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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it affects our forecast coming up. bobby just mentioned wind, we have a high wind advisory on the sunshine skyway bridge. be careful across the bay this morning. also morning. also in hillsboro county, the debris on the veterans expressway's blocking the lane southbound. i will let you know when that gets out of the way. also we will take a look at drive times across the bridges. we are going to start with a breaking story out of germany. >> at least eight people are dead and more than 100 others are hurt after two trains crashed head-on into each other southeast of munich. police say some passengers are still stuck in the wreckage. the area is very remote so helicopter rotors need to be brought in to take people to nearby hospitals.
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to stay on top of the story every new details as soon as we get them here on tenders this morning and wtsp .com. less than two months ago polls across the cat -- new hampshire open for the nation's first primary. some areas were allowed to cast ballots at midnight. >> at nine am this morning, this office right here as well as the one in largo, the supervisor of elections is going to put his stamp on more than 200,000 ballots thousand ballots and get them mailed out for the florida primary. but meanwhile, in new hampshire three tiny towns of cast their ballots around midnight, and they've given early wins to john kasich and bernie sanders. but of course they are very little town so they will show
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cities will start weighing in on those results will definitely be interesting. a third of republican voters are still trying to figure out who they are going to vote for according to the latest cnn poll. so donald trump with his unconventional speeches and always betting on a take win in new hampshire. >> she says, pulling i love love you but i've fallen in love with another man. i don't give a dam, you have to get out to vote. right? >> new hampshire has a pretty remarkable reputation for building up some candidates, and tearing down others. that's. that's why there is going to be so much is about what happens today in this first primary. and marco rubio is coming under fire as well, some calling him to scripted or robotic. coming up we will talk about whether or not that could hurt him. plus the mistakes he made just yesterday. it may actually be a slow
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down on parts of new england and the midwest. kids in boston enjoy getting the day off from school on monday. travel was a mess throughout the downtown area and in and out of logan international air. the city's is not enough snow is falling for people to use space savers for parking. >> we are not having space savers out there in the city of boston if you put a safe space saver out the public works will take it. >> students have been out since last thursday but are expected to go back to class today. the royal caribbean ship that was damage after sailing through the atlantic is on its way back to new jersey. take a closer look at some of these conditions and some of the damage. your sen. bill nelson's asking for investigation as to why the ship sailed into rough waters in the first place. the shift ship was south of pork an hour before leaving for the bahamas. listen to what passengers have to say about the chaos during the storm.
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falling over and they said, hold the wheelchair so myself and others were standing over holding the wheelchair said they were going to be sliding around. >> the cruise line says guests will receive full refunds and certificates toward future cruise. we could see video of an art thief in action, making off with a $20,000 glass sculpture from the collection gallery in st. petersburg. it is the cobalt and lavender piccolo venetian with gilded handles. it's part of the 6 million dollar exhibit downtown. the sculpture vanished from the gallery sometime between sunday afternoon and monday morning, when a cleaning crew a cleaning crew discovered it was missing. police have been pouring through video from the least three security cameras try to figure out who swiped it. >> it is heartbreaking to think that something would be taken from the collection and something so wonderful that could be shared with so many more people. >> they are not ruling out any possibility from someone inside
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quick scoping out the object before stealing it. health officials in pinellas county are coming together to talk about their plans to fight music of virus. we are are live in the scandal control center in clearwater. avril cover the story is not going away anytime soon. >> this is a huge story and it is definitely going to be around for a while. all you have to do is get on your computer, get online go zika virus and you see this all of the news stories that pop up. this story is huge and it is going to continue stay around for a while. with all of the travel warnings, some airlines are allowing people to change their flights if they are planning to go to a country that has zika, or zika has been spreading. where some airlines are only making exceptions for pregnant women that might require a doctors note. but it still might be a relief to relief to know that they are
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a new report singles out florida as being at a higher risk for transmitting the zika virus around. so i definitely have have more information i want to share with you about this. so make sure you stick with us we have more coming up. in health news this morning, eight states including florida have seen a significant drop in the number of people without health insurance. in a new government report released the nation's uninsured rate dropped to just 9.1% in 2015. florida is the only state the saw significant drop without accepting only state the saw significant drop without accepting the medicaid expansion. health coverage is a hot topic ring the election year with all gop candidates think they would repeal obama care. developing out of pascoe county this morning the dot will be working tonight on permanent repair of tobacco being told on the truck that
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this is at some of the damage at overpass road. tran5 says the repairs may take several nights to finish. the damage was not found to be superior severe. the driver of the truck was charged having over high load. morgan a morgan is going after monster energy in a lawsuit. claims the energy drinks are causing healthy people have serious issues. the law firm has filed five cases and is investigating a least 100 more claiming a lack of ingredient testing and warning labels and making people sick. >> items within their such as taurine and are honored that we believe have not been adequately tested and synergistically, we look at all these combined it creates a potentially lethal outcome for normal consumers. >> the law firm says the drinks have high levels of caffeine, but is also mid- with the secret energy blend. morgan hopes that by suing the company changes will begin. the 2016 firestone grand prix of st. petersburg's nearly a month away. is nearly a month away. today's crews will begin to turn downtown into a racetrack.
