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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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lives and what a snow storm had to do with the collapse. >> reporter: eyewitness video captured friday morning's collapse of a huge construction crane on the a manhattan street. the wreckage crushed cars and scattered debris over the entire block. the crane fell along a street in the city's tribeca neighborhood ten blocks north of the world trade center. several buildings were damaged ground. this counter weight landed on a building. a snow squall was passing through at the time. crews were working to secure the crane. >> it was being moved into a secure position by the manufacturer's instructions, as
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>> reporter: the crane, which was as tall as a 56 story building was here for a week. the mayor credits the construction crew for saving lives. >> as we were lowering the crane we kept traffic from moving down west broadway. >> reporter: police and building investigators are looking into the accident. the crane passed inspection on thursday. brian webb cbs news new york. >> that's scary. >> two people were seriously hurt. another has minor injury. they'll all survive. we'll keep this story updated on our website as investigators work to figure out what happened. that same snow storm that made crews lower the crane in new york is knocking out power in new england. more than 40,000 homes and businesses don't have electricity tonight. this is causing a nightmare on the roadways, as well.
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down tree limbs and power lines. the storm isn't over yet. right now this doctor is accused of committing the ultimate betrayal of a patient. sexual battery. he is out of jail after posting a $50,000 bail. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is digging deeper into the horrific details of what police say happened the examine and if there are more victims. >> reporter: friday dr. john was nowhere to be found. no answer at his clearwater apartment. and the door to his practice, infiniti neurology locked. but police had no problem finding him and arresting him for sexual battery of a patient. it reportedly happened while she was treating the patient at florida spine institute in clearwater.
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doctor in the examine. she was lying on her stomach. she claims he touched her in her private parts again. when she attempted to scream out she was presented by the doctor by forcefully kissing her on the mouth causing her bottom lip to bleed. the florida spine institute tells me the doctor has not worked there since july of last year when the incident reportedly happened. he had been employed for four years. they say they are fully cooperating with police. he is set to face a judge on the 22nd. police tell me they can not rule out whether or not there are more victims. if you have any information on this case you are asked to call police. for now we are in clearwater jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. new information about the zica virus tonight. countries are trying to protect
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trying to learn more. here's what we know right now. brazil's top health agency says zica has been detected in saliva. now they are telling pregnant women to think twice about kissing. the u.n. human right's commissioner says countries have to repeal laws that restrict access to birth control. in the u.s. senate democrats are asking president obama to use money from last year's government spending bill to come up with a plan to fight the zica virus. according to a spokesperson in brazil the british olympics committee says it is making sure athletes know how to protect themselves. >> wear loose fitting clothing, long sleeves, regular application of insecticide. >> today marks six months of the summer olympics.
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do you know what goes on to keep you safe when you fly field goal tsa gave 10 news a behind the scene look to find out. they use a number of procedures to screen bags, check passengers and scan for security threats. you have seen the check bags for prohibited items. they also use technology to detect explosives, dangerous liquids and fire arms. >> if we get an unknown item or unknown liquid we can take a sample of it. this particular item is used in hazardous material scenes from military. bomb squads use it quite a bit. we have it here available for us. >> when it comes to keeping you safe it is not all about the technology but watching how people are acting. we are putting that part of the at 6:00. it is your choice 2016. more than a month until the florida primary.
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the republican canidate will be at the usf sun dome next friday. a new poll shows one third of republican voters in new hampshire still don't know who they'll pick during the state's primary on tuesday. donald trump is in the lead followed by ted cruz and marco rubio. democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are back to campaigning after a tense debate. sanders has a big lead in new hampshire thanks on part to his attacks on clinton's wall street ties. during the debate clinton called the jabs a smear campaign. a warning you need to hear before you go to the grocery store. skimmers have been found on atm's and gas pumps. now they are turning up in supermarkets. safeway found them on self check-out registers in december. they look like regular debit
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it gives thieves everything they need to steal your information. first and foremost to protect yourself hug on the payment terminal. if it wiggles there could be a sign there is a skimmer attached. second, make sure you cashed has a new chip and that the store has the newest chip card readers. use a mobile payment system like apple or samsung pay. check your bank or credit card statement to see if someone has been using your account as soon as possible. we are both wearing red today. it is national wear red day for heart disease. >> this affects 40 million american women. tonight we are learning some women don't take advantage of life saving benefits after they have a heart attack. as heart attack recovery some women are referred cardiac rehabilitation.
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as much as men to cardiac rehab. it is disappointing. women referred to rehab are less likely to go than men. >> new research shows that women who do their rehab alongside other women are less depressed, less anxious because of the bond they form with other survivors. this week we have been look back at some of the players and coaches from the bucs superbowl champs. we were wondering where are they now? today we are talking at tony is joining us now. >> tony was let go the year before. he had a large impact on the championship team. tony dungy did win his in 2007. he talked about coaching against lovie smith in the superbowl game. >> do you remember the hand shake with lovie at mid field?
