders say they need a private investor and they have to ask these businesses to fork up their cash, too. >> it is not like we are using
6:31 am
taxpayer's dollars. we are going to go out to private industries and the folks building hotels on the beach and the folks that want to see us move to safely through our community. >> reporter: luckily these gondolas are not the only option. the city just started building a 700 car parking garage on the north side of the island to help with traffic and parking. these are all things that will be discussed at 1:00 in a city meeting. luckily we are in the beginning stage of this process. live at clearwater 10 news wtsp. a synagogue will have to clean up after the festivities of gasparilla. church leaders tell us this is becoming too common to be targeted by vandals walking to or from the parade.
6:32 am
it was punched over or kicked away. damage is common during the parade according to the rabbi. >> i have never reported it to the police because i didn't think they would do anything. this time i will. maybe they can keep an eye on the premise. >> they want to upgrade the fence and add surveillance equipment. if you are planning to vacation in orlando any time soon you'll want to pay attention to this story. orlando police say 50 cars were broken into in one night near universal studios. >> the tourists are targeted. >> the crooks busted out the windows and took valuables. this type of car burglary seems to be a growing crime trend across south florida. no arrests have been made. pinellas county investigators say a man is behind bars for scamming a couple thousands of miles a way in denver.
6:33 am
scamming a couple out of $7,000. he called them pretending to be an official from the irs. he got a call from someone he thought was the denver sheriff's department. >> they wired him the money and called police. investigators caught lee on security cameras at a wells fargo withdrawing it from his account shortly after he was transferred. he is facing grand theft charges. excitement for superbowl 50 is building in san francisco. >> denver broncos and carolina panthers arrived this sunday events kicked off all over the bay area this weekend. >> reporter: i have been having a great time out here.
6:34 am
superbowl city and in san francisco. it has been 30 years since san francisco hosted a superbowl. the city wanted to make sure that he got the party started in a big way. the nfl experience and superbowl city. >> we want to welcome you. we want to thank you. most importantly we want you to have fun. >> reporter: both got marching over the weekend. people from all around the san francisco area came to play. like jennifer walsh who is not shy about getting in the game or who she is rooting for. >> it was awesome. i'm super excited. bronco. >> reporter: security is tight at all the events. officers with long guns and dressed in s.w.a.t. gear are noticeable. it did not stop thousands of
6:35 am
>> we expect a million or more people through the entire superbowl week. >> reporter: this weekend was a touchdown for locals. they got a nice head start ahead of thousands of football fans heading into town later this week. both events are interactive exhibits and games and places to take a selfie. for most families it was about having fun together. >> this is awesome. >> we are a big football family. obviously. >> reporter: the city got into the spirit. they lit the bay bridge and set off fireworks kicking off a week of memorable moments ahead of superbowl 50. tonight will be the first time media day will be held at night. nfl totally rebranding it as opening night. reporters can still ask players any questions they want. do you have? i have my note pad ready to go.
6:36 am
good job on the drill. >> reporter: thank you. i tried. >> you did a great job. we'll be checking in san francisco for the superbowl week. we are excited about sunday coming up. >> it is fun to hear answers to these questions. routines leading up to the game. anything they may do before that big game like this. it may not be the superbowl but tampa bay bucs fans have a reason to be happy with their team. >> quarterback jameis winston through two touchdowns. team rice took the win 49-27. florida may not have a team in the superbowl but there is an interesting connection to the big game. >> history between our state and the pregame. a mother and daughter escape with their lives when
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your bridge update on this monday morning from the sky10 network camera. the howard frankland bridge is busy from the kennedy boulevard exit. were seeing significant delays. the gandy bridge is slowing downtown to 25 miles per hour. this is is as you pass the first signal into tampa. which means the bridge will get backed up in the next 10 minutes. drive time of 17 minutes. pollen levels today, tomorrow and wednesday will be on the higher side. juniper, maple and oak are out there. rain wednesday night and thursday will help knock them down. the trees are starting to thin out there. we are close to the time where we'll pick up the pollen levels. if you suffer that, keep that in mind. we have everything the next couple day. warm, muggy weather the next few days.
6:38 am
65 on sunday. the problem is we could be seeing rain late saturday night into sunday. the models are flip-flopping. stay tuned. we'll track that for you. parts of southern california waking up to a mess after a deadly storm hit the area knocking out power to tens of thousands. >> in los angeles county a tree crashed on top of a van. no one was hurt. in another area a large tree fell on top of three parked car and a car passing by killing one person inside. as the zica virus continueds to spread the world health organization will find a way to fight it. two teenagers who escaped a juvenile detention center have not been caught.
