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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. front runners donald trump and bernie sanders have won new hampshire. vote tallies are still trickling in this morning, but our florida politicians are going to have to dig deep to stay in the race. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is in the newsroom. sarah, marco rubio is sweating this morning after a suprisingly bad 5th place finish. no doubt his performance at saturday's gop debate hurt him...bad. now the question is what can he and will he do next heading into nevada and south carolina.
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pretty confident going into the poll before these votes were tallied. donors rallied around rubio after his third-place victory in the iowa caucuses, we'll have to see if those donors back off after last night's 5th place finish. i'm told it was a really tense environment at a manchester watch party for rubio last night, where supporters stared blankly at the watching their candidate fall in the ranking. here's what i'm working on for 6-- using social media to express their feelings. what they're tweeting out for all of us to see this morning-- allison.... the candidates now have their carolina and nevada. primary in south carolina is saturday, donald trump leads the polls second. is next for democratic that's also on saturday, february 20th. right now, an investigating is underway in what caused an air
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it happened earlier this morning close to the base in two people on and a woman inside the home was hurt. she was taken to the hospital where she is in critical condition. florida is getting fight against zika. are sending 950 kits to help test for the virus. that will give florida more than governor rick scott has also asked the c-d-c for more training for hospital right now.. there are 16 cases confirmed in our including three in hillsborough.. none of them involve pregnant women. getting busted with marijuana may not be a crime soon in citrus county. in a 3 to 2 vote the commission is moving forward with a plan to ease up on the penalty for possession of pot under 20 grams. commissioner scott carnahan wants to give deputies the discretion to fine people busted with a small amount of marijuana instead of a misdemeanor or jail time. he believes it'll pay off for taxpayers, too, saving thousands of dollars in court, prosecution and law enforcement costs.
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drafting the ordinance - and will have a public hearing in the coming months. passengers on an alaska airlines flight are in san diego this morning after diverting in denver. the plane made a short stop in denver tuesday night after a drunk passenger got a little out of control. that passenger was taken off the plane, but was not arrested. if you ever leave your car doors unlocked because you think the area is safe, this story might change your mind. right now, sarasota police are investigating 40 car happened in just 24 hours. they all happened at different parking garages, just minutes away from each other. the bb&t bank on second street, the hollywood 20 movie theater and wells fargo bank on main street. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the hollywood 20 movie theater. emerald...police say most of these burglaries could have been prevented. - yeah, ian. - of all the car burglaries that have happened in
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percent of them who did not do one simple thing, and that's locking their doors. and it's not just happening here in it's happening all area. this video is from you see suspects another one that's unlocked with no problem at all. times, people think what they think is a nice, safe area, they don't need to lock their doors... but that's what criminals are counting on....and that's how those 40 drivers in sarasota became victims. so what if someone gets in your car and it doesn't look like anyone took anything? well, there's a new crime trend happening where thieves are able to steal your car just by taking your owner's manual. i'll explain...coming up at 6. reporting live in sarasota, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp.
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underway after a man was killed during a skydiving jump in arizona. records show he had over 600 jumps logged. the f-a-a is working to see if there was any type of equipment failure. this is the third skydiving death at the arizona facility since december, 31. florida is in the running to become the new home of blue origins rocket production. the company, founded by amazon founder and c-e-o jeff bezos, says it wants to launch an orbital rocket from cape canaveral by 2019. the rocket factory would bring more than 300 high paying jobs to the area and more than 200 million dollars in infrastructure investment. in two days the world famous mavericks surf competition will officially be underway. organizers say the waves have been picking up in half moon bay and are for. they believe el in predicting when to hold the contest.
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all over the world are invited to attend. many of them are currently in another surf contest in hawaii. the tampa bay rays are packed and ready to make the move to charlotte sports park, in charlotte county for spring training. we were there on tuesday when they loaded up supplies, equipment and get this, more than 300 pairs of pants and more than 100 jerseys for the players. pitchers and catchers report on february 20th and the first practice is the 21st. this is a story that's going to put a smile on your face this morning. a jacksonville police officer was on the job when an unexpected visitor shows up in his patrol car. take a look at this picture. he was sitting in his patrol car with the door open when this dog jumped right in a made herself comfortable in the passenger seat. thankfully, her owner was located and was able to get her out...eventually. the jacksonville sheriff's office posted this picture on their facebook
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thousand times. a mother's facebook post shows why you may want think twice the next time you want eat fast food. the shocking amount of time she's had a happy meal...that still has not gone bad. but first, we'll introduce you to this little guy who is getting a lot of attention in australia. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, two broke girls, followed by mike and molly at 8:30. at 9:00, criminal minds. at 10:00, code black. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests ben stiller and presidential candidate senator bernie sanders. a live look this morning from earth-cam dot com in new orleans where the fat tuesday
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the focus of the 2016 presidential
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to south carolina after tuesday night's new hampshire primary. voters handed a victory to donald trump...with ohio governor john kasich finishing in second place. as of right now it looks like ted cruz is in third, jeb bush in fourth, and marco rubio in fifth. on the democratic side, bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton...becoming the first jewish candidate ever to win a presidential primary. with more zika cases popping up in the u-s .. the c-d-c director is expected to speak on capitol hill today. the virus has been confirmed in at least 13 states and washington d-c. with 16 cases confirmed in florida, the c-d-c is sending
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here. governor rick scott has also asked for more training for hospital workers to detect symptoms since most people who contract the virus don't know they have it. after what passengers are calling a nightmare of a trip, a royal caribbean cruise ship will return to its home port in new jersey tonight. the ship was headed to florida over the weekend when it got caught in a powerful storm. royal caribbean maintains the wind speeds the ship endured were higher than what was forecast. this is a facebook post that's going viral. on february 3rd, a chiropractor from alaska posted a photo of a happy meal she says she bought 6 years ago. she even posts the receipt to prove it. take a look. she says she wanted to conduct an experiment and prove to her patients just how bad mcdonald's is for you by showing them it doesn't mold, rot or decompose. she wants people to choose real food
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the food was the smell of cardboard from the box. little guy. this albino turtle from australia has been getting a lot of attention. volunteers from an animal shelter were amazed to find this rare albino green turtle on the beach. they've named in
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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tampa bay times and the ledger broadway will get frozen, but not because of mother nature. latest developments on the new frozen musical in the works. can always take 10 download the 10 it's a fast look at breaking news,
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red lobster sees a boost in sales all thanks to beyonce. the singer's new single "formation," which she released on saturday, mentions the restaurant. red lobster says it saw a 33 percent surge in sales on sunday compared to super bowl sunday red lobster didn't called out the chain in her song until the chain started trending on twitter. thanks to has been receiving a calls. the chain offered a free burrito to anyone who texted to the number 8-8-8- 2-2-2. another two to that cell number of a
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texts demanding a free burrito. to send him some gift cards to make up for the mix up. disney's smash hit, "frozen," will soon take the stage in broadway. disney says the new stage musical based on the blockbuster film is scheduled to begin spring 2018. tryouts are set for summer 2017 at a theater to be announced. we don't know if anyone from the film, including current broadway star idina menzel, will be part of the production. coming up on 10 news this morning.. a scary scene during a high school basketball game in michigan as shots are fired, injuring several people. and a million dollar home destroyed.
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say a popular toy is to blame. we'll be back with another look at minutes.
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