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my players were lifting me up. i said put me down i need to see lovie. i remember saying you'll get yours. you guys have a good team. you'll be back. tonight was our night. that shows you how hard it is to do. they never got back. >> how is the family, by the way? i know you still live in tampa. >> we live in tampa. love it. enjoy it tremendously. i don't think i could pull my wife and the kids out of here. we now have ten kids all together. seven of them still in the house. we are busy that way. tampa community has been great. we have embraced it. the people embraced us. we feel like we have lived here our whole life. >> tony is a finalist for the pro football hall of fame which will be announced on saturday. after 6:00 we'll talking about that. at 11:00 my full story with tony dungy. they are called the modern
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>> see how this couple ended up inside a florida jail. hillsborough leaders finally meet with rays leaders to discuss stadium sites in hillsborough county. tampa mayor buckhorn called it a first date. how did it go? friends, no doubt you felt a chill. we talked about it last night. beautiful, clear skies for a lot of us. a lot of you enjoying it. others saying it may be too cool for me. a lot of the hillsborough kids have the day off to go to the fair. if you are taking the family out tonight 53 degrees and clear skies but dry. this weekend we have changes. we'll talk about it so you are ready for your saturday and superbowl sunday. speaking of the weekend. your friday evening commute, wish i had better news. a live look at your sky 10 network camera this is along gandy bridge backed up into tampa. it is a crawl there. meantime i-75 and fowler
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it is a parking lot.
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>> reporter: the biggest challenge is who will come up with the hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for it? >> we are not going to raise taxes. we do not have a pot of gold in hillsborough county. there will never be another ramond james stadium deal. ultimately it will have to be financed by the team and the private sector. >> reporter: mayor buckhorn says they'll have to get creative. >> there will be a number of sources, one which may be bed tax.
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surcharge. if you can put the burden on the tourists than the locals, that's a good thing. >> reporter: he wanted to emphases one thing. >> tampa bay is our home. this is where we live. this is where our fans are. this is where we'll be. >> reporter: there is no set date for the next meeting. the two groups agreed to talk regularly. the team president think it is as beginning of a good partnership. jennie dean 10 news wtsp. >> to see our complete coverage of the rays saga head to and click on seen on tv. it is fair to say it is a cold start to the weekend. >> i don't see any rain there.
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>> beautiful blue skies. i wish traffic were looking better. there are a lot of backups going on. gorgeous winter blue sky. clearwater beach over the inner coastal 45 is where we started this morning in tampa. 45 also for lakeland. 39 in crystal river. while, yes the ice and snow flakes on the map might be a in florida, right? as we wish you good friday weekend. there will be changing coming your way. after clear skies for your friday two systems will come together that eventually makes a nor'easter by monday. it is this trough here in the texas panhandle, it will be diving right over the gulf. then we are also looking at energy coming up over the caribbean. the two will form a low on the
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sunday. that's will play a part in our forecast over the next couple days with increased cloud cover. light rain chances. this looks to turn into a big storm for the northeast monday night into tuesday. if you have family up there they are dealing with a system around maine and what was new york and boston earlier today. for us back at home, while we enjoy the clear skies until midnight tonight, look for temperatures to cool fairly quickly. we made it to low 60s in tampa and st. pete. about 62 to 63 degrees. we'll see a sharp drop at sunset. then not much more after that. we'll look for mid evening temperatures around 53 degrees. then slowly back into the upper 40s. but not looking to be quite as windy with the cold tomorrow morning.
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brisk. looking to start around 47 to 49 degrees from belleair beach, palm harbor and duneden over to tampa around downtown. south tampa at macdill over to brandon. low 40s for us around citrus county and hernando county from inverness and crystal river to pasco county, hudson, zephyrhills and wesley chapel. bradenton and sarasota a nice chill in the air. day break 49 degrees. not as windy. same for venice and north port 49. couple degrees cooler lakeland to haines city and fort meade. forecast for saturday 47 to start. quite a bit of cloud cover. we will turn mostly cloudy in the middle of the night. isolated shower is possible. more on that in a moment. we are also expecting high temperatures a touch warmer than today. around 66 to 67. the winds not as strong tomorrow. still a decent breeze. moderate chop on the bay. northwest winds 2 to 12 knots.
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note is as that trough digs over the gulf and as that low starts to spin up from the keys over to west palm beach we are between the two. sunday morning a couple showers in the mix. we are clear and skies are done. beautiful and clear for your football celebrations on sunday evening. just know that a brief shower is possible. especially 6:00 a.m. to noon on sunday. nothing big. nothing like yesterday's rain. no storms. just more cloud cover for saturday and the first half of sunday before we clear out in time for your superbowl party. your chance to win is coming up in the next 20 minutes. all this week on "10 news at 5:30" you'll get a chance to call in and win a $500 gold and diamond source gift card.
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a man hunt ended in florida and is making headlines tonight. ahead on "10 news at 5:30" see how this couple is accused of hopping state to state. i'm reginald roundtree. it is a plan to speed up your commute but at what cost? we are always digging deeper. >> if there was a wedding or wake in a family i would have to wait until i get back. on the road meet the tampa man going to the superbowl. first. those stories and more coming
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hot on the web, a sea lion's adventure is all over social media today. you have probably seen this baby sea lion in your feed. she found her way to her own table in a fancy san diego restaurant. the reason she is there is sad. a rescue team from sea world said she was starving. she weighs half of what she should weigh. the problem is el nino.
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wiped out the food supply for sea lions. sea world rescued 47 other sea lions and marine animals this year. the sea lion we just showed you is in critical condition. rescue workers are positive she'll make a full recovery. they hope to release her back into the wild. check this out. one of japan's most active volcanos erupted today with a fierily blast that sent lava rolling down the slopes. rocks were expected to fall a mile away. the whole area is blocked off so no one gets hurt. while today's eruption was intense, researchers say it is considered average compared to the volcano's previous eruptions. beating traffic by running to work. how an olympic hopeful is taking training to a whole new level. we are just days away from that big game. coming up next, we are live in san francisco with what is bein i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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