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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> good afternoon and thanks for joining us. new video this afternoon from new york city where at least one person was killed in a construction accident. ams occurring collapse in lower manhattan killing at least one person and seriously injuring others. the metal landed on cars and stretch across much of the city block. cbs reporter brian webb is in new york with more. >> first responders checked
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after a construction crane collapsed on top of manhattan. it came crashing down just before a 30:00 a.m. this morning. >> it just felt like a bomb. >> you heard the boom, and then you run for the windows and you see a rain falling on a street. >> you hear the side of the building being scratched. >> the ground is littered with debris, broken glass and bricks. >> inspectors are looking into not only what caused the collapse, but buildings in the area that were struck by the crane as it fell to the ground. >> they are trying to stabilize these other structures there and you know that that is the case.
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owns the equipment has not yet responded to our request for comments. brian webb, cbs news, new york. >> the new york city mayor said crews had already lowered and secure the crane because winds were approaching 20 miles per hour. a meeting that has been a long time coming, tampa bay were ray owners at a meeting. >> as of matter of fact, that meeting just wrapped up a little bit ago. it was behind closed doors and a conference room, so we don't know exactly what was said but we do have a pretty good idea. >> i think it's the beginning of an long process. >> bob buckhorn and ken hagan seemed pretty optimistic this morning. >> after reviewing the criteria
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regarding their site evaluation process, nothing in their concerned me as far as locations or one way or the other. >> the rays are looking for it large site around 20 acres with reported moment. they want to make sure that better entertainment and retail stores can come into the area. plenty of authenticity, seen in the bay area. a coalition of independent business leaders look at the best possible site for the new there are several in hillsborough including the tampa park apartments. that is mayor buckhorn's choice. >> the site of international ship repair and the ybor channel, or where jefferson high school currently sits in the west shore area. challenges but the biggest obstacle is paying for it. >> we are not going to raise county.
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raymond james stadium deal. it will have to be primarily financed by the teen and the private sector. >> the rays do have to take six months to evaluate any new site for a stadium, and that's the agreement that they made with saint pete officials to give them time to sell the tropicana field, keeping them where they are. so that could come back up again in six months. brian hall did stop and speak with us as he was walking out of the meeting. i will have his comments for you and i'm working to put that together for you tonight. >> happening today, the same day students will be attending the fair. the family is suing the florida state fair, hillsborough county sheriff's office and hillsborough county school district will be leaving a protest is afternoon. is part of they weekend where
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son's memory alive. >> andrew joseph the third didn't die at the fair, he was hit and killed as he tried to cross interstate four. he was one of nearly 100 kids kicked out of the fair two years ago after a scene like this unfolded. kids stampeding or wilding out. his parents were not called despite him being booted. with no place to go, he made the fatal decision to try to across the interstate. i nterstate. that has prompted changes. 300 security cameras now span the crowd. they have lots to keep their eyes on as student day yesterday at the fair. thousands of hillsborough county students are given a pass to get out of class and come to the fair for free. unruly kids won't just be kicked out this year, they will be brought to the amphitheater or children's facility until it parent or guardian can pick them up.
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is calling on the president to appoint a zika's's leader. mosquito control would only tell us that the patient slipped on the westside of the county and they say they have set mosquito traps near where they have lived. they will send the mosquitoes they catch to be tested by that state board of health. while all of our cases are travel related, the concern is someone will travel, get zika, and then come back and get bitten by a local mosquito and then that will transmit the virus. the cdc is providing extra kits to test to those of those in the system. united airlines is giving the metal employees the option of withdrawing from assignments that take them to countries that are affected by the virus. the virus is carried by
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of causing brain deformities in the babies. hillary clinton and bernie sanders back on the trail today. the race appears to be for second place. jeb bush is pulling out all the stops including having his mother join him on the campaign trail. >> bernie sanders hit the campaign trail early friday at a politics event in manchester. >> trillions of dollars have flowed from the middle class to the top tenth of the top 1%. >> this is thanks in part to his attacks on clinton's wall street ties. thursday night she fired back calling the job and art artful smear campaign. you will not find that i ever
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of any donation that i ever received. >> how do you see tuesday playing out? >> i think there are lots of people make the change. >> donald trump is in the lead profanity laced rant. >> we will knock the [ bleep ] out of isis. themselves. >> i don't think a president would what have ever shouted profanities in a speech in front of thousands of people with kids in the crowd. >> bush has lots of ground to make up and three other candidates ahead of him in the latest poll. >> donald trump cancel they campaign event in new hampshire scheduled for today because of a snowstorm. he will be in south carolina friday night instead and then
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douglas hughes says he plans to run for congress in south florida, but wouldn't travel out of hillsborough county because of his court case. the judge says for campaign purposes, he can travel to, from and around the 20 third congressional district. frustration for passengers on a flight from orlando to charlotte. the pilot had to make an emergency landing at the jacksonville international airport since an electrical odor was coming from inside the plane. >> it smelled like burnt plastic. i mean, it's scary, you hope nothing will blow up. >> there was mist vacation with the airline and instead of looking another flight, passengers had to go to a ticket counter, get luggage from a baggage claim and then go through security once again. they modern-day money and clyde all across the south. their life on the run and in
