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tv   10 News on the Road  CBS  February 7, 2016 7:30am-8:00am EST

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doubled that-- the following is a special presentation from 10 news wtsp. on the road to the big game presented by amco. five decades of super bowl, from florida to california, we've seen it all over the last 50 years so we are going on the road to bring you the best of the past present and future of the big game. hello everyone. i'm bobby lewis. tonight we are talking about
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the huge milestone for the most popular league in this country and the game will be played sunday night right here on 10 news the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. the game will be played in santa clara california in brand new state of the art levi stadium. get your jeans on. get ready for kick offset for 6:25 eastern right here on cbs 10 news. it's been quite a while since tampa hosted a super bowl. it's been seven years since sunday invaded raymond james stadium. february 1, 2009 the steelers and cardinals came to town in super bowl 43. it was a week long and the steelers pulled off a last second win 27-23. antonio holmes made the grab in the end zone to earn the mvp honors. tampa has hosted the big game
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with new orleans for the most by any city. a lot of football fans will tell you south beach is the best place in the country to host the championship match up. the first title game was in l.a. but three of the next four were played in miami where it was first recognized by super bowl. the afl and nfl league faced in the world championship game. the new name stuck. joe name yacht famous league saying his jets would beat the colts and they did. it was the super moment that launched the league. >> that really put the league that had merged on an even keel and from that point forward the afl teams won more super bowls through the 70s. >> we feel we are very accomplished and experienced about hosting the big game. we hosted the game when no one
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we are proud. honor. >> miami and new orleans have both hosted ten super bowls. the next closest only five but only in each decade it existed. the city is a finalist for 2019 since 2010. it was in the 2007 super bowl in miami that coach tony dungy won his first and only lombardi trophy leading the colts to their first championship since 1984 by beating the bears 29- 17. dungy became the first african american coach to win the championship a memory he'll never forget. >> 48 seconds left and they needed two scores and at that point i said they are not going to catch us and i remember thinking about all of the people who had spoken into my life. my coach and my mom and dad and
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players and leading up to that it's racing through all of these people and saying how in the world did i get here on the sideline of the head coach of the indianapolis colts and the gatorade hits you and you are onto something else but it was a weird moment. >> it might take more work to get the game to your city. cars and hotels and airports not to mention celebrities and beaches. someone has to keep control of that. 1984, 2001 and 2009. football fans see the game but host committees see a mountain of work. i went behind the scenes to talk to the people who's job it is to find a way to bring the game to the town. >> high above the tampa sky lines rob higgins is hard at work surrounded by big game memories. >> this is what we have fun doing. it's certainly amazing to get
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to be able to work on these major events for our hometown is truly incredible and we are blessed. >> his hard work along with everyone else at the tampa bay sports commission is a big reason why tampa gets games like this. >> touchdown by holmes! . >> what else can i dream of? [ music ] >> the super bowl is america's biggest event and it's taken center stage four times in tampa bay. [chanting] >> it's so much more than a football game. it's certainly an event that's got tremendous economic impact but it's also got awesome social impact. [car horn [. >> planning the super bowl is one of the hardest things i've ever been involved with and i've been involved with national presidential campaigns and elections. they don't compare. i've been involved with two
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conventions. they don't compare. >> i've got those people that come back to me and say this was the most phenomenal time i've ever had with my son. his eyes were so wide and my eyes too you know? >> rodney brought the big game to south beach in 2007 and 2010. >> i don't think at that time i understood what it had grown to be even back as early as 89 when we hosted the super bowl it's grown to be something totally different today. >> the new england patriots are the nfl champions. >> the host committee estimated the super bowl gave phoenix a $500 million jolt. leonard was the man who made the first super bowl a reality in 1984. >> marcus allen could be gone. >> when the los angeles raiders beat the redskins 38-9 and tampa beat out the rest of the nation for the nfl's top game.
