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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we are dry. we'll see a lot of sunshine. bundle up. the feels-like temperature right now is 43 degrees. that's because it is windy. i'll take a closer look at the winds the a look at your weekend forecast in less than ten minutes. hot spot 59 6:00 a.m. in lutz. there is an accident where a car ran into a ditch on sun lake boulevard at dale mabry highway. injuries are reported here. police and e.m.s. are both on scene. i'm told there are not in lanes blocked. you are still in the green there. i'm work on getting you more details on this accident. i'll have an update on your bay area bridges coming up in less than ten minutes. good friday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >>i'm ian reitz. this weekend is a somber anniversary for one tampa family.
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son was kick out of the state fair. >> a protest is planned to take place some time today. >> reporter: it is student day here. that's means thousands of hillsborough county students get a free pass to spend the day here at the fair, not in class. that was a recipe for mayhem on the midway two years ago. hundreds of kids went crazy. what they called wild and out. nearly 100 of those kids were kicked out, including 14-year- old andrew joseph iii. with no place else left to go he tried crossing i-4 but was hit and killed by a car. that tragedy lead to changes at the fair. if a juvenile is kicked out now the hillsborough county sheriff's office has to call their parent or guardian. if neither are able to be reached the kids sent to the amphitheater behind me or brought to a juvenile center
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parent or guardian can pick them up. that way those kids can't get in trouble or a tragedy like what happened a couple years ago. andrew's parents say that's not enough. they are organizing a protest. that starts at 11:00 at the 301 entrance on the east side of the fairgrounds. live for now in hillsborough county 10 news wtsp. this morning senator bill nelson is calling on the president to appoint a czar to oversee the government's response to the virus. three cases of zica have been reported in hillsborough county. there are 12 confirmed cases across the state. a health emergency has been declared by the governor.
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mosquitos that tested to the state department of health. the concerns is someone will travel, get bitten by a mosquito, then come back to florida and get bitten by a mosquito that will in turn spread zica to others. the biggest issue is companies nationwide are taking notice of the zica virus. >> united airlines is giving employees the option of withdrawing to countries affected by the virus. delta airlines has been making that same often to pilots and flight attendants for two weeks. two police officers are in the hospital after they were shot. this happened thursday while they were patrolling a housing complex in the bronx. >> it is another example of what our officers confront every single day keeping us
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city, and in the stairwells and hall ways of our public housing developments. >> one of the officers was shot in the face. the other was shot in the leg. both are expected to survive. canidates are pushing to win over voters ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off. >> i don't think it was brady bill five time. i don't think it was progressive to give gun makers immunity. >> it is undermining american democracy and allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign contributes. >> clinton is trailing sanders in new hampshire. the republican canidates face off in their 8th debate
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a $6 billion boone goggle is what families are calling a new project in tampa. this plan means tearing up a bunch of neighborhoods. fdot says hands down that's the best option. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of us have driven on i- 275. we know how congested it can get. fdot says it will make a huge difference in our community. this weekend neighbors will be out protesting the express lane project. they painted that mural behind me. the hands are holding their community. they are going to do [ no audio ] drivers that pay for express lanes can soar by at 60 miles
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since those drivers chose to get in those lanes they are not clogging up the other lanes. fdot is so confident these lanes will work they want to add them to i-75, i-4 and i- 275. they are willing to pay these neighbor, as much as it takes. they say you can't put a price tag on the things you love. >> everything is based on fair market value. it is a benefit to the property owner for us to come in and assess them. >> these are irreplaceable community assets. >> reporter: live in tampa heights 10 news wtsp. tampa leaders will meet
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discuss options for a new stadium sight. in a new document sent to feet the team says they are looking for a large site around 20 acres with room for developments. rays want to make sure restaurants, entertainment and retail stores can move in around the park with access to mass transit. they want to showcase icon you can views and architecture only seen here in the bay area. this morning the u.k. might be allowed to start united states. british and u.s. governments have been negotiating a plan to serve wiretap orders on american corporations for criminal investigations. under this proposal the british government will not have access to u.s. records during those investigations. good news this morning for people in california affected
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since october 000s have been living out of their homes because of the fumes. the utility company faces charges for the leak. in a few hours a 19 story atlas united rocket will launch from cape canaveral. it makes it the air force's last of a dozen gps satellites in the boeing series. scary moments on a flight from orlando to charlotte. a colorado school banning students from wearing a broncos jersey. >> that's coming up after the break. live to time square in new york city. they are waking up in the 30s. you can see snow falling in the area.