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others will hold a ceremony to mark the first blocks down bayshore drive. the grand prix is on march 11. casey anthony is opening up a business in south florida. >> we will tell you what it is and what neighbors have to say about this business. what people in alabama say they are worried about their safety back this right here. a massive sinkhole opens up and this is been a problem since christmas holiday. let's go live to bourbon street in new orleans. people are still out and about it is fat tuesday. we will let you know what is going on fat tuesday about 460
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the sunshine skyway bridge live from sky tend, there is a high wind advisory so be careful , hold onto the steering will. it can be a little shaky cross this bridge and we have high winds. drivetime still 70 minutes from 75 in manatee county up to pinellas point drive. across the bay from the twin pinellas and hillsboro we are picking up a little bit in the northbound direction into tampa. but so far you have a normal drive time of about six minutes across. the three-day forecast is going to be rather chilly. will actually have temperatures stay disciplined 50s all day , there will be much change. we will see some sunshine by the time we get to the afternoon hours. but i think mostly cloudy skies to get the day started eventually those temperatures will push into the upper 50s. you can see 59 for the day, 57 for tomorrow , windy today,
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start the warm-up by thursday. it is tuesday, february 9. some people have already voted in the new hampshire primary. the first votes were cast in a town with nine registered voters. those polls were open later this morning and closes 7:00 p.m. tonight. the st. pete police are searching for our thief. investigators are working to uncover how someone walked into the chipotle collection gallery on beach drive and walked out with a $20,000 glass sculpture. zeroing in on tran4. today the pres. will ask congress for emergency funding to fight the virus after activating a health alert. now the county says it's stepping up mosquito controls
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from spreading. "-right-double-quote investigators in germany are still working to figure out how two trains collided. we understand at least eight people were killed in the accident. more than 100 were also hurt during the crash. this was in the very come about 45 miles southeast of. train after the crash we've of the train. a number of people have been helicopters and boats to get those folks to medical care. a ride in a busy district in hong kong turned violent. protesters protesters are upset after a fight off for sweet food sellers for chinese new years. you can see the protesters throwing bricks at police. hong kong's leader made a brief appearance at his office this morning to contemn the violence. a petition has been approved to recall michigan governor, rick snyder. the more dashboard that approved the petition denied most of the
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it included a mission that the board was spit a lot -- split along party lines. new video just in. this is a gas station roof collapsing. two workers were on top at the time. they were not seriously hurt out of torrent, california. we don't know what may have led to the collapse. the gas station is expected to reopen for business sometime today or tomorrow. neighbors in an alabama area are facing a pretty dangerous situation. take a look at this sinkhole that has opened up behind their home. it is now more than 11 feet read steep. people say temper a fences have been put up but not much else is known about any plan to keep the folks who live there safe. >> i want to know what is happening you know and if they keep me in the loop, that's fine. if they are doing something let
