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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we have seen one wave come through east of i-75. this batch of rain coming in around long boat key due in around sarasota at 6:12. they'll be in downtown tampa in the next five minutes. it is heavy rain. we have not seen severe weather nor is that an expectation. as we track the rain tonight we'll talk about the cold weather. we'll get you ready after your top stories. nationwide zica fears skyrocketed. florida is in the spotlight. that might not be a good thing. >> new concerns about the zica virus spreading to the u.s. florida declares a health emergency. >> florida's governor taking action after nine cases of zica are reported in that case. how does a virus we learned about weeks ago become such a threat. >> you seen and heard the
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that the governor declared it a health emergency. the big question tonight, will our tourism try take a hit like we saw in the bp oil spill. we took those concerns straight to the governor today. >> when people go anywhere in the world they want to feel safe. what they'll know in florida is we'll get ahead of this. >> why the governor added his first priority is to the 20 million residents of florida. ceo of visit tampa released a statement saying he prefer the governor take a more cautious approach to the zica virus since no cases of zica have been contracted in hillsborough county. he went on to say however, the safety of our residents and visitors is a paramount importance. at 10 news we don't want to spread fears about the zica virus. just the facts. >> a lot of people have questions tonight. you probably have questions so we are getting answers for you tonight. first and foremost, women who are pregnant are most at risk.
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matter how far along in your pregnancy? it appears the answer is no. doctors say if you contract the virus and become actively infected, depending on the trimester it has been associated with the miscarriages and stillbirths not to mention birth defects. our next question, what happens should you be worried if you are trying to get pregnant? the answer is doctors say if you get the virus your immune system will get rid of it. then you'll be immune. if you were to get pregnant a month or a year later you probably won't have any issues. finally the question stands what if you are pregnant and previously visited an infected area? you should talk to your healthcare provider to make sure and keep in mind there is testing available through the department of health or the cdc. there might be more monitoring through your pregnancy, as well. >> are pregnant women here in the bay area on edge because of zica?
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10 news reporter darren flowers shows you how some are keeping a close eye on the virus. >> reporter: expecting mother have a lot to worry about. for michelle worth news of the zica virus is giving her another reason to be cautious. >> etry to stay indoors. >> reporter: zica is the mosquito-borne illness that causes flu-like symptoms. in pregnant women is it linked with a condition that causes babies to be born with smaller heads and developmental disabilities. >> i would hate to have a deformed baby because of a virus like that. >> reporter: several several doctors say pregnant patients have been asking about the zica virus. while there is no major concern now, there are some precautions you should take. >> we have had a couple patients ask would they be able to travel during their pregnancy. we recommended that they postpone that trip, if possible. >> reporter: in countries like brazil, where the cdc says the nation reported between half a million and 1.3 million estimated cases of the zica
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>> unless you traveled to one of the affected areas, there is no concern to worry about it right now. >> reporter: shirley is paying atension to the news about zica but isn't stressing until more information comes out. >> it is thing you want to have in your mind but not be worried all the time about. >> reporter: darren flowers 10 news wtsp. >> we posted everything you need to know about the zica virus including signs and symptoms and how to catch it yourself at developing tonight, disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct on a high school campus. >> this story is complicated and a little hard to follow. listen closely. it involves a high school filled with unruly students. a new principal hired to fix the discipline problem and a football coach who lost his job over it. zephyrhills high school is at
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of sex on campus. but what really happened? casey is getting answers tonight. >> is the problem keeping students under control? >> reporter: one of the first steps principal angie stone took was to dismiss popular football coach reggie roberts. roberts is a full-time zephyrhills police officer. >> any time they have been on campus i have been there. >> reporter: the district says the coach was not there between 1:55 and 4:30 when school ends and practice begins so the players were sent to study hall. >> the whole study hall was for those kids to be monitored. these are football players. this is a female teacher. they are intimidating. >> reporter: players would leave study hall early frequently. during that time period five
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assaulting a female student. another officer told the principal to wait to take action against the boys. >> he was asked by the detectives to hold off on one or two boys that admitted they had a sexual encounter with a girl willingly. >> reporter: the girl involved recanted her story about the alleged sexual assault and says the sex was consensual. she was disciplined. another incident happened around the same time. >> that involved two minors. >> for sex on campus? >> yes. >> reporter: both those students were disciplined. the district says the boy, a football player, was suspended from the jv team. >> find me one incident which our athletes were misbehaving in study hall. >> reporter: three to four players were removed from the team during 2013. neither would say why. the district said this. >> we believe we have the right person there to get control of things. >> reporter: in zephyrhills 10
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>> a new full-time football coach starts february 9th. football practice next year begins as soon as school let's out. a plan to revitalize south st. petersburg is moving forward. it is part of mayor kriseman's push to bring jobs back to the area. the plan includes improvements to housing and small businesses. naacp and community leaders say the plan doesn't reflect their community. they think the plan will make people put too much of their own money up to make this work. >> it is a hodgepodge of activities that will not yield any positive changes in the poverty level in st. pete. >> i support this program. i say let's move on.
