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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a dense fog vise industry is in very -- advisory is in effect until 10:00 a.m. >> himes boulevard is shut down. they are doing repairs to the watermain. i-275 mlk in pinellas county. make sure have the low beams on and take it slow. coming up, we'll look at your bay area bridges. good morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. the votes are in from iowa. leading the pack for republicans texas senator ted cruz. >> the race was so close on the
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10 news reporter eric glasser is here with the numbers. there were surprises overnight. >> i think you'll hear talk today about the rumors of people who didn't win but emerge from iowa. clinton edged out sanders by less than a point. she got it. sanders showing momentum. he'll carry that into new hampshire where he has a sizable lead in the polls. as for the republicans, senator ted cruz comes away with the highest number of delegates. donald trump four points behind cruz. look at this. a point behind trump is florida's junior senator marco rubio. because of that trump showing, among what had been undecided iowans marco rubio may be the guy people are talking about today.
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to take our place and do what we must. when i'm elected president of these great united states we'll do our part. >> trump enters new hampshire with a sizable lead in the polls. how will the iowa caucus affect those numbers? not a great night for jeb bush who finished in the lower tier. governor huckabee had such a poor showing he decided to call it quits. ben carson comes home to florida for a fresh set of clothes denying rumors carson was considering a move to suspend his campaign. eric glasser 10 news wtsp. the new hampshire primary is february 9th followed by the nevada and south carolina primaries.
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states will cast their ballots. florida's primaries will march 15th. a homicide investigation is underway in plant city. police got a call of people have an argument on west baker street. then arrived they found a man laying in the yard. bill cosby will be back in a pennsylvania courtroom today. he is expected to ask the judge to throw out his criminal sexual assault case. [ no audio ] >> it is verbal and not in writing. so far no one has shown any paper work. >> cosby is charged with three felony could wants of aggravated indecent assault. if you are heading out west
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hundreds of flights in and out of denver have been canceled because of a massive snow storm. this is video from colorado springs where snow packed roads are making driving dangerous this morning. right now folks in kansas are expecting a foot or so of snow this morning. this is from the northwest corner of kansas. crews spent most of monday putting salt on the roads trying to get ahead of the storm. people are told to stay off the roads until plows can come through. a virginia man is facing 20 years in prison for attacking a passenger and two flight attendants while flying from nashville. he assaulted two flight attendant after he put a woman in a head lock and they tried to retain him. a tampa man is behind bars
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homemade pipe bombs. a.t.f. agents found the explosives inside michael ramose's tampa home. ramose tells agents he made the pipe bombs saying he was unhappy with the government and part of the st. pete malicia. if the explosives would have gone off it could have hurt or killed neighbors within 50 feet. that include his landlord, who shared the home with help. >> he is very nice to me. now i'm shocked. >> he told investigators he bought everything he needed for the bombs online using his girlfriend's credit card. we are days away from superbowl 50. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is joining us live outside of ramond james stadium. we have the college football playoff national championship here next year. law enforcement are already
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>> reporter: they have to. you know how it is at ramond james stadium with all the crowds and security. imagine how it will be at a championship game. i talked with other law enforcement agencies to make sure you are staying safe. because tampa has experience with several superbowls everybody has a good idea how to plan for this. since we have been seeing more terror threats in recent years they'll be using special intelligence to monitor threats. dozens of bomb technicians will be on hand to sweep the area as well as help from local, state and federal levels. >> we'll look at the intelligence and design a plan. how to secure the venue and where to place our people so that way we can respond in a timely and efficient manner. >> reporter: there is also
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dozens of k-9s trained behand signals will be around to check the area for bombs, weapons and anything else that could put you or safety at risk. a.t.f. officials say they feel confident with their plans to keep you safe because of the experience they have with the big events like the one that will be here next year. emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. it is a plan governor rick scott says could bring thousand of jobs to the state. others argue it would cost jobs. governor scott and the seminole tribe of florida are pushing for lawmakers to approve a gaming compact with a $2 billion expansion plan for two tribe casinos, including the hard rock in tampa. it would provide the state $3 billion in exchange for the limits on the tribe's
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yahoo could cut 15% of their work force. company is expected to announce fourth quarter earnings today. layoffs have started. last year. low. there is a disturbing story from orlando where a daycare director is arrested for hitting and dropping a child. a current employee captured it all on camera. that video is at 6:32. it is being called the neighborhood. tag. all this week watch 10 news at 5:30 in the afternoon for your chance to call in and win a $500 gold and diamond gift card. the 10 caller is the winner. good luck! pennsylvania. happy groundhog day. we are waiting for the
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his shadow. we'll see if winter may stick around and spring will come early. we are checking in with our own meteorologist bobby deskins coming up after the break. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes for you. stay with us.