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because i'm the one who has lost the most. >> city leaders say they are working with fema to find a solution. the process they say just takes time. great news for 275 drivers in tampa, fdot just opened the fourth northbound lane on 275. you should really see some is not congestion coming across the howard frankland bridge. it might take a couple of days to get close -- used to the new alignment. let's go live to sky tend network camera long i 4 in tampa. there's an accident reported near 50th st. i'm not finding it on the sky tend camera but fhp is telling me that it is not blocking the lane. which if you do see something on the corner just make sure
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and slowdown. 275 and pinellas county live the gandy boulevard from sky tend north and south along 275 looking good so through st. petersburg from getting off the sunshine skyway bridge right here to gandy your drivetime is 10 minutes. it really has is not picked up just yet on our majors in pinellas county. i do want to let you know that a lane closure in venice laying closure on the big venice bypass the southbound left lane is closed for construction there. you may see some congestion for morning rush hour, butt so far you are in the green. polk and a drivetime looking great in lakeland no issues if you're heading into tampa from work. from polk parkway 75 you can see taking still just 15 minutes. the wind is up this morning. look at this yellow shading along the coast and manatee , sarasota county's as well. that's where the witness winds blowing around 15-20 with gusto the five in sarasota, 225 in
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and 28. it's windy out there this morning that's why they have the wind advisory of course for the travel advisory for the skyway. and there is a little bit of over wash for much not overwatch but spray for the howard tran2, specially the end of the howard frankland bridge. out first thing this morning to and i. and i think really through most of the day today. a team on our winds right now in clearwater and gusts in the 30s as well. it is a little bit warmer having said all of that but it is behind the cold front. but the wind right now is coming in off the water which is in the upper 50s. air temperatures are in the it is rain 54 degrees. it is rain free. we had a couple of showers the first one you'll see comes
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the second moms coming in right around three am. it is all out of here now, these are just low clouds left over and 10% chance for a sprinkle. i just don't think there will be much out there. bundle the kids up at the bus 53 right now, 58, 59 this afternoon. it is going to be 59 this afternoon. it is going to be a cool one out there. we won't see much warming through the day today. i think we will break up some of the clouds later this morning and into the afternoon hours but certainly mostly cloudy to get started. closer to about 130-2:30 pm 130 - 2:30 p.m. that's when will see a little more sunshine. sun is up at 7:13 a.m. down at 616 p.m. look for high 50 - 59 degrees. gale warnings for our boaters, rough on the bay 10 - 14-foot seas offshore. high return risks and a high surf advisories. it will be right -- that through this evening. it's it's a little bit better boaters. tomorrow morning will be cooler, mid- 40s out there.
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in the mid- 50s. thursday's in the low 60s and by friday and into saturday we are looking at mid to upper 60s. sunday there will be a frontal boundary coming through and we will cool down a little bit for sunday. and then have another warm up on monday. one thing to bring your attention to us thursday morning, 41 in tampa. likely to see some freezing numbers for hernando and citrus county area early on thursday morning. so if there's a freeze warning issued, we will let you know. you can catch our forecast on the radio to catch on magic 94.9, one of 5.5 and one a 6.9 fm. one beach may start allowing dogs. coming up. the most popular toys all have a common theme.
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let's go back to downtown tampa. we have your top stories, weather and traffic every 10 minutes to help you get out the door knowing what is going on.
