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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it's now transmitted through sex. the number of victims multiplying by the seconds. >> becoming more of an issue. >> a new zika case right here in tampa bay tonight. >> good evening. i'm reginald round tree go and i'm deon lim. zika is spreading explosively. to give you an idea of how much and how fast, last may, an alert went out for a confirmed case in brazil now, there are more than a million case there is and 28 countries and territories are dealing with the zika crisis. just today, there are six new cases in from a florida. 10 news reporter courtney robinson joins us live with the
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>> reporter: again, every time walk out the door here in florida, there is a good chance you will be bit by a mosquito. while there are no reports of zika being transmitted by a mosquito here, there is a new concern tonight. , this bug spray, won't protect you. two confirmed cases of zika virus in hillsboro county. 30 in the entire country. until now, all had been infected while traveling through zika-infected countries. >> this residents had not traveled outside of the town or country for that matter and was exposed to someone who had been in the tropical region where the virus had been circulated. how did they get zika if they had not left texas? sex. >> the overwhelming way that zika spreads is from mosquitoes >> reporter: for most patients, didn't feel like much.
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was wrong until a blood test confirmed zika. i saw this rash on my skin and i thought it was rash. >> reporter: but for pregnant women, the defects are different. because adults don't realize they have zika, for moms to be, that's too late. now that it's sexually transmitted. >> many people don't have symptoms. this is a game changer. we have to be prepared as a nation. >> reporter: you are more likely to catch west nile or even malaria before zika. and the mosquitoes that carry zika, they don't like winter weather but, here in the bay area, we are at nearly 80 degrees today. live from st. pete, courtney robinson, 10 news, wtsp the c.d.c.
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warnings to the countries with high infection rate. for those, go to right now, to a system that is spawning some very powerful tornadoes. this massive and extremely dangerous tornado in western alabama. storm chasers there captured the large twister. we are told that homes have been damaged, trees toppled and power lines knocked down. the national weather service reports that seven tornadoes have been reported in mississippi andalabama. right now, it is unknown if there have been any injuries. and the new hampshire primaries are a week away. the candidates are blanketing the state with appearances >> we need to take power out of washington and back to we the people. >> i don't think we'll feel any pressure.
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>> i think we get a chance to unify this party. this is important. we can't win if the party is divided and not growing >> reporter: on the democratic side, the hillary clinton campaign has more to do trying to attract younger voters. bernie sanders is expected to do well on his new england home turf. new england voters cast their ballot next tuesday. investigators are still trying it figure out who abandoned a box of puppies could have had in mainge. someone spotted them on the road and brought them to the humane society of tampa. the pups are extremely emaciated. they expect to be ready to find new homes in. in the meantime , if you want to help in their care, you can go to and criminals who commit a crime and even kill as kids
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the supreme court said yes. there is a distinction between adults and children. >> it enforces florida's 2014 decision to review the cases of teen killers spending life in prison. tonight, 10 news reporter karen conlon shows the impact it has on criminals and their families. >> i think he does belong in prison. >> reporter: ann ma moon says that her sister's attacker is where he needs to be, hyped bars. he was 16 when he badly beat and raped his young sister. she still can't walk or talk will. >> she has no choice. she has received a life sentence >> reporter: court record show that in two weeks, the family and state will have to fight to keep morris locked up. he is getting a new hearing after the court rules that his
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attack and rape and armed robbery of a daycare worker are too harsh, not giving the young criminal a chance to mature or be rehabilitated. >> being young does not mean that you don't know the difference between right and wrong. >> the supreme court says that to give them no parole unless there is a chance that they are doomed to life of crime. >> a judge upheld lindsey's life sentence. but flanagan will now be eligible for parole one day >> it's very difficult to be a judge and risking the life on a compulsive thing that you have done, a very stupid thing that you have done as juvenile. >> the victim was stabbed to death after riding his bike down the street. the 16-year-old killer is one
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alone, awaiting a hearing. 10 news, wtsp. flanagan says that defense teams will argue that factors like a teen's development, their upbringing or how they behave in prison should i am pack the length of their sentence. time now for headline airport nation and the world. this is your 60-second scan. two top military leader says that now that combat jobs are open to women, they should all have to register for the draft. the top army and marine general told the committee they'll take up to three years before combat posts are fully integrated. they say that the military will not lower standards to bring women into the more grueling jobs. a salmonella outbreak reaching nine states are business linked to protein shakes. the c.d.c. says that raw meals, organic shake and meal products have made 11 people sick and at least one person has been hospitalized. the products were distributed nationwide. the company issued a a voluntary recall but the c.d.c.