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have a host committee, people who were responsible for this and some cities got upset that we set a standard that other cities now felt like they had to have a host committee. >> i hopesly thought the raiders would win. >> that's sunday night at the old stadium set the stage for tampa bay to become a destination for some of the biggest events in sports. >> the super bowl has a lot of communities have develops. >> still to come on the way to the big game all super bowls are memorable but not for the best reason. >> that's really bad, really, really bad. >> some cities end up being the bigger loser. how one florida city says their obstacles actually made them look better. one fan who knows nothing about football but can't wait to rock out. and for the first time since
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>> you are watching on the road to the big game presented by amco. >> do you know how the super bowl got it's name? >> being a girl i don't. that would be a boy's question i ain't going to lie. >> hmm the super bowl. i think of a dome stadium. that's what i think of when i hear dome. >> i have no idea. >> have you ever thought about it? >> i could google it. >> no need. i googled it myself. the super bowl has a child like origin. >> super bowl it's almost a line. it bounces keeps going and going almost forever. >> remember super bowl the rubber toy?
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had one jokingly referred to as a proposed interleague championship as the super bowl in a 1966 letter to the nfl commissioner and the name stuck. for some the super bowl is as much about the half time show as it is about the game and cold play will headline. tons of fans will crowd onto the field to see them rock but some of the biggest fans will have to stay up past their bed time to see the band perform at the big game. we went on the road to parkland florida to meet a family who has bonded over the music. >> you like watching football right? patriots. >> let's go brady. >> just because his team came up just shy doesn't mean he won't watch super bowl 50. in this home downstairs. >> it's all about the football. >> honestly i know nothing about football. >> upstairs.
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for a totally different reason. >> who likes cold play the most in your house? >> mom. >> mom? >> and me. >> and you? >> good dancing. >> this is the nightly routine. >> come on show the good dance moves. >> a dance party for the favorite jam. >> paradise, they don't have a bad song. >> all the more reason to stay up late on sunday. >> she's going to watch up until half time and then probably go to bed. >> rock in p.j.s. >> bed time means more cold play. teeth before tubes and jammies before jams. [singing] >> followed by dreams of sunday's superdance party for
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the biggest cold play fans in florida. >> we pretty much incorporate cold play into every day of our life. >> at least upstairs. >> wouldn't matter if anybody else was in the super bowl she's a die hard cold play fan. >> in miami a number of super bowls but in 2005 jacksonville was the home of super bowl 39 a small city so with a challenge in fact some fans called that year a train wreck but when we went on the road to jacksonville the locals believe they are more like the little engine that could. [ music ] >> this is what a typical jacksonville day feels like. >> it's pretty laid back. you have to know the right places. [ music ] >> not too rushed. not too crammed. but that certainly wasn't the case in february 2005.
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>> it was pretty congested. >> when they first announced it i didn't know what was going to happen but the city was under siege. >> you had people coming in by boat, helicopter, car and limo. one of the stories they were shipping in limos from atlanta and miami because our limo factor wasn't high enough. >> super bowl 9 was in town and northeast florida was buzzing. >> when the nfl comes to your city they basically take over. >> an additional 150,000 people came to the streets before game day. >> a lot of people looking for a good time and jacksonville could not hold the capacity of the people from other parts of the state and country. so i've heard bad things about the way it went. >> nowhere was that more evident than in the hotels. >> we almost needed two phones.
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>> i don't think there were any rooms available. everything was sold out and some people leased their homes out for the weekend event. i actually parked eight blocks away to get down here to work because i didn't want to get caught up into the traffic. >> the nfl has a rule. the host city must have a hotel with at least 750 available rooms. jacksonville didn't have one so the hyatt region say was built with 900 rooms just to keep the game and still the city was short. >> we were the smallest city to have hosted the super bowl and we had a big issue, lack of hotel rooms so the solution for that we bring in cruise ships so we were like the engine that could and we got it done. >> going in you weren't nervous it was too small? >> oh we were plenty nervous. >> the lack of hotels wasn't the only inconvenience that week. on game day the women's room toilets over flowed and were
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>> the foulest thing i have been through in my life. >> the patriots beat the eagles in a very exciting game but the fireworks outside the stadium is what most people remember from jacksonville's big game. >> jacksonville is proud of what we did. glad we are did it. not sure we would do it again but we were proud the next day and that was a big goal for us. >> a lot more coming up on the road. this year is a commemorative super bowl so everyone will want that special t-shirt. one reason you'll want to get your hands on the shirts. details next. and it's the moments of victory. a reminder of the super bowl win in 2002 to show you where tampa bay history stands tall. but first cam newton is one win away from being the first ever to win a heisman trophy, nfl mvp and the super bowl.