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foggy this morning. want to start with a look at our sky 10 network camera. west in pinellas county. really they can fog here. courtney campbell causeway off memorial highway you can see fog here. so far your drive times aren't getting any slower. that's good news. on the sunshine skyway bridge that's a different story. here. speeds holding on to 65 miles per hour at the hump.
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visibilities are fluctuating. lakeland is coming back up. they are half a mile visibility. watch out for thick patches. looking above that there are no high clouds. that means the sun will get in and burn it off. 9:30 it should lift as a form of clouds and clear out with lots of sunshine by lunchtime. tomorrow upper 70s to low 80s with fog in the morning. thursday there is a cold front with a good chance of rain. that's coming up in less than ten minutes in my full forecast. it is tuesday february 2nd. >> here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. >> looks like we are in a virtual tie. the focus of the presidential campaign turns to new hampshire following last night's iowa caucuses. it is a neck-and-neck race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. on the republican side iowa voters hand a huge victory to
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>> i think it will be a mad house. comedian bill cosby will be back in court today. his lawyers are expected to ask a judge to drop criminal sexual assault charges against him. winter snow storm from new mexico to the great lakes. a massive snow storm is now moving east after heavy snow forced hundreds of flights to be canceled at denver's airport. we have your top news stories every ten minutes. here's a look at the days other headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. city of chicago has had a deadly start to the year. there were 51 homicides in january. that's the most in a month since 2000. police responded to 421 shootings in january. that's more than double from january last year. these new numbers show a shocking spike in violence. bad news for people looking to get around san francisco for
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uber drivers are protesting the company's decision to reduce fares. uber slashed rates by 15% in the city. san francisco is relying on uber to help with the additional traffic in town during the superbowl. today president obama is meeting with republican leaders over his agenda for his last year in office. it is the first meeting he'll be meeting with paul ryan since he was elected speaker in october. how much would the worse home in a neighborhood go for these days. in north ridge, california the answer is $5 million. this three bedroom home has roofs in the ceilings, holes in the shower and dirts and
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the listing agent says someone will see the potential to turn this around. >> it might take four months to turn it around. >> well, it is a home. you can see the potential. anyone hoping to turn this around will have competition. there are already five offers. they'll get a bidding war going and prices will go up. 6:16 is the time. want to get back over to road warrior hilary zalla keeping an eye on traffic in a foggy commute this morning. >> it is so foggy out there. hillsborough county your majors are not any slower than normal. i-75, i-275 and the veterans expressway all looking good. sky 10 network camera shows our worse spots. pinellas county is one of them through st. petersburg. i-275 at martin luther king street is what you are looking at. i drove this into work this morning.
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to our building. that's how bad it is. there. get the low beams on. give yourself plenty of room with the cars in front of you. polk county, lakeland i-4 at polk parkway you can see how thick it is here. you cannot see off in the distance on most of our sky 10 network cameras. i can not show you a lot of out. drive time on polk parkway to i- 75 is 15 minutes into tampa. let's go back to our maps. fhp issued a travel advisory in polk county on polk parkway. ten minutes from bartow road to i-4. sarasota, manatee counties you have a travel advisory from fhp on i-75 and u.s. 301 between i-75 and fruitville road on 301. you are looking at 23 minutes. speeds around 35 miles per hour.
