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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i don't understand why they are keeping other neighborhoods further away zoned here. >> reporter: here's the biggest concern. kids in this neighborhood now go to sours elementary which is through those trees less than half a mile away. the school they would have to go to next year is two and a half miles away. >> sours is 102% capacity. they are full and above capacity. some of the other schools, boyette springs is 66% capacity. >> reporter: the district is always monitoring school boundaries in areas that are growing. that is something all parents need to be aware of when moving to a new home. >> there is no guarantee when you build a home where you'll be based on just typing in your address. >> reporter: there are other concerns. many of the parents feel sours is a better school because of its a-rating. >> i believe boyette springs was a c-rated school last year. >> reporter: they started a petition in the neighborhood so
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they all agree their kids should stay where they are at. >> the school district is holding an informal meeting about the proposed boundaries next tuesday evening. the board will vote on this issue in march or april. we posted information about the informal meeting and a detailed boundary map at scary moments for a bay area homeowner after he is held at gun point while unloading his groceries. it happened last night in temple terrace at 11:00 p.m. >> did they take anything from you? >> no, they did not. the door was opened in my house. i feared for my family. i grabbed the gunman who had his gun pointed at me. the second he was distracted apushed him and ran away to the house. the second i could i drew my firearm and started firing at him. >> the victim was shot in the
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suspects are still on the loose. police say there was a random act. a disturbing find tonight. investigators find explosives inside of a tampa man's duplex. a.t.f. and fbi and tampa police say they found seven pipe bombs in michael ramose's home. tonight his girlfriend didn't want to comment about the arrest. the landlord who shares the home is in shock. he expressed antigovernment views in the past. investigators are looking into what he planned to do with those explosives. right now two teens who cut their way out of a tampa detention center are nowhere to be found. four employees have been suspended while investigators look into whether they followed protocal. the pair broke out of the
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hole cut in the chain link fence. department of juvenile justice put four staffers on administrative leave. there is a $3,000 reward for information that leads to the teen's capture. we'll let you know when they are captured with our alert through our free 10 news app. all new at 6:00, the city after sarasota could repeal its panhandling law in response to the aclu lawsuit alleging the city's current law is unconstitutional. >> as 10 news reporter isabel mascareas explains even a new ordinance may still see legal challenges. >> reporter: a man stands at the corner of u.s. 41 boulevard with a sign that reads anything will help. army vet. in 15 minutes three drivers give him money. >> we have politicians go out and ask for money. what is the difference between the average person, tax paying or nontax paying person asking for money, too.
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in the city of sarasota panhandling is illegal. >> they can not regulate lawful speech. >> reporter: aclu challenging the panhandling law led to a new ordinance. under the current law if you are at an atm no one can solicit you within 20 feet. it prohibits soliciting someone outside a cafe or bus stop, when you are told no the answer is no. >> i would expect to see another challenge to this ordinance. >> reporter: the proposed law is short constitutional. >> there is no constitutional right to be free of annoyance. >> reporter: tell that to main street merchants like this. >> it will scare off customers. >> reporter: panhandlers harass
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>> we try to work hard and keep our business open. we can't do that if this is an on going occurrence. isabel mascareas 10 news. >> we are looking at ordinances in other local counties and cities. in pinellas, hillsborough and tampa. soliciting isn't allowed within four feet of public roads. manatee county it is 15 feet within a public road. bradenton has a ban on all panhandling together. looking at county by county, red tide seems to be sticking around in the sun coast. florida fish and wild life reported medium concentrations of the algae in manatee county. high concentrations were found further south. overall red tide is plaguing the coast of seven florida counties. as the danger to fish, birds and mammals. a battle over a small section of green space in downtown sarasota is underway.
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whether to sell the grassy area to a developer to build outdoor cafes. supporters say the park has become a gathering spot for the homeless and drug activity. the project will help clean it up. others say the land should remain part of pineapple park. campaigns are counting down to the iowa caucuses. what does it take to win? tonight we'll get answers as iowans show up to select their presidential canidates. reporter gary hayes is in des moines, iowa with the behind the scenes dual between the top two republican canidates. >> reporter: in a converted store front headquarters outside des moines an army of ted cruz supporters get their final marching orders. >> i can not stress enough how important it is to call today. calling is more important than walking today.
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hundreds of volunteers all over the country dialing a cultivated list of iowans. ted from arlington, virginia got here last week. >> the first day i called ten hours straight. >> reporter: cruz's volunteers stay in dorms nearby. majority followed him from his texas gig. >> everybody has been so welcoming and so caring and it has been a blessing. >> reporter: trump's iowa headquarters sits a few miles down the road. the biggest mystery in iowa today is what is going on inside this building? donald trump's iowa campaign headquarters is locked down to reporters and the campaign isn't talking about their ground game. we went inside and were asked to leave. we stopped this man coming outside with trump swag in his hand. >> i waited for a donald trump button. >> reporter: trump's campaign used his social media muscle to
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sights including hosting this facebook video with trump's daughter explaining the process. trump held one last large rally today in waterloo. >> iowa is a great place. it is a great state with the most fantastic people. >> this is just the beginning. up next after iowa is the new hampshire primary. followed by nevada, south carolina later this month. march 1st is super tuesday when people in 14 states will cast their ballots. florida's primary is march 15th. it all starts in iowa. stay with us for updates through the night. we'll be tracking the caucus around the states and bringing you coverage on air and online at looking for a job? you'll want to check out a megacareer fair tomorrow. 35 top companies include you can coca-cola, walt disney world, progressive insurance are looking to hire.
