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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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condoms for middle school and they have no plans to do so. currently florida state law teaches abstinence when teaching sex education and goes on to say -- >> reporter: planned parenthood currently supporting new legislation. it would change the way school district in florida handle sex education. >> if a school district is going to implement any type of curriculum around sexual health they do so in a competent manner. that is age appropriate, again. and it's based on science. >> reporter: and when it comes to handing out condoms she would not say planned parenthood supports it but emphasizes age-appropriate education. jenny dean, 10 news, wtsp. >> it's causing quite a debate on facebook.
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about children. so parents are definitely weighing in. more than 50 comments. many would support a middle school handing out condoms. one mom supports it here. this person agrees. and there's also the other side of the debate. for more resources on teaching your children about sex and sexual go to click "seen on tv." new information about transgender students in sarasota fighting for full rights for all students in the
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we first told you how about using a boy's bathroom on campus while transitioning from a girl to a boy. now the sarasota school board will be considered access equally to locker rooms and include transgender students in the dress codes and other policies. he also wants district representation at this year's lgbt conference. heavy winter weather shut down roads across nebraska. that wet heavy snow as well as the wind really making it difficult to get around. look at that car there. same story in kansas and iowa as that storm moves through the midwest. airlines are waiving fees to change travel plans. hundreds of flights were cancelled today. southern states from louisiana to alabama could also see severe weather and tornadoes as the system is moving across the country.
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about storm damage closer to home. governor rick scott is asking for federal help for several counties if approved he will be able to -- they will be able to apply for low interest loans to help with the damage by the recent tornadoes. get our app so you can get instant alerts. it's free at the app store. the fbi is now getting into the flint water crisis. federal agents will work with the epa to investigate if anyone broke federal laws. the michigan governor apologized for the state's role in the crisis. on top of that local and federal officials resigned from their jobs. since doctors first started to warn about elevated lead levels in water. the team investigating hasn't said whether they will file criminal or civil charges once their job is done. developing tonight, bill cosby's lawyers are fighting to get sexual assault charges against cosby dropped. the legendary comedian was in court today, dennis craig shows you cosby's attorneys say a
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>> reporter: bill cosby's appearance in the montgomery county courthouse was his first since his december arrest for aggravated indecent assault. cosby and his attorneys want to throw out the charge because of a deal made with the former district attorney. in the criminal complaint cosby accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constance in his home in 2004. his attorneys say she was a willing participant. she filed a civil case in 2006 for an undisclosed sum. cosby's attorneys say the deposition in that case was made after an agreement with the then-district attorney that the former tv star not be prosecuted. he testified he found inconsistencies with her statements and chose not to statement. and that her best chance for justice he believed would be in a civil case. cosby said nothing to the media
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and collected during tuesday's hearing. cosby's attorney accused of new district attorney of reopening the case for political gain. >> the florida district attorney, there was not enough there, it was a civil matter but instead over a decade later, for here. >> reporter: bill cosby has been free on $1 million bail, could get up to 10 years in prison if convicted. also in california, a model drops her lawsuit accusing cosby of assault and drugging her at the "playboy" mansion. your choice 2016. both parties upset after the iowa caucuses. the democratic party announced that hillary clinton did beat bernie sanders, so close and a a few precincts -- it came
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the vote was split 50/50 and separated by a third of a percent. that means they will split iowa's nominating delegates 22- 21. that even split is surprising when you look at how much money the campaigns used. on the republican side ted cruz is moving on to new hampshire with plenty of momentum. he came out more than three points ahead of donald trump and less than a point behind trump and marco rubio. that is a strong third-place showing for the first term senator from florida. now all eyes on new hampshire and the narrowing republican field. the marco rivera is looking at what is next for the campaign. >> reporter: to show you how close marco rubio was to
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this, he was about a percentage point off there and only 2,200 votes off and he would have beaten trump. what does this mean for the rubio campaign? >> he certainly has momentum and the other guys, establishment guys, i'm sure it took them by surprise. >> reporter: you have to get from iowa to new hampshire and jockey for position with trump and cruz but marco rubio has to survive the cadre of governors in jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich who are going to fight hard. what do you think? >> here where folks like to talk politics over lunch everyone was gung ho trump. today? >> rubio is my man. >> i like rubio. >> rubio fan for a while now. >> reporter: the story behind
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strong showing in iowa rubio is facing an uphill battle because -- >> as he heads to new hampshire and south carolina and nevada, if he does not achieve third place in any of those places then he gets knocked out of those situations. at that point in time he will have lost all momentum. >> reporter: right now i'm working on a story to show you how your vote counts now more than ever and not just in the general election. >> there may not be enough workers to keep with the booming construction field. so today several companies are telling high school students from several counties what they can accomplish in the industry. amalie arena had a jobs fair and students met many local employees from the construction and building industry. someone threw out a litter of puppies. >> thankfully the little guys
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we'll tell you how they are doing and web they will be able to find loving forever homes. >> early spring or more winter? doesn't make much of a difference in florida. you know that. so why is groundhog day such a big deal? >> it's a very warm day here, 80 degrees, we're going to talk about how many more days you'll weather. and rain gear needed too. >> as we head to break, taking a live look outside, i-275 at tampa end of the howard frankland. it looks pretty wide open. wish i could say the same about i-4 and hillsborough avenue. a backup there. don't forget whenever you need
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l ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast! >> you heard him there. spring is coming early this year. according to the groundhog punxsutawney phil. at gobbler's nob. he did not see his shadow, that means parts of the country dealing with snow and freezing temperatures? won't have to deal with six more weeks of winter. that is the official meteorological definition.