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i want to let you know about an issue on the sunshine skyway bridge as we go live from sky 10. we are picking up on the bridge. we have a high wind advisory from fhp. holding on to that steering wheel. so far so good. no delays there. howard frankland bridge coming into tampa. we are picking up a little bit. these are the northbound lanes from kennedy boulevard into tampa. no significant delay. it is taking six minutes to cross. bobby? >> thank you very much. taking a look at the wind. it is coming in out of the north. if you are on the westbound side, the north side of the courtney campbell causeway or howard frankland bridge you'll notice overspray. that wind is behind your back on the sunshine skyway. three-day-forecast keeps the wind today. less this afternoon. not as much tomorrow. we have clouds and a stray shower.
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sunday we bring back the breeze. we'll only top out in the upper 50s on sunday. it is friday february 5th. >> this is a look at the day's headlines. >> i'm not going to let 9/11 stop my life. we have to do what we have to do. another case of the zica virus found in hillsborough county. senator bill nelson calling on the president to oversee the government's response. you'll notice more security at student day at the state fair following this scene two years ago. in 2014, 12 people were arrested and 99 others kicked out during student day. now students must be with an adult after 6:00 p.m. >> they are like four-legging fighters on the front line. in superbowl city 70,000
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millions more expected to watch the big game on tv. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. many are mourning the loss of another music legend in morning. maurice white founder and leader of earth, wind and fire passed away. white founded the group in the late 1960's. they sold 90 million albums worldwide. his brother says white died in his sleep in his l.a. home. he was 74 years old. signs of progress are showing in flint, michigan this morning over the city's drinking water crisis. environmental protection agency says tests ran on fillers in eight homes show better results than tests ran last week. new york police are trying to cut down on crime in the subway so officers are being asked to wake up sleeping passengers. they will mainly focus on
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night and early morning train rides. the commissioner says half of all subway rides in the last year included sleeping victims. there is a school in colorado banning students from wearing peyton manning's jersey a couple days before he plays in the superbowl. the police department says it is because his number is 18. which is gang-related. let's get back over to road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning. as we head into the first of morning rush hour we are dealing with a couple accidents in lutz there is a crash on sun highway. highway here. it looks like yours are reported. if you are heading this way are on the scene.
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south of fruitville road west of i-75 no delays there. heads up you'll see police on scene. you can see i-275 on hillsborough county picking up in the southbound direction. brake lights we are seeing going south into tampa. so far so good on your drive time. still taking 15 minutes from the apex to i-4. in wesley chapel trying to get to tampa for work no significant delays yet. in pinellas county we are seeing a heavy they on ulmerton road already. it is in the west direction. i-275 to gulf boulevard your drive time is 21 minutes. that's a three-minute delay. rush hour and construction not theming things there. polk parkway is slow in lakeland. you can see it is 43 miles per hour approaching bartow road. bartow road to i-4 your drive time is 11 minutes. speeds down to 34 miles per hour there. i-4 is looking good.
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for work and you are in lakeland going through plant city your drive time is a minute delayed. your drive time is 16 minutes there. if you have any problems on the roadways send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. i'm take care of any traffic problems you have out there. let me know if there is a speeding issue on your road way. my e-mail is bobby? >> thank you very much. 6:17 and rain-free to get your friday morning started. we have some clouds left over. they are exiting lake placid to fort myers and highlands county area. grab your sunglasses. you'll need those. we'll clear out with sunshine today. this is the big story this morning. 45 degrees in carrollwood and land o'lakes. 49 in clearwater.
