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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i wouldn't say it was surprising. >> the head of the child protective verify for the manatee children protective offices. >> what can kind of changes do you hope for so children don't die. >> as in any circumstance you would want a thorough investigation and to look at the big picture and take the priors into consideration. certainly identifying that every child is accounted for. >> they have started a round table that takes place once a week where investigators have made multiple visits within five years dislike we have removed some children where we realize we have probable cause and we will focus on the issue.
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she would like to see more rules for children home schooled. >> there are priors and that could be an opportunity to connect with child protective investigations and have them go out and do a welfare check. >> possible changes under way. that come a little too late for 11-year-old janiya thomas. 10 news has answers. there is system failures in two deaths. we have those stories on unseen on tv. just in a suspect identified and charged in a disturbing crime out of pinellas county. police believe they caught this person accused of attacking a 6- year-old girl in a bathroom. 18 ricky thomas has been charged with battery. it happened in a macy's bathroom stall.
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ground and tried to cover her mouth and the girl screamed. thomas said he mistakingly went in the bathroom and he claims he only covered her mouth because he panicked. you worry about who your kids are talking about on social media. this is a reminder that you need to be concerned about your kids encountering strangers. it could be hard to talk about easy steps. first discuss the topics in words the kids understand. also make sure your kids know what is acceptable behavior and what is out-of-bounds. and remind them that they have the right to say no, yell or ask for help. and finally rehearse your child's response to danger. if your child doesn't practice, they won't know what to do when panic sets in. we found more information about this story and learned how to keep your child safe in a public restroom right there at
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accused several high school football players of assault is demanding answers. she is outraged that her daughter was disciplined in september when the alleged incident happened and the boys were not. now, ten news pasco county newsroom has learned that the girl has taken actions and we have concealed the girl's identity to protect the child. >> the discipline he had was five days of suspension for her admitting sexual acts. the mother says her daughter was treated unfairly. >> my daughter has it on their record but the football players don't. >> several of the accused were football players and they were not punished initially and i asked the school district why the boys were not punished. >> ms. stone was asked by the detectives to hold off on disciplining. >> i spoke with the captain of
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department and he says they did not hold off on punishing the boys until the investigators was over. >> they had enough evidence to discipline. >> i disagree with the captain. >> the district maintains stone did what she was asked. >> they gave them a warning and let them play football. >> i don't believe there is any truth to that. >> on friday after i told the district that a spokesperson for the police department says the case was closed the district suspended three boys. >> that is not enough. my daughter was suspended and homecomings. >> the state attorney's office says no charges will be filed. last friday three boys were disciplined for their involvement. only one of them was a member
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and there is more to this story. the pasco county school district is accusing a man of criminal activity. the district claims that there was a gun on school property. zephyrhills police department to launch an investigation. >> we just want it checked out. because of our relationship with the school resource program we are concerned that they are taken seriously. >> the school board is a situation that they are trying to deflect some of the activities going on at the high school and if they want to file a charge, a complaint against reggie roberts we will follow
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>> roberts told 10 news, the totally false. we do know the story is complicated. so to help you follow it, we posted our original story outlining the ous ting. >> officers responded to a call of suspicious active. bay and anthony cook cut a hole through a fence and took off. the department of juvenile administrative leave. crime alert out of st. pete that many of you may find unbelievable. a piece of artist is stolen from the chalua connection on
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glass piece was swiped over the weekend. it was noticed missing this morning, worth $25,000. the anthem of the seas got caught in a storm yesterday. you can see from the video huge waves and all posted on social media. passengers were supposed to stay in the cabins and to ride the storm out. pictures show the ceiling caved in and we spoke to one passenger who was afraid that the ship was going to turn over. >> we held hands and we thought we were done. we thought it was over. the ship was supposed to
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turned around to head to the port in new jersey. royal caribbean says returning to cape liberty minimizing the risk of overturning. all passengers were offered 50% off of another cruise and the crews was not charged. >> the president is asking congress for almost two billion dollars to fight the zika virus and for vaccine development and more. it is believed that the zika virus can harm newborns but so far not deadly. >> the good news is that it is not like ebola. people don't die of zika. a lot of people get it and they don't know they have it. what we know is that there is some significant risk for pregnant women or people trying to get pregnant.
