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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) >> across the country are closed. chipotle is training employees about food safety: you can see several tweets under the chipotle team. it is also inviting people to watch training live on par scope. 2,000 location also not be open for three more hours. we will show you how the restaurant is making a big push to clean up the
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>> reporter: across the country, any employee that handles food in a restaurant has to get a food safety permit but what they found here at chipottl is that not every employee was getting the right handling permit. >> so the chain has posted these signs saying sorry, we will be back, closed for four hours today and won't be open until at least after 3:00 p.m. >> doors locked, customers turned away. today, every chipotle employee nationwide will learn new ways to keep you safe. a lot of the focus is on the cilantro. since they're not cooked sick. while you can never be is hundred% certain that you are not going get -- you can never be be hundred% certain, you thing. >> if a kitchen staff is wearing hair restraints and wearing gloves, that is a great sign that they're employing food safety sanitation practices in back of the house.
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hair restraints, not wearing gloves, what else are they doing wrong, lord only know. >> that brings back the question, is it safe to eat at chipotle? unfortunately, you could still get food poisoning anywhere including chipoote but they promise the kitchens have never been safer. they have way too much to lose. >> i reached out the find out what they're doing today to keep you safe but they're staying quiet. reporting in the park. now we will take you live out to the chipotle restaurant. this is at u.s. 19. we are looking live at a quiet parking lot. we are been told by our crew that is at the location in the park, that several people have driven up and have had to go somewhere else. again, because of the restaurants being closed. check this out. this is in the paper. this is from moe's. it is saying that we're open, especially on february 8th. again, this is in response to the fact that chipotle
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new at noon, royal caribbean issued a statement top passengers and items around on the anthem of the seas ship. this is some of the video and on board. people were asked to stay in rooms during the bad weather. nobody was hurt the morning royal caribbean said the ship quote experienced extreme winds and sea conditions with wind speeds higher than what was forecasted and the ship sustained some damage to the public areas and guest state rooms which in no way affect the seaworthiness of the ship. anthem of the seas is one of the newest ships and it is on the largest cruise ships in the world holding nearly 5,000 people. 79 usual candidates are hitting the campaign trail -- presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard. trump is look for his first win in the republican race and on leading clinton. manchester. >> reporter: donald trump rally that had morning in salem, new hampshire, the beginning of a very busy day.
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very special place to me. >> the billion their holds a large lead in polls heading into the primary tomorrow. on cbs this morning, trump fueled his fight with jeb bush. >> every time he atax me he melts bike butter. >> bush fired back calling whinier. >> john and texas senator ted trail early. they are in a tight race for second place, along with bush and rubio, who is trying to recover from a rocky debate performance over weekend the florida senator insisted he did being repetitive. >> i think the evidence, i mean we raised more money if in the first hour of that debate than any other debate. >> towns are decked out just like this as campaigns scrambled for last minute support, in all candidates from events today. >> we have come a long way in the last nine months. >> the latest poll shows
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hampshire, not just among men but women too, hoping to close that gap, hillary clinton got support from former secretary of state, mad lynn albright. >> there's a special place in. [ bleep ] for women who don't help each other. >> all the candidates are nature too. snow is in the forecast and it could impact voter turn out. >> cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. republican ben carson is the only candidate with no public events today. the super bowl commences. here comes pressure. >> super bowl 50. >> in just about an hour, the denver broncos will return to their home city, a lot of fans are ready to greet them as they get off the plane. tomorrow denver will host a super bowl victory parade. >> [cheering and applause] >> the first time in 18 year it is bronco versus captured a
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fans partied well into the morning hour. denver police arrests a few were seen in hand cuffs and at times they fired pepper spray to break up the crowds. the question today is will peyton manning retire? despite several attempts to get him to talk about it, manning was still numb on the retirement issue. >> i really haven't spoken with anybody about it: i have been celebrating all night with family and friends. but i am at peace with how the decision will go down and when it will go down. >> a lot of people are talking about the other manning reaction. his be eli was caught by cameras sort of frowning. peyton now ties his brother with two super bowl wins. in people thought eli was being about it. even peyton said this morning it is just how they are, tense until that game is over. >> a lot of people also talking about cam newton today the quarter back for the panthers understandably took the loss pretty hard.
