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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  February 7, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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good morning, and welcome to 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. i'm mark rivera. we're happy to have you with us. good morning and welcome to 10news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. we are happy to have you with us. coming up for sunday morning, we catch up with a football legend. the career highlights of tony [ indiscernible last name ] and what is next for the retired coach. plus, celebrating 15 years of the super bowl. we take a look at how it all started and how the game has changed over the years. and we go on the road to the home of a super bowl super fan whose game day plans have been
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look is -- at what is making headlines on your sunday morning. >>right now, millions of people around the country are getting ready for the single biggest sporting event around the world . super bowl l is finally here. the big game will be played in one of the most high tech, eco- friendly stadiums in the country located in the heart of silicon valley. levi stadium open less than 2 years ago as the new home of the san francisco 49ers. the stadium has a powerful wi- fi network and a mobile app that even lets fans order foods from their seat, watch replays and find the least crowded restrooms, all are good ideas. plus, this eco-friendly design includes nearly 20,000 square feet of solar panel. if you want to see the big game in person, there are still tickets available. the lowest
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that is according to start -- stub hub . you can catch the game right here on 10news and cbs tonight may have a hard time avoiding politicians the super bowl sunday. saturday night wrapped up a debate for the republican presidential candidates, looking ahead to the states primary on tuesday. marco rubio has been seeing an upswing after a strong third- place at the iowa caucuses. >> the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing -- marco rubio is a gifted politician, but we tried it the old way barack obama. >> donald trump was back after taking a pass at the last debate. he suggested to feeding the
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finances.>> ted cruz faced criticism for his political tactics. one candidate disparaged him for having, quote, washington ethics. the united nations security council has scheduled an emergency meeting today after north korea's announcement that the country successfully launched a satellite into orbit . critics say the lunch of the long-range rocket is meant to test advanced technology for a missile that could strike the united states. the launch follows north korea's claim last month that they tested a hydrogen bomb. >>he has an coach football and 15 years and his biggest coaching moment came with the indianapolis colts. tony [ indiscernible last name ] is the respected and admired in tampa bay, for turning around the leading franchise and putting -- losing franchise and putting family first. we caught up with tony to talk football and what is ahead. >>the highest point of tony's
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the weather. >>the first game it is ever rained at the super bowl, peyton manning has talked about forecast. i said i lived in florida. i said it was not going to game. >> that was a miami super bowl bears. the clock. they needed to scores. at that point i thought they were going i remember thinking about all of the people that had spoken into my life, coaching all, my mom and dad, coaches that i had and other players. i was just racing to all of these people saying how in the world did i get here on the sideline as the head coach of the indianapolis coach. >>now at 6 years old tony has retired from coaching, but he just finished his 7th year as a studio analyst for nbc sunday
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>> my wife suggested i take the job. she said if you quit cold turkey you will go back. but now, staying involved and getting to talk to my buddies and getting to analyze the ball it ties up 18 weekends during the fall but i have the rest of the time off. i have weekdays off during the fall and then i have everything off in the winter and spring. is a great balance. the family time is the best time. >>insiders say tony who coach 13 seasons in the nfl with one losing year has a good chance to be named to the pro football hall of fame. >> i don't think about it too much until the night before when i have all the festivities and all of the voting. coach nolan told me that he coaches job is to help your players play better. for me to see warren sapp go in and derek brooks to go in, i would much rather see those guys to go in first -- go in
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speaks to why you have a chance to be a hall of fame coach, when he had that many good players. >>he still holds nfl record. with the bucs in the colts, his teams make the playoffs 10 consecutive seasons. >> since the story first aired it has been announced that tony [ indiscernible last name ] will be enshrined into the pro football hall of fame with the 2016 class. he is also a best-selling author including 2 children's book -- books, one he cope rope with his wife. now is get a check of your forecast. it is still chilly out there. >> yes, cold and windy out there . we're starting to see shower activity moving through our south. aside from one little sprinkle or 2 here there we are basically done with the rain. it is still really windy. some of these gust up to 30 miles per hour. seeing 34 miles per hour in venice, clearwater, all of our coastal areas are really windy.