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one person is dead and another under arrest. we will tell you how it ended coming up. plus researchers making progress on understanding why some people go bald. and we are heading into the weekend. kind of a cold start for the day, warming up as ago into friday, saturday sunday? >> it will warm up slightly this afternoon, but after a chilly start, we have the sunshine. look at this beautiful view from tampa bay downs. the sunshine is sticking around but you may need your humble at some point. >> coming up tonight at 10:00, we have a warning for you target shoppers. why you need to be extra careful when you are using those self checkout lines. we will show you what the tsa is doing to keep you and your family safe. and make sure you join us tonight on 10news at 5:30 p.m. for your chance to call in and when a $500 gold and diamond
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island fun card p visit busch gardens tampa dottcom for details. hurry up! offer ends february 29th. >> a successful rocket launch morning. satellites. the mission was scrubbed almost scrubbed because of strong winds but died down in time for crews to get the all clear. afternoon. if you have hair loss, we all
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but now research in japan shows that as we get older, damage to the hair follicle stem cells seems to play a role. in misery couple wanted for violent crime spree spanning florida. some call the couple and modern- day bonnie and clyde. the manhunt ended in a shootout with one person dead. >> the manhunt for blake fitzgerald and his girlfriend violent and in the floor to panhandle this morning. nearly five days after the pair allegedly kidnapped, stole and drop their way across the gulf coast, and the alleged victim was kyle, who fitzgerald forced into a car, and kidnapped him on sunday. >> he had the gun on his lap the entire time. i was just trying to stay calm.
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suspects dumped him. gerald kidnapped it woman inside of her own home. the couple allegedly forced her into her own car, but then let her go a few miles down the taking her suv. on monday, surveillance video picked up the pair in georgia. it appeared to show fitzgerald robbing and abducting a female clerk at a convenience store. like the other victims, the clerk was released unharmed. >> even if you don't have them, you are mentally messing them >> okaloosa florida authority say fitzgerald row robbed a surf shop and it grocery store. both suspects have it criminal fitzgerald spent time in jail for first-degree burglary and harper pled guilty to driving on toxic it into thousand ten. >> the sheriff says the pair's last crime was running issue
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and we started off pretty chilly this morning. >> it was a big change, it was nice to have that warm-up earlier this week. it put you in the mood for it being springtime and then, he coats out [laughter] >> tomorrow will be warmer, and you will enjoy sunny skies today. theater camera, and you can see the blue skies. you know everyone visiting from up north, they are hanging outside today even though it's chilly for our tampa bay standards. let's go ahead and get a check on the satellite and radar composite. you can see that we are clear, and there's the cold front that has now pushed lower south. our wind today generally out of the north and northwest.
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crystal river, 56 degrees here degrees. 2 degrees below normal for this and it's an nice day to head to the state fair for student day. and a nice they nice light comfortable. wind is staying out of the northwest at ten to 15. lots of sunshine today and that dryer, cooler air mass is across the region. it will stay breezy all day, and no worries tonight and you can leave those umbrella.
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and here's the setup. this will stay to the south, and showers saturday evening into sunday morning. not washout by any means, but here's the super bowl forecast. partly sunny skies and we are looking at rate game day weather for all of your parties. your seven-day forecast shaping up like this. low of 47 degrees, mainly late afternoon into sunday morning, and we cooldown once again sunday afternoon with they high of 59 or 60 degrees. next week, staying cool with highs in the 50's and 60's, lows in the low 50's and upper 40s. when you are on the go, you can always stay on top of the weather.
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the 10news app. you can also sign up for breaking news, traffic and weather alerts. >> coming up next, the most famous tourist in iceland. see what happens when you type an extra letter into the gps system. and here's what we have four he this friday evening. followed by the super bowl 's greatest halftime show. 10news at 11, and the late show with stephen now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early!
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from classic to contemporary,
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>> we got a preview of the local version of the puppy bowl. check out these guys right here. these puppies are up for adoption as they try out.
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grand opening of the achieve a paula dog park, and we thought, how much more fun then to have a puppy bowl? we partnered with the suncoast animal league to find our players for the weekend. >> look how tiny those little guys are. i mean they are so much fun. the puppy bowl takes place tomorrow. and, after he landed on monday, the guy put the address into his rental car gps, or he thought he did. unfortunately he added an additional letter and that tps sent him to a fishing village
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he said he enjoyed the drive 270 miles, and became sort of a media star. >> i am pretty sure he is glad he made that mistake. >> look at all that snow though, it looks really chilly. >> we are complaining it's chilly, and it's about 60 degrees so it's not that bad. let's go ahead and look at wall- to-wall sunshine. what a difference a day makes. it is breezy out there and the little bit on the chilly side. you might be more careful this afternoon with they jacket or sweater, if you are headed out for an afternoon stroll. we do have the chance of showers primarily south of interstate four corridor, primarily saturday evening through early sunday morning. but not a washout by any means. pretty nice football weather.
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big game right here on 10news. lots of stuff sunday leading up
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