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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and i just hugged her. >> after reviewing reviewing the evidence, no charges have been filed. >> still to this day, this guy has not been questioned wants. he has he has not been picked up. >> while the mother cannot believe charges have not been filed here at the hillsboro state attorney's office chief chief prosecutor says it was the sheriffs office that was reluctant to file charges. he believes his office didn't see everything contained in this report. the actual evidence in the case. >> however, the sheriffs office points to this form signed by an assistant state attorney says after carefully reviewing the badge, state attorney's office would not be filing charges, even after a detective saw pictures and video evidence of the teen nude and performing sexual acts on himself. >> to my knowledge none of our attorneys have seen that picture. >> detectives say you have. >>
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happen to us. >> in the meantime, the parents monitor their daughters whereabouts when she used a fake gps app to fool them. the sheriffs office says it does not believe a crime occurred in this jurisdiction. however, i'm happy to report the attorney's office told us this afternoon it would reopen the case and see if they could file charges. voters in new hampshire are heading to the polls to cast their ballots in the nation's first primary. but tonight more about the race for second place. 10 news news political reporter, mark rivera joins us now. but we likely already know the winners on both sides. >> >> we are talking to us that are candidates and we've been talking about this is the race started. on the republican side of course donald trump showing some sizable lead 17 points the rest of the peer field. same thing for bernie sanders on the democratic side. he is looking looking good to
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the real question is who comes in second for the republicans ? marco rubio, ted crews, john case sick, and jeb bush, who of all average 10%-15% of the polls. if one of the polls. if one of these guys can break away in the pack and finish 5% up against the rest of the field. we'll give them them the opportunity to say, i am the standard error for the non- trump lane of the party. that will give them some seen to be able to come down from new hampshire and get to south carolina. florida candidates? rubio is barely averaging second place in the polls. but with his strong finish in iowa, no matter what happens in new hampshire he will most likely head down to south carolina. for jeb bush and the other candidates what a poor showing we will have complete live coverage on wtsp .com starting
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tonight and on 10 news at 11:00 p.m. and we will see how support for trump holds after pretty controversial rally. >> that's right, things turn vulgar when he was talking to a crowd in manchester. in manchester. 10 -- ted crews is someone in the crowd shouted out. the only presidential candidate something like that during a stump speech. what what did crews due to be call that word? he sidestepped a question about waterboarding at saturday's debate. the trunk spokeswoman says trump talks will to his supporters the way he talks to everyone. five weeks until you make your first choice for the 2016 race. pinellas county shipped out thousands of its mailing ballots. since 2010 more. since 2010 more than half of all ballots cast in pinellas have been buy mail.
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door. >> this is neat for florida because once again we get to selecting our nominees for president as a swing state and a swing county , our voter to go. >> only registered democrat and republican voters will get the mail that ballots. you have until one week from today to change her party affiliation for that primary. once again florida's primaries on march 15. with 16 cases of zika virus in florida those counties doing virus from spreading. right now there are no zika patients in pinellas but hillsboro has 3. mosquito control workers are ready. that pops up in an area. we. hitting their neighborhoods spring every possible peace of water we can find out there. >> mosquitoes only need about a half inch of water to breed
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born with smaller than normal heads , and brain damage. none of the florida cases are in pregnant women. if you're worried about tran4, one of the best way to protect repellent. we are taking a closer look so you know exactly the kind of consumer reports. consumer reports recently the market. tester stuck their arm into a cage of 200 disease-free mosquitoes. >> we found the insect repellent most effective against the type of mosquito that carries the zika virus were the ones that contain 20% procurement and 25% deet. >> it turns out repellents with 100% deet are no more effective at fighting zika coming could have dangerous side effect. products with natural ingredients do not have enough to keep those mosquitoes away.
