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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. >> a martial arts instructor accused of preying on his students. >> i'm so disappointed. tonight the parents forced to have a tough conversation with their kids. good evening. right new a trusted teacher is locked up. >> the investigators say that he molested two students, and they fear the instructor in seminole may have more victimsment tonight the owner and parents tell 10 news reporter this is the ultimate betrayal of their trust. >> and i just told you this morning. >> reporter: the owner says the
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his students inside wasn't just an instructor. he is his cousin. >> and i never thought that he would do anything like. this. >> reporter: the investigators say when confronted, kim admitted to touching two girls, 6 and 7 years old at different times from 2014 to 2015 while they were undressed in the bathroom. >> it is very shocking to see what is going on. i trust him with my child every single day. >> i can't tell you what is running through my mind. >> reporter: what is the situation that he would be able to be alone. >> there is no way. i have two people on staff all the time. there is no possibility, but i guess it happened. >> reporter: at the 23-year- old's home, his family is in disbelief. >> no, that is not true that is not true. >> reporter: but the investigators told them to keep it a secret. one of the girls told her what happened last week. something she has taught her daughter. >> and she has to always tell me, right, if anyone touches you that you don't want them to touch you inappropriately, what do you do?
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>> i feel really bad for the family and the victims. and it is honor and respect and no self control. everything that we taught he just throw away to the ground. >> reporter: kim remains behind bars here. he is expected to go before a judge in the morning. the investigators say if he had any inappropriate with your kids, call the sheriff's office right away. at the jail, 10 news, wtsp. and he runs background checks on his workers, but there wouldn't have been any red flags. kim doesn't have a criminal history, although he says he did fire him last summer for not being honest with his boss. right now a massive rescue effort is underway in taiwan to find survivors of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. two residential high-rise buildings collapsed and people are still trapped inside. firefighters and soldiers using ladders, cranes and other equipment to get them out. we know 221 people have been
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so far at least five people have died, including a 10-day old baby. unbelievable cell phone video tonight captures the moment a large construction crane collapsed in new york city today. one person was killed and three people injured by falling dedebris. the crews were lowering that crane because of wind when it collapsed. and an investigation is underway. around the state right now, an 8-year-old is accused of trying to rob a store with a loaded gun. the police in west palm beach say the boy was wearing a motorcycle helmet when he walked into the conveniencester and then demanded cash. you can see a manager rush over and struggle to get the gun from the child's hands. the criminal charges have been dropped. the prosecutors say the boy and his parents agreed to -- for him to get help from the department of juvenile justice program. the number of zika cases in florida continues to climb. it is now up to 14 across the
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dared has the most cases with five. there are three in hillsboro county. the victims live in the western part of the county. all cases involve people who have traveled out of the state. none involve pregnant women. the ferris wheel is spinning and the food is frying and the midway shining bright at the florida state fairgrounds, and beefed up security seems to be keeping most problems in line. 10 nows reporter courtney robinson shows you by using hundreds of cameras, the deputies are able to stop trouble before it starts, allowing students and parents to enjoy fair games. welcome to the fair! this year you'll find the usual suspects. food, games, rides. >> what is the best part? >> the rides. >> the fags riding. >> you get to go up in the air and go around. >> reporter: and thousands of hillsboro county kids with their parents in tow.
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lot this year. i told them, enjoy yourself because a lot of parents have to be out with a certain time so you will be able to ride more than we did before. >> reporter: the deputies want to stop problems before they start. they have a significant law enforcement presence out here at the fair and they also have about 300 security cameras. some you can see. others you can't. and on the other side, the deputies are watching. >> you're going to have some problems here and there, these citeds get into the scab les, but overall we're doing okay. >> our cameras did catch a few of those problems. the deputies got two guys and they say the arrests for trespassing, others for drugs an kicked out for fighting and those who got ejected had to wait for mommy and daddy. >> the whole thing is for the families to come out and feel like they're in a safe environment. >> reporter: keeping the fair safe, fun and -- >> it is like amazing. >> reporter: from the florida state fairgrounds, courtney robinson, w. s.s. p.
