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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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fo it was expected. the intensity may fluctuate but we knew days out that there was going storm. >> the ship left to go to the bahamas and the passengers figured out they were headed back to new jersey. >> we are angry. >> royal caribbean released a statement about the change. this minimizes a risk.
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nobody was serious injured. royal caribbean says passengers will get a refund for this cruise and 50% off a future cruise. >> we have a crime alert out of pinellas county. clear water police looking for a man that attacked a 6-year- old girl inside a bathroom. it happened at the macy at the country side mall. the woman was in the bathroom outside. this man forced open the stall cover her mouth. the man ran away. a lot of questions and people are wondering how old is it for a child to use the bathroom savely. eric glacier takes a look at three point things that parents child.
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bathroom with her dad but robbie knows it is safer. >> there is stalls. >> fernandez knows that sometimes it is embarrassing or uncomfortable and when bianca is with him he knows she is safe. >> i can't let you go along. >> opposite gender. john dumpas has two boy, 8 and 12 and they go in together and separately it is with one parent or the other. >> after the incident at the country side mall where a 6 year-old girl was attacked inside after restroom. there are three things that every parent should consider. bring your kids to a family restroom. look for a restroom with single and not multiple stalls where a door can be locked and a parent can make sure they don't go
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circumstances should you allow a stranger to escort your child in the restroom. >> you may be asking a person with bad intentions to keep an eye on your kid. >> i don't know how you would expect that. >> until then it may be inconvenient and perhaps on occasion embarrassing. but even at her age bianca knows her dad has a reason to be cautious. >> wants to take care of me. >> in clear water, eric glasser. w tsp. >> for more information. look for the story at wts a crime alert out of st. pete but it sounds like something out after movie. st. pete police officers say this piece of glass art was stole front chahuhla collection.
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just 8 inches by 6-inches and worth as much as $25,000. gallery employees noticed it missing this morning and they think it was stolen yesterday. detectives are going through hours and hours of surveillance. if you know anything you can text the information to tips 411 or call the st. pete police. more than 100 people are missing under debris and rubbal after an earthquake hit taiwan. earlier four people were pulled from the wreckage of a high rise apartment that collapsed. one of the survivors was an 8- year-old girl, 38 people were killed in the quake. new information about the zika virus and the virus it could have on the olympics. the u.s. olympics committee is telling american athletes and staff it is okay to miss the games in brazil if they are worried about catching the virus. we know the number of zika cases in florida is up to 16. meanwhile president obama is
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million dollars to fight the zika virus. explains the plans to gail king. >> we are putting up a proposal to congress for research and diagnostics and helping with the public health system and this is not something that people are going to die from it. it is something we have to take seriously. >> it will go to help in puerto rico. the island have 22 confirmed zika cases. >> chipotle is back open for dinner. all 2000 restaurants were closed until 3:00 so their exployees could concentrate on a food safety meeting. the company took a hit after food violations. we will see if it is not to fix the issues.
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touches on the story and it will be aired at 5:30. the super bowl is over but plenty of moments to keep you talking all day starting with this one. that includes unsports man like reaction from quarterback cam newton. last week he was getting off a plane wearing the loud ver sashi pants but last night he cut a conference short walking off of the stage and there is a possible explanation for his walk off. according to several reports he could hear broncos talking about their strategy. but he missed a good opportunity to show
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>> making your last impression be a negative one, he didn't do a great job displaying the mvp we want to see. >> check out this tweet from the nfl network quoting dion sanders. after newton's walkoff he says you are the face of our brand, you can't do that. i understand the emotions of losing. you can't do that. >> we have the top five favorite commercials last night. number 5, hyundai's commercial and number 4 doritos and the first up dogs dressing up to buy doritos and a lot of people liked this. the ultrasound commercial, a baby can't wait to get his hands on the doritos and the
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track of his daughter using his car. another commercial that probably got the most attention. horrifying. >> mountain dew mountain baby puppy ad. whether you found it cute or horrifying or creepy. >> you are talking about it. the # puppy baby monkey was trending up there with # about the actual game. you can see the top see the top super bowl commercials. scroll down to see the commercials and headlines. >> we will have a nightmare about it. >> maybe you can use it to your advantage. play something that monkey baby has. >> it washington you you -- a warning you want to see before you file taxes.
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there is a whole new world of codes that your teenagers have keeping you in the dark. what you need to know. >> the winds have been up to 33 to 36 miles per hour gusts. we will talk about what it means for your tuesday forecast at 5:15. as you look at the sky cam network. tonight you see there are traffic alerts that you need to hear about. heads up. part of i-275, going to be closed between lois and you see a bunch of backup be half a mile.
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you. parents this is something you don't want to miss especially if your kids are on social media and let's be honest. hard to find a teenage or a teen that is not on social media. >> but what you may not know is there is a secret code designed to keep you out of the loop. nor kpc, keep the parents clueless. >> our news partners in st. louis set out to crack the code so you know what to watch for. >> texting, twitter, snapshot the way that the teens and kids stay connected. and in a high tech world pair represent know it is hard to keep track of kids on social media. but resource officer ron newburg says it is what parents don't know that can be an even bigger problem.