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that much chillier. that sunshine will return.winds right now, you can see that strip along the coast where it is exceptionally gusty. that will continue throughout the day. a special heads up if you going to be driving across any windy. make sure you have 2 hands on 40 tampa. 43 in crystal river. 46 luke's harp and spring. we have cool numbers out there that will not be climbing much even though we actually get a decent amount of sunshine. it is chilly with winds out of the northwest. we could see gust up to the 30 mile-per-hour. again, use caution. only 56 this afternoon and hudson. we will get up to 57 in tampa. 56 clearwater. our inland communities, pretty tightly clustered around that mark as well.
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clouds for the next couple of hours, but notice we really start to send that out by your lunch hour. we're pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine. there may be a few high clouds rolling through, but beyond that we're looking good for the afternoon. we will be really breezy all throughout the day. that causes trouble on the water. it will be choppy on the bay. we do have a small craft tonight. low tide was just a few moments ago at 7:42 and then high-tech coming back at 2:32 pm. here kickoff temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. it will be clear by that point, but it also will be cool. we don't clear that cloud cover out until about midday. after we do that we will get a lot of sunshine back into the mix. all in all, it is looking like a pretty nice day if you don't mind the winds and cold. we are tracking stray showers for tuesday, but all in all a pretty dry forecast for the next several days.
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little on the chilly side, we do have a nice warm-up as we head into the weekend with temperatures back near 70 degrees. you can get the forecast anytime. just download our app. coming up on sunday morning with the tampa bay times: a lot has changed over the years for the super bowl. i think it is ready to celebrate 50 years tonight. we're digging into its history. and you probably have your plan set for the big game already, but wait until you hear about one man super tradition. this is a great story you want to stick around for. good morning, tampa bay. we are taking a live look on your super bowl sunday morning. it is cloudy out there and definitely a little chilly. you want to bring a jacket if you're going outside. but it is it beautiful great
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coming up: the morning of the super bowl, spencer takes a look at what makes someone a super crazed sports fans. and we provide a behind-the- scenes look at super bowl commercials. and we report on this real
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the real super bowl, panthers and broncos. >>you have probably been out buying food and beer for tonight. millennials, people aged 25 to 34 will be outs -- outspending of the other age group -- every other age group. more than half of the millennials watch for the halftime show, the commercials and they have an excuse to get together with friends. >>the super bowl celebrates its 50th anniversary tonight. over the years a lot has changed from the game -- in the game. today's conversation with the tampa bay times, we talked to time sports tom jones. >> reporter: over the last 50 years, the super bowl has really changed dramatically. >>absolutely, i think the first super bowl, the game wasn't even sold out.