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of postgame interviews. >> [inaudible] >> a reporter asked him if he was disappoint after his team all. that's when he left the stage. >> another big part of the game, of course, the commercials, u.s.a today admitter shows one commercial took the fop spot. it is hyundai and it is called first date. [doorbell] >> you look good. >> thank you. >> hey. you the guy taking my little girl out, huh. >> yep. >> huh. >> all right. as you can see, the ad depicted a dad played by kevin heart. he hands the keys of his new genesis to a young man taking his daughter on a date. it shows a future that allow it is owner to track the location. >> you can see the other ads and how they rank. visit our web site, >> thousands of bottles of
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flint michigan from right here in tampa: we will see how a group of young men from the area pulled together to make a difference. >> reporter: you're looking at about 25,000 bottles of water, and it is all heading up to flint. after seeing the city's struggle with the water crisis, a group of young men out of tampa made it their mission to make a difference. >> we shouldn't have people who can't take showers and drink water coming out of the faucets in this country. >> frustrated with what in -- call a failure of government these men took matters into >> in if government contact do what we need them to do, we will do do it ourselves. avisos e using social media, this morning tampa to flint shipped off a truck load of water to two nonprofits in flint, with the help of a generous truck driving friend. >> it is not all about money: it is about reaching out and trying to make a change. >> a change they probably
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mostly black. here. there's a lot of talk about a business. when you run people as a business, we know your bottom line is money which allows you to let people fall by the that way. >> if you want to help out, make a donation, make sure you head over to our web site, of course as we have a link posted for you there. reporting in tampa, 10 new, wtsp. you can see the action right here in the bay area this week. next at 10 news, a dr. phil at a daytime exclusive. he talks with us as he gets ready to talk with the father of a 13-year-old girl killed by two virginia tech students she met online. >> >> first, why researches say doctors should focus on knee problems in seniors. 10 weather meteorologist ashley joining us to talk about the forecast. still chilly outside. >> it is chilly and going to get wind a into the -- windy into the overnight. those winds really picking up
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that's along the next cold front dropping our temperatures again.
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. foing on knee problems should be a top priority for seniors. knee buckling in older adult caused more falls. walking aids, leg strengthening exercises and proper footwear can help. cross country bike rides to save his life or scam america? plus a daytime exclusive, the family of a murdered 13-year- old girl allegedly at the hands of two virginia tech students is talking to dr. phil. dr. phil is joining us today
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thank you for talking with us. >> wood morning. >> two interesting shows the next -- good morning. >> two interesting shows coming up. first tell us about this bike ride. >> well, allison we are looking at the internet so hard this year on dr. phil it seems the scammer versus a whole new frontier the man, eric, he has a good story. he says my wife has left me, i weigh 560 pounds, he says i am sitting on the couch, i can't get a job. i'm in debt, you know what i will get on my bike and inspire, show her how motivated i am. america. so he sets up this site, fat guy bike 50s cross america. and he off he goes. he doesn't train. he says that would be cheating. he doesn't train. but as he starts off, this thing goes viral, and he gets all of this interest. he's raising thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. and off he goes.