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simple as lol, laugh out loud or i don't know but it has progressed. >> acronyms are secret code that the kids don't want the parents to know about. lmirl. ngoc. next one, mos, this one spells broken. asl. you think you got it right? >> no. >> we asked parents to dee code 40 acronyms, total, they only got three right. lmirl. let me in real life. >> gnoc, mos. mom over shoulder. >> mom on scene. i was close.
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>> broken. hung over from alcohol. asl. aid spec location. the family here's daughter is 12. >> i didn't know them. >> do you check text messages. >> yes. >> how often? >> every couple of days. >> does she know you are checking them. >> not all of the time she does now. >> i guess we have to educate ourselves but i just don't think that my daughter knows more about technology than us. even my 7-year-old, that's scary. >> erica nelson, the mom of a 16-year-old. >> shocking. it is shocking. failed the test miserably and you may grab their phone checking it and they can have this life going on and you would be clueless. >> officer newburg advises that parents should not only educate themselves but talk to their children. >> if you see some strange unusual acronyms on your child's phone, you should be
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conversation with your child. >> i know that lot of you parents at home are saying i had no idea what that stood for and heard explanations after few but what about nisop or wiotta and you can find out other codes on our web site, just click, they are on the left side. >> protecting your family, it is time for ten weather. >> is this where we have an acronym to talk to weather. w tw, jim. >> i don't know where that last one was going. >> i made it up. >> for television, right? the wind whipping out there and as you take a look.
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tampa, clear water, winter haven and brooksville at hernando county airport. the highest wind gusts at 36 miles per hour. all of this ahead after cold front that we are tracking and increasing cloud cover and a hint of possibly a bit of precipitation. a little dry in the atmosphere but we are looking at the chance of a few stray showers. developing over georgia with the cold front producing a lot of snow and even an ice mixture. west virginia, west virginia and tennessee. when we talked about at the top of the newscast, that storm that was rocking the cruise ship it is that low that we had talked about last week winding up off of the coast in the northern bahamas. we talked about it for days as it has gone and really wound up in an intense storm producing noreaster conditions. back here at home ahead front. temperatures in the 60s right
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63 to 65 degrees to begin your evening and currently at tampa international airport. try air. 48, the humidity 56%. 64 with the southwest wind at 15 and it will feel like upper 50s and mid-50s. as we go through the night. this front will track through the state. we will keep you mostly cloudy, the only thing we will add on top of the winds and the clouds will be a chance at isolated or stray light shower. not expecting thunderstorms. just too dry for that and we don't have the right setup. we could see light rain showers later this evening and that's absolutely possible. much cold behind it. a lot of that in the mid atlantic ocean. dropping the temperatures and reinforcing the cool air that we have been seeing. rather than seeing a warmup, this will keep us in the cold for another 48 hours and we
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crystal rivers and keep the winds tomorrow and the same winds 15 to 25 miles per hour from the in fact. another blustery days and temperatures 58 degrees. a little bit cooler on the afternoon temperature than we where we were. early in the morning a continuation of the overnight. light rain showers are possible. i don't expect this to be a lot of heavy rain where it is any problems of ponding on the road or flooding. wet roads in the morning commute and that's possible. and may want to be ready for that first thing you want morning. after that moves out, let's take a look at the forecast. the cool air in place wednesday at 58 for a high and start at 44. that's going to mean 30s around citrus and hernando counties. we will talk about that at 5:30 and we do warm to the 60s and 70s by the time we get to
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valentine's day. next decent chance of rain, right now looks to be monday next week. the day after valentine's day. one to keep up with the wind gusts and check on temperatures. we have a weather forecast and current conditions on that ten news app and get it on your phone at in. >> digging deeper in the chipotle closure. i'm regional roundtree all new at 5:30. we are looking into what the fast-food chain is doing to make sure what you are eating is face. a water crisis in flint, michigan and what the local men are doing to make a difference. the carolina panthers are not the only ones looking back on what could have been. today on the road, you better not lose this fantasy league. >> those stories and more coming up next on 10 news at
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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four on 10 news. here is a look at what is coming up on cbs and ten news. 8:00 super girls followed by scorpion and cbs los angeles and stay up with the late show. today air force first responders came together to make sure they are prepared in case of emergency. photo journalist larry perkins takes you to a training
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>> trying to make it look like his hand was burned. >> the simulator with a gash to the forehood. >> a performer crashed in the crowd. >> the plane goes down. parts are trade out on the runway. people are dead. people are injured. you never are going to know what to expect until the rubber hits the road. >> make sure that the base and all of its personnel are ready for any emergency that may happen on the fly lines in the air show. >> larry did such a nice job on that. the air fest is set for march 19th and 20th. free. for more information go to just ahead. it may not and funny commercial
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remember this one. the powerful one. hear from a local view why the survivor praises the message. important message. what a polk county family wants
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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kids in the car. ten news at 5:30 starts right now. >> good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >> and i'm reginald roundtree. we are staying on top of three stories. a few dozen passengers are recovering after a casino bus rolled over in connecticut. close to a dozen ambulances were called to help. a winter storm may keep
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