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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> i'm ian wright. all eyes are on new hampshire phone last night's iowa caucus. many of the candidates flew overnight begin campaigning there this morning. of course that states primary is one week away. one candidate ready in new hampshire escorted marco rubio.
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last night. he was just one percentage point behind all trump taking 23% of the vote. here is what our 10news political or had to say. >> the fact that he was in a% certainly had momentum and that took the other establishment guys in new hampshire by surprise, and that is why they have to put their marbles not only new hampshire but against rubio, because they establishment and that is what iowa has done for him at least for the next seven days. >> ted cruz says one during the opening round of the race he came in first followed by donald trump and of course marco rubio. on the democratic side, the race was extremely close with hillary clinton being declared the apparent winner this morning. >> democrat bernie sanders was already rallying supporters in new hampshire before the sun
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he's protecting a big win there after what he calls it draw in iowa. >> i just got in from iowa, and now i'm going around the world again. >> democrats put the votes nearly 50/50 between sanders and hillary clinton. >> i stand here tonight breathing big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> bob schieffer said the results showed clinton's campaign has problems. >> bernie sanders is a socialist who never sought office has the democrat. this was not a victory for hillary clinton. >> ted cruz one with 20% of the vote but it is the third place finisher that is getting lots of the attention. marco rubio greeted voters in new hampshire after finishing just one point behind second- >> we need to beat hillary
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>> now that donald trump has a big lead in the polls, ted cruz looks to make it big dent in that lead after monday's win. >> the voters voter sent the message that they want ache consistent conservative. >> after poor showingsand i want, republican mike huckabee dropped out of the race. about coming in second but he remains confident he will win the gop competition. this tweet resurfaced monday night after the results. bill cosby appeared in it pennsylvania courtroom a few hours ago. throw out charges about assaulting it woman. this comes despite dozens of accusations over the decade. >> bill cosby was led into the montgomery county courthouse
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assault case against him. an attorney for the 70 a -year-old comedian of the judge just throw out a charge of aggravated indecent assault. in the criminal complaint cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constant at his home into thousand four. his attorney says constant was a willing participant. she settled a civil case against cosby into thousand six in 2006 for an undisclosed sum. cosby's attorneys say his deposition in that case was made after an agreement but then district attorney bruce castor that the former tv star not be prosecuted. in recent months, more than 50 women have made similar claims against cosby, some dating back decades, but this is the first time he has been charged. cosby's attorney called the case political payback of the new d.a. who reopen the case last year. >> a former district attorney says there wasn't enough there.
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but instead, over a decade later, one hot campaign later, we are here. >> bill cosby has been free on $1 million bail since his december arrest. he could could get up to ten years in prison if convicted. >> cosby said he gave quaaludes two young women he wanted to leaders are warning that isis could be expanding its reach. tina krause has more. kerry joins foreign ministers against isis. the conference in rome was aimed at defeating the terror groups. he says islamic state militants have lost 40% of the territory in iraq and 20% in syria. he warned extremists are
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soon get their hands on more oil. >> the last thing in the world you want is a false caliphate with access to millions of dollars. >> the us and it's allies should better train and prepare libyan security forces to defend their country. leaders from 23 nations agreed more must be done to stop isis from planning deadly attacks like those in paris. but they also made it clear that military action against isis in libya is not on the agenda. tina krause, cbs news. >> but us and it's allies are continue to launch airstrikes on both iraq and syria. traffic nightmare in denver this morning. a slow-moving storm made its way into the region late monday night and continue to dump's no one colorado. snow was so bad today that the
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hour. punxsutawney phil. >> possibly some good news as his shadow which means spring is likely to come early. if he had seen his shadow, it would have been six more weeks of winter. right now, a huge new casino's pension project. the governor says it will create thousands of jobs, but critics say not so fast. sarah hollenback shows you what >> this would drastically change the look and feel of the seminal hard rock in tampa. -- seminole hard rock in tampa. about 500 new rooms right next to the existing tower, plus a conference center, new japanese restaurant, and even a helipad. florida? we mentioned thousands of good jobs, 5000 to be exact, but they good question is, are those new
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another local casino? in december governor scott signed off on the deal that would bring $3,000,000,000.2 florida over the next seven years. but he needs legislators to sign off on into. across the country, as casino business assigned state so dependent on revenue are frantically proving more and more game billing to cover -- gambling to cover their losses. some say that just isn't right but others are salivating over the idea of thousands of new jobs right here in tampa. i'm sarah hollenback, 10news take wtsp. iphone. according to nine to five mac, apple is looking at march 15 for an event where they reveal an iphone with a 4-inch screen. teams playing in super bowl 50 of the day off after meeting night.
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up after the break. plus, tampa is gearing up for another big national game next year. and the state building is the key for high school students. and birds versus drones. the places that are training eagles to take them down. and what researchers are saying about stress and young adults and high blood pressure. and as we head into your tuesday afternoon, seems like we are heating things up out there. >> i saw you do they happy dance in the weather room. gorgeous day, sunshine and temperatures near 80 degrees for our forecast. and looking ahead to super bowl sunday, rain chances and we will have more on that in the full forecast. >> sure you join us where your chance to call in and when a $500 gold and diamond source gift card.