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the halftime show and now look what it has turned into. you have coldplay, beyonci. in years past we have people like -- had people like janet jackson and justin timberlake . we will have over 120 million people that are going to watch the same. it has become the biggest television show in the history of television. is a great event. format what you think makes that happen? why is that? >> i think football it self has become our national passion. it is something that becomes an event. it has become a national holiday. you don't even have to be a and super bowl sunday. >>it is not even to super bowl sunday, if you're going to the game it is entire week of >> exactly. that is what football is so popular because you only have to invest 3 hours a week to follow your favorite team. it is not like baseball, hockey or basketball where you have to invest every night or every other night. football you can just give us
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for the rest of the season. >>a little bit more about how much the game has changed, we are also looking at a lot of fans around the scene this year. you are really just saying a lot of fanfare. >> yes, if you look at the way that the super bowl is covered nowadays, back when it first started there was not a whole lot of coverage. now, it has become a big deal. the media day itself has attracted websites and newspapers from all over the country. it has become an event in and of itself. every little detail is going to be covered. >> reporter: one of the things that a lot of people are talking about is these 2 quarterbacks, peyton manning and cam do -- cam newton. there such different people and different players. >> absolutely, you have peyton manning who is in older generation quarterback. the oldest cornerback whoever
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you have cam newton who sort represents the younger generation of players. his mom made the statement about being a quarterback the no one has ever seen like him. it's interesting to see just the difference between the 2. at the end of the day, they both can play the game. cam newton could be the new face of the nfl. i think that is what makes us messed up so intriguing -- matchup so intriguing . >> reporter: to think we're going to see a lot of that? >> i think so. i think we're going to watch this game and say maybe we're watching the greatest quarterback of all times in peyton manning and maybe what will be the next greatest quarterback of all time in cam newton. i think it will be interesting to just see the difference between these 2 quarterbacks. both can play the games no matter -- the game no matter what game they play -- style
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>> you have 2 totally different generations that are watching for 2 totally different people. >> i think if you talk to older generations they like the way the peyton manning plays the game. they like the fact that he is a so-called professional and act like he has been there before. cam newton likes to follow radio. my kids love it. that appeals to younger generation. i think there is a little older generation versus the younger generation. that is the thing about the super bowl, even if you don't have a favorite team, you still have something invested in this game did you either like peyton manning or you like cam newton. >> reporter: that is the thing, you don't have to be a fan to actually want to watch the super bowl. >>i think that is the way every super bowl is. we hear about these teams for every 2 weeks -- for 2 weeks and i think you identify with certain personalities . i think the younger generation is rooting for cam newton and the older guys a roofer peyton manning.>> reporter: it will be an interesting game. thanks for talking with us. >>still ahead: we show you the lasted decades. how one man is definitely ready for 2 nights big matchup.
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we hope you are off to a great start. let's take a live look over the renaissance hotel national -- international plaza. it is nice and sunny with only a few clouds in the sky. i hope all of your plans are coming together to get ready
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the day after these 2 were married the new groom told his bride, we can go to our honeymoon yet. the steeler has a game tomorrow and i can't miss it. that was 1976. by then, he was already entrenched with a condition -- tradition that continues today peer bobby lewis is on the road in tampa with the man's whose passion can only be described as super. >> reporter: from the outset, this looks like any other house, but inside>> it was just old days >> reporter: more like a museum . tom is the rarest kind of fan, one of the few who has moment. you? >> it is so important. if there was a wedding or a wake in the family, i would have to be waiting until i get
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: he was there in 1968 >> here's my treasure here >> reporter: and can prove it>> these are all my programs of the super bowls. their super bowl one right here. >> reporter: since then it has gotten pricier. tickets to the first game were just $12. this year seat would have cost him 2500 had the nfl not sent tom these golden tickets for free. >> these are going to be the tickets, 50 yard line. poirier -- >> reporter: we know time is going to the 50 a suitable but this -- super bowl but the streak almost ended at 12. you wanted to go to the 30th game but the only reason why he made it was his wife. >>i said tom henschel is my name, football is my game and we got a letter back from the
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tickets and he hasn't missed once sent -- sense. the nfl even sent him a special football to thank him for being a fan for 50 season -- seasons . >> it has been my passion and it's just a real big love of the game. >> talk about dedication. >> that is a super fan right there. >>tom is a diehard pittsburgh's fan and he says his favorite game was super bowl xiiith when the steelers trounce the cowboys 35 - 31 in miami. that is incredible and i can't wait for him to see that game today. it will be great. >> you can just imagine how excited someone like that is every single year even if the steelers are not in it. >> oh yes, he is ready to go. weatherwise, how are we looking? >> super bowl weather looking great. we still also have the state fair going on.
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keep in mind it is going to be pretty windy out there as well. that is something we all going to deal with. we will warm up a little bit more tomorrow and then kind of another cool down on tuesday trend. we will get you back near 70 as we head into next weekend. >>that is it 10news with the tampa bay times. thank you so much for joining us this weekend. like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. before we go, we want to leave you with the site of a florida saint pete.
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i couldn't believe it he was so helpful small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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