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we are picking up so we are getting into morning rush hour and a drive times are getting slow. veterans expressway going north between the airport up to suncoast it is taking 12 minutes. that's only about a one minute delay. then in pinellas county on ulmerton road going west toward us 19, you are a little slow their see you are 22 minutes from you 75. 590 today so it is cool but cloudy skies will give way to
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cloudy. the wind will stay with us all day out there at the fair. in fact, through the evening commute as well so keep that in mind it's deftly going to be windy this morning on bridges. will likely still be that way as we work our way through later tonight. temperatures will break that down into the 50s. hasbro reported sales and products rocketed 35% including% including things like light sabers related to the star wars franchise. sales in the girls sector did not fare as well, falling. it is going to be an exciting day in denver as the city celebrates the broncos big win over carolina super bowl 50. fans greeted the team as they return to the mile hold -- high city. it will be downtown and it will be packed. everyone will head down there
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10 news at noon today. with the super bowl behind us it's time to start thinking about baseball. polls are open in bedford, new hampshire. we have more on the state's primary and why florida sen. marco rubio may be in trouble. we of your news, more weather
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you're out the door forecast, a windy one and a cool one. it is a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. it's in the low to mid 50s but the winds of 15-25 miles an hour in the out the door forecast keeps all the way through 10:00 p.m. in fact big wind all day today. gusts our highest along the coast and it will stay that way for today but is still windy for the lake wind advisory for
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less than 10 minutes. in venice in sarasota on you us 41 with a venice bypass there's a lane blocked going south the center road. also let's go live to our sky to network camera 275 is going to look different coming into tampa this morning. tran5 just opened a new force northbound lane between was short heinz avenue. that should help with a can of justin. we'll get some drive times coming up in less than 10 minutes i will have a look at your riches. we want to start with raking news that we are on top of out of germany. police say eight people were killed in a train crash this morning. we've also just learned all of the from the crash of been rescued from the wreckage. this happened a couple of hours ago near munich. two trains crashed head on into one another. again, again, at least eight people are dead more than 100
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said it but it's the biggest accident not region in years. as florida deals with several cases of zika new report says it is a higher risk for bringing more cases of zika into the country. >> it has to do with people who are traveling out of the country and coming back in throughout airports. i want to say something. this is a chart fm by conservation alliance. you can see were florida airports are at the top of the list miami, ft. lauderdale, they are on the top of the list for airports that our destination airports that are having lots of problems or at risk for having zika coming into the country. all of these risks and warnings it's one reason why president obama once nearly $2 billion from congress to fight tran4, $800 million will go to the cdc. some of the money will go to
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for contracting the virus spread some of the money will go toward trying to make the vaccine to prevent zika infections. whether is of course heard the president does not -- does want deadly disease. >> this is not like ebola people don't die from zika a lot of people who get a don't even know they have it. >> also some of the money that the president wants will also go to mosquito control programs. will go to the mosquito control center talking about their plans to keep the insects at the man clearwater police say assaulted a six-year-old girl inside of a mall bathroom is behind bars this morning. happened friday inside the
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mall in clearwater. 18-year-old ricky lake thompson is in the pinellas county jail charged with battery. thompson told officers he was at the mall to meet his wife and pick up his young son. he claims it accidentally went into the women's restroom. the growth saw him and screamed. he told investigators he panicked and cover her mouth. she fell to the floor and he ran. >> he panicked and freaked out and try to put his hand over her mouth and get her to calm down and be quiet. to not create a commotion, that was not the right thing to do. >> investigators say someone recognize thompson from surveillance photo tipped them off. the polling places in new hampshire hosted. voters in that stay of course capture the balance of the first primary for a very tight race to the white house. sarah, here in florida soon we will have our turn. >> march 15 is that date, but you will want to start checking your mailbox now. right here at the supervisor of elections office, today they
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that means all of our voters will soon get their chance in the spotlight. marco rubio is accused of being too scripted , and just as he was questioned by fox news about being robotic in his speeches, yesterday he delivered the same punchline twice at a rally in new hampshire. this could spell trouble for rubio as he battles ted crews, john case case sick, and jeb bush to break away from the pack. back here in florida, if you can imagine today they are sending out 17 pallets that are stacked 5 feet high. so that means they would be about to my nose or so. that's that's how many ballots are going out right here in florida and that's here in pinellas county. all of us us are going to have a lot of fun with this to it comes to our chance on march 15. attorney general, loretta lynch will be singling out police department she says can
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one of those cities is miami day. she will visit the thursday and friday. others include los angeles, portland, oregon, north carolina, arizona, and indianapolis. the colorado springs planned parenthood were three people were killed when a gunman opened fire will reopen next week. repairs are not complete yet clients on a limited basis for the next couple of months. we are told there will be additional security. casey anthony is not getting a warm reception from her new neighbors and west palm beach. the woman, cleared of killing her toddler's opening it business there. she is filed papers to run a photography business . and the day the milf publish photos of her snapping pictures and south florida. moms playing with their children a park near her new home has mixed feelings about her living there.
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oriented neighborhood and i don't know how except it she would be here. >> a facebook facebook fan page for the business has already been taken down. we are streaming talking about the day's headlines for you. we are talking as well about fat tuesday. it's a last day of mardi gras season as it falls before the day before ash wednesday. upon the white stream join the conversation we're talking about that among other things this morning. you can celebrate the day fewer interested one of the big parties for mardi gras could be going down the downtown done eden. starting at 4:00 p.m. there will be live music at pioneer park followed by free entertainment that will take off at 7:30 p.m. parents in hillsboro county neighborhood are upset that the children will have to change schools next year. they can find out more tonight about an informational meeting. this meeting will be held as part of the new boundary help ease overcrowding.