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zika. there is three cases in hillsborough county. a bill to add sexual orientation to the laws is still alive. it is going to be considered tomorrow. the bill has got opposition from social conservatives and religious groups in. >> a 10 news traffic alert. a major highway shutting down overnight. it is happening in tampa where crews will close to ten p.m. tonight and 10:30 tomorrow morning. you can find the information at february is black history month and the city of tampa is celebrating its meaning. celebrating the power of music past and presents. it influences the power of black music. the world drummers performed and the city honored local
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>> a reminder for your friends and family to check your pockets and purses and cars and trucks for historic powerball ticket bought in florida. it is yet to be turned into lottery headquarters. that means time is running out for someone to claim $528 million. it was bought at a melbourne's publix. i wasn't over there so i don't have to look. when you drop dogs off, they are like family. you drop them off at the kennel and you expect to see them when you return. but sadly that is not always the case. you trust a kennel service or pet sitting service to take care of your pet but how do you find the right way? a woman thought she took the proper steps only to learn that her try colored yorkie was attacked and killed. >> trash cans may be getting blown today with winds up to 35 miles per hour and looking to
6:11 pm tonight on 10 news. huge at 8:00. we got super girls followed by scorpion and ntis and stay up with the late show with steven kobert. an important lesson for pet owners. a woman's dog had to be
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the woman thought her dog was in good hands. this question stands how safe is the kennel where you leave your pet. we take a closer look at what you need to ask before dropping your pet off? >> photos and memories is what linda has left of her tricolored yorkie. >> the dog was at peter pet boarding. >> her belly was ripped off. >> dwyer researched the kennel before boarding and says the owner that her small dog would not be mixed with large dogs during playtime and morgan's attorney disagreed. >> dogs do interact and the owner was well aware of this
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>> and for four days morgan's attorney said they got along until day five. >> bit the dog and was sorry but not a situation that was totally unexpected. >> when picking a kennel veterinarians say besides checking off the basics. >> it is clean and the staff are being attentive. >> how you handle animals when they are stressed or being aggressive or not being social with other dogs. and what you would want them to say this is a they are paying attention to the body language of the animal. that is key. >> and if small and large dogs are missed. they should be supervised. >> my dogs were in her care. she had a responsibility to keep my dogs safe. isabel mascarenas.
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you can find our questions our on free app. chilly past couple of days. >> but kind of turned around and sunshine. >> been seeing more and more clouds build and the wind picking up. maybe noticing the wind gusts are between 30 and 35 miles an hour. all of this is ahead of the next cold front due later tonight. let's talk about what that means as far as our forecast. now you can see that the clouds are streaming by and couple of pockets light green and trying to produce a little small light shower at there. the next shower, don't expect it to happen but as you stream overhead and as the front goes by, light rain showers mist to maybe a steady light rain on
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all the way through the tuesday commute. it will be possible. this front blasting through the u.s. and there is a second surge of cold air producing snow in missouri to an ice mixture in kentucky and ohio and around west virginia. and then as the front slides through, normally you would expect a big cool down this time of the year but the fronts that we have had in the last few days we would warm up. this is just going to re- enforce the warmup from happening for a couple more days. no real significant major blast of cold air. it keeps temperatures in check for a couple days longer. we begin the day 62 degrees and we will see a beautiful sunset at tampa international where the current temperatures is at 62. humidity coming back up, 62% and the dew point at 49 and fairly dry air and then as we
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come down and higher humidity and that chance for light showers that would be late evening overnight and possibly through the morning commute as we will stay mostly cloudy and windy. we will keep the winds around 15 to 25 miles per hour and gusts to 30. possible. wake up temperatures you see not much colder than where we have been. 47 in brooksville and 53 lake wood ranch and 50 in tampa. the west to northwest. got up to 30 not out of the question and for a good part of the day, we will keep cloud cover too and add to it for the first couple of hours for the day, we will continue with that chance of a light shower or two. we will have it overnight and then through the morning commute. a couple of light sprinkles and maybe a little mist or a down pour possible. no thunderstorms or heavy rain. nothing like that and knowing
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roads could be wet, that is possible for us for the tuesday morning. that starts to leave by midday lunchtime and partly cloudy skies for the second half of the day. for the water advisory a small gale warning and waves 10 to 16 feet. this is a how large with the winds whipping and water temperatures 55. high tide at 319 and the seven- day forecast other than a few early morning light showers really not much in the way of rain for the next five to six days. we will see again that cold front keeping temperatures in check upper 50s for highs for the next few days and warming up slowly and then in the 70s. 62 on valentine's day with partly cloudy skies. can't believe the olympics
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this week. now, live from the sun coast hyundai sports desk. cam newton is catching heck for walking out on his news conference last night. however it appears that the reason he had enough, he could hear chris harris at his press
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bragging about the game plan. >> nothing different. they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> hearing harris say that had to be tough. but still you want your team leader to show more class and maturity and stand up in the face of adversity and newton did not look good in his 4th quarter fumble. backed up trying to get the loose ball that the broncos recovered. on the broncos side. aqib talib almost cost his team dearly with two personal fouls, one for taunting and that sounds like the one talib we know with the broncos. but it turned out. >> it was bs and flags and one was on the sidelines. one i just did on purpose.
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i had to show him. it will be a fine. the lightning have a two game canadian road trip in ottawa. the bolts have won ten of 11. reggie. olympics stars in clear water getting ready for the biggest sporting event. more than 400 world-class sailors are preparing for the 3 world championship regattas. now these will be the last major competitions before the 2016 summer olympics in reo da jannero. >> i have done a lot of sailing for the u.s. and the goal is to make it to the olympics and that's pretty much my driving force before anything to represent my country in reo. >> outstanding. the race will begin at 10:00 a.m. and you can watch the action
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>> how do i vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish
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