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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. federal investigators say a murdered virginia teen may have met her suspected killer through the messaging app kii. she shared the kik user name on an online dating site. jeff vinic named a new ceo for the downtown projects. he'll oversee the six million square foot development use. $63 million in limbo. whoever has the winning lottery ticket has two and a half hours
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at a 7-eleven nearly six months ago near l.a. superbowl 50 just three days away. the game here on 10 news between broncos and panthers. that's only part of the show. commercials are the other. this year companies will fork over $5 million for 30 seconds. we are live in superbowl city in san francisco. terry, tell us all about it. >> reporter: that's $160,000 a second. can you believe it? it is incredible how much they are spending. last year's superbowl peeked at 120 million viewers. that's a lot of eyeballs and potential revenue for advertisers. >> your skittles portrait. >> reporter: it has become
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create the most buzzed about superbowl ads. >> hello. i'm helen marin. >> reporter: commercials are slashed weeks before the game reposted and retweeted to get more bang for the buck. it takes a lot of bucks. a 30-second commercial sets you $4.8 million. at superbowl one that same half a minute cost less than $38,000. kia motors ceo says it is worth it. >> we heard qualitative data from a dealing saying people saw the spot, came in, test drove the vehicle and ultimately bought the vehicle. >> reporter: car and beer ads targeting men still dominate. women are increasingly the focus. celebrities push a variety of products while cute and cuddlely animals never fail. >> it is a pointment tv. it is the one time everybody in america is watching.
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>> reporter: in celebration of the superbowl's 50th anniversary stars of this all time classic commercial were reunited after almost 40 years. despite advertisers forking over all the big bucks, very few commercials actually make a very big splash with viewers. the mean you green commercial was my favorite. i remember it when it came out originally in 1979. always fun. snickers commercial with betty white was another favorite. >> i love the frogs from the budweiser commercial. that was really, really funny. >> reporter: yes! >> we know you are in the middle of all of the action out there. we have heard, through social media about this gorgeous coat that you had and you got a big surprise at how many people
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night and you got wine all over the beautiful coat of yours. >> reporter: yes. the scene of the crime was here. i should get hazard pay. a guy was walking by me. i thought he spilled beer. but it was a whole entire glass of red wine. i'm thinking why is he drinking red wine instead of beer and brats at a football event. >> you are in wine country. keep that in mind. >> reporter: i know. it is at the dry cleaners now. >> good job. thank you very much. another massive air bag recall that you need to know about. this time it not only involves takata but continental systems. moisture gets in the air bag control computers which prevents the air bags from
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it involves five million cars worldwide including honda, honda accord, chrysler models and mercedes c class. mazda is looking to whether they need to recall any of their car. honda reported two incidents where passengers were hurt. a dealer will replace those computers for you for free. for a closer look at whether your car is affected go to click seen on tv. many in the carolinas are cleaning up after severe storms, even a tornado ripped through the area. ef 0 tornado touched down near columbia, south carolina. meanwhile parts of charlotte, north carolina are covered in debris from straight line winds that left thousands of people in the dark. >> i thank god that i wasn't here. it would have been a lot worse. i could have been in there sleeping. >> tremendously windy. like tornado-like wind. it was really, really blowing. hours and two cranes to remove
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underway. before the gates opened, inspectors gave the green light to every ride. a local attorney is raising red flags. 10 news reporter sarah holoenbeck found out an inspector said there is a big concern with these rides versus the ones at busch gardens and disney. >> reporter: these rides are taken apart and reassemblings. that's the main concern. if one nut or bolt is not in the right place it will not function correctly. two inspectors are looking at the rides and the games. state inspectors from the department of agriculture, an independant group hire bed the fair and hillsborough county sheriff's office is looking at the game. last year's inspection report found something wrong with nearly every single ride with
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this year the same carnival company is in charge. the inspector i talked to made this promise. >> we make sure everybody comes out and is safe. i have two children of my own. i'm a parent. i fully understand that. if i am not going to let my kid ride it i'm not going to let your kid ride. >> reporter: last year a teenager claimed she was thrown from a ride when her safety harness cracked. now she is suing the state fair. look for this green ticket. it says this ride passed inspection and is safe for you and your family to ride on. second thing you want to look for, make sure your child meets the height restrictions. even though they are begging you to go on that ride that is key to safety. 10 news wtsp. the carnival company wade shows several times over the past few