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meeting will be at the school at 6:00 p.m. tonight. happening today, dogs could soon be allowed for the first time in parts of have to grope beach. city commissioners could vote to allow dogs on the sand between first ave., north and third avenue. dogs would have to stan a leech repeats leaders say they're looking into a change after several dog owners begged them to open a small area when they can let the dogs play on the sand. a sign of baseball season is just around the corner. the the tampa bay rays are loading up the truck for the spring season. is march 2 against the washington nationals. just just 14 days remain until pitchers catchers report. 2157 new record for shark attacks. just how many happen here in checking out the roadways from sky tend. you're looking at i275 back
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cruising along pretty good, looking at all of your major thoroughfares this morning and the forecast with more weather and traffic than anyone else in the morning.
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your bridge updated on this tuesday morning. i want to turn your attention to the sunshine skyway bridge because there's a high wind advisory. also on to 75 going north there are some new lanes open. that should help you across the howard frankland bridge this morning hopefully you will see his much congestion there as you usually do. i will give you drive times coming up next. allergy forecast is on the high side and will stay that way through thursday into friday. this is that that time of year we will have to start washing
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seeing building up on the hood. the next three days if you're trying to make some plans it's going to be chilly today and tomorrow. i think tomorrow's even cooler with another cool shot of air coming in later tonight. but then a warm-up gets here by the time we get in toward thursday which means back in the 60s. thursday morning could be cold. upper 60s to near 70 degrees for saturday. the weekend forecast. but i'm inking lower to mid 60s for sunday read not a lot of rain out now between now and sunday which means the weekend plans should be good, little on the cooler site. we want to begin with breaking news this morning. we've been on top of this story out of germany where at least eight people have been killed after two trains collided. >> at least another 100 were heard it happened in the very about 40 miles south of munich. directly said happened in an area that's very difficult to get to. crews were able to get all of those who were trapped in the
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massive effort out there. voters in new hampshire have already begun taking to the polls in the nation's first primary contest. >> donald trump has his sights set our win today while rival contenders, ted crews, marco rubio, and jeb bush are locked in the battle for second place. democrat bernie sanders could come away with the win after losing i would to hillary clinton by a small margin. florida senator, don't know someone's the ntsb to investigate why a crew ship was allowed to sail through a storm on its way to port canaveral. >> the anthem of the seas was of the damage. tuesday morning. royal caribbean says the ship sailed through 20-foot waves and 100 on our winds in all of this. that was all on sunday before had to turn around. passengers passengers will get full refunds and certificates toward any future purchase. we want to talk to the vegas is already making its
6:36 am
nevada sports books. there 8 - 1 heading into the off-season. longshot, listen to this at 200- that hundred - 1. that is the only team in the triple digits. they are 50-onemac. year's big game is set for houston on february 5 at synergy stadium. see how all of the teams are doing search for allison krauss on your facebook. 2015 saw the highest number of shark attacks worldwide. the florida museum of natural history center 98 attacks including 30 along in florida. the previous record was 88 set
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continue to rise. hopefully some relief for folks on i275. >> if you don't notice it yet, a new northbound lane as open on to 75 going north between what sure and heinz avenue into tampa. this is already helping things. let's go live to our sky tend you you can see the northbound lanes there look at different because we have a new fourth lane open and that is been having terrible congestion for the past couple of weeks. it looks like it is already helping things.
