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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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two years after their son was killed, a family files a lawsuit against the florida state fair. hold onto your tax returns, the irs is experiencing a hardware failure. and the toxic threat the beads you may have collected at gasparilla may pose to you and your kids. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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day for the florida state fair. and while you may think of food and fun for a "bay area mother and father" it's a painful reminder of their child's death. he was thrown out of the fair, along with a hundred other kids as some troublemakers "stampeded" through the midway. 10 news reporter kendra conlon sat down with the joseph's in a story you'll see only on 10. andrew and deanna joseph hope this lawsuit - will help provide those answers about the death of their 14 year old son andrew. the st. stephen honor student - was hit and killed by a car trying to cross i-4.. after he and other teens got ejected
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his parents never got a call from anyone... only to discover the 8th grader in the morgue. after andrew's death the fair made several changes... students who arrive after 6 - must be supervised by an adult a wider midway to handle huge crowds a command center to monitor safety and this year they're detectors and more attorney barry cohen says the deputies were under staffed, not properly trained, and kicked andrew out without reason. the lawsuit claims the district sponsors student day, gives out free tickets and should have foreseen the dangers. and insists the fair failed to have
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supervision. cohen says they all need to pay for not keeping andrew and other students safe. in riverview, kendra conlon, 10 news wtsp. we reached out to the "hillsborough county sheriff's office," the school district and the fair. all declined to comment on the pending lawsuit against them. head to "wtsp-dot com"-- to read the lawsuit for yourself-- and see other safety changes now in place. right now, the i- r-s is not accepting electronically filed tax returns because of a "hardware failure" in some of its computer systems. the agency's e-file system and "where's my refund" service are affected. some computer systems will remain out of service until later today. however, the agency still hopes to process 90-percent of refunds within three weeks. so hold on to your tax returns until the systems are up and
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governor's expected information about combat the zika virus. this comes on the heels of declaring a health emergency. there are 9 cases hillsborough county. who traveled to caribbean. allows agriculture officials to take action to fight mosquitos. there's more to this story. scientists are working on at least two ways to put a stop to the zika virus. a "french drug company" says-- it can make a "zika any other group because it has other "mosquito- borne viruses." a vaccine usually takes 10- years to develop, but the company says it has a head start with the right experts and technology. and in the u-k, another company is using mosquitoes, to fight mosquitoes! the bio-tech company is genetically modifying "male mosquitoes" to have a gene that kills them before they can spread zika. when the males breed they kill off the population. as you know, you can look someone up when they're a convicted sex offender. and soon-- you might be able to do the same with animal abusers.
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dog found in "sulpher springs"-- tied to railroad tracks after being shot several times. the men convicted of abusing her would be on that list. hillsborough commissioner kevin beckner-- is proposing the ordinance. he says animal abusers often later commit violent crimes against people. new this overnight, controversial rallies planned for this weekend in tampa and around the globe have been cancelled.## organizer "roosh-v" made the announcement on twitter-- after coming under fire-- for having "anti- women views"-- and being accused of "promoting a culture"-- where rape is okay. the "university of tampa"-- had put students on alert as the meet-up was set for downtown tampa. some students even planned protests. time now is . here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. a judge has ruled the "sexual assault case" against bill cosby is "moving forward." there will be a "preliminary hearing" in march --
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to prove cosby assaulted "andrea constand" at his home in 2004. this is the first criminal case against the comedian although "dozens" of women have accused him of sexual assault. check out this video of a funnel cloud before it touched down in south carolina wednesday afternoon. the national weather service confirms the tornado was weak and about 50 to 75 yards wide. there's a chance a second twister may have touched down. so "national weather service teams" will inspect the debris this morning. and just when you thought theme park pricing was already out of control, universal studios hollywood is adopting surge pricing. that means the ticket price depends on how many people are expected at the park. so more people, the higher the price, when you buy tickets at the gate. it's an effort to encourage people to buy online in advance. because, if you go on a slower day you can save as much as twenty dollars. two men are now behind bars for leading a massive burglary spree in the bay area over the past couple months. now, victims are being reunited with some of their stolen
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investigators say more than 200- thousand dollars in electronics, jewelry and other valuables was stolen. the two suspects caught in the act this weekend in pasco led detectives to a home in lakeland where they found the stolen items. but, there could be more arrests and more cases connected to these burglaries. gasparilla beads: they're shiny, they're fun, but toxicologists say they're also full of "toxic waste"-- that poses a real threat not only to you, but to your children. 10news reporter courtney robinson shows you the health hazard-- and how to protect yourself. -- for kids and grownups alike the real gasparilla treasure . the beads. -- -- but toxicologists say bead collectors .. beware. researchers with the ecology center in michigan published this study they found dangerous levels of lead, mercury and other toxic chemicals that have been linked to everything from asthma to cancer. florida poison information center
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aleguas says there's a legitimate risk especially for children. -- 1635 16 lead we know is a real problem with developing brains. we know it accumulates and your body gets rid of lead very, very slowly." 25 -- think about gasparilla beads don't just end up in their hands . but their mouths, too. the longer you keep the beads the more your child plays with them and the more exposure they have to that toxic waste. even aleguas says after reading the research he probably wouldn't let his own children keep them. -- 1633 20 honestly, no at this point i don't think i would 30 i go in there with them i collect them but i'd be very careful to watch and make sure they're not putting them in their mouth 36 -- .standup close. you can't live in a bubble . but you can protect yourself after you catch the beads . wash your hands and don't keep these around throw them away. in st. pete, cr, 10news wtsp.