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it is almost 35 degrees colder now than it was yesterday. 29 degrees colder in crystal river. 22 in tampa. sarasota 18 degrees colder. it is coming in on the cold north to northwest wind. 25 miles per hour sustained wind gusts. 28 in clearwater. 29 in st. petersburg. this wind will come down a little bit throughout the day. but let's call it windy this morning and breezy this afternoon. here's one good thing. it brought in a lot dryer air. you'll feel the humidity wiped out today. i will feel better. you can see the palms blowing this morning. that was the back of the clouds. beautiful sunrise coming for us this morning. we have high surf advisories nine to 11-foot seas. it will be an amazing day to watch the gulf of mexico. you don't want to be on it. 47 degrees at the bus stop this morning.
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it will feel like the lower 40s. bundle those kids up. dry and sunny this afternoon. only in the upper 50s to low 60s. they'll need that jacket with them all day long. it is a quiet forecast model- wise. tomorrow morning will be another chilly one. back in the mid 40s with mainly clear skies. less wind. i think it will be a degree or two cooler tomorrow morning than what we'll see this morning when you step outside. saturday, here we go. afternoon will include a few
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65 for a high. chilly and breezy. 59 on sunday afternoon. forecast on the radio. a multibillion dollar project is bringing bulldozers to a historic part of tampa. >> people are protesting those new developments. we have a live report coming up at 6:32. real superbowl winners might be the people selling tickets. you are not going to believe how much they are going for. live to the state fairgrounds thousands are students are expected later today for student day. we'll talk about changes this year to security.
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there is a delay on i-75 in san antonio and wesley chapel. cortez boulevard your drive time is 24 minutes. a delay traveling through san antonio. u.s. 41 in sarasota a minor delay for morning rush hour. so far so good. drive time one minute delayed. 23 minutes from i-275 to university parkway. speeds at 39 miles per hour. bobby? >> thank you very much. 10 news is the official station for your florida state fair forecast. today looks a whole lot better than yesterday. it is chilly. 63 degrees for those kids headed out this afternoon. lots of sunny skies, cool and windy. coming home not quite as much wind for your evening commute. falling down into the 50s. winds 15 miles per hour.
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to new york and boston will be your problem. those areas will see more snow than anything else. could be almost four to eight inches for the boston area. a third case of the zica virus has been confirmed in hillsborough county making 12 cases across the state. >> mosquito control is saying these cases located on the west side of the county. mosquito traps are being set up in those areas. florida senator nelson is calling on the president to assign a zica czar. the republican canidates will meet tonight for the new 112th state fair is >> today students in fair for free. after 6:00 tonight they have to
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deputies will contact parents if a child gets in trouble at the fair. superbowl seats selling for super high prices. average price for a ticket for the game $5,659. that's a 17% increase than this time last year. by far the most expensive on record. >> yeah. >> one ticket to the lower section has been listed for $25,000 for a seat. >> it is a great seat and you'll have a great view of the biggest event in our country. but wow! >> that is a lot of money to pay for the view. >> i'll be watching it here on 10 news. for anyone paying big bucks for the tickets you'll see a- list performers. >> coming up we'll give you a sneak-peek of the half-time show. live look to new orleans. it is nice and quiet.
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we are talking 18 to 25 degrees colder. that's puts you in the 40s to lower 50s this morning.
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we are rain-free and it is windy. the wind will bring in cooler air today. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. hot spots on your friday morning. i'm on top of a crash in lutz. this is where a car ran into a ditch on sun lake boulevard at dale mabry highway. minor injuries reported. looks like the tow truck is on scene trying to pull the car out of the ditch. live to sky 10 i-275 getting slow out there for morning rush hour. all of these head lights are drivers heading into tampa for work. i'll have drive times for you as well as a look at your bridges coming up in less than ten minutes. good friday morning it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. glad you are with us. a family who is suing the florida state fair, hillsborough county sheriff's office and hillsborough county school district is set to lead
6:26 am
>> we are live at the fairgrounds. things changed since the family's son died two years ago. >> reporter: andrew joseph iii didn't actually die at the fair. he was hit and killed by a car as he tried to cross i-4 after he was kicked out. he was one of close to a hundred kids kicked out of the fair two years ago after a scene like this unfolded. kids wilding out. andrew's parents weren't call despite being booted. with no place to go he made the fatal decision to cross i-4. that tragedy prompted changes. scanning the crowds. increased number of deputies will be on patrol on the ground and watching in the sky. they'll have a lot to keep our eyes on today as it is student day at the fair. hillsborough county are given a pass to get out of class and go
6:27 am
unruly kids won't just be kicked out of the fair unlike past years and let go. instead a parent or guardian will be called. if those people are not able to be reached the kids kept at the amphitheater and brought to a children's center until they can be picked up. passengers are frustrated after flying from orlando to charlotte. pilot had to make an emergency landing at the jacksonville international airport since an electrical odor was coming from the cockpit. >> i smelled smoke on the plane. it was a foul smell. >> you are nervous and hoping you land soon. it is scary. you hope nothing will blow up. >> while that was scary people got upset when they landed. there was a miscommunication with the airline. instead of book another flight passengers ready to go to the ticket counter, get their luggage from baggage claim and go through security again.