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important. new information about a head-on collision between two trains in germany. a 10th victim died in the still missing. dozens of people were hurt. the trains collided at a curve in the track while they were hour. officials say the driver's other. over the trains data recorders. passengers on the train for most of the workers heading to munich. school kids to use the line as well but they are on winter break. a new way to fight back against a recent spike in gun violence in the county. law enforcement agencies are teaming up with crimestoppers for gun bounty program. if you know someone who has an illegal gun you can pass that enforcement anonymously, and get a $1000 reward. the goal is to get illegal
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crime happens. >> you cannot just be a law enforcement issue. it has to be parents who are willing to talk. it has to be students and peers who know young people who they have guns because they may be the next victim. >> where where will all of the reward money come from? we are getting answers about how this program works coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. super bowl champs are enjoying a triumphant return for the mile high city. the crowds, they were packed 30 people deep in some spots along the parade route all through denver. everyone was trying to get a look at the broncos including quarterback, peyton manning. temperatures only in the 20s today in denver. football season is over for the race, they are on the move. the team is packing up and heading out to spring training. we caught up with the staff as
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equipment and will drive all of it to charlotte county. this this year they are taking more stuff than usual including jerseys and pants just for spring training. >> we are taking basically more than 12 cases of baseball gear to spring training. more than three pairs of pants more than 100 jerseys. with a lot of miscellaneous stuff. basically everything starts here today spring training for us. >> the truck leaves tomorrow morning. once it is in charlotte county unloading will take about two pitchers and catchers report to training camp saturday, ferrari next day. the rays want to make sure to watch them play this year so they are running some special when attendance could be the lowest. on monday active military veterans, you get two free tickets.
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wednesdays. on thursdays fans 60 and older get it for $15. on friday, students get their own discount. you can see the full list of deals on our website wtsp .com. tossed around by storm and tonight they are still at sea. passengers on a royal caribbean cruise cruise get closer to land and sharing more stories and more images from the night hurricane force winds blew their trip off course. a school district could do away with student run clubs four good. you felt and seen that wind 40-mile an hour gusts on the sky tend network in sarasota airport. i will let you know when will will the warm-up. your fair forecast tonight still windy and cool at 54 degrees. i will have the answer when we warm up. let's take a look at the sky tend network traffic
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this is i275. believe it or not this is slightly less congested than what we have shown you over the last few weeks because another lane opened up this morning
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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parents in tennessee are fighting against a high school students. it is an organization found in in. a member.
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the gay straight alliance was formed so students would have a place to talk about the gay community with things like bowling. at least one parent went as far as saying the next step after a gay - straight alliance would be a future isis members of america group. >> parents in franklin county could not stand for the resolve of many. to support the gay-straight alliance in franklin county high school. >> school. >> i couldn't believe that it made such a big deal just because kids want to start a club. >> they they gathered outside the school armed with rainbow flags. those against the club drove into the school. inside the school board meeting the passion of her to turn to anger.