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>> thank you very much. looking at that fog we'll close in. i want to start with the bay area for the bridges. it has gotten a little bit better over the last hour. it moves around. some areas will get better while others will see thicker fog. quarter mile visibility for st. pete and clearwater. half a mile for davis island and tampa. that has improved a little bit. polk county we are seeing improvement from lakeland to bartow with half a mile visibility. that was down to zero earlier. zephyrhills a quarter mile. venice three miles. a mile and a quarter in sarasota. visibility is better in the coastal areas of sarasota. we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. this morning. that's when it will all start to lift up. up above that there is not a lot of cloud cover. the sun will get down and burn that fog off. that happens quickly between
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this is a spot where we are seeing the thickest fog. performing arts hall, that's great visibility. low to mid 60s as you step outside. just like we were yesterday. if that was comfortable, this morning will be comfortable. it will be muggy, of course. roads are wet. windshields will be wet. that's just because of the fog. there is no rain out there. 64 degrees. sun is up at 7:17. let's plan your tuesday. the second of february. the fog through the morning hours. 9:30 it goes from low visibility to mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy in the afternoon. daytime heating. i say heating because we'll go into the low 80s.
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afternoon. fog on land will come back later tonight. we'll do this all over again for tomorrow morning. 81 degrees for a daytime high. boating looks good. we have the red tide for the mouth of the bay tampa bay southward. southeast winds south 5 to 10 knots. the next frontal boundary does not get here until wednesday. mid 60s for lows. when the front gets here, most of the storms will stay north and west. we'll watch it during the day on thursday. this is thursday morning into the afternoon hours. that would give us that chance for one or two thunderstorms. i don't think it is a big deal. for highs. close to 70 by saturday. mainly in the 60s next week. the radio. a push for new gambling
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jobs to the tampa bay area. >> not everyone is in favor of this. we'll talk you live to the seminole hard rock with more coming up at 6:33. superbowl turning 50. pizza hut is adding a golden twist this year. the fog is an issue all across tampa bay. give yourself plenty of time heading out the door this morning. we have more weather and
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travel times on tuesday morning. slower than normal because of the fog in pinellas county. roosevelt boulevard and ulmerton road are delayed. it is taking 20 minutes to i- 275 on ulmerton road. i want to get you a drive time
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we are fixing up traffic on majors. i-275 is a minute delayed from the apex to i-4. speeds holding on to 54 miles per hour. bobby? >> that ride home looks nice this afternoon. bring the sunglasses. we are talking partly cloudy skies. there is a 10% chance of showers. coming out of the low 80s through the 70s. watch for sea fog along the immediate cost starting to reform. big blizzard in nebraska, iowa moving into minneapolis and southern minnesota later today. you can see if you are traveling there will be strong storms along the mississippi. they'll shift eastward tomorrow. it appears hillary clinton may have beaten bernie sanders in the iowa caucus. >> results coming in a couple hours ago. a surprise on the republican side as texas senator ted cruz beat trump 4%. florida senator marco rubio finished a point behind trump. hundreds of flights in and
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canceled because of a massive snow storm in that area. that does include flights in and out of tampa. in colorado springs some areas saw a foot of snowfall in 24- hours. hundreds of slideoff were reported. a man is behind bars after guns, grenades and pipe bombs were found in his tampa home. michael ramos said he purchased weapons for protection. he said he was unhappy with the government and is part of a st. pete malicia. pizza hut is offering a golden opportunity for the superbowl game. the chain is sprinkling $100 of edible gold shavings on top. since the game is being played in the golden state they felt it was appropriate to serve the limited addition meal.
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have a chance to win a golden pizza and a $100 pizza gold card. it is a tradition almost as fun as the superbowl itself. >> the sights and sounds of media day. hop on facebook this this morning.
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still foggy out there. temperature wise it has been comfortable last couple mornings. that includes this morning in the low to mid 60s. the fog will hang out until 9:00 then start to lift. temperatures 61 to 65 degrees going to near 80 degrees today. coming up, i'll take a closer look at the fog and let you know how the weekend forecast is shaping up. i want to start in clearwater. there is an accident just reported on southbound green briar boulevard at belcher road. live from our sky 10 network camera there is an accident on the sunshine skyway bridge blocking the right shoulder going north before the tower. seeing a slow down. fog is thick here. coming up less than ten minutes i'll get you drive times as well as look at the howard frankland bridge and check slowdowns. good tuesday morning to you. thank you for staying was. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. iowans have spoken.