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another wave of heavy showers coming in the bay area in southern pinellas county over the sunshine skyway bridge. if you are going to opening night it is going to be a soggy one for the first couple hours. later this evening it is possible to head out there. we'll talk about your state fair forecast in the days ahead. if you are expecting somebody home all of the roads are backed up because of these
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here is your chance to call the number on your screen to win a $500 gold and diamond gift store. 10 caller wins. good luck! 727-577-4357. time for stories making headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. newly released documents show the four remaining occupiers of on oregon wildlife refuge are facing charge. the indictment names 16 people including the leader ammon bundy. united airlines will reassign certain flight groups, especially pregnant women concerned of contracting the zica virus to latin america and the caribbean. a new york city cab driver is recovering after his van overturned on an exit ramp heading to queens. it was very close to falling
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the driver is in good condition despite that close call. democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting ready for their first head to head debate in new hampshire. they sparred last night at a town hall arguing over which deserves to be called a progressive. 40% of voters in new hampshire are not registered in any political party. that's your 60 second scan. superbowl is practically a national holiday. national holiday. it is about football, half-time show and commercials and the t- shirts. 10 news reporter bobby lewis went on the road to a company that makes the official nfl t- backyard. >> this game is over. p.m. in charlotte, carolina panthers >> it is very busy. >> reporter: moments later the
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>> the minute the game ends we have to start printing. >> we came in at 5:00 a.m. the presses have been going since the game ended last night. >> reporter: they won't stop all week. by 6:00 a.m. the morning after the super matchup was set majestic factory in tampa had shirts on shelves black and orange. >> we are neutral. we want all 32 teams to perform well. we are looking for a great game. >> reporter: the big part of enjoying is wearing your team colors. >> the shirt, for the teams that are in it you want to represent your team. event itself, being a part of it, everybody wants to have that shirt. >> we'll do 85,000 shirts today. we'll do about 25 different graphics. 13 for each team. >> reporter: over 1,000 employees in tampa, ink, dry and foal shirts lightning fast. >> we can print a t-shirt in less than 60 seconds. >> reporter: it is a good thing, too. because there are a lot of shirts to print. >> thousands.
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exact. all in one week. >> this is carolina. >> reporter: which means that tampa company is making 500,000 fans very happy. >> sometimes the smiles on their face says it all. when they see that, especially when it is coming off the printer. it is in the store. it is on the sight and they see the graphics it is impressive. >> remember when the lightning went on they printed those. >> they don't mess around. the company started planning the superbowl design six months ago. >> majestic is currently working on 2017 team shirts. big game sunday. no place else but right here on 10 news wtsp cbs. before you watch the football commercials and half-time, tune in saturday night at 7:30 and watch bobby lewis go on the road for the big game. he takes a look at the superbowl history, tampa icons and a local man who has more
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on the road for the big game saturday 7:30 here on 10 news. i'm dion lim. coming up on "10 news at 6:00", you know about brand new cases of zica in our state. now as the emergency grows do expected mothers feel safe? we are breaking down facts and not fears. sex on campus, assault allegations, football players running wild. why this school had to let a popular football coach go in order to get control of the team. there is a push to let you indulge earlier. that's tonight on "10 news at 6:00". time to track rain. good evening to you. sky 10 network camera showing
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looking like it does outside your window. let's track the rain we are seeing. one or two storms could get boarder line strong to isolated severe. that would be the exception and not the rule today as we expected this to come in as mainly rain. that's been the case. the heavy showers covering most of or interstates. that is over southern pinellas county. quickly moving over areas of north st. pete around gandy bridge and forest creek as we speak. moving towards ramond james stadium at the top of the hour crossing the howard frankland bridge over the next 15 minutes. should be up around ramond james stadium 6:0. the downtown tampa 6:04. the heavier rain in the 5:00 hour on the coast over i-75 in the nature coast. moderate rain stays with you for the next couple hours. heavier showers coming into bradenton and sarasota. i have a large cell tracking west of sarasota coming on shore around the top of the hour.