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>> the area being redeveloped population. roughly 3400 people. nearly a third of the population falls below the poverty line. florida state fair is back. after rowdy behavior deputies want you to know they are not going to tolerate anything like years. in 2014 one hundred kids were thrown from the fair as teens stampeded through the midway area. one of the teens leaving the fair was hit and killed by a car trying to cross i-4. this year law enforcement says they'll contact parents if their children get in trouble. if parents don't respond deputies will hold the teen or send them to a protected area where their parents can pick them up. red light cameras could be on the way out of florida. the senator thinks the cameras used to make money instead of keeping you save. others say the red light camera
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catching red light runners. the bill has a long way to go before it becomes law. the senator took action against the camera system after a 10 news investigates series. noah pransky exposed how the state of florida reduced the length of yellow lights creating more violations and huge profits. a word of warning in sarasota county. a skimmer was found at marathon gas on north washington boulevard. no one has check had the pump since march of 2015. if you bought gas here check your bank accounts and look for anything strange in your transactions. in polk county a reward for some car owners who kept their car doors locked. police handed out mugs, air fresheners and movie ticket to 15 lucky drivers. officers thanked them for keeping their valuables secure.
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mary in the morning or a mimosa? some cities say no. >> question is how long though? >> a new proposal why the mayor of st. petersburg has a lot of people saying cheers. tomorrow watch for "10 news at 5:30" for your chance to
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some nickname it sunday fun day. in pinellas county the party can't start until after 11:00. >> alcohol sales are not allowed until then on sundays. we spoke with a mayor who says it is time for a change. >> reporter: nowhere is the brunch business busier than beach drive in st. pete. you have to wait for the morning mimosa. >> it is after 11:00. some people get upset about it. >> people come in saying there is a law that makes people not able to drink before 11:00. >> reporter: it is because of blue law. laws that restrict alcohol sales on sunday. >> 50 years ago it made sense. it just doesn't today. >> reporter: st. petersburg mayor kriseman is tired of waiting, too.
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repeal the blue law banning alcohol sales before 11:00 a.m. on sunday. >> whether you are on beach drive or on the beach it can be passed if everyone pushes for the change. >> reporter: kriseman hopes the two dozen towns in pinellas county agree it is about time. >> other cities in the bay area recently did away with their blue laws. both lakeland and sarasota recently repealed restrictions on those alcohol sales on sunday. it is ugly on the roadways. >> it is never fun on drive time. we expected storms to kick in midday. heavier stuff was delayed an hour or two. we knew it was coming. none has been severe. only wind gusts 36 miles per hour. which is half of what you need
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take a look. fhp is reporting they are tracking 36 incidents in troop c which is pinellas and hillsborough county up the nature coast and troop f down around sarasota and manatee county. they are reporting 18 incidents they are working. no doubt the wet roads are causing a lot of problems. the harder the drive time, if you are headed out or expecting someone home a lot of patience and slow-going is the way we'll have to go tonight. none of this is severe. when you are talking everybody heading out for dinner or getting off work it is one of the worse times, other than the morning commute, to have this in the mix. another round of showers coming into sarasota county. in venice. everything is less intense over the bay area now from what we have had in the 5:00 hour. still tracking some strong rain or heavy showers.
