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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's
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i'm allison and i'm ian reitz. spoken, and this morning's caucus winners are republican ted cruz and democrat hillary clinton. 10 news reporter eeric, while cruz topped donald trump by about four victory over sanders was razor thin. yes, in fact, so thin, that when sander's campaign team got to new hampshire in this morning, they were wondering whether or not they should ask for a recount in some areas. being able to declare victory is important. but either way, bernie sanders comes away from iowa with huge momentum. virtually written off as an also-ran a couple of months ago, his grassroots campaign clearly resonated with the people in iowa. and he enters new hampshire with a sizable lead in the polls there. as for the republicans, texas senator ted cruz comes out on top. a lot of folks thought the big turnout in iowa would favor donald trump, but it turns out trump's decision not to appear in that
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her him. cruz comes out on top by about four points, trump in second place. but take a look at third-place just one point behind. florida senator marco rubio. again, not the winner, but scoring a big victory heading into new hampshire. there will likely be a lot of talk today about rubio. there will also be rumblings about jeb bush, but for the opposite reason. bush did not do well in iowa. we will have to see what happens with his campaign at this point. in fourth place, you had ben carson, who denies that he is suspending his campaign. carson is however coming back to florida - not heading directly to new hampshire. but definitely calling it quits at this point? governor mike huckabee, who may recall had won in iowa in 2008. the results in iowa, not just about who won, but who can claim victory, and momentum, heading into new hampshire. in the newsroom, eric glasser 10 news wtsp desk while donald trump may be humble about coming in second place and he remains confident
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indicate he thought otherwise. in december 2013, he tweeted out this quote from a late professional golfer, it reads, "no one remembers who comes in second." the tweet resurfaced monday night after the caucus results. it's a story that will make you outraged this morning. an orlando area daycare director is accused of hitting a child with stuffed animals. we just want to warn you some of the video may be disturbing to watch. the woman is caught on an employee's cell phone striking the victim with what appears to be stuffed animals and her hands. later on in the video, the woman is seen picking the child up and dropping him onto a mat about three feet. the woman says she was only playing with the child. investigators are looking for any other possible victims. she faces charges of child abuse. a 1-point-8 billion dollar expansion to create thousands of jobs, but is it the right move? right now, governor rick scott is putting huge
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lawmakers to expand a huge gambling deal. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at seminole hard rock casino in tampa. sarah, this would mean a second 500- room hotel tower and new meeting center there. plus, you learned more games will be in the works? yes, another hotel, restaurants, retail. the deal would also allowing table games such as roulette and craps at all seven seminole casinos in florida. governor scott and seminole chairman james billie both signed a seven-year compact deal in december, but they need to sweeten the deal to get legislative approval, that's why an expansion plan is now on the table. altogether the expansion at hollywood casino florida locations would create more than 4,800 permanent full-time jobs and more than 14,500 construction jobs. but the seminole's need compact to move forward. the deal scott signed would provide florida $3 billion over seven years in
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on the tribe's competition and other guarantees, including allowing it to operate table games such as roulette and craps at its seven casinos. of course the flip side to that is folks who say we shouldn't expand gaming. a recent study from spectrum gaming group predicted any gambling expansion would draw more than 90 percent of its money from residents, not tourists and also found casinos aren't as popular as they used to be. live in tampa, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp another local city will debate the future of its red light cameras this morning. south pasadena is one of the smallest cities in the region, occupying less than 1 square mile in southwestern pinellas county, but it's cranked out millions of dollars of tickets along pasadena avenue. 10investigates recently showed how the cameras haven't deterred crashes the way the industry touted they would and now, the mayor, and some drivers, want the cameras gone. city council will debate the topic at 9:00 this morning. new this morning.. a state senate committee has approved a bill that
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cameras. the bill would set policies on the use of cameras and storing the footage. right now.. t-p-d is in the middle of a one year pilot program using 60 cameras. people against fracking are making their voices heard all over the bay area. dozens turned up to protest fracking in florida and laws they feel will allow oil companies too much freedom. fracking is a process where water, sand and other chemicals are injected into the ground under high pressure. that cracks rock oil to escape to a well at the surface. supporters say reasons gas prices are so low. but opponents worry about hidden costs to ground water. a fracking bill is in the appropriations committee in the senate. opponents hope it the committee. if you're looking for a job, you'll want to pay attention to this. thirty-five top companies including disney world, and insurance are looking to hire at a today. they will be interviewing at the
