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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what's being done to keep up with demand. >> -- >> reporter: when you ask a student why they picked this career. >> i'm going to call the doctor, and get the id started. >> reporter: it usually is, -- >> i love helping keep -- people. and no matter where i go i will have a good job. >> reporter: she is right there is a nursing shortage, 1 million nurses are needed by 2022. >> it is a real problem.>> reporter: they started aggressively recruiting hard 150 nurses to keep up with turnover. >> our work is not done, this is ongoing.>> reporter: they estimate 40% of its nurses will retire within the next 10 years leaving employers battling to hire and keep the best. >> we need on a regular basis, and we need to look at all of
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are struck the struggling providing clinical experience is difficult. >> hiding qualified faculty to meet the needs. >> reporter: they have for faculty positions open. getting into a program like this one at the state college of florida is competitive>> it's very competitive, i had a 3.8 i took -- it took me two tries.>> reporter: she had to become an lpn to get in. >> real-life scenarios, so we can deal with the patient in real life. 4 in sarasota, isabel mascarenas 10news. >> if you are someone you know is interested, take a look at the recruiting policies at . developing right now the florida supreme court is death row inmate. attorneys for michael
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delayed. they say they should figure out how to apply the death penalty system is flawed. it allows judges to decide death sentences not juries. his execution would have been the first since that ruling. a health alert for you, a new case of zika virus in hillsborough county. the department of health says that all the cases were contracted abroad, the mosquito borne illness is linked to birth defects and is spreading rapidly. 6 pm, a local organization helping individuals recover from drug and alcohol abuse have lost $1 million in funding. the men center in bartow is just outside of the polk county jail. the county has been supporting it for the next five years but today, that relationship ended.
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marcus grayson is digging deeper to what will happen to those who depended on the centers that change their lives. >> reporter: at the men center of many clients are ordered to get help from holton because they struggle with addiction and lack life skills. >> i sold everything in my house for my drug of choice. >> reporter: many of the women say they were addicted to drugs and were prostitutes. >> they would let me try different.>> reporter: they have now received $6 million and are expecting another million dollars this year. but commissioners voted to cut ties and end the contract immediately. >> we provided a service to the county, and they didn't agree with the way that we were spending their money. >> reporter: he's talking about an investigation into how the organization was using the county funding. they found multiple issues including, lack of private fundraising, and safety
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program. commissioner george lindsey said it was easy for him to end the contract with them now. he said the hard part of the decision is that he realizes the impact that this will make on those that they serve.>> to meet the personal responsibility for those clients. >> when you cut one of them, he worked farther in reverse of a need in a demographic. >> reporter: these women say the real people are those dealing with addiction. >> it just teaches you, that they won't get anything. >> reporter: marcus grayson 10news. >> they have 60 days to relocate clients to other counseling agencies. they say it is not closing but future clients will have to take a different path to receive their services. it's your choice 2016 in just a few hours ago it became official, hillary clinton eked
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wonder if your boat crowds -- if your vote counts? they proved it in iowa. you have a chance to make a difference more than now -- now more than ever. >> this is the final result, hillary clinton living the day with .2% in iowa. what does that mean? it's a difference of 342 iowans standing with clinton over bernie sanders.>> bob buckhorn will be campaigning for clinton shows that this vote that you are vote matters. >> we knew sanders would be closing hard, he put of a great fight, she one, he has a good lead in new hampshire. we are going to do the best that we can to be competitive. and then we will come down south.>> even on the republican side, about 2200 votes separated donald trump and marco rubio.
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story, not just on the democratic side, but on the republican side as well it comes down to very slim margins. >> and that's why people in voters need to pay attention, and they need to get to the polls. they do not show up, the candidate of their choice may not win. >> the democrats proved in iowa, and you can expect another big fight right here in florida when the primary is on march 15. 10news wtsp. we want to show you what's next, on february 9 a new hampshire primary followed by nevada in south carolina. march 1 that is super tuesday, 14 states will take part. our primary is march 14. you can follow the race all at just click on politics on the left side of your screen. help could be coming to communities torn apart by a
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they are asking them to make the physical disaster declaration. it means low interest loans would be available for qualify. it will let you know when the administration makes a final decision. county by county the city repealed is panhandling laws in response to an aclu lawsuit calling it unconstitutional. under the former law, if you write an atm no one can solicit to you, a new version also will allow that. some forms will be banned including asking for money from anyone sitting inside a sidewalk cafi,. or at a city parking lot. a small city is closer to ditching its red light cameras, they are less than 1 mi.2, but they have millions of dollars they investigate and they found that they are going to put the contract renewal to a vote next tuesday he will let you know what happens.
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alike. that's why they are undergoing training to help every caller from those who are suicidal, to those suffering from mental illness. >> the one the officers to have knowledge before they get there, of how this person will react. we want to know if they have access to weapons, that's a huge thing we want to know. especially, if they are saying that they are suicidal. if they are planning on committing it were doing suicide by cop. >> today, they learn how to recognize mental illness and how to best handle a crisis situation. the training is designed to keep the caller in law enforcement as safe as possible. the key to learning about an extinct manatee species could be flying high inside the self-portrait researchers skeleton hanging in a museum. it is the bone of a sea cow
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>> imagine, you are a sailor on the north pacific in there is these blobs of fat from no human. they did it and they killed them all. >> now, they can learn about the extinct species in new ways and use the same technology to study other other -- study
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tonight on 10news, something special. at 8 pm it is the greatest super bowl commercial. it's my favorite.