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dangerous weather. up here around northern part of the bay and pinellas county near the hillsborough county line moving into west chase you can hear the rain getting heavier over your roof. in the next minute or two, it will cross over tarpon and around carrollwood at 6:27 and head over towards usf around 6:33. pockets of rain over the nature coast. less intense than we have had in the last two hours. behind this we are getting clearing. for the next couple hours we are in a messy pattern. for the next two to three hours we should see drastic improvements. light rain and cloudy skies and a few showers still hanging out with us as we go into mid evening before wrapping up. sarasota you can see the rain coming down as we head towards dark. rain totals we are seeing over an inch reported up in the
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brooksville half an inch. downtown over a quarter of an inch of rain. rain. just depends on location as to got. most of us will be a quarter to half an inch on average. until mid evening. around 8:00 to 10:00 depending on where you are closer to the gulf coast ending earlier east of i-75 ending later tonight. that is the time frame we are looking at the rain to end. it is windy and cloudy. clouds go away overnight. the main thing to take away rain gear you'll trade for warm weather gear in the morning. you'll need a layer or two as we'll start with sunny skies. temperatures 41 crystal river. 46 new port richey. plenty sunshine in the forecast for your friday. we'll have a brisk northerly wind. 10 to 15 miles per hour. with sunny skies it will never really feel that warm at all tomorrow.
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and high temperatures mid afternoon in the low 60s. sarasota to dade city, st. pete to tampa, carrollwood and bartow, as well. choppy on the water with the strong northerly wind. that will make the bay area waters rough. offshore waives two to five feet. low tide half hour to 40 minutes before sunrise around 6:20. another low tide around 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night florida state fair forecast better than tonight. not dealing with the rain. you'll want a jacket or coat by dry lovely weather. breezy and cool temperatures falling into the 50s for the florida state fair forecast. 62 the high tomorrow. only chance of rain this weekend is i-4 and south. 30% chance late saturday night early sunday morning. it will be gone in time for your superbowl parties sunday evening. we'll stay cool next week. mornings in the 40s and 50s. there is a couple days tuesday and wednesday where we won't even get out of the 50s for
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the big game is on sunday right here on 10 news wtsp. before you watch the football and the commercials and half- time tune in saturday night at 7:30 p.m. to watch bobby lewis go on the big road for the game. he takes a look at superbowl history, tampa icons and a local man with more superbowl experience than anybody else. a reliable source picking
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how about the lightning? ben bishop called it the biggest game of the season. put the lightning in second place. made it nine wins in the last ten games. it was great to see tyler johnson playing like his old self. he is skating better. scored a goal off the great pass. one of two powerplay goals. a sign the offense is coming around. >> against detroit, they play five on five. there is not much chances. for us to score on a powerplay like we did and get the two opportunities it is huge. we need a lead against a team like that. you play more defense and rely on that. i thought we did a great job of that. >> they got pittsburgh coming in friday. at the superbowl today commissioner roger goodell said the rule will be expanded for
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teams will have to interview women for executive positions opened. last day interviews today for superbowl 50. still the questions come will this be peyton manning's farewell? trent said it would be. he said it was just his opinioning. manning receiver says he'll remember the laughs. >> peyton is funny. you see his commercial. a lot of people don't understand he is funny. even with his commercials they laugh. but that's him. he has a unique personalty. great ones. >> congrats to usf senior guard courtney williams. she is second on the all-time list. she scored 20 on the united states over cincinnati. >> we know the winner of
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the marine laboratory sea cows predicted their winners. buffet picked the denver broncos. hughe selected carolina panthers. this is the ninth year the manatees picked out the winners. it is a 50/50 split right now. >> i'm a bronco fan. i wanted them both to pick denver. they are just sent from one area of the exhibit to the other. >> bronco fans keep in mind buffet has a better track record than hughe. we have to keep a close eye on see what happens. >> maybe they are on to something.
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