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online sites are still selling the shakes. a crook picks a wrong gas station to rob. surveillance video from brevard county votes suspect pointing a gun at the clerk demanding money but the clerk, a military veteran, decided to fight back. >> whooo. >> you can see the two struggle over the weapon. the clerk wrestled the gun away and the robber ran out of the store and got into a goataway car. health crisis, one million nurses are needed nationwide by 2022. sarasota memorial hospital started aggressively recruiting last year, hiring 160 nurses to keep up with the turnover. >> serious enough that we meet on a regular basis and review our numbers and look at all of ourstrategies. >> listen to this. sarasota memorial estimates that 30% of its nurse also retire within the next ten years. nursing schools are also struggling to find qualified faculty and to provide students with clinical experience.
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interested in becoming a nurse, we posted more information at still to come, do you watch the super bowl for the game or the ad? how companies are looking to store from your clicks post game. >> don't drink if you are not on birth control. the latest report ahead. i didn't have no friends. >> see who went the tracks mile to put a smile on this little boy's face. visibility is okay currently but between now and midnight, we'll likely see patchy fog develop. that should build in overnight.
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this is an eye opening recommendation tonight for women from the centers for disease control. >> yeah, new study reports that women between 15 and 44 should avoid alcohol unless they are using contraceptives. the c.d.c. is trying to cut down on the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. half the pregnancies in the u.s. are unplanned and the
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says that alcohol-related pregnancies cost. some companies are taking a gamble choosing to inspire rather than sell you a product. courtney robinson takes a closer look at the advertising game. >> hold your breath. >> 30 seconds. suntrust is shelling out serious cash during super bowl in hopes that you will think big. >> it's about the punches and movement. >> the super bowl ad will kick up it onward and upward movement, giving you the fools to health suntrust ceo alan brinkman. >> it will hit people in the right place. i want to prepare my financial well-being. >> millions on a 30 second ad that is not meant to sell you but inspire change? >> hold your breath. >> that's a gamble, according to advertising and social media expert kelly burns. >> any time that people feel good and inspired when they watch your advertising, that can lead to good feelings about
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>> suntrust is not the first company to turn to what's called inspirational advertising. >> are you ready now? >> we see it from mattel. dove with its real widey campaign and remember this? always like a girl debuted during last year's super bowl and stole the show. burn said that the campaigns, companies are trying to tap into the staple story telling -- the same story telling that you see on social media, uplifting, real stories that you share. >> these inspiration ads take it to another level where you think, how can i live a better life and be a better person? >> don't be fooled. no matter how inspirational or tear jerks companies are trying to get, they are still trying to sell you products. >> definitely.
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and you always remember them. >> you have to fight to get people's attention these days. >> you have to. >> if you would like to get a look at the ads before the big game, go to our website at a rare sight in cape coral. >> a 12-foot crocodile showed up at an apartment complex. >> one of our neighbors was standing outside and said, hey, we have a crocodile down here at the beach. >> i said no. i've been here since july. i have not seen an alligator. [ laughter ]. >> again, this is a croc. take a look at the nose. that's pointy. gators have rounded nose. many who live in the community have never seen a croc before. wildlife animals did not come out to take the croc. but it did have a tag on it which means that officers likely encountered this before.
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in time for 10 weather. you have opinion warning us about this fog. it was thick this morning. >> yeah. >> we expect the same? >> yeah. it built in quickly. it developed offshores. it we'll see pretty slow commute. last night, we talked about a good morning to set the alarm clock about a half hour early. we are likely going to see the same thing again. this is a little bit earlier. low clouds. we were tracking those. they have cleared out. here is a live look right now as we are watching. haze and fog starts building in off the gulf. this is a look at tampa international. high of 82 degrees today. record was 84. hot spot at 85 this afternoon. we have one more warm day before we start to see cooler temperatures come back into the forecast. seasonal high, by the way, 71 degrees.
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visibility, everything is just fine. checking in around 9 or 10 miles visibility which is about the limit of the sensors. we are finding temperatures, as you have taken the pets out recently or were outside yourself, warm and muggy. we will not change much from those current readings right now. what we will at daybreak. what we are seeing, not expanding, that's the sea fog. we are already starting to notice that at citrus,pasco, hernando counties. the low that we talked about at the top of the newscast, or the video that you saw from the tornadoes in alabama producing snow and all kind of winter weather watches and advisories up from nebraska all the way to the great lakes. in fact, here, all the weather
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it starts in the rockies earlier this morning. it stretches all the way to the great lakes. wind reports, even some hail being reported over areas of ohio, michigan and northern indiana. and then, of course, the south end of this, there have been tornado watches and tornado reports with damage in portions of alabama and mississippi. started at about 4:00 this afternoon and has been going on. here, look at those reports through the afternoon. ramped up about 4:00, our time. and then we saw this slide eastward. it's been a busy night in western and northern alabama. it's the same system that we are tracking to come our way for thursday. rain chances, the main low that we are tracking overmissouri is not diving father south. it will drag across the southern states.
