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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm courtney robinson. three big stories we are on top of for you. louisville cardinals men's basketball team will not compete in the post season. school's president says the team is removing itself from eligibility in the midst of a scandal. ncaa is looking into whether players or recruits were involved with paid dancers and escorts between 2010 and 2014. we are learning how a jacksonville toddler died. the man who was dating the boy's mother is taking a plea deal. he is pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the death and will serve 20 years behind bars. the boy drowned in a tub while he and the boy's mother had sex in another room. bug spray makers are
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demand is expected to increase because of the zica virus. manufacturers of major brands want to make sure you are able to protect yourself since the virus is primarily transmitted through mosquitoes. in two days the panthers, broncos will kick off superbowl 50 here on 10 news. more and more fans are pouring into san francisco for the big game. that has law enforcement keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. we are joined live with teri okita out there. >> reporter: we have been together all week. we have seen the security bits we have seen. just from where we are standing on the perch in superbowl city i can see sharpshooters on roof tops. commando-style officers in gear
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security is conspicuous and covert around here. since yesterday the amount of fans have increased here at superbowl city. they are all coming from out of town as well as the bay area. they expect more than a million visitors at each of these events each day at the superbowl. whether it is here or at the nfl experience or down at the stadium in santa clara. it is a lot to undertake for security. they are saying they don't want to look intimidating but they do want these crowds to know this event is secure. >> this is the 50th anniversary. what is the host committee doing different this year? each year it seems to get better and better and bigger and bigger. this year what are they doing different? >> reporter: we talked to a fan
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superbowl when it wasn't even called the superbowl. event. now these tickets are going for $5700 on average. this show has gotten very big. what the organizers wanted to do, because this was the golden anniversary and it made a return to california for the 50th they wanted to redefine what it meant to be a superbowl. they added a couple of things this year. behind me you can see the fans that are all looking into the nfl network building. they can look inside and watch the broadcast. this can surround our area here and watch us as we are reporting to you. there is two stages for concerts they added in the area. that's new. also, because we are in the heart of technology, they have added a lot of digital experiences for fans to enjoy. >> outstanding job out there. teri okita live from the
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a $6 billion boone dogle is what neighbors in tampa heights, ybor and seminole heights are calling a huge i- 275 expansion that could bring bulldozers straight to their door steps. this is what they are fighting. express toll lanes on i-275. fdot says the toll lanes will help speed up your commute. it will mean more than 100 homes and businesses from just east of state road 60 to the hillsborough river downtown will have to go. >> typically a boone dogle is incredibly expensive and a waste of resources. we feel that this project stands for that. >> we have a congestion problem now. imagine five or the years what it will be like. we have to look at that. this plan has been on the books for 20 years. >> tomorrow morning hundred of people will hold signs and march the path of destruction. the area where homes and
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if the fdot plans are approved. some are calling them a modern day bonnie and clyde. a multistate hunt for them came to a dramatic end overnight. their nearly week-long run ended in florida this morning with a shootout with police. david is in pensacola and is talking to a man who says the couple kidnapped them. >> reporter: the man hunt came to a violent end in the florida panhandle friday morning. >> armed standoff ensued for 15 minutes. suspects reified to surrender. they attempted to exit the vehicle and enter an occupied dwelling. >> reporter: authorities shot both suspects killing fitzgerald ending the couple's crime spree through the south. it began last sunday when the pair kidnapped 26-year-old kyle dean forcing him in his own car.
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>> he had the gun in his lap the entire time. i tried to they calm. >> reporter: an hour later the suspect dumped him in the hills. shortly after that fitzgerald kidnapped a woman inside of her own home. the couple forced the woman into her car but let her go a few miles down the road taking her suv. on monday surveillance video picked up the pair 50-miles away in perry, georgia. the video showed fitzgerald robbing and abducting a female clerk at the convenience store. like the other victims the clerk was released unharmed. the suspects robbed several stores as they headed toward florida telling a victim they wanted to get married there. in pensacola, the couple on the run held a family hostage in their own home before stealing their vehicle. both suspects had previous criminal records.
