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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it is make it or break it today for florida's former governor, jeb bush and his quest to become pres. a second or third place showing could give bush a struggling campaign the push it needs to move forward. some of his backers fear tonight to be the end of his campaign.
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beginning of the second when. new hampshire has a history of embracing underdogs as it did and bill clinton. already donald trump has a released an an election day tweet store mostly directed at bush. in one tweet he writes i know the governors and jeb bush is by far the weakest of the lot. another he writes, bush wants bush wants common core and is not a leader. as for florida sen., marco rubio he was flying high after caucuses. in the past few days his momentum has slowed after say -- shaky debate saturday in which rubio kept repeating the same talking point. polls have donald trump on ahead on the republican side. and poll shows hillary clinton democratic race. clinton is vowing to keep counting. new hampshire.
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to cast their ballot in the down. >> the candidates are out early, shaking hands as voters going to their precinct. expectations in the granite state will pay off, but says he will go to south carolina anyway. >> we have a great organization in nevada as well. this is a long process. a lot of things can happen in a very volatile year. >> fellow floridian, marco rubio is also expecting to have a strong finish. energy. we are looking forward to the carolina. >> donald trump is a clear front runner in the polls but also let front runner in the polls but also led the polls in iowa, only to finish behind ted crews once the votes were tallied. take a major upset for senator bernie sanders to lose. moving forward. every last vote. if she can close the gap on
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momentum, just like bill clinton did with his second- comeback kid. sanders himself, will likely say the wind is proof the voters want a political revolution. florida's primaries five way to you. to pinellas county election office in largo where pole with ballots. >> 17 pounds 5 feet feet tall all being shipped off today across pinellas county so that they are there to voters in time for our primary on march 15. with the help of a forklift, they, they lifted all of those pallets into a mail truck that will be delivered to homes in the next few weeks. 62,010: more than half of all ballots cast in pinellas county have been mailed ballots.
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people don't even knee an excuse to vote by mail. >> this is neat for florida because once again we get to play a big role in selecting your nominees for president as county. and ready to go. >> only registered republicans ballots. but it is is not too late to change her political 40 party you have until tuesday, 4/16 and that means you too can be a part of the primary. over here they are getting all of the other ballots ready, it takes a lot of work to get everything ready. just a day after it was discovered stolen, this $20,000 this morning an employee of the arts center in st. petersburg business. inside that box in undamaged peace of the artwork. missing on monday.
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through surveillance video. let's go live now to the howard frankland bridge into tampa. if you have driven this over the past few weeks you have likely set a major backups because of i275 construction. those backup should be over. construction causing the delay are complete and now there are four lanes. for lazy man's a smooth commute from westshore boulevard. this morning was proof that it is better. this is a live look at i275 around i275 and downtown tampa in the kennedy boulevard area. i to 75 construction not only backed up the howard frankland bridge but the gandy bridge as well because drivers were taking the gandy to avoid all the backup. we now know nine people are dead after two trains collided in germany. don champion reports, the trades trades crashed head-on just as morning rush-hour was getting underway.
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through the mangled scene where two trains collided in southern germany. here, one of one of the train cars is barely recognizable. investigators say the trains crashed head-on as the morning rush was getting underway. the impact derailed several cars. at least 150 people were hurt. a steady stream of ambulances were seen rushing to the scene, some some of the more severely injured were flown to hospitals. german news agency's report the rail line is used by commuters the accident happened on a river, which officials said complicated the rescue effort. no word what led to the >> german news agencies are reporting the rail line is also popular with schoolchildren in the area but are currently a several law enforcement agencies are teaming up with crime stoppers for new program aimed at curbing the recent spike in gun violence.
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gun buyback. who is in the illegal gun, you can pass that information along to law enforcement anonymously the goal is to get illegal weapons of the people who use them off the street before the crimes happen. >> you can't just be a law enforcement issue. it has to be parents who are willing to talk and tell. it has to be students and peers who know young people who may have guns. because they may be the next victim. >> unlike other programs that rely on private donations, the gun bounty program will be funded by crimestoppers. in 2015 that 15 that would've been $60,000. after monster energy in a he claims the energy drinks are causing healthy people to have serious health issues. the law firm has filed five least 100 more , claiming lack of ingredient testing and
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the law firm says the drink has high levels of campaign and is plan. morgan and morgan hopes changes in the company will begin. keeping drunk drivers off agree on. with a great approach on that it's an approach other cities and counties should copy. reasons why. >> recently 10 investigates of tampa that helps keep drunk drivers off the road. if someone has too much to drink at a bar or restaurant, they can leave their vehicle parked in front of that drinking establishment all night until noon the next day without the fear of having that vehicle towed. that is the good news. the bad news was some tow truck companies were not following the rule, and they were towing vehicles at 5:00 a.m., and not waiting until noon. even worse, he tampa city
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thanks to the story, they are now. the let's get back to the basis premise. someone builds down too many drinks, and the last thing we want is for them to get behind the wheel. knowing their vehicle will not be towed until noon the next days great incentive for the inebriated to call for a taxi, and uber or liminal or designated driver. kudos to tampa for having the law on the books. now it is time for other cities and counties to copy this rule. come on on st. pete, clearwater, sarasota, and all the counties. don't be proud, this is a great idea , feel it. there is no reason why there should not be a grace period for people to leave their cars when they've had too much to drink. it is better to have a bunch of cars parked outside of a bar as dawn breaks, rather than having tipsy drivers on the road in the middle of the night.