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switch to better.
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old when manning made the nfl debut in 1998. >> you are watching on the road to the big game presented by amco. the super bowl is practically a national holiday. the only day americans eat more food is on thanksgiving. >> the half time show, the commercials and the t-shirts. >> one of the companies is right here in our own back yard and needless to say super bowl 50 is keeping them coming. >> just before 10:00 p.m. the carolina panthers roared into soup super bowl 50. >> yes very busy. >> moments later the printer roared to life in tampa. >> the minute the game ends we have to start printing. >> by 6:00 a.m. the factory had shirts on shelves.
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>> 13 years ago it was the tampa bay buccaneers fighting for the lombardi trophy in san diego. they pounded their rock to the first and so far only one win. they took on the raiders and the bucks defense dominated. a touchdown and smith picked off two passes and scored on both. his second was a 50-yarder with two seconds left on the clock for a 48-21 final score. >> john gruden was brought in here to do this and we delivered upon it and had a lot of guys who believed and here we are. >> for everybody who doubted we could do and t and talked about it looked like we got it done today. >> we are world champions so i'm going to enjoy it. >> some say that moment was the greatest in tampa bay sports history and many you have probably have no idea it's preserved forever inside one buck place inside the lobby of
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there are life sized fiberglass and bronze statues of key members of the championships team called moments of victory thought up by the team owner's daughter darcy. warren sap, derek brooks, barber and mike. and of course john gruden. it's a tribute to those super bowl 37 heros. >> we had such a good combination of players, coaches ending up being great head coaches in this league. great minds backed by great talent. it was just a matter of time. we knew we were that good. >> it was unbelievable. we knew we were going to win especially towards the end of the game we knew it was a great moment for us and for my family. >> some of the players said as real as it looks it wasn't quite the moment. many players stayed on the field for a while after that win to take it all in. we have one more story for you
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if you think you are a football fan chances are this local man will put you to shame.
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hear his story next. you are watching on the road to the big game presented by amco. >> welcome back to our final story in the on the road to the big game special. the day after tom was married he said the steelers have a game tomorrow and i can't miss it in 1976. by then he was already continues today. you think you love football? one man's passion for pigskin can only be described as super. >> from the outside this looks like any other house but inside. >> it was kind of like that back in the old days. >> more like a museum.
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>> tom is a rarest of fans one of the few who has been there for every super moment. >> how important is the streak to you. >> it's so important. if there was a wedding or a wake in the family, i'd have to be waiting until i got back because i got to go to the game. >> he was there in 1968. >> here's my treasure here. >> and can prove it. >> these are all of my programs of the super bowls. here's super bowl 1 right here. price $1. >> since then it's gotten priceyer. tickets to the first game were $12. this year would have cost him $2,500 had the nfl not sent him these golden tickets for free. >> he's going to the 50th super bowl there in the beginning as well but the streak almost ended after 12. he wanted to go to the 13th game and the only reason he made it is because of his wife.
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do it i'm going to take a picture with him that way they know he's for real. tom is my name football is my game. 12 are in my frame 13 is my aim. we got a letter back from the nfl with an invoice for four tickets. >> he hasn't missed one since. the nfl even sent him a special football to thank him for being a fan. >> i told the guys i was going to sleep with this. i put it on my bed. it's been fun. it's been my fashion passion and just the love of--my passion and just the love of the game. >> tom is a die hard pittsburgh fan and his favorite game was super bowl 15 when the steelers beat the cowboys in miami. his buddies have been along with him for all of them and were featured on a commercial during the big game. we hope you enjoyed on the road
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enjoy super bowl 50 right here on 10 news wtsp. take care. >> this has been on the road to
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