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tracking him, and he seems to be going an average of maybe 2/10 of a mile a day. some people have gotten on to this, some haters, as he calls them on the internet, that have started tracking him and set up sites, fat guy not cycling across america. so we just bring all of this to the forefront and kind of show people how you can really get sucked in by a good story don internet. >> yeah, that also goes into wednesday, a sorry that you have, it is celiac national headlines. a 13-year-old girl is -- grabbing national head lines, a 13-year-old girl is lured from her home after meeting someone online. what parent can say take away from the interview listen. this is such a cautionary tale, allison. people will remember this, this precious 13-year-old girl, nicole was allegedly lured by
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and this was using the app called kik. it is a social social netting app, and he had gotten in contact with them. this is all alleged. nothing has been proven yet. but out her bedroom window she goes, and is later found, stabbed and dumped by the side of the road and of course dead. we have an exclusive interview with her father. he tells us what went on during the closed hearing for bail, for keepers, the woman that was involved in this who he comments and it has been reported has just laughed during the hearing at different were going on. she supposedly was involved, place. he looks at her mug shot, and he has a different opinion. he says my daughter fought like a wild cat, and he thinks there's evidence of some
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to him that she may well have been there at the time. listen, i asked him at one point, what would you do different? he tells us some thing that is went on in his family, in november and december involving her being on the internet, involving her using these social net working platforms, and he says as a message to all parents, you have got to know a lot more about what your children are doing. >> yeah, certainly one that parents should check out for sure. dr. phil, thank you for talking with. thank you. again, you can catch dr. phil on 10 news and cbs today and everyday at 4:00. after a cold morning we are starting to warm things up but of changes. first upstarting to see more cloud cover even though right now as we look over downtown st. pete we are in great shape, nice blue skies, this is going change rapidly the next few hours and those are the wind speeds right now we see the south-south west winds between
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it is not superbreezy just yet. but pay attention to what happens the next several hourhours by mid afternoon, we are going to start seeing those closer to you, 10 to 15 miles per hour, and picking up later on throughout the afternoon. okay. i think we can go back to graphics in just a moment but we want you to download the app for your iphone or android. we will see, there you go, those winds picking up as we head through the afternoon, especially along shore. right along the coast, notice by 10:00 or 10:30, we could see some gusts up 30 or 40 miles per hour easily and offshore, that could be as much as 50 to 60 miles per hour. so it is going be really windy as the next boundary slides on through, and tomorrow morning, we can see the winds changing direction and those winds starting to back off. again, not the greatest di to be on the water and on shore, heads up overnight, you are like throw get woken up by the strong gusty winds.
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66 lakewood ranch. you will camp up the next hour or so, and 84 now in harbor: 60 on the nose in key largo, not so bad of temperatures, we afternoon. 67 today, new port ritchey. we will get you up to 66, 67 degrees around the bay area, and then as we head back toward sarasota, man tee county, mid 60s as well. today. same story for sea bring. then overnight, the winds continue to increase, so right around 15 to 20 miles per hour during the evening, the strongest during the overnight and it will prevent our summers from bottoming out in termsover temperatures but it will feel chilly out the door tomorrow, so make sure you have the jackets and sweaters handy. here you go, you can see the winds south west and it will bring in a little more moisture. more cloud cover, also can't rule out a stray sprinkle or two popping up here and there, and then the front comes
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hour, cooling things down but also to produce another batch of sprinkles forecasting heavy rain so just a heads up if you are heading to the state fair. it is windy, the later you go. especially if you plan on being there during the evening it is gusty and those temperatures will be on the cool side. >> so behind that front i was talking about dropping once again tomorrow, and stray showers still possible but mid 50s. slowly rebounding through the weekend, but we get into valentine's day, we are tracking another front that doesn't bring much rain, just isolated showers but it will be chilly again with temperatures allison. year begins today. coming up next on 10 news at noon, there's a free chinese festival going on. year? you're in luck. next at 10:00 how you can see olympic athletes compete here in the bay area this week. tonight at 8:00, supergirl
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today. it is a colorful celebration of list x-ray tradition and it is being celebrated as we turn on the year of the monkey. >> this saturday, february 13th, at the central park, -- largo central park, they're hosting a new year's celebration at the park. it is a three event. >> it is free. >> it is free. >> you were like three. >> you got it. >> they joined studio 10 host stephanie web and cohost again n particular chinese new year celebration takes place on saturday at largo central park to 4:00 p.m. >> sailors from around the world are in clear water, they're there right now. they're ready for of limpics and you can see olympic style competition in action. more than 400 world class
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world are preparing for three world championships raga at thats, these will be the last major competitions before the 2016 summer olympics in brazil. i've done a lot of sailing for the u.s. the goal is to make it to the olympics. that's pretty much my driving force behind everything. try to represent my country in leo. >> it starts -- med row days begin at 10:00 a.m. beach. it is chilly if you are out there today. >> a little cool and windy. >> it is really wind i di. >> especially in the evening. >> they may wrap up early if it is rough offshore. make sure you have jackets and sweater, tomorrow highs in the 50s and strong gusty winds, it will feel more chilly and look next week. way. >> it is our winter right now.
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