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join us for 10news at 11 pm. tonight's guests include amy schliemann. the florida fish and wildlife commission just added its new it k9 -- newest k9 recruit. >> is a two-year-old yellow ab that is -- lab that sniffs out contraband. casey tenley shows you why her bad behavior might save your life. >> reporter: dogs like chaos don't get rewarded with play like this until their work is done. >> this is his paycheck. >> reporter: whether it's tracking a suspect or finding evidence. >> search it up, down. >> reporter: joe says chaos was being trained to be a guide dog but his behavior was not a fit. >> we can train them and use them, most dogs are bred to do work, a dog like that works perfect for our agency.
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donated from citrus and in both count -- animal county services. it would possibly have led to his euthanize asian because of attitude. they are extremely hypercom the owner -- they are extremely hyper, the owner could not care for them. >> reporter: he said those are the characteristics he wants, because those dogs are not trained for the same job as police dogs that can cost between $5000 in $10,000 per >> i last dog came out of the pound. >> reporter: they will be heading for training.>> they will be looking for wildlife such as snakes. >> reporter: he sat -- he has saved a dog over the last few years. >> i let them know, that they are rescued for a reason, and they do repay you. >> reporter: and repay the
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10news. here is the best news, for some reason if he doesn't work out he will be rehomed and never go back to the animal shelter. you can see moore's photos -- you can see more photos at it's like night and day we went from cold to this. >> it's almost like summertime. >> usually, when it gets hot and sticky that means if a storm system. this is fuel to feed the storms. this is going to be another round of severe weather just north. and in the next 24 hours, will it make it here? we will layup that forecast for you. tornado watches are all ready up and around areas just west of the panhandle, he will dive into more of those in a moment.
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fog, boy, was it thick. early this morning, between midnight and 6 am, we had some of the most thick fog i have seen run pockets of the bay area in 15 years. now some causes evening are making for a lovely start to the evening. but, it is very warm, as you know we made 82 for our high temperature today. even a little warmer than yesterday wet -- at 78. clouds over hillsborough county, and around tampa international airport and, a very fine start to the evening although, 82 was our high temperature in tampa the warm spot winterhaven at 84 degrees, as we go through your evening, it's a t-shirt and shorts kind of evening. fog can building, test can build
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sheets that keep -- heat stress then we have had. this should start building back into the bay as we start going to the next couple of hours. when we see you at 11 pm, there is a chance we could be tracking some sea fog, as early as 11 pm the definitely as we go through the overnight hours. i would not be surprised to see fog advisory, like we had this morning. there is a cold front ringing changes in the form of rain. and in thursday's forecast, it is arctic prompting tornado watches. from kentucky in southern illinois all the way down to the gulf coast, just to the west of pensacola, you can still see some very warm and muggy air. from 60s and 70s to areas of jackson mississippi to nashville to tennessee. that's going to take a couple of days to slide east.
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expecting to stay -- i am expecting it to stay north. we will bring high temperatures down in the days ahead. as we look at your fog forecast, one more day at the very least, it could see two more mornings after this fog free early morning drive. maybe a morning would advise another good half hour before you head out the door, might be a very smart thing to set the alarm and give yourself some lead time. i will likely be around middle morning tomorrow before it gets out of here. we will see hour by hour forecast one more day where we are looking for highs in the upper 70s with variable clouds and is fog lifts out, partly sunny in partly cloudy skies. the storm system itself does not arrive until thursday for us in the bay area. in the main low that's driving all of this weather, it looks
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tennessee. with it being that nasty weather will likely stay to our north. so, we are mainly looking for just showers. by the time we sit thursday and early friday, there will be a chance of widespread showers. you can see again, no major cold blasts of their and that
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wanted to bring awareness because of that, but i didn't want to just be labeled a black quarterback. >> speak of quarterbacks, johnny manziel days look like they are about over. they said they will release him when the new nfl year begins in march. the browns would not confirm that, the new head coach hugh jackson authorities said he is not that underpin. -- fond of him. take a look at this, the mayor taking a little hokey? no, he just did a first shot at
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the city of tampa invested $740,000 in renovations. >> i don't know that we have a choice. we own it, we have to maintain it, with to keep a productive, there are so many courses out there that we compete with and that if we let this thing go to pot, if you will, it will only hurt us. >> nascar driver tony stewart is in the hospital but the daytona 500 he suffered a back injury not on the track, no one on his team had anymore injuries -- details than that. a new statue will be catching your eye, the 25 foot tall her trees -- hercules statue will be going up in clearwater. it took world renowned spanish off -- artists to complete it. it's called union of the world and weighs over 8 tons.
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it brings a message. we all want to see a piece. >> it certainly makes a statement. we should point out that it's the largest mythical brown statue that the tutors that features hercules. they are working on a buddha statue, it will be 3 1/2 times larger than the statue of liberty. don't you dream about being hercules? that's it for us, we will see
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