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islands and long boat key across the inner coastal to around downtown sarasota. we know you are getting rain. we are tracking some of the stronger stuff that will likely slow you down for a few minutes. behind this wave we are tracking this hour there are pockets of steady rain and light showers. we'll see that off and on for the rest of your evening forecast. heaviest should be occurring now for the next hour or so. once we get into 7:00 or 8:00 we'll taper off to light rain. 9:00 we should be done with the rain. we'll trade rain gear tonight for jackets and coats in the morning. you won't need them to keep you dry but to keep you warm in the morning as temperatures tart in the 40s around tampa, plant city and brooksville. hour-by-hour you can see our coolest part of the morning is after sunrise. add to it, we'll have a brisk northerly wind 10 to 15 miles per hour through the day. not only do we have cooler
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we'll have sunshine the entire day. it will look pretty. we'll need a layer or two to keep us comfortable. heavy chop on the bay. offshore waives two to five feet. low tide 6:23 in the morning. 5:00 in the evening. as we look at your forecast for your friday and upcoming weekend starting around 46 degrees. sunny and breezy. high of 62. rain chances for the weekend very small and contained to well south of the bay area. this is highlands county eastern sarasota and manatee county and possibly hardy county. only a 30% chance. it is late saturday night into sunday as we see another low winding up. this is a rain event for alligator alley, west palm beach and fort myers for us. we'll put in a small chance of a shower late saturday night and early sunday morning. it should clear out well in time for the superbowl parties around the bay area where we'll
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and hopefully everybody is enjoying nice wings and cooler weather for the weekend. that's a look at your superbowl 50 forecast. which you'll see on cbs. keep up with storm tracker 10 through the evening easy to do.
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we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a they watched their 17-year- old die and come back to life on the volleyball court. >> this sparked the debate on having an aed device on courts
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>> we had two games that night. i was in a lot of pain. >> you could tell she was tired but claire has the heart of a champion. she just kept quiet. >> i was sitting at the scorer table keeping score for the game. i heard a loud thud. >> i think we started yelling for help. >> yelling 9-1-1. it was a feeling of helplessness. >> it was quickly people were there with us. >> she fell here. in 2006 we got an aed. as part of the training we could come together and have drills unannounced. because of the drills there were things that were instinct to me.
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bring it back and get to work. >> there was to much fear. >> it looked like they were running a drill. people declared they were taking care of her. it was amazing. >> she was in d fib. the only thing that would bring her heart back into a viable rhythm was to have a shock. the aed was needed in order to bring her back to life. >> complete joy seeing her revived. >>i'm so thankful and i feel really blessed this is where i chosen to go to school at. i'm thankful. >> we know that god created her and he knew about this moment before it happened. he knew who would be here and what the outcome would be and what we would be responsible to do going forward. that is to share her story. >> four and a half minutes. >> very quickly. those devices are so, so
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be in places. if not for that she would not be here. >> claire has been diagnosed with defiblation. >> her parents said they would
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allegations of assault. how a school makes a change it thinks will help get control of the football team. new cases of the zica virus in florida. we are calming your fears by sorting through the facts. ditching sunday booze laws. where there is a push to let you buy your drinks earlier. good evening everyone. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. thank you for staying with us. right away storm tracker 10 is lit up with showers tonight. chief meteorologist jim van fleet is tracking those storms. >> as the rain continues to come down. both directions very, very heavy tonight as the rain showers are on gandy bridge because the howard frankland bridge is so busy eastbound and westbound. the rain is heaviest over the central part of the bay area
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