6:28 am
calling on the president to oversee the zica virus with a czar. mosquito control said they set up traps near the areas where those who contracted the virus live. they are going to soon test the mosquitoes. the governor declared a public health emergency in five counties. we all know how frustrated traffic congestion can be in tampa bay during rush hour. fdot has a plan to help you with that. it means bulldozing 100 historic homes and businesses. we found out this can happen to anyone and there is very little that can be done about it. >> reporter: fdot is looking at doing this in our area. your home could be next. for people in tampa heights they are going to be holding up signs that look like this. they'll march this weekend. when it comes down to it, if this project goes through they'll have to sell their home
6:29 am
i dug deeper. what this means for eminent domain is this traffic in this video is enough to prove that this project is needed. what happens when a property has to be sold to the state for a project like this is that the property owner can negotiate the price of their home and the size of the land they are willing to sell. as long as the government can prove the project is beneficial to to the public that homeowner loses. with these homeowners doing as much as they can they say now is the time to march and process because fdot is still looking for the funding of the project. that protest will begin in tampa heights at 11:00 on saturday. despite the cooler weather clearwater beach seems to be the hot place to be. companies paying big bucks to buy out and build high-end hotels. in a one mile stretch there is close to half a billion in current construction.
6:30 am
doubling the number of rooms. $50 million stand is set to open later this month. windham grand, when complete will be the largest on the island. they'll have 450 rooms. that's $170 million in construction. city says it is a win for businesses, tourists and locals. >> occupancies are over 90%. which is incredible. that clearly shows the need for a new hotel product. which is what we are seeing. >> half a million in renovations to famous atmosphere 60. that should be finished by the end of the month. we are just about there. ready for the superbowl on sunday. half-time show always one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. >> cold play is this year's head lining act. jamie is joining us live from san francisco. you had a lot of fun at this news conference. >> reporter: this whole week has been fun. i have to tell you yesterday
6:31 am
by the way the artists play for free because the audience is so big. during last year's half-time show almost 120 million people tuned in. cold play says they are ready. the british band cold play was confident and funny at their superbowl 50 half-time news conference. >> we don't do press conferences often. please forgive us if we are not that got. >> reporter: front man chris martin has been practicing this week. this is carpool kareoke on the late late show with james corden. his dad showed off his saxophone skill on thursday. at the nfl shop we caught up with fans who are excited about the entertainment. >> i think a lot of people don't even watch the game so much. it is about the commercials and the half-time show.
6:32 am
perform. but would not confirm any other surprise guests. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. >> what do you think she'll wear? >> who knows. she is always a surprise with what she'll wear. >> reporter: while everyone knows cold play's music no one seems to know the other band members. >> what do you know about john, will and guy? >> i don't know who they are. >> how much does it drive you crazy that chris gets all the attention? have a hug? >> reporter: stunned but not shy. martin did give this excited reporter a hug as he walked oh lucky me. up the stage. long. then they have seven minutes to football again.