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of after seeing a few bad systems, that's what we want to see. temperatures in the low 70s. looking for sea fog. look at that. building in around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 am into the bay and over land, too, where visibility starts to drop below 30 miles and then two miles and some places will likely settle in very, very quickly. a dense fog advisory, i would expect, will be the case when you wake up and, remember, we start tracking at 4:30 a.m. we'll continue this morning with a look at not only the fog but how to get around it if there are any roads that you want to get ahead of that fog building. tomorrow, last day where the temperatures will be in the upper 70s and low 80s. and then we'll start to not -- to modify the temperatures a little bit. 85 degrees areas around spring,
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st. pete. 78 in bradenton. lakeland and sebring. and behind that warm day might be a little patchy fog again thursday morning but there is the weather story. it's the rain and storms that come across the gulf and that will bring a chance of decent scattered showers, about an 80% coverage as we go into the forecast for the second half of the day thursday and we look for a light chop on the bay. by the way, if you live by the water, chops around two feet. high tide at 12:20. a couple of days where we'll look at reported highs thanks to the cold front kicking in. about an 880% coverage on thursday and second half of the week, another wave of rain as storms coming your way. check the news app any time you want to. lightning back on the ice tomorrow. there is golf to be played again at one of tampa's favorite courses cam newton talking about
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talk about. and john elway goes back in time to some his greatest
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okay. let's gets going with hockey here. the five-day vick for the lightning ended today. they were back on the ice. they started the playoff push, the final 33 games. the season. they are coming off a great 1-0 win against toronto. tomorrow night, detroit comes to town. the bolts and wings are tied for second place in the atlantic with boston their rival.
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tone for the second half. >> with us being so close in the standings, we play in the playoff spot there, i think it will be good to get momentum from that game going forward. >> super bowl today. we all know that cam newton opened the door to a discussion of race when he said last week that people are scared of a black quarterback with a big personality. he backed off that comment a little bit but the questions persist. >> this game is bigger than black, white or even green. so i think we limit ourselves when you just label ourselves black, this, that. i wanted to bring awareness because of that. but, yeah, i don't think i should be labeled as just a black quarterback because it's bigger things in the sport that need to be accomplished. >> and with the denver broncos still with the team after 16 years as a player, it's john elway. memorable moments en route to closing out his career with two super bowl titles. he is the gm now. actually, always seemed reluctant to talk about his career.
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>> not only peyton but this whole football team is in it, too. that's the mentality of this team. that's why, you know, no matter what the skeptics are saying, our guys are thinking they can win this football game. we have been able to figure out how to win a lot this year. maybe we can figure out how to win super bowl 50. >> take a look here. the man in the middle, that's tampa mayor bob buckhorn. they christened the reopening of rocky points. even renamed the hall for 10 news. >> look at that. that's for us. [ laughter ] sphwhrt city spent $74,000 for renovation, new greens, grass, bunkers. competition for the golf dollar is pretty stiff. >> we got to at least have it break even. we do not have to make money although i hope it does. that's an amenity for the citizens. sometimes, it's expensive to
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but you have to put in that capital. other wise, your capital deprior yates. >> we get a combined 125,000 round of golf between the three rounds. rocky point has always been the leader the three golf course averaging about 45,000 rounds of golf. >> they get a lot of play. a little bit of chop today. >> right. >> looks good. >> let's go break it in. >> i have not played there for a while. >> let's talk about bob burkehorn's swing. >> he says he does not play very much.
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we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. finally tonight, a fire captain who went the extra mile to put a smile on a little boy's face. okay. six-year-old cody was having a bad day he thought he didn't have any friends. when cody and his mom went outside to play, he suited up in a firefighter outfit that
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as fate would have it, a fire captain was driving around and decided to stop. >> got to play on this truck and that was really cool. >> he got to work the computer in the fire captain's suv. when all those friends cody supposedly didn't have started showing up, the fire captain called for afiretruck to stop by also. now, cody says he is not sure that he wants to become a firefighter. the reason why? he says the boots are really heavy. he is still thinking about it. so you never know. >> how cute. >> he is now the coolest kid on the block. >> everybody wants to be a firefighter. >> thank you for joining me.
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