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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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who was kicked out of the fair was struck and killed by a car along i-4. 10 news reporter eric glasser shows you how the family is honoring their son's memory. and why despite major security improvements they believe there is still more to be done. >> reporter: two years after their son was ejected from the florida state fair, struck and killed by a vehicle along i-4, andrew and diane joseph lead dozens in protests, chanting for change in their son's memory. >> we'll be here every year. we'll be the person you must look at. >> reporter: 14-year-old andrew joseph iii was rounded up with 100 other teenagers and thrown off fairgrounds property when student night 2014 turned into a midway melee. since then the joseph's made it their mission to enhance security at the fair. many of the changes they
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they include a wider midway, more police officers, cameras and metal detectors. kids have to be accompanied by an adult after 6:00 a.m. there is now a holding effort for troublemakers. >> we'll make every possible effort to contact a parent to say your child is held. do you want us to hold them in a safe, secure area? >> reporter: the changes we have given parents we spoke with more confidence to drop off their kids. >> with the changes it should be better. >> i feel it is safer. >> my son had to die for this place to be safe. >> reporter: the joseph's who filed a civil suit on their son's behalf still believe student day at the fair is an unsafe environment. guns are allowed on the property, alcohol is served and many teens who do show up are still unsupervised. a recipe, they fear, for another disaster. in tampa eric glasser 10 news wtsp. >> we want to remind you of some of the changes in effect
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students will need to be supervised by an adult. expect security and cameras keeping an eye from every angle. we made it easy for you to find this information and fair events on our free app. search and download 10 news from your device app store. disturbing story from seminole. martial arts instructor charged with touching young girls. andrew kim inappropriately touched students at his taekwondo studio on seminole boulevard. police asked him about the allegations. kim admitted to molesting twirls ages six and seven between 2014 and 2015. kim asked the girls to keep the touching a secret. if you think your child could be a victim call the sheriff's office. right now we are talking with
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latest on 10 news at 11:00. bay area doctor on bond after police say he sexual assaulted a patient. dr. john sexually assaulted a patient last july at the florida spine institute in clearwater. the patient claims he touched her private parts during an exam and when she screamed he forcefully kissed her. according to court documents, the doctor admitted to detectives to touching and kissing her. spine institute says the doctor has not worked there since the allegation and is cooperating with police. the doctor will face a judge again later this month. tampa mayor buckhorn called a meeting with the rays a first date. what he and county leaders hope to lead to a long term relationship. it was the first time they could discuss problems at possible stadium sites in hillsborough county. ray's president said it is still too early in a long process to find the ideal location. the rays want a next generation
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>> we don't know. it will be very site dependant. we expect it to look different than anything we have seen so far. >> even bigger challenge than picking a site, paying the hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new stadium. county leaders say they will not raise taxes. they expect the rays to carry most of the costs along with private groups. state-wide zica alert. two more cases reported outside of the bay area. the cases in osceola and st. johns county brings florida's zica count to 14. officials believe all cases travel-related. right now democrats and independants want president obama to wrap up the government's response to zica. back home the bay area continues to struggle with zica. there are two cases in hillsborough county. we know one patient lives on the west side of the county. mosquito traps are set in that area. hillsborough remains under a
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we found out more on this story for you. there are ways to stop mosquitoes from breeding near you home. you can find those you may have seen this on your social media feed. is donald trump coming to tampa? there are reports that trump is planning a rally at the usf sun dome next friday. we called the sun dome. they are not aware of a rally yet. we'll let you know when the trump campaign makes an official announcement. new at 6:00, sarasota's popularity of visitors continues to grow. hotel developers see it, too. six hotels are planned for the downtown area. one of them opened today. >> 10 news reporter isabel mascareas is digging deeper to see if the area can handle the new visitors the hotel will attract. >> reporter: downtown sarasota opens its first new hotel in ten years. >> we are hearing that people really want to be in a vibrant downtown.
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with 139 rooms. five more hotels are planned. including the westin on u.s. 41 and a block north the embassy suites bringing a thousand new hotel rooms. >> they are looking at the demand we have had in the last couple years and high occupancy. >> reporter: on average sarasota hotels maintain a 71% occupancy level and are nearly sold out in february and march. can the area sustain six more hotels? >> you would need 125,000 new visitors a year. >> reporter: with sarasota seeing 90,000 new visitors last year over 2014, a record- breaking year, virginia haley, president of visit sarasota says it is possible. >> the good news for us is all the hotels are not opening at once. >> reporter: more hotels means more foot traffic. >> to accommodate pedestrian crosswalks. >> reporter: city manager says
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>> we'll keep traffic moving but it will slow traffic down. >> reporter: what about the street traffic? hotels are selling the benefits of staying downtown. you'll rarely use your car once you park. restaurants and stores and other popular spots are within walking distance. and to help with parking, a 400 space garage opened downtown. the city is also exploring water taxis to the barrier islands. in sarasota isabel mascareas 10 news wtsp. >> the city has set aside $500,000 for a committee to study ways to improve transportation in town and from city to city. manatee county is looking to fill the revamped animal services advisory board. a week ago manatee animal services reported a new leader.