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>> young adults who got easily stressed are at greater risk for developing high blood pressure later in life. men who hadn't lower tolerance for stress and broker we had more of a risk of developing high blood pressure. carolina panthers and the denver broncos taking the day off today after media night. super bowl l's opening night kicked off with huge production in santa fe. the broncos took center stage first and the nfl wanted to
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years past but there were still costumes and of course lighthearted questions for the players players. they have the day off today and then back to practice for both teams tomorrow. all around san francisco and san jose, security is tightening up for the big game. the college put football national chapin ship, they play at raymond james stadium next year. you are ready know how at a regular game. imagine how things will be at a championship game? next year, there will be tens of thousands of people here at ray day for the big game, and it's almost going to be as big of a deal as the super bowl so that is why federal agents are already on top.
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that will be out here sniffing around for anything specific. the dogs are specially trained to recognize hand signals and concert areas for chemicals, bombs and weapons, just about anything that can pose a big threat that an officer or agent could not detect on his or her own. >> i placed a little plastic container in the blue can over there by the garbage dumpster. it will send her in a line drills so she can search the area. >> as you can see she goes straight to the trashcan without any hesitation at all, and then she sits to let her handler know that she found something specific. they do feel pretty confident that having a solid security plan in place because of the big events that they've had here in the past. in tampa, emerald tomorrow. >> here's something you don't want to mass. the dutch national police force is working with a private
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out of the sky. police said using them to infringe this is kind of a test program and that department will decide in a few months of it is ago. it could not be enough workers to give up the plumbing construction field so companies are showing hundreds of local high schoolers what they can come push in the industry. right now hundreds of students are checking out the first of its kind, build tampa bay trade show and job fair. it's taking place for another 45 minutes or so. students are meeting with 50 local employers in the building and construction industry. >> we desperately need skilled trades, be it union or nonunion. with the amount of construction we have going on in the city, this is a two billion-dollar
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dollar subject. >> they are expected to go to 1.6 billion in the construction years. >> we are looking ahead to the really great afternoon in the tampa bay area, after we have morning. that includes downtown saint pete. we tended to see more of that. we will also talk about his system impacting us later on in the week and we can see right now some heavy snow falling in iowa and that system is now starting to work its way out. wideout conditions very briefly but now things are starting to improve and they are looking really great across the tampa bay area out ahead of the same system. you can see that heavy snow working towards minnesota, and closer to us, we are looking great.
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past, still dealing with that offshore, and it allows the temperatures to give an nice boost over the last couple hours. and checking in at 80 degrees right now and bartow. 72 in saint pete, and it's cooler, those coastal areas running on the cooler side. where are we headed this afternoon? many of us are likely to hit 80 degrees, so we will get 82 new port richey, it around 80 or 81 in the tampa bay area and 78 this afternoon in sarasota. inland, pretty good, 79 and bartow and 81 in which are hidden similar pattern in place, moist air working its way over the gulf. dew points close to the golf temperatures and that sets us up for another round of see fog developing overnight. through the afternoon, we are looking good, but as early as five or 6:00 we could see some of that
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will also be picking up in our inland spots. we will likely be dealing with some fog tomorrow morning as well. go ahead and plan those commutes accordingly, you may need to get on the roadway earlier. set the alarm clock ten extra minutes early and give yourself a while longer. rain chances will be minimal over the next 24 hours, but what we could see is the couple of stray showers popping up especially south of interstate four and east of interstate 75 but our coverage will be around 10%. we start upping at wednesday night. wednesday morning we get the line of showers and storms starting to work its way through the panhandle. couple of showers out ahead of it and it does look like thursday during the men day hours and evening we will see the most likely shot at getting some hours or maybe even thunderstorms around the tampa bay area. we are also tracking another system after that rolls through that could impact us for the super bowl , and that starts you develop in the western golf on
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bringing rain chances back into our area for super bowl sunday. we are looking at some possible widespread rain chances. once again, thursday and sunday, you will notice that and after today temperatures will head downward and we will be back into the 60's as we had toward the end of the week. you can get the forecast any time, just download our app. we get the latest access to storm tracker ten as well as any alert developing in our area. >> super bowl greats join us in studio today to talk about experiences. also, usf researchers hope that something will unlock the mystery surrounding extinct type of manatee. and, the super bowl 's greatest commercials of 2016. and don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen
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>> it was an epic trip down memory lane of studio ten life. clayton cohosted and reminisced the new york jets earl christy. the story is quite amazing. >> tell us about how that experience was back in the day with super bowl xxx? what is so amazing about that game, and playing a game tomorrow in town and nobody gave us a chance. we were 19-point underdogs. they said we wouldn't even get to get past the 50-yard line. in fact, jill made the guarantee and that was the guarantee that we are going to win the game. my grandmother did know anything about football and she guarantee the victory herself. [laughter] >> that was of course the referring to.
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from four to state fair, find out how one local participant was very involved. >> it's grown a lot over the years but most people think it's just dogs and chickens. the you can do everything from llamas two dogs. >> the fair kicks off on thursday and runs through february 15. tomorrow big game coverage continues with chris archer and paula deen stopping by the show. check this out, usf researchers are doing a 3d scan of a manatee skeleton that has been hanging in the museum of science and industry for years. it was killed off by him as before side this could study it. the sea cow was named after the naturalist who first described the marine mammal in 1641, by 1768, it was extinct.
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at noon, thanks for joining us. we will see you back here at 5:00 and tomorrow morning
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