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event pavillion from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you can find all this information at students at a syracuse catholic school are taking a lesson from the pope and helping those in need. today is the day of service in honor of pope and his 40 days of mercy. 400 elementary school students finished service projects meant to highlight a model on how we should all treated each other. >> they love to give to others. they love to do things to help their fellow man. we are so pleased to see them so engaged in these activities. >> the projects also include feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and caring for the sick. there is much more to come on 10 news.
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they are on swan avenue between the selmon expressway and howard avenue. lawmaker presence stepped. in eric glasser learned there is something the synagogue's leaders can do to get action. >> reporter: this rabbi does not like the make waves. he spent the day speaking with community. >> they told me i should make the report to the police and the fbi. >> reporter: during gasparilla someone vandalized their small avenue.
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the building. had it happen. >> reporter: he noted surrounding properties trashed but not vandalized. in the past someone painted the synagogue with a swastica. >> people are so disrespectful. >> it is big and brings in a lot of money. this kind of thing here doesn't need to be happening. >> reporter: other synagogues including this one along the bay shore boulevard parade route say fortunately they saw no vandalism during gasparilla. the fbi usually won't get involved unless there is evidence of a hate crime. we asked tampa pd about that. the agency says until a report is filed there is not much they can do. the rabbi said he would like to improve the building's defenses.
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but denied a department of homeland security grant offered to houses of worship to boost security. now they'll apply again. >> maybe it will help. >> reporter: in tampa eric glasser 10 news wtsp. >> you can take a closer look at the damage at our sky 10 network has amazing pictures. with a little cloud cover we are getting a nice mixture helping enhance the color
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we are seeing oranges to ambers to violets. sand key is on the south side of the clearwater beach inlet. as the gorgeous shot on the towards sunset. looking for a really lovely evening that is quite warm. starting around 75 into our evening in lakeland right now. wales. currently seeing low 70s from crystal river to new port richey over to downtown st. pete. and also around bradenton. again, with a few fair weather clouds for most of the state we are dry and clear. just a few showers between the straits around miami over to fort lauderdale and the northern bahamas is where we are seeing a couple stray showers. we talked earlier in the 5:00 hour about all the severe weather that hit california. that's this system winding up here. you can see the first snow falling over the rockies for areas of colorado and wyoming. as that sweeps across the central and southern plains it will be pulling in very warm, humid air ahead of it. we are looking to stay warm for
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changes start to come in. look at the temperature contrast from 28 in denver to 80 degrees in san antonio. quite a big difference in the warm air that's being pulled up over the gulf to the cold front that's bringing in that snow over the rockies. now, as we look ahead to your evening plans, a pretty fine evening. nice and warm. light winds. little humid and sticky, yeah, but temperatures in the upper 60s. our average high this time of year should be 70 degrees. first part of the evening is really about where we should be seeing our high temperatures top out at. little unseasonably warm. i don't think anybody minds that. in the short-term forecast tonight and tomorrow will be patchy fog. places by the coast or bay waters dense fog will likely build in as we get past sunset and the temperatures start
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we'll be looking for any areas on the gulf coast and the bay to see visibilities by as early as when we see you again at 11:00 tonight. below a mile visibility. i fully expect a fog advisory issued overnight and for the morning commute. the one thing you may want to think about is setting the alarm clockier earlier in the morning. if you have a neighborhood backed up to the bay it might be a good idea. we'll start at 4:30 tracking fog out there with 10 news this morning. hour-by-hour temperatures once the fog lifts out. mid to late morning. another unseasonably warm day by 13 degrees above average. which again should be around 70 degrees. where we'll spend most of the day in the upper 70s and low 80s. in your seven-day forecast we'll stay warm for another
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seven-day forecast before we start to see a system move in. tomorrow is groundhogs day. we'll be looking at what's in the rockies to bring us showers and thunderstorms. chances of widely scattered showers on thursday. main energy with that looks to be around tennessee. severe weather threat would be minimal with that system. looks like it will try to come in a couple different waves. another round of showers possible for the second half of the holiday weekend. something to keep in mind for your superbowl parties. scattered showers and a 60% coverage will be in the mix on our sunday. as you enjoy the 50th superbowl on cbs. we'll have another look at the models and get new data coming in between now and 11:00. i'll show you the latest on both storm systems we are tracking coming up tonight at 11:00. this week watch 10 news at 5:30 for your chance to call in and win a $500 gold and diamond
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superbowl week and the first thing i don't like about this superbowl no more craziness of media day on tuesday afternoon. the nfl has changed it to superbowl opening night.
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tonight. first news flash of the week. broncos team bus was in an accident today but very minor. here are the broncos boarding the bus before practice. they look loose. even the players have to wear credentials. gary kubiac what do you think of the players? >> they have been the top five offense and top five defense. they win the turnover battle and field position battle. i think they have been a grateful ball team this year. >> more media outlets report the bucs want jackson back next season. his salary will be $10 million. his cap hit $12 million. bucs need him on the field and need him healthy. thursday night football is returning next season. now nbc is joining the party. cbs and nbc will split ten games.
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well as having seven games to themselves. >> his face was, i think in disbelief of how many people were cheering him on. >> why did this shot motivate players and fans to mob the court in a recent high school basketball game? you'll want to see why tonight on 10 news at 11:00. finally tonight an emotional reunion between a man and the person who saved his life. last year nicolas smith went into cardiac arrest and doctors gave him a one percent chance to live. smith beat the odds and credited the first responders who rushed in to help him. today smith had a chance to say thank you to the crews of the sun star paramedics and the clearwater fire department. >> the 9-1-1 operator and pinellas county fire department did an amazing job. if it wasn't for them i would not be standing here today. i would not have kiss my stepdaughter good-bye this morning. >> today the first responders
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they should be awarded each and
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