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talking. >> do you trust the groundhog? >> we're going to answer why a rodent is talking about weather in the first place. rare. 1887 punxsutawney phil only missed his shadow 17 times. that is compared to more than winter. we should point out when you compare that to the actual temperature trends over the years the groundhog is only right about 40% of the time. >> that is shocking. >> if groundhog day doesn't mean much we're digging deep near why it's a big deal. it really is. a big part of the answer is it's fun. it's tradition. groundhog day is based on an ancient european celebration marking the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.
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saw the shadow there would be six more weeks of winter. cities around the country have their own weather rodents. in atlanta his name is beauregard lee. he made the same prediction at phil this year. the groundhog at the staten island zoo did not see his shadow either. they are all on the same page. >> maybe they are on to something. >> in sun prairie, wisconsin the groundhog made his prediction -- remember this last year? he bit the mayor's ear? >> yeah. >> they did not want a repeat. >> clearly, i know he's meteorologically advanced, this groundhog. do you agree with him?
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could be yes, could be no. i will take the odds. >> it feels like more than spring already out there. >> it's very humid and toasty out there. ahead of a cold front we're tracking, that is a look at it there. we're going to see if -- it during the day thursday. it will be likely stormy for thursday. let's start with a look at a very nice beginning to the evening. with partly cloudy skies. at the airport very comfortable, temperatures in the 80s, currently we're seeing low 80s, very 80s common over most of the bay area tonight. looking at the forecast on stormtracker 10, we're starting the evening mild and muggy. temperatures have been in the upper 70s and low 80s.
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forecasted around 81 and we got to 82. so very warm indeed but not a record, record was 84 as we were seeing around winter haven, only polk county temperature is that hot. everyone else has been around 81, 83 for highs today. 77 sarasota. and although nice and quiet to begin the evening i'm going to be watching here, you can see a hint of sea fog out in the gulf. warm dew points in the upper 60s and low 70s are going to roll back in around sunset. so just like you dealt with this morning that fog thick in many areas around midnight. we are looking for that developing again ahead of this storm complex that we're tracking for you thursday. the main low with this is up around areas of missouri, iowa and also nebraska, so if that low were tracking farther south
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severe weather here. as we get into thursday with enhanced mist over missouri and alabama only scattered showers and storms expected in our state. much better setup honestly for us in the sunshine state as that front pushes to the north. colder air behind it really sharp cold drop in temperatures will be areas around georgia and tennessee. we'll bring down the temperatures a little bit. better setup as we go into the system, it will bring patchy dense fog. we'll start on the guideline coastlines and in the bay first. wouldn't be surprised if we have a fog advisory issued. at 11:00 there's a possibility -- we're going to start the
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we start at 4:30 a.m. this should be the last day we're this warm for a while so if you enjoyed the 70s and 80s today's the last day you're going to see the changes. your thursday outlook, don't miss its in the 5:30 half-hour we'll take you hour by hour with the frontal system and the types of storms we're expecting. at 5:30. also at 5:30. your chance to win, we're giving you a shot at calling in to win a $500 golden diamond source gift card. have your phone ready. if you wonder what happens to the unwanted gifts that get returned? we have the answer. millions of returned items just go back in store shelves, many end up in liquidator warehouses. overall it cost companies $260
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makes the return business big business. restocking items can cost stores too much. >> often the retailers liquidate them for pennies on the dollar or in some cases throwing them away in landfills just because it's more cost effective. >> some companies also sell returned goods on-line for a steep discount. 10 news showed you a pinellas park business that cashes in on the returns. go to and click seen on tv to learn more. >> a warning tonight about the zika virus. all new at 5:30 -- the cdc now confirmed the first case not transmitted directly from a mosquito. what you need to know so you don't get sick. >> when you think of florida you think of miami, orlando and tampa. we're the other florida. >> we go on the road for a look back at a disastrous super bowl.
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sacrifice and gets the gift in return. see the joy that she hears, her boy's heart beating in another child. for the first time. coming up next. at 5:30.
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here's a look at what is coming up tonight on cbs 10 news at 8:00. super bowl greatest commercials. i love this. followed by "ncis" at 10:00. and join us for 10 news at 11:00. tonight's guests include
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two tech students in jail, facing charges in the death of a 13-year-old girl. virginia tech. world -- the results of an autopsy could be weeks but so far what investigators think happened -- nicole lovell, they say she was stabbed the same day she disappeared from her home last week. >> there have been all the headlines and bad negative things. i would like to see her as we did as such a beautiful, sweet, loving child. >> investigators say david eisenhower, a track star from maryland murdered the young girl. they say he met her on-line not long before she died. natalie keepers is charged with helping eisenhower get rid of the body. both suspects will be back in court later this month. investigators are working on a motive.
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a new way to keep drones from causing dangerous -- a police force in the netherlands teaching eagles to grab drones out of the sky. watch this. there it goes. police say they would only go after drones that got too close or otherwise caused other problems. they say the eagles have no problems taking down drones wild. we're tracking zika. a new travel warning. plus a recent case near here. >> the tale of two quarterbacks.
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