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to adopt red light cameras. they said it was a safety issue. but as 10 investigates has shown over the years, it was more of a moneymaking scheme. listen, there are too many laws on the books. but. but in this over regulating world we live in, this tow truck race. is definitely a smart idea. so all you elected officials outside of tampa, get busy and adopt this new law, and save lives. i'm elliott weiser pres. and gen. manager of 10 news. >> our tenant's facebook tenders facebook page to voice you can also watch it again a wtsp .com. construction on grand prix ahead. a ceremony was held -- held to mark the 1.8 mile track the in the rays are on the move today. they are packing up and heading
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we caught up with staff is a loaded up supplies and equipment. they will driver to charlotte sports park in charlotte county. they are taking more stuff than usual this year. >> we are taking basically more than 12 cases of baseball's to spring training, more than 300 pairs of pants, more than 100 jerseys. we have a lot of miscellaneous stuff. recently everything starts here today at spring training. >> today they loaded up the truck, he will leave tomorrow they will unload which will take about 223 hours. pitchers in pictures report to training camp saturday, four board 20th and will start today is fat tuesday and is local celebration you can celebrate tonight. what pinellas county is
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zika virus. it is chilly in large part we have have gusty northwest winds sustained general around
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with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect.
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our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. the zika virus is in the headlines again this time for what officials are trying to do to keep it from spreading. >> in just a couple of hours, officials will be at the pinellas county schedule control headquarters to talk about how they are going to keep insects under control and
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get an easy cap cases here in this area. this happens just as pres. obama plans to ask for nearly $2 billion to fight the zika virus. more than $100 million will go to the cdc for things like control programs. some of the programs. some of the money will go to medicare and medicaid for health services to support contracting zika. be putting money toward developing a vaccine against the virus. >> we will be putting up a legislative proposal to congress to resource both the research on vaccines and diagnostics but also helping in terms of public health systems. >> all the public health officials in pinellas county are coming together to talk about their plan to fight the zika virus, the pres. wants to remind you that zika is not a deadly disease. today's meeting happens at three pm and we will you updated on cap you updated on what happens on air and online
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tonight in pascoe county, fdot will begin repairs on the mid- nice 75 overpass which was damaged when a truck went under the bridge that was too tall. fat tuesday in new orleans mardi gras. tourists are crowding bourbon neighborhoods. you're looking live outside in new orleans right now. those parties and at midnight which gives way to ash wednesday. you can celebrate one of the biggest mardi gras parties dunedin. there will live music followed by drinks and parade at 7:30 pm. if you plan you plan to go to that make sure you take a jacket. we started off in the 50s this morning which makes sense that we will warm up. the problem is with really strong dusting northwest winds
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so those are in the mix together we will pretty much stay stuck in the 50s for the the better part of the day. you can see the strong winds especially along the coastal spots and in venice we are seeing 32-mile an hour wind gusts as it is. it is even stronger offshore, we offshore, we saw a gale warning in effect until 7:00 p.m. these will remain strong through the evening and overnight hours. then they will start to taper off a little bit tomorrow butt heads up still expecting those wins to be quite breezy coming up through about thursday. we are tracking a couple of around the tampa bay area. some light light rain working its way through with coverage low and we will be talking about a couple of sprinkles hitting the windshield. looking pretty quiet. 54 in newport richie and these temperatures are really not going anywhere as we head through the day today. 57 in seminal, that is about where we are going to be for most of us throughout the
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up to about 59 in tampa. there may be a couple of spots we still have to look to manatee and sarasota county to start finding that mark and inland we will see mid to upper we will stay cool through the temperatures not really maneuvering all that much. isolated sprinkle in the forecast through the afternoon and evening. but but most of us will stay dry this particular time around. in fact, we will stay dry pretty much straight through the rest of the week. rain will not be our problem, we have to recover some temperatures we are not merely in the 50s today. so if you're heading to downtown dunedin, all of these jackets. rain at home. any rain we see will be very notice it. as we look northeast winds , so keeping things on the cool side, but we
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it is not until monday we start that will bring some showers and thunderstorms back into the mix. valentine's day itself looking good with temperatures in the 60s during the day and dropping the next round of scattered showers and thunderstorms mixing in. we start to to warm things up for friday and this weekend overall looking good with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s saturday and sunday. you can get the forecast any time download the ted news app search for wtsp in the app store. get access to storm tracker tend and any weather alerts and severe weather for your area. it is a physical challenge between two florida cities. see see why two towns are going head-to-head at the gym.
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we mention the firestone grand prix's around the corner. downtown st. pete will be transformed into an amazing race course. last year's winner and the winner of the indianapolis 501 pablo montoya talked about the big race coming up next month. >> for me it is really exciting because every year at normal road train changes. it is always always a challenge because it's not a permanent circuit. and through the weekend the track changes a lot. a becomes more gripping the track changes a lot. >> he was on studio attend live today. montoya will be one of many
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event. happening right now, a treadmill tuesday challenge. tampa metropolitan area ymca is competing with the jacksonville ymca to see which community can distance. competition kicked off at seven seven pm. treadmill tuesday's tuesday is together, encouraging one another to improve their heart health. it is probably a good idea to be running inside on the treadmill this afternoon with as windy and chile as it is. >> >> i will say was not the most pleasant for miles. we started off in the 50s windy with gusts between 25-35 miles an hour especially spots along the coast with gale warnings off stores and temperature in the 50s.
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thanks for joining us today at noon, we will see you back here for ted news at five pm
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