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cbs news pensacola, florida. >> surviving suspect britney harper is under armed guard at the hospital recovering from a leg wound. she faces charges including home invasion, robbery, false imprisonment and grand theft auto. if you think you are a football fan chances are this bay area man will put you to shame. take a walk down memory lane with the super fan. with the blue skies now the rain behind us what happens? the pollen is getting thrown back in the air. allergy forecast for the weekend looks like this. back to a high count. oak, maple juniper for the
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valentine's day. all of the lovers out there here is a chance to make it special. your chance to win $500 gold and diamond source gift card. call the number on your screen. 727-577-4357. 10 caller wins. good luck! time for story making headlines across the state, nation and around the world. this is your 60 second scan. united nations human rights panel says weeki watchee founder is held against his will. he has been staying in
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officials say he can leave but police will be waiting for him. nfl quarterback johnny manziel's agent dropped him as a client. this comes a week after manziel's girlfriend said he threatened to kill her and forced her into his car. former earth wind and fire memberrer maurice white died from parkinsons. he was 74 years old. unemployment is under 5%. federal reserve could hold off on raising interest rates since there wasn't a huge jump in payroll. that's your 60 second scan. question, how would this go over at your house? honey, sweet heart, we can't go on that honeymoon. i have to go to the superbowl. >> nope! >> that's what i thought. that's what tom told his new
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he was entrenched in a tradition that continues today. you think you love football? bobby lewis goes on the road to show you how one tampa man's passion for the big skin can only be described as super. >> reporter: from the outside this looks like any other house. inside. >> it was just like a thing back in the old days. >> reporter: more like a museum. >> here's the miami dolphins. >> reporter: tom is the rarest kind of fan. one of the few who has been there for every super moment. >> how important is this streak to you? >> it is so important. i mean, if there was a wedding or a wake in family, i'd have to be waiting until i get back. i got to go to the game. 1968. >> here's my treasury. >> reporter: and can prove it. >> these are all my programs of
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superbowl i here. it was $1. >> reporter: tickets to the first game was $12. this year's seats would have cost him $2500 had the nfl not sent tom these golden tickets for free. >> these are the tickets. 50-yard line. >> reporter: we know tom is going to the 50th superbowl. the streak almost ended after 12. he wanted to go to this game and the only reason he made it is because of his wife. >> i thought a letter won't do it. i'm going to take a picture with all of these ticket stubs. that way they know he is for real. i said tom is my name. football is my game. 12 are in my frame. 13 is my aim. we got a letter back from the nfl with an invite for four tickets. >> reporter: he hasn't missed one since. nfl even sent him a special football to thank him for being a fan for 50 seasons. >> i told the guys last night i was going to sleep with it.
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it has been my passion. just the love of the game. >> he better sleep with it. that was a die hard pittsburgh steelers fan. he said his favorite superbowl was superbowl xiii when the steelers roughed up the cowboys 35-31 in miami. two buddies have been alongside tom for the superbowls, as well. they were featured in a visa superbowl commercial a few years ago. the big game is sunday here on cbs. tune in saturday night at 7:30. watch bobby lewis gone the road. he takes a look at superbowl history, tampa icons and more. just into the news room, astronaut edgar mitchell passed away. he was part of the apollo 14 space crew that flew to the
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mitchell was the sixth man to walk on the moon. he died last night in west palm beach. he was 85 years old. i'm dion lim live in the news room. coming up on "10 news at 6:00" they are trained to keep you safe in the sky. tsa relies on high-tech devices to do it. the secret ways these agents look out for your safety. i'm eric glasser at the florida state fair. it was two years ago that andrew joseph iii, a couple blocks from here on the interstate was struck by a vehicle and killed. for the second year in a row protest asking for safety measures in his memory. tracking zica. new cases of the virus detected in florida.