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what else is in those beads at just click this story in the seen on tv section. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, the remaining democratic presidential candidates face off tonight in their fifth debate and this time it will be just bernie sanders and hillary clinton on the stage. today is facebook's 12th anniversary and as more users get connected to the social network everyday, the company predicts how many will use it by 2030. new video out this morning shows the only known wild jaguar in the u-s. where it was spotted. still ahead, it's being called a miracle. a teen brought back to life. the amazing story ahead. plus, he's a super bowl winning buc, but now, he's back on the field, policing the players. and raise your spoons! the special twist to "ben and jerry's" latest treat. all this week watch 10 news at 5:30 pm for your chance to call in and win a five hundred dollar gold and diamond source gift card. call in when you
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your screen. 10th caller wins. toss to 10 weather
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bobby weather in health news, having automated external in health news, having automated external
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save lives, especially in schools. the video you are about to see is jarring-- but it's important to watch. "children's healthcare of atlanta" has released this video -- showing 17-year-old "claire crawford"-- collapsing -- and going into cardiac arrest -- during a high school volleyball game. school officials administered c-p-r and called 9-1-1 -- while someone ran to get an "automated external defibrillators". four and a half minutes after she went into cardiac arrest the a-e-d was used to bring claire back to life. doctors say-- without question-- the use of the a-e-d saved her life! she has been diagnosed with "ventricular fibrillation. " claire is doing well -- and is under the care of doctors at children's healthcare of atlanta. talking about the super bowl all week is bringing back a lot of memories - especially for the super bowl champs
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the tampa bay buccaneers. todd yoder was a backup tight end and special teams player for that champion team. 10 sports director dave wirth went to find out where he is now and learned he is still surrounded by football. now 37 years old, todd yoder teaches weight training at calvary christian high school .. along with being the warriors' head football coach... he was just 24, when he pulled on the bucs' super bowl champion t-shirt, in san diego... the problem was, the game wasn't over.. dwight smith returned another pick 6, so the kicking teams had to go back on the field... todd had to scramble to find his helmet, and tear off that t-shirt... a few years after his 10-season nfl career ended with the
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named calvary's head coach .. it was something he wasn't exactly planning for... but that's not all... this past season, todd took on another job .. as nfl uniform inspector .. working the visitor's side, opposite parnell dickinson... he's "the uniform police" ... and if todd writes up a violater, the nfl will fine that player...
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sports wtsp... like most everything in the nfl, there is big money involved, those uniform and gear contracts with the manufacturers, are worth millions. todd yoder lives in wife and 3 children. a woman walking 9-foot-long anaconda in her central florida neighborhood. massive snake snapped at them - so her dogs are ok. euthanized the snake for research. anacondas are america. now, wildlife officials are trying to find out where it came from. ### ben and jerry's is known for their non-traditional spin on ice cream.
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doing away with dairy for its latest frozen treat. dairy-free vegan pints-- will soon make their appearance on store shelves starting in mid-february! the vermont-based ice cream maker is swapping out cow's milk for almond milk for some of your favorites... including chunky monkey. still ahead, how one golfer's amazing shot is helping a college student with tuition. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, the big bang theory, followed by life in pieces at 8:30. at 9:00, mom. at 9:30, angel from hell. at 10:00, elementary. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests michael strahan and samantha bee. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app
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finally... this is why stewart cink is a pro-golfer. watch him make a 94-foot putt during last night's duke- georgia tech basketball game. that's the entire length of the court. he wasn't just showing off his skills. that shot won a grad student a 25- thousand dollar scholarship. cink himself, is a graduate of georgia tech university. coming up on 10 news this morning, on the heels of a health emergency, what you can expect from governor scott's plan to fight the zika virus today. plus it's opening day at the florida state fair. but after an accident on one ride last year, we're digging deeper to
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safe this year. and time is running out for someone to cash in on 63 million dollars in california. whether you have ten minutes or thirty, you'll get everything you need to start your day. stick around, 10 news this morning is next. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil.
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