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club in school because protect students. >> if we we had safety at the school that these two young men needed , then we would have the >> others say they fear the in those clubs. >> there's really no place for discussions of sexual orientation in a high school in a public high school. >> the school spent time reviewing how principals approve clubs, but made no recommendations or decisions alliance. that in action frustrated son. >> i think they could've justify the club if it is okay or not. >> supporters of the group were happy not to be singled out. >> i'm satisfied because we are not being addressed specifically it's every club. >> the school board plans to take another look at how high
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agree to talk about the gay straight alliance again next month. it is windy windy windy out there. you have to be careful on the roads. it is been very strong we would have a gale warnings for a little less than two more hours on the post coastlines that will expire. we have clocked 40-mile an hour wind gusts sarasota, brayton at the international airport at 31 miles an hour to st. pete pete clearwater airport and winterhaven in polk county 37 miles an hour as well. no rain of course. everything we have seen has been just light sprinkles in the overnight hours and early this morning as we look at ray j west winds are still 18 miles an hour. those are the sustained winds we are seeing with the temperature of 60 we are able to at least have 60 today. most of us in the upper 60s north of tampa newport richie, land o lakes. something about the bay area
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degrees for high temperature so far today, which has been in the last hour. tonight keeping the wind in the forecast, at least around a 15- 25 mile an hour range so still gusty, that still gusty, that is live right now near the coast guard state -- station you can see the trees being alone around and even the trees by the water. temperatures because of the wind will stay up like they were last night in the mid- 50s. when you factor in the wind that will feel cooler. that will likely feel like the low 50s and upper 40s through late this evening. you wake up temperatures in the morning will be colder as the wind starts to settle down and our skies clear out overnight. look for 40s to return for a lot of us. we are on the edge of this morning but should see a lot more mid and upper 40s in the bay area and upper 30s in citrus county. there are freeze warnings north
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and marion county by ocala. officially nothing in the 10 news viewing area other than high surf advisory and gale warnings that expire the next couple of hours. high temperatures tomorrow, one more more day where we have highs in the 50s. i do have warmer days we will talk about it in the seven-day forecast coming up but only about 57 for tomorrow and it times breezy we will stay around five - 50 miles an hour with gust - 20 25. but even today but today but still pretty windy for our part of the world. but for more sunshine out there and start to take the advisories out. a gale force warning does expire tonight at 7:00 p.m. but the small craft advisory will go through mid day tomorrow. still a heavy chop on the bay area waters and look for the peak winds around 15-20 kn offshore waves still pretty big for the golf six - 10 feet. low tide 9:30 a.m. low tide 3:43 p.m. the next couple of days beautiful sunshine with nice winter temperatures.
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we should be, the warmer days not gonna be till after friday. 6262 for thursday still not bad but are cold this morning will be thursday. we are in the upper 60s and low 70s for not only friday but for saturday. a week cool front coming in the plan the front end of the weekend. will show you the valentine's day temperature just couple of degrees and our best chance of rain looks to be late monday next week. coldest part of this is thursday morning. i wouldn't wouldn't be surprised if we see a freeze watch issued for citrus county thursday morning. low 40s and upper 30s we will start morning on thursday. anytime you want to track wind, current temperature, always storm tracker tend the latest, that app is great. if you haven't used it you can zoom all we down to street level of wtsp in the app store.
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under fire tonight. coming up, we are digging deeper into a lawsuit claiming monster energy drinks can lead to serious health issues. we go straight to an expert to find out if that is really the case. we are known for our sunny beaches and beautiful weather. now you can also add shark attacks to the list. startling statistics about where we rank. if you bring a child in here on one of these machines you'll have to pull them away crying. coming up on the road and museum merging with the past. those stories and more coming up next on 10 news at 5:30 p.m.
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new video of a scary situation i will send a chill down your spine. an indian soldier was rescued after spending almost a week trapped under this block of ice. you can see crews digging him out. an avalanche not the ice and snow on his army post in the himalaya should -- himalayas rid nine of his fellow soldiers were killed. rescue crews spent six days looking for any survivors. they found him in an air pocket under 25 feet of 5 feet of
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the soldier is in the hospital in critical condition. the indian army is hoping he can recover. chipotle delayed opening country yesterday, so employees can brush up on food safety. to win back customers the chain offered a free brio if you text the word rain check to the number 888 222, but if you add take a look at this, you, you get the phone number of a lawyer in washington dc. here is sharing his screen grab from his phone showing the dozens and dozens of text messages from people looking for free burritos. chipotle, in response is giving him some gift cards for all of the confusion. all these people who texted him will not be getting their free meals. when he told the magazine text insider there could be a phone number like this in every area
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message for free chipotle. we are getting a closer look at even more damage on board a cruise ship that went
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we are staying on top of three big stories happening right now. voters in new hampshire have about 90 minutes last to get to the polls for the primary race. trump has been leading in the polls on the republican side. and bernie sanders from neighboring vermont is expected
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on the east coast of
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