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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. right now we're learning about a data breach. this affects 63- thousand current and former 'university of good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ian reitz. right now we are learn about a data breach. this affects 63,000 current and past ucf students and staff members. the school discovered the unauthorized access back in january. school's investigation found understood authorized access to
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financial records, medical records or grades. center. if you think your information have information on how to contact the school at i want to get over to meteorologist bobby deskins. he is tracking some rain that's the afternoon. >> it is getting closer now. still rain-free out there. you have a couple hours until it moves into most locations in florida. pasco, hernando county and citrus county it is raining in the crystal river area. it is moving this way. eventually it will all move through here. 2:00 to 3:00 everybody is seeing rain and a couple embedded thunderstorms. i'll let you know what to expect. a look at the forecast model coming up. there is cooler air behind that front. we'll let you know what our numbers look like for us. in 90 minutes we'll learn about florida's next step to
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governor rick scott will hold a news conference from the federal health building. we checked, there are nine confirmed cases in the state. two in hillsborough county. the state says people who contracted the virus during travel outside of the united states. the governor is set to talk about 1:30 this afternoon. we'll work on streaming the news conference live at if you have our free 10 news app we'll send you an alert so you can watch it from you home. are the rides at the fair safe for your kid? ago. before the rides opened, one independant inspector says there is a big concern with the rides. >> reporter: these rides are taken apart and reassembled. that's the main continue
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if one nut or bolt is not in the right place it can not function correctly. state inspector from the department of agriculture and an independant group hired by the fair are out here looking at the rides. last year the inspection report 10 news requested found something wrong with nearly every single ride during the free inspection process. this year the same carnival company is in charge. this inspector i talked to made this big promise. >> nothing is taken lightly here we go above and beyond to make sure everybody comes out and is safe. i have two children of me own. i'm a parent. i fully understand that. if i'm going to let my kids ride it i'm not going to let your kids ride it. >> reporter: last year a teenager claim she was thrown from a ride when her safety harness broked. she is suing the state fair.
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safe for your and your family to ride on. make sure your child meets the height restrictions. even though they are being -- begging you to go on the right that's key for safety. >> the carnival company was called several time over the last two weeks. at this point we have not archdiocese from them. -- not heard from them. [ no audio ]
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sanders are set to face off in the fifth democratic debate tonight in new hampshire. the debate comes a less than a week before the state's primaries. sanders has a big lead on clinton. on wednesday canidates traded jabs on their progressive values. deborah norville is joining us from new york. >> reporter: we have paula remember her? she was the woman whose sexual harassment lawsuit against bill clinton started with the monica thing and culminated with check of $850,000. we have not heard from her trump invoked her name while campaigning in iowa.
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election night. this is paula jones revisiting our earlier interview. she sat down with me and said she does not believe hillary clinton should be president or qualified for president because she says hillary can not be trusted to look out for women. even though hillary made being a strong person for women is part of her campaign. coming up. >> you are working on another interview. someone from trump's past. >> reporter: this is between wife number two and three. this is a woman he spent time with when he was single. she is a former mississippi maryland u.s.a. she sat down to talk to us about what donald was like when they were going out together. they were quite close. she sits down and talks about her time with donald but her
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would be if he were to get elected president. a couple different perspectives white house. >> you are working on something for the superbowl, right? fun. we have miss universe working inside edition. she has been hanging out with the teammates and learned how to do some jabbing with the panthers. the problem is when you are trying to be a reporter and you are miss universe they all want to take a picture with her. she is having a blast. >> you can catch inside edition on 10 news and cbs today at 3:00. a hollywood daughter said she was almost kidnapped by uber impostors. the funny way her famous father made her feel better. tickets are going fast for
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find out how you can get in the festival for free coming up. the possible link alzheimer's disease. when we come back we'll thunderstorms. your three-day-forecast shows it is warm today. it has been warm. that's going away friday, saturday and sunday. i'll have that weekend forecast for you coming up. all this week make sure you watch 10 news at 5:30 in the afternoon for your chance to call in and win a $500 gold and diamond store gift card. if you are caller number ten
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st. petersburg has been approved. city council spent the morning discussing a long term plan for the economic revitalization of south st. pete. naacp says it will require residents to put in too much of their own money to participate. >> the current format is a hodgepodge of activity that will not yield any changes in property levels in st. pete. [ no audio ]. >> i support this program. i say let's move on. this is a start and this is what we need. >> area being redeveloped includes 14% of the city's population. roughly 34,000 people. nearly a third of the population falls below the poverty line.
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plaque build up is related to alzheimer's with people with moderate to severe brain injuries. small study looked at nine people around the age of 44. damage to the brain may cause the production of plaque. it has become a tradition for thousands of music lovers in the bay area. gasparilla music festival is around the corner. 10 community kathryn bursch shows you what to expect this year. >> reporter: joining me today is david from the gasparilla music festival. we are a little over a month away. excitement is building. everything coming together? >> yes, it is. our festival is march 12-13. we have a great lineup. and a lot of excitement building. festival. >> reporter: i'm look about my notes here. you have 50-plus bands and five stages. there is really something for everyone over these two days.