6:33 am
to do it that quickly. thank you very much. with the superbowl comes the snacks. what are you cooking up on superbowl sunday? that's a big question. >> we want to hear yours. go to our facebook page. search 10 news wtsp on facebook. this morning search for allison kropff and ian reitz. we are chatting about it. we want to hear your favorite recipes. we'll steal a few of them. >> i have my nacho one up there. a brawl between two giant gators is going wild. >> this video is wild. it is coming up. you have heard the phrase, no shoes, no shirt no service. what about this guy? a sea lion found snoozing in a restaurant. live look at downtown tampa as we kick off this friday morning. we have more weather and traffic than anyone else. if you are just joining us we
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bridge update. we are having a high wind advisory across the sunshine skyway bridge. speeds are 65 miles per hour. looking live to a couple bridges in tampa. howard frankland bridge getting slow as you are heading past kennedy boulevard. it is not the worse delay yet. your drive time across the bridge is seven minutes. a two-minute delay. gandy bridge is quiet now though heading east into tampa. there are no delays so far. drive time five minutes. if you are out and about for this weekend keep in mind pollen levels will be on the high side. juniper, maple and oak stay high through the weekend. speaking of that forecast, it is a nice one. we'll have to watch for one or
6:36 am
afternoon and into saturday evening. rain chance only 20 to 30%. 65. another system, a frontal boundary will clear us out sunday morning and cool us down. we'll wake up each morning in the 40s. highs on sunday in the upper 50s. your full forecast is coming up in less than ten minutes. we are just about there. 17 and 1 panthers and 14-4 broncos. hello football fans. this is the second time carolina played in the big game. it is the 8th time for denver. that ties an nfl record. the offensive line must keep peyton manning upright. it is all up to the bronco o line to keep the carolina heat off of peyton manning. if he has to space to step into throws he can cause damage. if the broncos defense has to keep a shadow on cam newton so be it. they have to prevent him from extending plays. stick with the run.
6:37 am
averaged 4.5-yards per rush over the last four games and they won all four. panthers and broncos sunday evening. kickoff 6:30 on cbs and 10 news wtsp. coming up on 6:44. two new york city police officers expected to survive after both were shot while on duty. >> suspected gunman was found dead from an apparent self- inflicted gunshot wound. it happened thursday night while the officers were patrolling a housing project in the bronx. a second suspect was taken into custody when officers found firearms in their apartment. a massive gas leak in the l.a. area could be capped in a week. >> last phase to fix the ruptured well should start on monday. lit take five days to permanently seal the leak. thousands have been evacuated since october. more than two million tons of spewed. british government may be able to soon serve warrants in the united states.
6:38 am
negotiation process. warrants already served to companies under investigation. british law enforcement will have access to live communications between the two nation's but not records. coming up on 6:45. if you are getting ready making breakfast. take a moment and check out the video we are about to show you. it has been all over facebook over the past day. a guy in the bay area captured two alligators fighting in clearwater. he says it happened a few feet away from him. he was on a lunch break in his office. of course he had his camera with him. posted the video on youtube with the comment quote, nature is awesome. >> that would be crazy to see that looking out the window for lunch. an unusual rescue out of san diego. sea world came to the rescue of this female lion pup sleeping in a restaurant in a booth on thursday.
6:39 am
likely trying to find a warm, dry place to sleep. this year sea world rescued 50 mammals from beaches. the goal is to rehabilite the animals and get them back in the wild. let's head over to road warrior hilary zalla keeping an eye on the roadways. how are we doing on this friday? >> we have a couple accidents and traffic picking up in a crash in pinellas county is blocking a lane. i'm seeing delays south and east on 66. watch out for a crash there. in hillsborough county i'm getting word of an accident involving a bicyclist. this is an hillsborough avenue and anderson road. i know police are on scene. no lanes blocked as far as i know. along hillsborough avenue you are in the green. i'll get you an update coming
6:40 am
live to our sky 10 network camera this is i-4. first of all a beautiful shot here of the sky and of course the road not so beautiful because we are seeing delays. especially heading into tampa on i-4 westbound near the florida state fairgrounds. near u.s. 301 and the hard rock hotel. i-4 in i-75 to i-275 is delayed into tampa about three minutes. it is not the worse that we have seen for a morning commute but it is getting slow. in pasco county there is a delay on i-75 south near state road 52 and state road 54. there is a broken down car blocking the lane. that's causing a delay going south. you are down to 29 miles per hour. it is a good idea to give yourself five extra minutes. polk county so far so good. no accidents for you in lakeland. heading into tampa from polk parkway i-75 to i-4 your drive is 16 minutes. sarasota and manatee county you
