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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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with a clear winner on the republican side, the democratic race is still too close to call. the world health organization has declared an international emergency over the 'explosive spread' of the zika virus. people against fracking are protesting all over the bay area, raising their voices against ground water pollution and hidden fees. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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presidential race now turns to new hampshire...just a day after the iowa caucuses. while the clear winner...the still too close to call. marlie hall reports from des moines. republicans "jeb
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kasich" are already focused on the next primary on february 9th. both held events in new hampshire on monday night. florida's primary is march 15th. right now, the outbreak of the zika virus is being declared an international emergency! the mosquioto- borne illness is spreading rapidly through latin america and the caribbean. it's linked to a "serious birth defect" that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. so far, people the virus got it while "traveling abroad", in "hillsborough county." world health officials estimate there will be as many as of zika in the americas over the next year. you could earn a information that leads to the arrest of two teens. they cut their way out of a "tampa detention center" and are still on the run. deputies say the pair broke out of the "falkenburg academy" on sunday through a hole cut in a chain link fence. they were both
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theft auto. four employees have been suspended while investigators look into whether they followed protocol. if you have any information, contact crimestoppers or the sheriff's office. time now is . here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. "lumber liquidators" will now have to pay over 13-million dollars in fines and penalties for illegally importing wood! a federal judge also sentenced the company to five years of probation. "lumber liquidators" acknowledged it was guilty of importing wood from forests, home to endangered species, and lying about it. 70-thousand baby food containers are being recalled. the "i-play" "green sprouts glass storage cubes" can break unexpectedly, which could hurt your child. they come in four colors with rubber plastic lids. there are 23- reports of the containers shattering. they were sold at whole foods and at "amazon-dot-com." illegal drone flights are a threat everywhere in the world. now the "dutch national police force" is considering sending in trained eagles to take down rogue crafts!
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use "eagles" to combat drones in situations when it could be too dangerous to use more common interception methods, like "police drones" fitted with nets. they'll decide if they'll adopt the program within a few months. anti-fracking rallies through the weekend, ended in the bay area monday evening. several dozen people turned up to protest a controversial carbon extraction process that many credit for lower energy costs. 10 news reporter jonathan petramala explains what fracking is and why some don't want it in florida. protesting state legislation might seem strange 277 miles from tallahassee. but these anti- fracking activists are only a mile from the one law maker they need to convince. republican tom lee chairs the appropriations committee, where senate bill 318 currently sits. opponents call it pro-fracking legislation. fracking is a process where
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other chemicals are injected into the ground under high pressure, cracking rock and allowing gas and oil to escape to a well at the surface. ground water pollution is opponents biggest concern. a similar fracking bill that has already passed the house would require the dep to study the effects and economic benefits of fracking. but opponents don't want it to get that far, instead stopping it in the senate. in brandon jonathan
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wtsp. we have a poll on dot com. you think about fracking and allowed in florida. no more of your tax dollars for "raymond james stadium that's what the state decided on monday. the team was million more dollars from the construction costs for things like new scoreboards and club seats. but the bucs failed requirements of the application process and they were rejected. if you're looking for a job, there's a 'mega' career fair happening today! thirty-five top companies including coca-cola, walt disney world, and progressive insurance are looking to hire! they will be interviewing at the "george steinbrenner event pavilion" from 10 a-m to 2 p-m. organizers say if you're planning to go bring plenty of copies of your resume and research the companies you're most interested in. you can find more information on wtsp-dot-com. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, all eyes will be on a bill cosby today as he and his lawyers try to get a criminal case against him thrown out.