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are ted cruz and hillary clinton. >> while cruz topped donald trump by four points, clinton's victory over sanders was razor thin. >> so thin when the sanders campaign team got off the plane in new hampshire they asked if they should ask for a recount in some areas. bernie sanders comes away from iowa with momentum. he enters new hampshire with a sizable lead in the poll there is. clinton's win in iowa gives her a chance to whittle away at sanders numbers. folks thought a big turnout in iowa would affect donald trump. donald trump's decision not to appear in the last debate may have hurt him. cruz comes out on top. one point behind is florida senator marco rubio. not the winner but scoring a
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hampshire. there will be a lot of talk today about marco rubio. there will be rumbling about jeb bush. but for the opposite reasons. bush did not do well in iowa. in fourth place you have ben carson who has been denying rumors who is suspending his campaign. definitely calling it quits is governor mike huckabee who won iowa in 2008. in the news room eric glasser 10 news wtsp. while donald trump may be place and remains confident he'll win the gop nomination. this old tweet may indicate heaths otherwise. he tweeted no one remembers who come in second. you mad. orlando area daycare director
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the woman is caught on an employee cell phone hitting the victim with stuffed animals and her hands. later in the video the woman is seen picking the child up, dropping him three feet on to a mat. the woman says she was just playing with the child. >> the report says she basically was rough playing. once you view the video it is disturbing. it does not appear that that's the case. >> investigators are looking for any other possible victims. she is facing child abuse charges. a state senate committee approved a bill to better regular lease police body cameras. the bill will set policies on the use of the cameras and storage of the footage. right now tampa police department is on a pilot program. right now governor scott is pushing for a casino expansion. scott says it could create thousands of jobs. critics say not so fast.
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>> reporter: you can come out here and this is a large place. it is set to get larger. let me step out and show you. this is the property of the hard rock over here. hotel. this would add another 500 room hotel tower next to this. to the left of that there is a parking garage. this is where we'll see a huge conference eating room a japanese restaurant and retail stores and a helipad for big executives to land at the seminole hard rock. is this a good deal for florida? we mentioned 5,000 jobs. are those new jobs or ones snagged from other casinos like the derby lane or tampa bay downs? in december government scott signed off on a deal to bring $3 billion to florida over
6:30 am
limits on the tribe's competition. right now several floridians demand we get a vote on this, not just the legislators. across the country casino businesses declined. states are buying out these casino businesses with taxpayer dollars. people in florida say no way that should happen here. others say it is hard to refuse thousands of jobs. another local city will debate the future of the red light cameras this morning. pasadena, one of the smallestties in the region occupying one square mile in southwest pinellas county. it has cranked out millions of dollars of tickets. the cameras haven't stopped crashes the way the industry thought they would. now the member and council members want the cameras gone. the topic will be taken up at a
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dozens turned up to protest fracking on misdemeanor. this is the process where water, sand and other chemicals are injected into the ground under high pressure. supporters say it is one of the reasons gas prices are so low. >> you cannot live on drinking gas. water is life sustaining. >> a fracking bill is in the appropriations committee in the senate. it is a superbowl tradition almost as popular as the game itself. nfl turned its traditional media day into a prime time opening night for the superbowl. >> denver broncos and north carolina took the floor with a half-time show between. jamie was there for all the fun joining us from superbowl city in san francisco. how was the big night? >> reporter: it is a long night.
6:32 am
opening night did not disappoint. we had orange leprechauns, miss universe and hundreds of football fans who showed up for the start of superbowl week. superbowl 50 opening night kicked off with a huge production at the sap center in san jose. denver broncos took center stage first. >> it took me a minute. i didn't know that was a bridge we were on until i got here. >> reporter: the big question, will veteran quarterback peyton manning retire after the big game? he says he doesn't know. then came the carolina panthers. reporters swarmed all 11 booths set up for all the key players and coaches from both teams. when trying to get close to the night's biggest names like quarterback cam newton this is where reports start and try to jockey for positions. >> how fun are you having? >> right now? >> yeah. >> not a lot of fun. >> reporter: the nfl wanted to take away some of the crazy
6:33 am
there were still plenty of costumes and light hearted questions for the players. the broncos vaughn miller was expected to put on a show. >> how did you come up with your look today? >> i walked the locker room and they said here, this is what you are wearing. >> you didn't get to do anything crazy? >> it is a team function. it is about focusing on the teammates and superbowl 50 coming up. >> reporter: a spectacle for the fans who left soaking in the biggest names of football ahead of the biggest game of the year. the teams get today off. some players and coaches will do community events around san francisco or they could do more media. then it is back to practice tomorrow. >> busy week ahead even with the one day off. thank you very much. if you are looking for a job this is something you may
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35 top companies including coca- cola, walt disney and progressive insurance are looking to hire at a megacareer fair today. they'll be interviewing at the event pavillion 10:00 to 2:00. organizers say if you plan to go bring plenty copies of your resume. research the companies that really appeal to you. you can find more information at eagles trained to grab drones out of the sky. coming up, a survivor of the boston marathon bombing is
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i'm doing. just when i think it's just not going to work. comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right?