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profile animals in the past. if you would like to join the vise you board contact manatee county. two polk county communities are better equipped to help you in an emergency if you live in the west troop area. you now have access to advanced life support engines. the fire engines are staffed by 24/7 paramedics with access to new features. county says the upgrades mean you'll be able to get better medical care faster. >> 3, 2, 1. and we have lift off. what a sight to see. a successful rocket launch from cape canaveral this morning. 19 story united launch alliance atlas five rocket blasted off into space carrying a military satellite. the mission was almost scrubbed because of the strong winds. they died down in time for
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10 community supporting the american heart association and keeping the women of tampa bay heart healthy. is national wear red day. to support the case reg and i are wearing red from macy's. with every purchase through february 8th part of the proceeds go towards saving lives. >> that is a nice dress. >> thank you. more than 285 women a day have been saved since go red for women kicked off back in 2004. now we have all of the information you need on it at
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at the airport you go through security which can sometimes be quick, slow or in between. >> but do you really know what all goes into tsa trying to protect you? 10 news reporter darren flowers went behind the scenes at tampa international airport and he shows you. >> reporter: this is guiness. he is adorable but not at the tampa airport to greet you. it is part of tsa's multilayer approach to keep your family safe. you can see the technology. what is happening and how does it work? >> if you come to the check point with an unidentify powder it can be tested.
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analysis device or this machine they swab your hands or check bags for explosive residue. as you go through this is where your items are checked by advanced technology x-ray and you go through the body scammers. >> a lot of people want to do bad things. >> reporter: charms leads the bahavior analysis detection team which looks for odd conduct. tsa wanted to remind you about important travel types. you cannot have any liquids over 3.4-ounces and no fire arms. they found ten handguns in jab alone or sign up for the $85 precheck where you can leave your liquids in your bag and keep on your shoes and jacket and get through the line faster. >> it is a great thing. >> reporter: dan and kathy visited clearwater from they appreciate all the layers of security.
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>> reporter: darren flowers 10 news wtsp. jim van fleet has a gift for everybody. >> if you like the cooler temperatures it is not bad. >> look at the sun. >> i'm taking that away, too. >> don't make me come over there. >> let's talking about it. beautiful start to our friday and kicking off the weekend. don't you love these days when the sky is so blue out there. the wind, we clocked wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. gorgeous sunset starting out here on the sky 10 network. 59 land o'lakes. 58 carrollwood. we have temperatures 59 for us in bradenton and lakewood ranch. 61 our temperature in downtown st. pete. tampa international airport official temperature for the bay area 61. what stands out right here the
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we do see that from time to time in the winter. it is not extremely rare. it is not that often that we get it. humidity then 22%. extremely low humidity for us. that will allow a temperature here heading towards sunset to drop the quickest over the next couple hours. we'll drop about 7 to 10 degrees depending on location here as we go through 7:00 and 8:00. once we get into mid evening we won't see a rapid fall after that. looking for temperatures to start a couple degrees warmer than this morning. more importantly you won't have the wind we had this morning. gusts are not expected. it should feel more manageable. no doubt about it for us, in this part of the world, 40s are cool. winds start on saturday.
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saturday is probably the better day. clouds build in after midnight. they'll be around for a good part of the weekend. not the entire weekend. we are tracking this trough that will dig into the gulf. we'll see a low forming over the cuba and our keys over the straights and over the atlantic. it will be more clouds than we had today. not as clear. still breaks of shine. as that trough digs across the gulf and this low winds up over the northern bahamas and east of the space coast, that's likely going to pull a few light showers across the bay area and south of i-4. most likely timing would be sunday
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the afternoon and evening, as that wraps up, it wraps the clouds with it. our skies clear. again, early saturday the sun should be breaking through. the second half of sunday we go back to clear skies. know there will be a decent part of the weekend with cloud cover and a brief shower possible. moderate chop on the bay. offshore waves two to four feet. seven-day forecast 65 tomorrow's high. cooler as the low winds up in the atlantic. it will bring in stronger northerly winds. that's will keep us in the 50s for highs. 67 on monday. back in the 50s for highs tuesday and wednesday. then we are back near 70 degrees by friday next week. quite a ride on temperatures in the days ahead. coming up, a bay area child
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vincent was raised in a military family. he hosted many events in the bay area supporting military families and wrote a children's book for families who had members deployed overseas.
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gave his annual state of the game address today. he'll propose a rule change that will ejecta player from the game after two personal fouls. there is progress on the concussion front. >> we are investing in research to get the answers to perplexing problems we don't all have, including science. we are not going to wait for science. we are going to get out and make the benefits. >> the johnny manziel saga keeps getting worse. today his agent left him. his dad spoke to a texas newspaper and says johnny refuses to go to rehab. he is worried if his son doesn't get help he won't live to see his next birthday. >> tomorrow the pro football hall of fame inductees are announced. three of them have florida ties. >> for me to see derek brooks, john lynch, i would rather see
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but i think that speaks to why you have a chance to be a hall of fame coach when you have that many good players. >> much more on my conversation with tony dungy tonight at 11:00. tonight the bay area comes together to help a little boy with a rare blood disorder. 5-year-old logan hooker has chronic anemia. the blood in his body he makes isn't strong enough to survive donated blood. today for the fifth year in a row the hands across the bay charity teamed up with one blood to hold a blood drive for this brave little boy. a boy who has been fighting to stay alive since he was born. >> i want to thank the entire tampa bay community for being so supportive for hands across the bay. >> he is like people are that's my blood.
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arrive he says that's that my bus. >> thank you, bus. >> st. pete fire rescue let logan play on a fire truck and he took home early valentine's day goodies. they do such good work. that's it for "10 news at 6:00". see you back here tonight at 11:00. breaking news and live local radar always here. always on. you can take 10 news with you. download the 10 news app. a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic. about.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that.
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