6:38 am
headlights coming out there. let's go live to sky tend 275 this is right at busch boulevard. we are definitely picking up things going south. from the apex down to i 4 coming in from tampa into work. your drivetime is coming up at about 18 minutes now that the three minute delay. let's go back to our maps to other majors the veterans it is taking 19 minutes from suncoast down to the tampa and i 35 to to state road 56 also little slow at 21 minutes from state road 56 to the salmon. probably our slowest major approaching downtown tampa at 18 miles an hour. sarasota county not looking too bad getting a little slow on
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there. polk county in lakeland, your drive times are not looking back. if you're heading into tampa for work you're about two minutes away from polk parkway on into 75 in tampa. your drivetime of 70 minutes. if you have any problems on the road be sure to send me your e-mail and i can help you you're seeing. email e-mail me what they are road warrior@wtsp .com. winds out of west and northwest now they will come down a little bit. we will have gusts to 53 miles an hour early this morning. most of those gusts are in the 30s. some of those are starting to come down a little bit. it will stay breezy-windy all day today. sustained winds right now 20 miles an hour in right now 20 miles an hour in clearwater, 18 in brooksville, 16 in lake alfred, six in avon park some not as much further inland as you go. it is a little warmer out there this morning. we. we have lower 50s to step
6:40 am
four daytime highs. we had a couple of rounds of showers with a few light sprinkles late last night 11:00 right around three am. you see the the low cloud still streaming in, we will keep those for the first half of the day, and then we will see a little more sunshine as the it is what it looks like on the forecast model for today. cool and windy windy out there but the kids up at the busstop temperatures now in the low 50s. look at this by about lunchtime today only in the upper 50s. a little more sunshine, and winds out of the west at about 18 miles an hour. today. sunshine - 59 degrees. sunshine is up at 7:13 a.m., sun goes down at 6:16 p.m. those winds will stay with us all day today. that includes the state fair forecast. little bit. we will call it partly cloudy
6:41 am
we will slowly fall through the 50s into the mid- 40s. to the north is actually a water. i'm showing this to you because i think tomorrow morning, tomorrow night into thursday hernando county. here are the forecast lows, the forecast lows, the temperatures will wake up to on thursday morning. remember, tomorrow morning about 47 in tampa, thursday morning 41 with the 30s for hernando and citrus county. so as as a result, we could get some freeze warnings. will update you on that. gym jim will be in at 5:00 p.m. here's the forecast for the weekend. never too early to make plans, and it looks pretty nice. 68 on saturday. 64 on sunday. i think this may be a little on the warmer side. seven-day forecast, the only changes i would think would
6:42 am
monday , where we are look for the models are starting to trend a little bit warmer but it's still a little warmer than couple of days. thursday coldest, thursday other than that and then little bit. notice in the seven-day forecast there's not a lot of rain. 10% chance of rain, that will pass is already and only 10% through late saturday to bring in the cooler air for sunday. a familiar friend is returning to the small screen. details to come. here's a live look at downtown tampa. if tampa. if you are out this morning maybe on a run or walk the sunrise and you get a good picture of a, senate our way #tag rise with 10 should on
6:43 am
we are going to get a check of the roads before you head out the door this morning. pinellas county and e. lake rd. 14 minutes from the county line road down to tampa road. attention to the north side we avenue in the west down direction of 56 street. you can see the right lane is blocked really only one lane getting by and then you are for cars involved in this one that's what we are seeing from sky tend so give yourself some the wind has come down a little bit on the bridges up there , but not much. it really won't go much less than what it is right now. look at the winds by 4:00 p.m. out of the west at 20 miles an hour.
6:44 am
temperature of the forecast down with the temperature 52 now, 59 this afternoon so site. if you want to be warm and you're traveling out west look at the high temperatures in la, almost 80 degrees. want to check out the story. if you're cat has a bad at an the -- attitude says that the color of its four may be to blame. researchers found the cats markings and this level of of aggression. they from calico and tortoise shell cops are more likely to be feisty. air b&b can thank beyonci for a huge surge in business. since the super bowl performer posted a note our facebook page thanking the company. right now the post has more than 570,000 likes.
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in silicon valley. bathroom, rooftop rental has five bedrooms, a bathroom, rooftop vegetable garden, even comes with live chickens. wildlife officials are keeping their eyes on a whale and her calf. they were found swimming in a brevard county inland on the east coast. florida fish and wildlife has a proven are now to keep the wild waters clear. experts say it's very rare to see this type of well so close to the shore. matt leblanc is coming to cbs. >> the network network ordered a pilot titled, i'm not your friend. keep play joey as you know on frenzy will be the executive producer and star on the show. we don't know a lot of details about the comedy series that we are learning the plot line is about a contractor that now has to raise his kids when his wife
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little more challenging than he
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