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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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two virginia tech students are in custody in connection with the death of a 13-year- old girl who disappeared last week. nicole lovell's good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ian reitz. two virginia tech students are in custody in connection of a 13-year-old girl who
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jan crawford reports from the jail in virginia where the two students are held. >> reporter: police discovered 13-year-old nicole's body on the side of a north carolina road. authorities believe virginia tech freshman david eisenhower abducted and murdered the girl. another student, a 19-year-old has been charged with helping him get rid of her body. she vanished last wednesday. a family believes she climbed out of her bedroom window after blocking a door with her dresser. she arrived daily medication following a liver transplant. >> if you are out there you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. >> reporter: her facebook page
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teen dating group. it is unclear if they met online. sunday virginia state police searched a pond of virginia tech's campus. it is unclear for what. online her mother shared his devastation writing i'm so in say. i'm broken. pending. authorities are trying to reconstruct a timeline into her disappearance and death. jan crawford cbs news virginia. >> police say they received 300 tips in connection with this case. campaigning in iowa is just about over. tonight folks will kick off the presidential nominating process with the iowa caucuses. marley hall is in des moines with what to expect.
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wake-up call for volunteers on caucus day. trump is anxious. >> you have to be nervous. i want to win for the country. i don't want to win for myself. >> reporter: marco rubio stopped at a des moines cracker morning. he is polling in third place. tonight. >> reporter: ted cruz is could wanting on an army of upset. >> the strength of this campaign is over 12,000 volunteers in the state of iowa. >> reporter: republican party officials say they expect a record turnout tonight. that may bode well for trump. >> the first-time voters that turned out to caucus,. >> reporter: become bernie sanders is could wanting on first time voters. >> we need tens of millions of
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>> reporter: sanders and clinton are in a virtual tie. >>i'm scarred up but still standing. that experience will do me well in this campaign. >> reporter: the threat of a winter storm could impact voter turnout tonight. marley hall cbs news des moines, iowa. a stormm season expected to make a big impact until after the caucus results are. forecasts, like the polls, can be wrong. next tuesday, february 9thth carolina. they have primaries in the later parts of february. then super tuesday is tuesday march 1st. that's when 14 states head to the polls. world health organization today. experts will decide whether to an emergency.
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brain damage. at this point 23 countries have confirmed cases. there is a disturbing story out of nigeria. members of the radical islamic group burned children alive. this is part of an attack that killed 86 people. incident happened saturday night in the northeast part of the country. nearby camps housing 25,000 people in boca raton, fled the attacks. they pledged allegiance to isil. they killed 20,000 people and driven 2.5 million more from their homes over a six-year period. hillsborough county deputies are searching for these two teenagers. they escaped from a juvenile detention center in tampa. 18-year-old anthony bays and 17- year-old anthony cook were held
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deputies say they broke out of the academy on columbus road. they got out through a hole that had been cut through a chain link fence sunday morning. crimestoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for anyone who can help find them. gainesville police are investigating the death of a 20- year-old student at the university of florida. chance wolf fell from the sixth floor of an apartment complex near campus. he was found unconcious and bleeding 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. he died a short time later. officials say surveillance cameras showed wolf get out of an elevator and fall over the waist-high glass partition. his family released a statement saying he was a great kid with many friends enjoying college life. he was a journalism student interning at the local abc station in gainesville. today marks 13 years since the space shuttle columbia overheated and broke apart over
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that killed 6 astronauts. an an investigation nasa said a piece of foam insulation broke free damaging the heat tiles on the left wing. parts of southern california cleaning up after this mess. these deadly storms knocked out power to thousands of people. this is video out of los angeles county where a tree crashed on top of a van. fortunately no one was hurt. in another area, a large tree fell on top of three parked car and a car passing by killing one person inside. if you have ever sat in traffic on your way to clearwater beach you'll want to hear this story. today the city council will talk about new ways to fix a huge traffic gnarl. the fix could cost millions. unique idea. >> reporter: on a busy day the traffic backs up here on the island and the ferry service gets too busy to take on more people. that's why the latest idea is to bring your commute to the beach to the sky instead.
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to the islands and they are not looking for a place to park. the air gondolas are pricy build. the city says that's cheaper and less of a hassle than reconstructing all the streets on the island. swallow. >> it is not like we are using taxpayer's dollars. we'll go out to the private industries and the folks that are building hotels on the beach and the folks that want to see us move safely >> reporter: luckily the solution. the city started building a 700 of the island. one thing is for sure, with a record number of tourists
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they'll look for those solutions today at a meeting at 1:00 in clearwater. historic morning in st. petersburg today. on this first day of black history month mayor kriseman along with the executive board of the african-american history museum raised the museum flag honoring black history month. >> this is the first time in this nation's history that a black history flag has been risen over any local, state or federal building acknowledging black history in america. we have made history in the city of st. petersburg today. >> this is the 40th anniversary of black history month. world's largest automaker
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a florida connection to the very important part of the superbowl, the coin toss. next at noon, the new trend of gaming in order for parents to spend more time with their kids. how blood pressure drugs could have beneficial effects on alzheimer's patients. we have a fair amount of sunshine to work with. that's upping our number. not nearly as warm as we'll get tomorrow. we'll make a run at 80 degrees. then midweek we'll change up the forecast. we are tracking some storms. i'm talk about the timing coming up. all this week watch 10 news at 5:30 for your chance to call dimestore gift card.