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about the fairs, hours, security, changes, head to our web site, headlines from around the nation and the world. twitter says it shut down over 1 25,000 accounts since last year in its either to fight isis and violent extremists online. it increased the size of teens that review this kind of activity. the accounts for suspended for threatening or promoting terrorist accounts. and the affluenza teen is in an adult jail tonight. ethan couch had been in juvenile detention since being deported from mexico last month. there is a hearing set for february 19th to decide if the 18-year-old's case should be transferred to the adult system. authorities are investigating an oil sheen on the potomac river outside of washington, d.c. this morning so were spotted in a wild life sanctuary coated in oil.
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them to get clean. there is anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple of thousands of gallons of oil in the river. the coast guard is trying to locate its source. that is your of 60-second scan. the panthers and bronco also kick off super bowl 50 in two days. and much has changed since the first super bowl. and we talked to one fan who has witnessed them all. >> reporter: reggie, it take as lot of loyalty, dedication and, frankly, money to make it to 50 super bowls. the fans in this particular club are passionate about their football. 74-year-old tom is getting red write to attend his 50th super bowl. >> it is special. i really do. it is a really big thrill. >> reporter: the pittsburgh native is one of only three members of the exclusive never missed a super bowl club. what is your favorite super bowl memory?
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i have to go back to nine, 10, 13 and 14. they're so special. >> reporter: and for that first championship game, he paid just $12 to watch the packers beat the chiefs in the l.a. coliseum. >> and it held over 100,000 seats, and there were only 6 3,000 seats sold. >> reporter: the game has come a long way since then, and it is now the biggest single day sporting event in the world, attracting more than 100 million viewers and drawing thousands of fans the a nine- day celebration. >> what the transition now is with the super bowl it is about everybody related to the celebration of the sport of football, the nfl and the super bowl. >> reporter: they have embraced the explosion of the game and has no intention of breaking the streak. how long will you be going tho t.o. these football game ? >> until they put me in a box! >> reporter: the super bowl host committee wanted to set the bar even higher this year for fan events for two reasons,
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anniversary of the super bowl, and also it is back in california after decades. in fact, the first championship game was in california down in los angeles. at super bowl city in san francisco, 10 news, wtsp. >> don't forget you can watch super bowl 50 here on cbs this sunday. the kick-off is set for 6:30. does visiting space sound like fun? how new technology could take your kids on the adventure of a lifetime joo. and cracking down on bad sportsmanship, the changes you could soon see on the field. and tony dungy hasn't coached the bucs in a long time, but the impact he made in tarpa won't ever be forgotten. and dave worth goes one-on-one with dungy, next. and feeling that chill again tonight. 51 in tampa and 54 in downtown st. pete. we'll talk about how much cooler it will be when you wake up and the things that will change from what you saw today versus your saturday and sunday.
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he hasn't coached for the bucs in 15 years. his biggest coaching moment scale with the indianapolis colts. >> even so, tony dungy is still respected and so admired in tampa bay for turning around a losing franchise and putting family first. >> and the sports director caught up with tony to talk football and also what's ahead. >> reporter: the highest point of tony dungy's nfl career, the indianapolis colts win. >> peyton manning had talked about it all week looking at the forecast and i said i lived in florida, you know. it is not going to rain. it may shower, but don't worry about it. it rained the whole game. >> reporter: that was the miami super bowl when tony's colts defeated lovie smith's chicago bears. >> there was about 48 seconds left on the clock, the clock running, and they needed two scores. and at that point i said they're not going to catch us.