6:41 am
u.s. 301, 41 and i-75, all your majors are not seeing significant delays yet. if you have any problems on the roads send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. 'll get you answers on safety problems on your roadways. e-mail me at bobby? >> thank you. we are rain-free. got it all out of our system yesterday. we saw one of two inches in the heavier spots. behind it has some really cold air. 44 in land o'lakes and carrollwood. 51 for bradenton and sarasota. a chilly 46 in lakeland. those numbers 18 to 25 degrees colder than where they were at this time yesterday. and it is windy out there, too. generally in the teens to low 20 mile-per-hour wind along the coast. we have gusts in the upper 20s to low 30s. that will come down a little
6:42 am
afternoon hours. we have a gorgeous sunrise. if you are running around look at your television. tampa bay downs look at the sunrise. it is beautiful out there with the back of those clouds getting out of here. that's hooters of clearwater beach looking off towards the south and east. there go the clouds. we'll have sunshine for the rest of the day today and a little bit warmer than where we are now. only going to upper 50s to low 60s. model is very, very quiet. stays in the 40s through 9:30 to 10:00. then we'll hit back in the 50s. with all the sunshine we'll see temperatures getting up in the upper 50s to lower 60s. as i mentioned the wednesday will come down through the day. we have a lake wind advisory today. taking the boat on the bay and lakes is not a good idea today. 62 for a daytime high. notice the winds come down for this evening. 55 through 7:00 to 8:00 tonight. it will be chilly. we are the official forecast
6:43 am
it is a good one. it rained yesterday of course. but today 63 degrees for the kids headed out there. mostly sunny skies. definitely a light jacket heading out. this is tomorrow, quite a few clouds and an isolated shower. it is not a rain out by any means. rain chances 20 to 30%. we'll be in the mid 60s. we clear out as the low develops off the east coast. that brings us sunshine on sunday. but chilly air. in fact, i think the chilly air sticks around through tuesday into wednesday of next week. then wednesday afternoon, thursday and friday that cold air will lift out and we'll start to warm things back up. seven-day forecast, 62 today with sunshine and windy. tomorrow a good mix of sun and clouds and an isolated shower. sunshine and a breeze returns on sunday. real chilly this weekend. i think we'll stay in the 60s to upper 50s through wednesday. then we'll start that warming trend for thursday and into friday of next week.
6:44 am
we have teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger. had back to their weather sections to find the 10 weather forecast. make sure you put 10 news sunday morning on your must- watch list this weekend. mark rivera will have your top stories and ashley batey will have you forecast. you'll get a break down of the superbowl matchup. tony dungy talks about winning a superbowl and what it would fame. a man's game day tradition that can be described as super. 10 news sunday morning when we take the time to tell great local stories. see you sunday at 8:30. let's take you live out now to the florida state fairgrounds. fair is underway. the sun is coming up on this friday morning. if you are out and about send us a picture of sunrises. use the hashtag #rise with 10. great for a friday. hopefully you are having a great start to your friday. we have another check of
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this hour the traffic is getting busy. >> we are getting busy out there. i was reporting on a bicycle accident this hour. the rider is okay. they are still looking for the driver. it is 16 minutes from the sun coast to the tampa international airport. 56 street is closed at hillsborough avenue because of downed wires. we are not sure how they fell on the roadway. 56 is shutdown. you are going in a parking lot to get around that. give yourself time there. >> planner for today shows us starting in the 40s going to upper 50s to low 60s.
6:48 am
jacket. it is a quiet weather day it is just windy and cool. florida bill nelson is calling on the president to oversee a zica czar. mosquito traps have been placed around hillsborough county. most canidates back on the campaign trail today after thursday night's debate in new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off over the economic crash and foreign policy. sanders is ahead of clinton in the polls with the new hampshire primary a couple days away. today marks two years sense a teen was hit and killed by a car while trying to cross i-4. their son was thrown out of the fair along with 100 other kids after deputies say they were running up and down the midway causing problems. we all have our red on today. we hope you'll wear red today. today is national wear day with the american heart association.
6:49 am
>> you'll probably see it on social media. a lot of folks take pictures in their offices with coworkers in the years' past. spread the support and awareness. >> it is about bringing awareness to heart disease and stroke. >> when you hear 80% of strokes and heart disease can be prevented.
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