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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. happening today...thousands of cases of bottled water will leave michigan. it's part of an effort by two men to make sure the people of flint have clean water to drink. they wanted to make
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city's water supply had been contaminated by lead. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the tampa truck stop where they'll be leaving from today. of the men behind this effort is actually from flint. so far it has been a violent start to
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some mardi gras in mississippi there was a shooting after a mardi gras parade that left two people dead and four others hurt. police say the shooting began as a fight that ended in gunfire. the search is on now for the person responsible. mardi gras parade route in new orleans, but no one was hurt. developing this morning out of taiwan, survivors are still being pulled from buildings two days after an earthquake hit the region. crews were able to rescue a man and woman this morning. the six-point-four magnitude earthquake hit saturday during a celebration of the lunar new year. at least 36 people were killed with more than 100 believed to still be buried under ruble. new this morning-- chipotle is making a big push to clean up their kichens-- and their reputation. you won't find a single chipotle restaurant open today until after 3 this afternoon. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at chipotle in pinellas park. sarah, it's been months since people got sick after eating at the popular restaurants. why are they finally
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that's definitely are wondering this all 2-thousand stores will have a door today be closed. as for why they're something now-- a expert says it may be anything-- looking your safety a priority. doors locked. customers turned away. today every chipotle will learn new ways here's the scary part-- there are big morning about why it took so long for the chain that boasts having "food with integrity" to make these changes. an investigation uncovered issues with unclean equipment and employees without
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so that brings us employees without all the right food handling permits. so that brings us back to the big looming question: is it safe to eat at chipotle? well, unfortunately no so that brings us back to the big looming question: is it safe to eat at chipotle? well, unfortunately no matter where you eat you're never 100% immune from food poisoning...but chipotle promises their kitchens have never been safer. after all, now they've got way too much to lose. here's what i'm working on now for 6-- what exactly has changed since so many people got sick? i'll take you step by step through what's being done to keep you safe. live at chipotle in pinellas park, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp the denver
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up as super bowl champions this morning! they beat the carolina panthers 24 to 10. it's the third super bowl championship for the team. they won their first two with john elway as quarterback. elway, now the general manager, dedicated this win to the team's owner pat bowlen, who suffers from alzheimers. a parade will be held in downtown denver on tuesday. one of the biggest moments from the super bowl came before the game even started.. when lady gaga sang the national anthem. people on twitter says she was the big winner of the night. she got a lot of praise for her
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you saw it all during the big game, huge collisions on today, we're learning more about the damage done to the brain after each impact. 10news reporter mark rivera shows you the number of children suffering concussions in the going up. it happened all night. after hit! soccer... and as soon as she was hit... she's been recovering from her concussion...coming from sarasota to all children's hospital...for over a
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and she is far from alone. sports medicine dr. patrick mularoni says his clinic at all children's saw more than 800 kids with concussions just last year! and that number is only going up! but mularoni says there aren't more concussions. he's seeing more patients than ever because of kids like lexi. he says it's increased awareness thanks to the nfl's concussion scandal... kids and coaches are learning. lexi is too... getting back on her feet...with hopes set on school and soccer full time in the coming months. in st.
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petersburg, mark rivera 10news wtsp. dr. mularoni says even with everything you hear about football players and research is still very new and there's not much known about long-term effects. here are the symptoms you need to watch out for. headaches, dizziness or foggy feeling trouble concentrating, light or noise sensitivity,even emotional changes. if you see those signs in your child, take them to be evaluated by a doctor. just like every year, super bowl commercials will be a big topic all over your facebook feed today. at 5:45, the ones many of you are already talking about this morning. but first, did beyonce almost take a tumble at the super bowl? ahead, what many are saying about her halftime performance. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, supergirl, followed by scorpion at 9:00. at 10:00, n-c-i-s los
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news at 11.
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the denver
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broncos are super bowl champions for the third time in team history! they beat the carolina panthers 24 to 10. linebacker von miller is the game's m-v-p. he forced two fumbles by cam newton.. one that resulted in a broncos touchdown. another one late in the forth quarter sealing the win for the team. it's also peyton manning's second super bowl win.. his first as a bronco. in nearly 24 hours, voters in new hampshire will head to the polls for tomorrow's primary. today is the final push for all the presidential candidates. republican donald trumps says he doesn't need to win in the state, but he would like too. democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders say they are avoiding any predictions about tomorrow and all already looking ahead to south carolina and nevada. right now, pasco deputies are looking for a man who tried to run over a deputy with his car. take a good look at 26-year-old j'rokton williams. as deputies were trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant, williams drove off and sped up towards one of them. crime stoppers of tampa bay is offering a three thousand dollar reward that
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arrest. this year super bowl commercials were all about making you laugh. usa today's ad- meter chose hyundai's "first date" commercial with kevin hart as the best of the night. celebrities played a big role in this year's super bowl commercials. liam neeson, helen mirren, alec baldwin, anthony hopkins and to name a few, made appearances in ads this year. hyundai also used ryan reynolds. another one that got people laughing was the mountain dew "puppy, monkey, baby" commercial. "death wish coffee on the big stage. was chosen as the winner of the intuit quickbooks contest and got a 30-second spot during the
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here's a moment that everyone is talking about from the halftime show.. it happened during beyonce's performance. watch closely -- it looks like she almost falls back.. but then catches herself. newspaper tease:
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taking a live look this morning from bangkok! there is a 12 hour difference there.
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astronaut scott kelly is almost done spending a year in space. didn't stop him from celebrating the big he threw a super problem was that he was the only one who showed up! kelly joked on twitter that he would have served nachos if he had some company for the big game. he also posted a picture of his view of the super bowl from outer space. elton john may be all over your facebook feed this morning. the music icon joined late late show host james corden for this latest carpool karaoke segment. the two looked like they had some fun singing some of sir elton's famous hits, including i'm still standing. just last week, corden had coldplay's chris martin...who played in the super bowl
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news this morning.. panthers quarterback cam newton makes an unexpected exit from super bowl interviews. plus two local men are driving across the country to bring thousands of gallons of fresh water to flint,
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