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the worst home in the best neighborhood. the surprising price this house is going for on the market. it's groundhog day. today thousands will head to western pennsylvania to see punxsutawney phil decide if we get another six weeks of winter. coming up, agents uncovered explosives and weapons inside a tampa home. the accused bomb-maker's anti- government past and the charges he is now facing. and a surprising new diet that satisfies your chick- fil-a cravings! toss to 10 weather
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bobby weather new information
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several "home-made
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uncovered in a tampa man's home, along with grenades, tear gas and guns. accused bomb- maker michael ramos admits to investigators-- he made the pipe bombs for preparedness and protection, saying-- he's unhappy with the government-- and part of a "st. pete militia." we know now a tip from ramos's friend and business partner, led investigators to his home. that home on "north lincoln avenue in tampa, is right by "jesuit high joseph's hospital." news reporter these dangerous home-made bombs - could've been deadly. the pipebombs they found here in this home.. would have exploded... neighbors within 50 feet.. this distance... could have been hurt or killed... that includes this nextdoor neighbor... and the landlord who shared her home with michael ramos. marlene martin has been renting the other half of her house to ramos the past five months. she says he was like
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never knowing the dangerous devices investigators say he's been hiding. this criminal complaint says ramos' boss, kenneth o'neill, spotted a box of pipe bombs with fuses in the 24 year old's bedroom. o'neill knows what the explosive devices look like, because he's been arrested for moving pipe bombs more than a decade ago... and tipped off investigators. ramos admitted he bought most everything he needed to make them online using his girlfriend's credit card. ramos admitted he knew it would kill a neighbor if one went off. o'neill asked ramos why he had the pipe bombs.. proclaimed anti- government militia member said... never know if you might need it." ramos insists to investigators he never intended to hurt anyone.. neighbors know he
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with the pipe bombs, sawed off shot gun, ak47, grenades, tear gas or other explosives found. in tampa, kendra conlon, 10 news, wtsp in an "undercover call with investigators"-- o'neill told ramos-- to get rid of the quote-- "boom booms". ramos said he would, but was scared and didn't know how to dispose of the pipe bombs. he's now facing federal charges. you can read the criminal complaint at wtsp-dot-com." in health news this morning, scientists in britain have been given the go-ahead to genetically modify human embryos. this is the first time a country has approved the d-n-a altering technique. right now, any modified embryos have to be destroyed within 14 days and cannot be implanted in a woman. the goal is to better understand human development, to improve fertility treatments and prevent miscarriages. scientists say it could also lead to treatments for inherited diseases like muscular dystrophy and hiv. but critics warn that tweaking the genetic code this way could eventually lead to
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so we asked you on our facebook page, do you agree with scientists genetically modifying human embryos? it's almost split down the middle. 55 percent of you said "no." you've heard of the low carb diet, atkin's diet, paleo diet, but how about the chik-fil-a diet? to celebrate a healthier new year, the fast-food chain has added a suggestion to its bags. one includes eating smaller meals, like an 8- count pack of their grilled chicken nuggets every three to four hours! the internet has of course gone crazy, weighing in on the suggestion. for the record, the grilled nuggets have 140 calories, and 3 grams of fat per serving. host committees see a mountain of work to make sure the big game is executed flawlessly. 10 news reporter bobby lewis went on the road all over the state to find out what makes hosting the super bowl such a challenge. high above the tampa skyline. rob higgins is hard at work. surrounded by his big-game memories. covered sot rob higgins "this is what
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so it's certainly amazing to get an opportunity to do this and work on these major events for our hometown is truly incredible and we're blessed." his work, along with everyone else at the tampa bay sports commission, is a big reason why tampa gets games like this: nats super bowl national anthem the super bowl is america's biggest event. and it's taken center stage four times in tampa bay. sot higgins "it's so much more than a it's certainly an event that's got tremendous economic impact but it's also got awesome social impact. no matter where it's played. sot michael munz "planning a super bowl is one of the hardest things i think logistically i've ever been involved with and i've been national campaigns and they don't compare.
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with two republican national conventions. they don't compare." nat sot "and i have those people who come back to me who say, 'this was the most phenomenal time that i've ever had with my son. his eyes were just like, and my eyes, too'." rodney barreto grew up in miami and chaired the committees that brought the big game to south beach in 2007 and 2010. sot barreto "i don't think at that time i understood what it has grown to be. even back as early as '89 when we hosted the super bowl, it's grown to something totally different today." the host committee for last year's game estimated the super bowl gave phoenix a d $500 million jolt. leonard levy was the man who helped make tampa first super bowl a reality back in 1984 when marcus allen's los angeles raiders beat joe theisman's washington redskins 38-9. and tampa beat out the rest of the nation for the nfl's top game.
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have a host committee, people who were responsible for certain areas and some of the cities, particularly new orleans, got upset with us because we set a standard that other cities now felt like they had to have a host committee." that sunday night at the old tampa stadium set the stage for tampa to become a destination for some of the biggest events in sports. sot rob higgins i think the super bowl has a lot of responsibility in the way that communities have developed." get this, tampa is finalist for 2019 and 2020 super bowls alongside miami, atlanta and new orleans. coming up, a massive wave knocked a surfer off his board off the coast of maui. swallowing him whole, and it was all caught on video. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, super bowl's greatest commercials 2016. at 10:00, n-c-i-s.
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tumbling 40 feet! talk about a wipeout! tom dosland was knocked off his board during a competition off the coast of maui. amazingly, he walked away with only a stiff neck and a broken board. dosland said that giant wave was like a sea monster rising up out of the ocean. the wave may have knocked him down, but he was back out
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coming up on 10 we have everything you need to know about the iowa caucus. as a massive snowstorm continues to move east, hundreds of flights are being cancelled and people in kansas could expect a few inches of snow by this morning. and super bowl 50 opening night kicked off with a huge production in san jose, california. both teams entertained the crowd with a halftime show in between. whether you have ten minutes or thirty--you'll get everything you need to start your day. we'll see you back here for news,
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