6:39 am
since 9:00 a.m. sunday morning. here's a closer look at the 18- year-old anthony bays and 17- year-old anthony cook. they broke out of the academy on columbus road in tampa. the two escaped from a hole in did you know melbourne mint coin? here are a couple interesting thing about the gold coin used during the toss. in the past 49 years it has been heads 24 times. it came up tails 25 times. each year the company makes 10,000 coins. the one with serial number one is flipped at the game. after the game it is sent to
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a mother and her 2-year-old daughter are safe after being rescued by a police officer in mississippi creek. christy irving was riding when her car swerved off a muddy road because of the rainwater. she was able to get out of the car. that's when the car pushed her. she wrapped her legs around the tree and prayed for a miracle. >> she is holding on to the tree with one arm. she has the baby with the other arm. >> officers say gibson caught a glimpse of her daughter's pink bow and jumped in the water to save them. she only suffered bruises and a couple scrapes. her daughter is doing just fine. let's head over to hilary zalla. >> i'm on top of a fail accident in polk county at lake
6:41 am
this is u.s. 27 27. highway 17 is east running parallel to east 27. that is a good alternate for highway 27. we are backed up at mcintosh road. it is definitely monday morning and we are slow. to our maps for drive times. i-275 south from the apex to i- 4 speeds down to 21 miles per hour past fowler and fletcher. i-4 heading westbound into tampa from i-275 to i-75 your drive time is 12 minutes. delay is three minutes there. be sure to leave early if you can. pinellas county looking now at your map.
6:42 am
construction on belcher road between drew street and palmetto street. if you are heading in this direction there are a couple lanes blocked northbound and southbound on belcher. that might cause a delay this morning. sarasota and manatee county your travel times are looking fine. you are slow on 301 into sarasota down to 26 miles per hour. if you have any problems on the roadways be sure to send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. i'll take care of any traffic issue you have out there. at bobby? >> thank you very much. good monday morning everyone. storm tracker 10 not showing any rain this morning. today. if we are going to get it the best chance is along and south of i-4. arcadia to lake placid it is slim. we'll start with sunshine. this is a good deck of clouds coming in now.
6:43 am
florida southern college you can see blue skies already with the sun just starting to come up. some of the rays over the horizon. wesley chapel toyota looking good first thing this morning, as well. 61 in carrollwood and land o'lakes and dade city. 63 lakeland. 60 apollo beach. 62 sarasota. 66 degrees in tampa to get february started. we should be 53 degrees or so. the winds light. it is out of the east. it will go southeast to south and southwest. that change will bring in a little bit of fog later today. dress the kids 60s this morning and mid 70s this afternoon. as we get going through lunchtime outdoor lunch looks good. mix of sun and clouds. rain-free.
6:44 am
along the coast, see that gray? that is sea fog developing. the skyway bridge, southern pinellas county into manatee county by 5:00, that should spread out moving up to the coast of pasco and eventually will get more into sarasota by late afternoon and early evening hours. jim will track that at 4:00 and 5:00. you may want to check our app before you leave work today. there could be issues on the sunshine skyway bridge if the thick fog form. 76 today. sunsets 6:10. if you are traveling we'll have your travel forecast coming up in ten minutes. locally no issues. a front wednesday night into thursday will bring us cooler air. look what it does for your weekend. 67 for a high of saturday. i think we are fine until saturday night and sunday.
6:45 am
if that model is right, there is another model that doesn't think we'll see as much rain. we'll all be on the cooler side. we are going back down to the 60s. a look at your seven-day forecast something for everyone. upper 70s to low 80s tomorrow and wednesday. then the rain late wednesday night into thursday. then the cooler air. again we'll have to track that forecast for sunday to see if it will look rainier than it does now. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger. head back to the weather section. you'll find that 10 weather forecast there. less than ten minutes my travel forecast. it may look different by still tastes the same. why you'll do a double take
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it is backed up. drive time five minutes a live look at i-75 in fletcher avenue into hillsborough county. be sure to leave early. bobby? >> forecast planner today shows temperatures climbing through the 60s into the 70s. we'll top out at 76 degrees later this afternoon. watch out for some of that fog. if you are traveling today, there will be a little bit of rain from knoxville through d.c. there is a tomorrow system developing in the rockies that could put almost a foot of snow down towards minneapolis by tonight and tomorrow. keep that in mind if you are heading in that direction. we are hours away from the iowa caucus. on the republican side donald trump leads texas senator ted cruz.
6:48 am
clinton and bernie sanders are nearly tied heading into today's event. thousands without power after severe storms hit the southern california coastline. several large trees were uprooted and fell over. one person was killed when a tree fell on top of a moving car. this is video to the damage of a home in los angeles county after a tree fell on a house. today clearwater city council will try to figure out how to avoid gridlock on the clearwater beach during peek season, like spring break. >> it can be so frustrating trying to get there. >> it takes forever and trying to park is a nightmare. store shelves are about to get more colorful. >> coca-cola is teaming up with hp to print one-of-a-kind designs for 12-ounce coke bottles. buyers can chose from millions
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>> when you are looking at those you don't see many that are the same. >> each design looks different. >> i can see a lot of collectors wanting to get every single one. this morning. hope you have a great monday. see you back here at 7:26. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that
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make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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