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would have thought that anyone would find that do that. go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. sunshine skyway bridge i want to start with. there is an accident. as you are heading north before shoulder. we can see brake lights here. it is causing a delay. three cars involved there.
6:37 am
if you are going up into pinellas county on the sunshine skyway. live to sky 10 across the howard frankland bridge. major slow downs passing kennedy boulevard going north. the fog is not helping thing. your drive time is up three minute. that's will get worse. i'll keep an eye on it for you. bobby? >> thank you very much. we have fog that's improving. visibility is getting better. quarter mile to half mile clearwater to st. pete. a mile in sarasota. if you are heading out today and suffer from allergies it will be on the high side. it gets better by thursday. another shot of rain coming up on the weekend. it is never too late to talk about that. saturday looks to be the best day. there could be an isolated shower that day. much better rain chances on saturday. i'll talk about that coming up in ten minute.
6:38 am
i want to show you a massive snow storm hitting colorado. it is making driving conditions difficult. >> this video is from a nine- car crash in parker which closed the roads for hours. hundreds of flights have been canceled from denver. bill cosby returns to a courtroom today in pennsylvania. >> comedian's attorneys are trying to get the sexual assault case against him throw out. they claim a former district attorney agreed not to prosecute cosby in exchange for a deposition in a civil case brought on by his accuser several year-ago. the prosecutor said he has no evidence of an immunity deal. a tampa bay man is behind bars after guns and pipe bombs were found in his home. >> a friend tipped off police. he said he admitted people
6:39 am
he bought them using his girlfriend's credit card. coming up on 6:45 this tuesday morning. this is all over facebook this morning. the dutch national police force is working with a private company to train eagles to recognize drones and take them out of the sky. look at this video. police say they would be used to tackle the drones that infringe on air space or get too close to medical helicopter rescue operations. they say these guys come in handy in situations where the drones pose safety risks to large crowds. this is still in the training process. the department will decide if the program will move forward in the next couple of months. they say their precision is one of the keys to how this program could be successful. >> that is crazy when you see the eagle snatch it out of the air. it seems like it would be safer. this is a really great story to share with you this morning.
6:40 am
bombing is returning this april. adrian davis says she is running to give back. she is raising money for an organization that provides limbs for amputees who can't afford them. >> it will give them a chance to dream big, run and dance and do. don't have a leg. >> she'll be the first surviving amputee from the attack to run the entire 26.2- mile race. now. we are watching this fog. roadways? >> so far a couple accidents as well as more delays than normal. i would say, yes. if you are heading out on i-275 going south from the apex to i- 4 in hillsborough county we are seeing heavier delays than normal. you are down to 13 miles per hour approaching fowler and fletcher. be careful on i-75 and veterans expressway as well as. you are really delayed. i-4 going into downtown tampa. we are seeing congestion. i want to take you to dover. there is an accident that happened. injuries reported here on u.s.