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event pavilion from 10 this morning until 2. organizers say if you're planning to go bring plenty of copies of your resume and research the companies that appeal to you. you can find more information and tips on our website, w-t- s-p dot com. the denver broncos and the carolina panthers will take a day off today and then get back to practice on wednesday. they may need the rest after meeting with dozens of reporters. the nfl turned its traditional media day into a prime time opening night to the super bowl. the nfl wanted to take away some of the crazy antics seen in years past but there were still costumes and of course light hearted questions for the players. remember you can catch the super bowl right here on 10 news and c-b-s on sunday. you may not be able to bank on his prediction, but it's still an exciting
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it's groundhog day and all eyes will be on punxsutawney phil. in just a few hours, thousands will meet in western pennsylvania to see the little guy come out of his burrow. if phil sees his shadow, we're in for another six weeks of winter. if not, spring will come early. experts say his prediction is only right about 39 percent of the time. it's a way to stop drones from flying into restricted air space. the unusual method a police department is taking them out of the sky. she may have lost part of her leg during the boston marathon bombing, but that's not stopping her from getting back in the race. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, super bowl's greatest commercials 2016. at 10:00, n-c-i-s. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests david schwimmer and joel osteen. live look at the fog on i-275 southbound at roosevelt
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snowstorm hitting colorado is making for dangerous travel conditions right now. take a look at this video near denver.. this is from a nine vehicle crash in parker which closed the road for a few hours. four people were taken to the hospital for minor to moderate injuries. hundreds of flights in and out of denver have been canceled. bill cosby returns to court this morning in pennsylvania. the comedian's lawyers are trying to get the criminal sex assault case against him thrown out. they claim a former district attorney agreed not to prosecute cosby in exchange for his
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case brought on by his accuser years ago. however, the current prosecutor says he has no evidence of any immunity deal. a tampa man is behind bars this morning after guns, grenades and pipe bombs were found in his home on north lincoln avenue. a friend and co- worker tipped off investigators. investigators say michael ramos admitted that he knew people could be killed or injured if they went off. he told them, he bought them for protection using his girlfriends credit card. this is something you probably haven't seen before...but it's all over facebook. --the dutch national police force is working with a private company to train eagles to recognize drones and take them out of the sky. --police say they'd use them to tackle drones that infringe on air space or get too close to medical-helicopter rescue operations. --also they'd be used in situations where drones pose safety risk to large crowds --the police department will decide in a few months if the
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a woman who lost part of her leg in the boston marathon bombing is returning this april. adrianna haslet- davis says she's running to give back.. raising money for an organization that provides limbs for amputees who can't afford them. adrianna will be the first surviving amputee from the attack to run the entire 26-point-two
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live from pennsylvania where the groundhog will come out soon, celebrations are
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right now, it appears iowa voters has chosen hillary clinton to win the caucus. clinton and bernie sanders were neck and neck in the race. on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz beat out donald trump and florida senator marco rubio held on to a strong third place finish. the focus now shifts to new hampshire.. their caucus is next week. we're on top of a developing story out of plant city this morning where a homicide investigation is underway. police say they got a call about two people having some sort of argument on west baker street. when they arrived they found a 31- year-old jose cazares in the yard. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. right now, police have not said if they have anyone in custody. thousand of jobs could be heading to the state if governor rick scott and the seminole tribe of florida get their way. both are pushing lawmakers to approve a new gaming compact with a nearly two billion
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casinos, including the hard rock in tampa. the compact would provide the state three billion over a seven year time period in exchange for limits on the tribe's competition and other guarantees. if you're shopping for a new cell phone...maybe you'll like this. the hello kitty phone will soon hit store shelves. the feline shaped flip phone offers wi-fi, 3-g connectivity, and bluetooth. it costs about 100 dollars. the hello kitty flip phone will be available in april this year. coming up on 10 news this morning.. marco rubio is waking up with some new rivals following the iowa caucus. what his rise in popularity means for florida. the super bowl is just five days away! we'll take you live to san francisco where media day just wrapped up a few
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. your out-the-door forecast low to mid 60s.
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