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music i can think of. rock, alternative rock, funk, soul, r&b, jazz, bluegrass. any type of music you can think of on one of the five stages. it is something anybody can come out and enjoy. we have good family-friendly entertainment from 11:00 to 2:00. >> reporter: so you have kid's music going on and kid's activities for families, right? >> absolutely. we have our kid's fest. it takes place from 11:00 to 2:00 p.m. saturday and sunday. all kids 12 and under are admitted free. we have an interactive zone where kids can return to play instruments and african drums. we have great different bands and kids family-friendly music going on at the same time. >> reporter: talking about families and kids, one of the things i don't think a lot of people know is that part of the
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benefits students music programming in the schools through your recycles program. >> absolutely. the music festival is put on by the gasparilla music foundation. in addition to the music festival we work year-round to support education and music- related initiatives in the bay area. one of our big programs is recycled tunes. we collect instruments from the general public in exchange for tickets. we refurbish them and donate them back to local schools so kids have instruments to freeway if they need them. >> reporter: everybody has an old flute or trumpet back in their closet. >> that's right. we have a drive coming up february 28th in st. pete at three daughter's brewery. 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. people can bring the old flute or saxophone and donate it in exchange for tickets to the music festival. >> reporter: these wonderful.
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great for the downtown tampa area. enjoying music along the river walk. it also benefits kids in our area. we love that about it. 10 news is proud to be a sponsor. here is a story you do not want to miss. we have an uber kidnapping scare. carly smith is the 16-year-old daughter of director kevin smith. she was waiting to be picked up by the ridesharing app. two men pulled up to convince her they were the uber ride. they had a sign in the window. she didn't buy it. she started asking what is my name. they didn't know. the car. smith warned her follows on instagram to never get in the car without checking it is the correct car first. her dad ordered this case for her to help her laugh a little bit through the scary situation. she asked the right questions. she asked what is my name.
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typically they would have that information. most importantly she did not get in the car. >> you are expectingen uber and one shows up, check the driver out. we have rain to talk about as we head into the afternoon. >> showers just now getting here citrus county seeing rain. it is going to fill in for the rest of the afternoon. the rest of us will get it as we get going past hudson. it is an hour away. tampa it will be closer to 3:00. it is coming. it does have some thunderstorm activity in it. not a lot. i don't expect a lot of it. the clouds we have seen this morning really helped us out in keeping temperatures down into the mid 70s. here's the line now through crystal river. it is just getting there. the u.s. 19 corridor, just now. that is through sugar mill roads and hernando and inverness about 1:00 this afternoon. further south and because of the angle it is slower to get there.
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safety harbor 2:00. tampa 3:00. see these couple lines in front of it? there will be a stray shower ahead of that. i timed out the main line here. if you look southward you don't see a lot of thunderstorm activity. we see good storms through big bend north. certainly warmed up with the cloud cover. more so, down south. we have had more sun in manatee and sarasota county. almost 80 now. tampa 74. 77 carrollwood. south. they'll go southwest. pete. 10 to 15 miles per hour with gusts in the 20s. they'll shift later today to the north and west. clouds will stay with us through the rest of the afternoon and evening hours. i don't think we'll see too much sunshine before sunset. after that we'll start clearing. it will take a while.
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here with our forecast model. 2:00 rain is pushing in towards the nature coast in the hudson area. this model is slower. it will get here sooner than that. 5:00, that ride home scattered showers and a few embedded thunderstorms. we'll track them for you. jim is in at 5:00 and 6:00. i don't think we'll see severe weather. we'll watch for gusty thunderstorms. 8:00 p.m. 75. at least the heaviest rain. a few showers left over. by midnight we are starting to clear out. did you notice the wind change around 6:00 p.m.? that's the cold front coming through. that will take this warm, humid, muggy air mass we have seen and just send it southward. cooler, drier air filters in overnight. in fact it is going to get really cool overnight tonight. i think for the fair, the fair just gets started this afternoon. we'll have the rain coming through 4:00 to 8:00. it will not rain the whole time. there will be scattered showers coming through. tomorrow morning, if you are
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we'll wake up in the 40s. it will be chilly tomorrow afternoon. the fair looks fantastic. low to mid 60s. lots of sunshine. talk about the weekend real fast. the low pressure was going to form out in the gulf. now looks like it wants to form east of us. which means isolated showers on saturday afternoon and evening. i think we clear out on sunday as the low takes off. that means we are cool but 20 to 30% on saturday. i think that is high. 64 on saturday. 59 on sunday. next week really could get cold again wednesday night into thursday. you can track all of this radar on our app. search 10 news in the app store.
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celebrity chef paula dean joined studio 10 live today to cooking. she recently lost 40-pounds eating less and healthy. she gave us a recipe for a layered dip for your big game party. >> i thought since sunday is the superbowl. i thought i would show you a lightened up version of a taco dip. are you ready to go? >> i'll be your handy man.
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make sure it is fresh. >> you can find the recipe on studio 10's web page. tomorrow we have a real life puppy bowl in the studio. those are always popular. it will be a fun time. we know the winner of superbowl 50. the manatees at the marine laboratory predicted the winner. drum roll. here we go. this is the ninth year both manatees have decided the winners before the game. >> they are not known for being intelligent. here we learned this particular species is very smart. >> broncos fans keep in mind, buffet has a better track record than hughe. he picked the winning team all
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and he is picking denver. right. >> you can watch the game
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