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of the people that had been in my life. the coach, my mom and dad, the coaches that i had and other players and just leading up to that. it is just racing through all of these people and saying how in the world did i get here on the sideline as the head coach of the indianapolis colt ? >> reporter: and now 60 years old, tony has retired from coaching. but he just finished his seventh year as studio analyst at sunday night football, a job he really enjoys. >> my wife actually suggested that i take the job. she said if you quit cold turkey and get out of it completely, you'll go back. but now staying involved, getting to talk to my buddies and getting to analyze and doing it, it ties up 18 weekends during the fall, but i have the rest of the time off. i have weekdays off during the fall and then i have everything off in the winter and spring. so it is a great balance. i get the family time as well as the football time. >> reporter: and insiders say that tony, who coached 13 seasons in the nfl with just one losing year, has a good
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football hall of fame. >> i won't think about it too much until the night before when they have all of the festivities and the actual voting. coach 'nole, a long time ago told me that a coach's job is to help your players play better, and so for me to see warren sapp goened n. and darren brooks and hopefully marvin harrison and edgerrin james, i'd rather see those guys go in first, and i think that speaks to why you are a hall of fame coach when you have that many players. >> reporter: with the bucs and the colts, his teams made the police chiefs 10 consecutive seasons. in tampa, i'm dave worth, 10 sports, wtsp. >> he was such a special man. in the a shocking presence, but whenever tony came to a room or an event, he was always the focus. it was that quiet storm, you know. a deeply religious man. >> and you can't put your
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>> you really can't. but you just knew that he posessed knowledge and power and guidance for you and he is a special guy, and it is always a pleasure to be around him. >> and his character. >> and he is also a best- selling author, including two children's books, one of which he co-wrote with his wife. [ and we told you at 5:00, they have now 10 children, seven of them still at home. lauren, by the way, also runs marathons. yes, she does. she is running away from all of seven still? we love you, dungy family. we're so glad that you're still bay area residents and family that is for sure. all right. and the cold and the wind came in. everything came in this week right on schedule. the rain for thursday. the cold for friday. and those wind gusts, we clocked 38 miles per hour. and of course that was early
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and mcgill, 33 miles per hour. and st. pete, clearwater, 3 # miles per hour as well, even at tampa international airport in downtown as well. as the winds have settled down, if wind affects what you do, i do have auto better day for you this weekend. we're going to talk about anytime a moment. at least for tonight, we're clear skies for the time being. the dew points ton rise. it was 22 when we saw you earlier. 51 in tampa. we're down to 48 around land oh lakes. the same for newport ritchie. lakeland. the wake-up temperatures, we'll have again a chill or a little bit of a bite to them in the early morning hours, around daybreak, but we won't have that strong wind at 20 and 30- mile-per-hour gusts. ironically it may feel better tomorrow morning by a few degrees anyway. 42 for us. 47 palm harbor. around new tampa. 50 in downtown st. pete.
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mid to upper 40s more likely the case. 49 lakewood ranch. sarasota over the bradenton. 50 around palmetto. around 48 in lakeland. winter haven, upper 40s will be common as well. the forecast for saturday, the clouds are coming back in in the middle of the night and it looks like a pretty cloudy day tomorrow, so even though we have similar temperatures, lower wind, the clouds are going to be more prominent through your saturday. there is a chance of a brief isolated shower and here is what is happening. this trough is going to be digging in tonight into the gulf of mexico, and add to it, a low is going to be forming rite over the straits and then swinging out becoming a nor'easter in the next two days. as we get into monday night and tuesday. as the two systems hand off energy, one from the other, and i eat show you in future cast here, we'll be in the middle of this, it is more sunday that you might see a brief shower,
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through the entire day on saturday. and the sun should still cut through a lot of these will be high clouds for a good part of the day. it just won't be as clear and an isolated sprinkle is possible. there is that trough and it is handing off energy to this low as it winds up on sunday in the gulf. note the time in the morning. and i do have a few light showers. this will be nothing like thursday's rain. the heavier downpours, nothing like that at all. it is a light shower. and this clears -- clears out. not only any light showers we see, but the clouds too, by about noon to 1:00. by the time we get to your super bowl parties, beautiful, clear skies looking fantastic. tomorrow is the better day, lighter winds. the wind is back up on sunday at 15 to 20 miles per hour. the seas will calm down briefly for tomorrow. around two to four feet offshore. the low tide at 7:04 and high tide around 5:00 in the evening. now, we will see 64 for a high tomorrow. 58 on sunday with the wind.