6:41 am
it looks like it is in the westbound direction. as you are heading towards the tampa direction speeds down to 24 miles per hour. you have a lane blocked there. be sure to give yourself some time. pinellas county i'm on top of an accident in clearwater. this is on green briar boulevard south at belcher road. looks like there could be a lane blocked there. we look live from our sky 10 network camera in pinellas county this is i-275 at martin luther king street. you can see how thick the fog is in some areas here. be sure to leave early and then it slow. i definitely was delayed three minutes this morning. at 3:30 a.m. and there is no traffic. with this congestion we are seeing definitely leave early. polk county on polk parkway you have a travel advisory from fhp because of the fog. hour. it is not horrible there. hour. no delays through lakeland
6:42 am
sarasota, manatee counties you are looking okay. our bridges between palmetto and bradenton are slow. 65 miles per hour on i-75. we are not seeing any significant delays so for a heading south to university parkway. if you have any problems on the roads send me an e-mail. i'll your road warrior. that means i'll take care of any traffic problems you have. all you have to do is e-mail a safety issue on the roads. i'll get you some answers. my e-mail is >> thank you very much. we have a dense fog for everyone. not everyone is seeing dense fog at this particular point. most of us are. it gets better. visibility gets better towards manatee and sarasota county. there is still patches of fog there. it is improving for tampa now. three miles visibility. a quarter of a mile for winter
6:43 am
same thing for zephyrhills. crystal river a quarter of a mile improvement. watching the traffic cameras i'm seeing a lot of fog. you can see it on the satellite picture from space. that's dark gray is the cloud deck on the ground. that's what fog is. there it is. we are in the clouds sitting on the ground. this has improved a little bit but not by much. the bridge at sarasota the one of the best spots all morning long. temperature wise low to mid 60s. stepping outside. forecast model, we'll use future cast to track your day hour-by-hour. once the fog is out of here it is a beautiful day. but, that will take through 8:30 to 9:30. at 10:00 the fog will lift. visibilities will get better.
6:44 am
11:00 lots of sunshine breaks out. then we'll go partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. we'll push upper 70s to low 80s. small rain chance in the afternoon hours. only 10%. 60s this morning. 81 this afternoon. coming back down to the 70s this evening. i expect more fog later tonight and tomorrow. that's the forecast for wednesday night into thursday. that's the frontal boundary coming through. that will cool us down. another front will get here late saturday into sunday. this is 5:00 p.m. on saturday. models seeing a lot of rain. i think it is a smaller chance but better chance for rain saturday night into sunday. sunday looks to be foggy. rain chance 60%. i don't see a lot of severe weather threat with this. a couple thunderstorms on thursday. may see a few more on sunday. we'll track that for you. notice the warm early today and tomorrow. enjoy it. 72 on thursday.
6:45 am
those are the warmest days between now and monday. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and ledger. head to the weather section to find the 10 weather forecast. will it be six more weeks of winter or spring coming? >> a live look at punxsatawney, pennsylvania where phil will be making an appearance on this ground hog day. this is a live look for you in tampa. this is near the seminole hard rock casino on orient road. not too bad in this area. we have been showing you live cameras through the show. there are some areas where it is very thick. give yourself extra time. we have another check of your weather and traffic after the
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking.
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drive times are slow out there. howard frankland bridge to kennedy boulevard exit 24 miles per hour. it is taking 30 minutes from apex to i-4. speeds down to 30 miles per hour at fowler and fletcher. veterans expressway 28 minutes from sun coast to the tampa airport. make sure you leave early. this fog is not helping things during rush hour. bobby? >> thank you very much. planner today shows us the same in the 60s through the morning hours until 10:00. have your sunglasses ready. upper 70s to low 80s. if you are traveling the problems are in nebraska, iowa and minneapolis and along the east the mississippi river. texas senator ted cruz beat donald trump. marco rubio held on to a strong third place finish. the focus shifts to new hampshire.
6:48 am
police got a call about two people having an argument on west baker street. they got there and found a 31- year-old in the yard. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. at this point police have not said in anyone is in custody. millions are preparing for a massive snow storm. it is creating quite a mess for drivers in denver. it forces hundreds of flights to be canceled. that storm is moving east through the plains and the midwest later tonight. that is such a mess. it is groundhog day. all eyes will be on punxsatawney phil. >> in western pennsylvania in 30 minutes hundreds are on hand burrow. if he sees his shadow we are in winter. if not spring is said to come early. >> it is clear up there. if all goes right he should see his shadow.
6:49 am
he gets scared from his shadow and goes back in. >> this is a big party they have leading into the big day. >> everyone is bundled up. >> he is only right 39% of the time. that's going to do it for us this morning. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts
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