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good evening. we talked about the chill and the wind. sky 10 network camera clocking 38 mile-per-hour wind gust in downtown st. pete. across the bay at macdill 33 miles per hour at macdill air force base this morning. even in central pinellas county was seen. as the winds back down, we got at least a little more comfortable this afternoon from the really big blast of cold air, which we talked about this morning. temperatures currently around 57 in crystal river. 60 lakewood ranch. 58 bartow. around the bay area and the tampa metro 61 odessa. temple terrace, new tampa, plant city. 59 lutz. 58 zephyrhills. wesley chapel and land o'lakes 60. same for holiday and 57 on the gulf coast in treasure island. beautiful blue skies as the wind settles down. we are expecting clear skies for your friday evening and dry conditions.
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most of this evening. the next one to two hours still low 60s are expected. waking up in the morning 40s return. but we won't have that bite with the wind that we had this morning. still likely want a jacket or a coat out the door. 47 to 48 degrees. believe it or not should not feel as cold as this morning. we won't have that 30 mile-per- hour wind gusts to go with it. add to it, clouds will be building in overnight. it will be broken clouds in the morning turning mostly cloudy to partly sunny. we'll go back and forth through the day. that's one of the things that will be different about tomorrow after a beautiful day with clear skies. look for clouds to start returning. on the water a moderate chop is expected. offshore waves should settle down two to four feet from where they are. low tide 7:00 a.m. high tide 2:00 p.m. if you want to make it a fair day, a wonderful winter day to head out to the fair as long as
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you'll be good to go. on isolated sprinkle possible this weekend. although we are talking about low rain chances it is nothing like what we saw yesterday with several hours with heavy downpours and at times some really heavy downpour. tomorrow northeast winds will bring more cloud cover. a trough digs into the gulf and a low winding up over the florida straits. they'll come together and form a stronger storm on sunday. some of that will get caught up and pulled into the low of the bahamas and the atlantic side. cloudy skies a couple brief showers are possible.
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back to 10 to 20 mile-per-hour winds on sunday. decreasing clouds and the rain is done. anything we do see by midday, as the skies clear out 58 degrees expected. 10 news app a great way to keep up with temperatures. you can get a light sprinkle over the weekend. it is a great friend to have on your phone. we have you covered.
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>> reporter: traffic every day is outside bennett grimes front door. a constant headache. >> i-5 is worse. >> reporter: that lead the 20- thing seattleitte to take his feet off the gas and into a pair of shoes. grimes decided in order to combat the congestion he might as well pound the pavement. grimes, a couple times a week makes his four mile carbon neutral commute. >> i cruise across green lake down stone. >> reporter: from the maple leaf neighborhood to freemont and the brooks headquarters.
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>> reporter: where he works as a company product line manager. >> you can get some work out in at the same time. i'm working on spring '17 apparel and what the future of her brand looks like in the apparel. >> reporter: it is here he puts his preferred method of travel to the test. >> let's build our presentation. >> reporter: the commute is a walk in the park for this three- time cross country all-american at western washington university. his alternative transportation plan has also kept this soft spoken sprinter in shape and allowed him to run through another door. >> i recently qualified for the olympic trials in los angeles on february 13th. >> reporter: he is a top u.s. marathoner. >> it is weird to think of myself that way. >> reporter: thanks to the
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less traveled. >> it is fun when i get to watch myself pass cars that have been sitting there. >> reporter: one step, one foot, one commute. >> rain our shine. >> reporter: at a time. >> i'm not into jogging. i'd have to do like a segway or what is the other stuff. >> a bicycle? >> the hover board.
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historic opening. a hotel paves the way for more tourists and more traffic. but can the city's downtown handle the growth? you know the drill rushing through x-rays to catch a plane. you would be surprised to know what else goes into making your flight a safe one. good evening everyone. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. thank you for staying with us. a passionate protest outside of the florida state fairgrounds where student day marked a sad anniversary. it has been two years now since
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