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hyper tension is a risk factor for heart disease. brain. toyota is stopping production in japan for one week because of a seal shortage. this follows an explosion at the seal plant. the temporary closure will affect four toyota assembly yards. closures take place next monday through february 15th. turns out more parents are playing video games with their children. as jill wagoner reports, parents like the ability to control what their kids seeing.
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mornings 6-year-old kate plays video games with her father. >> she looks forward to it. on the weekends that's how we start our weekend off. >> reporter: it is a common trend. a consulting firm interviewed 3,000 parents and found if their kids played video games. 92% of the parents played with them. >> this is not a core device for hard core gamers. this is a family device. we like to think of it as the next new kitchen table in the family. >> reporter: survey finds three quarters of parents say the primary reason they play games is to spend time with their children. kate's mom agrees. everyone in the family has busy schedules. >> when we have time together we like to do things she enjoys. she enjoys other activities, too. this is one of them.
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>> reporter: kate's parents encourage her to play educational games. she is learning while having fun. jill wagoner cbs news new york. did you know melbourne's highland mint made this year's superbowl coin. there is a few things you need to know about the coin. the past 45 years it was heads 24 times. tails 25 times. the company makes 10,000 coins. the one with the serial number there is one with the number zero they keep on hand in case they go into overtime. yet. we had cool weather last week. it seems like we are starting foot.
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80s possible tomorrow. we are feeling more springy out there. then midweek we switch that pattern up. looking outside storm tracker 10 shows high clouds. they are thin. there is plenty sunshine getting through. that will send these numbers upward. temperatures today really great. enough sunshine getting through the clouds we are looking good. it is gray at times. we are up to 73 in tampa. today in our inland communities we are seeing 80s. 80 mulberry and winter haven. 81 bartow. as we look around the tampa bay area we are getting close in a couple spots. macdill air force base 78 degrees. very likely many areas are going to come close to hitting 80 degrees today. overall partly cloudy. we'll get a mix on and off through the day. overnight, because our moisture levels are on the high side, we don't drop off all that much. i will stay mild.
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east of i-75 and south of i-4 there is a chance of a quick hit or miss sprinkle. our coverage is 10%. most of us stay dry. don't be surprised if you have to give the windshield a couple swishes on the way to work. heavy storms. week. dew points are coming up over the next couple days. we'll see mid to upper 60s as our next system rolls through. we are forecasting now to the rain timing. it shifted back. it is now looking like thursday is the highlighted day we'll be watching out for. again, a few little showers possible today as well as tomorrow afternoon. our coverage will be only around 15%. then we start tracking our next frontal boundary. that will be moving through. it looked late wednesday, but now it looks like we get a few stray showers ahead of it. the main line itself is working into the bay area thursday morning.
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thunderstorm event. that will be moving out early friday. it looks like thursday could be wet. we could see a decent amount of rainfall. still watching this closely. there is an isolated chance it could create a severe or two. it is something we'll keep an eye on. as we look ahead to sunday we have the superbowl coming up. heads up there will be a couple showers possible around the tampa bay area heading out and about to those parties. we'll get isolated evening thunderstorms possible on wednesday. most activity taking place on thursday. tomorrow 81 degrees is what we are forecasting in tampa. after the storm system moves through we'll drop the temperatures and we are back in the 60s through sunday. you can get the forecast any time. download our 10 news app for your i-phone or android. coming up next on "10 news at noon" a local dance choreographer's connection to
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she joined us this morning to show us the dance moves. bay area students lend a helping hand to others in need. we'll tell you about their inspiration.
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welcome back. count down is on. today on studio 10 live they choreographer. excited. >> no pressure. it is just superbowl potential. >> just for the experience and it is a huge blessing.
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people i had worked with in the industry. i put together a total of 12 of us. >> the dancer works here in the tampa bay area. the going rate for a commercial is close to $5 million a piece for a 30-second add. tomorrow on studio 10 live we'll meet a bay area man who played in the '68 superbowl. that's fun stuff heading up to the big game on sunday. students are taking a lesson from the pope and helping those in need. >> if you are a letter a you are doing easter as your theme. >> today is the day of service in honor of pope and his holy year of mercy. 400 elementary and middle school students will complete seven service projects. these are meant to highlight a model for how we should treat others every day. >> it is incredible how much young people want to make the world a better place. especially in our catholic schools. they love to give to others. they love to do things that can
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we are so pleased to see them engaged in these activities. >> today's projects include feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and caring for the sick. the st. pete pier is shaping up or the gorgeous. >> we have a few clouds rolling in. a few inland spots hitting 80. we are getting ready for groundhog day. enjoy that. as we head into wednesday night and thursday we'll be tracking our next round of scattered showers and thunderstorms. then on the backside of that system, we do cool down once again. we are back at below average. on a happy note our average temperatures are starting to go back up. we are not getting cooler on average any longer. we are starting to warm up. >> it would be nice to repeat yesterday's weather.
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