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the day is completely clear, so that is the better part of your super bowl weekend. just know there is a light shower or two right around daybreak. but 57 around game time here in the bay area. it looks amazing. hopefully the game is as well. you want to keep up with those temperatures and the wind speeds through the weekend? it is easy to do. we put it right in your phone for free. search wtsp in the app store. you don't have to wait. you have your latest forecast immediately on your phone. and sending your kids off to school and having them explore the moon, the great barrier reefs without ever leaving their classroom. >> i mean, it sounds amazing, right? it could soon be a reality all thanks to google. >> they're going to the galapagos islands. the great barrier reef. they're visiting the amazon. so how many times are you going to get a chance to do those things in life? >> how cool. >> google teamed up with a company called mental fitness
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a virtual field trip. the students look through cardboard googles as the teachers leads them on a tour using a tablet. the organizers tell us the beauty of the program is it gives the stupid as chance to explore parts of the world that most of us never get a chance to see. tyler johnson is playing like he did last season, but can they hold on to a third period lead? the nfl commissioner has an idea for a rule change next year. and check out who, i should say what, had a hole in one on number 16 you like being
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let's get it started with hockey tonight. early in the season when the lightning fell behind early, but lately, no, if they're not scoring first, the lightning keep charging and that's what they did tonight. they took a two-goal lead and won it 6-3 over the penquins. that is 10 wins in their last 11. that is pretty good. they scored a short-handed goal. stamkos, and the breast canceraway, and he's got it, palat with the goal. it is 3-1 bolts two minutes later, though, here come the penquins a good pass to sidney crosby in the slot. he doesn't miss from there. it was 3-2. on the power play, watch the pass here right here, across ice, tyler johnson. oh, that's sweet.
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in the third, the penquins scored, but four minutes left in the game, off of the stamkos shot, andre palat fires his second gel of the night. and 6-3, the bolts win that is 62 points now. they are back in second place. roger goodell state of the gym address today had a lot of talk about the concussions and the health ofity play -- the players. he is proposing a rule. the player who gets two personal fouls in a game, he is automatically ejected. it will probably be then as the odell beckham rule after he got three personal fouls for roughness in a game against atlanta this season, but he wasn't suspended until the giants' next game. >> we should take that out of the hands of the officials when it gets to that point. they obviously will have to throw the flag, but when they do, we'll look to see if we can reach an agreement on the conditions of which they be ejected. but that is a competition committee matter.
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well as the membership in march. [ and take a look at the golfing robot here. the star of the show this week at the waste management phoenix open. and doing a shot at 16. the robot, yeah, you guessed it. buried a hole in one! >> wow. >> the robot was brought out to recreate tiger woods' ace there 19 years ago. by the way, the robot's nickname is el dribbing. yeah. okay. get your rest tonight. we are out to defend our championship in the sixth annual golf fest tomorrow. >> hey. >> the celebrity skills challenge. >> yes. >> $10 admission for golf fee at golf fest. that includes everything. they brought in chris dimarco from the pga tour to play against us, and they brought in actor christopher mcdonald, who is a shoot shooter from the golf movie. >> yes. >> this is a big deal. no pressure, you guys.
11:26 pm
they don't want us to win a third championship. >> they don't want us a three- peat. >> i didn't realize you had won twice. >> oh, didn't i mention that? >> hum. >> i'm sorry. >> i may have to swing by and watch. >> it is two. my bad. >> so chris dimarco, we'll see you tomorrow! >> and with that, we'll be
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finally tonight, valentine's day is right around the corner and nothing says mean chocolate! >> you know it, reggie. >> one restaurant in japan is taking it a step further and creating chocolate ramen. >> i don't know if that guy likes it. >> they have had more than 100 orders in the first four days. get this, in japan, the girls give chocolate to boys. >> there it is. >> i have to provide for all of you. >> tokyo, here i come!
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