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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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40s and 50s to get the day started. out the door forecast shows 49 now 54 by 10:00 a.m. low clouds around the area but we will clear out and see much more sunshine. not as breezy today. we will talk about that coming up. hotspots at 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning. there is some debris on fire on the pinellas a way. it was first reported as a car on five -- fire. this is near some boulevard it is heading that way so just be careful it is pulled over so you will need to get over to the other lane. let's go live to our sky to network camera on 275 south of hillsboro avenue.
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coming up in less than 10 minutes. donald trump and bernie sanders gearing up to head to south carolina after both winning big in the new hampshire primary. >> votes are still being tallied but candidates are reacting on social media to this first primary. >> we are are seeing a lot of crazy stuff on twitter right now. the biggest thing we are singh's chris christie telling people he is not going to go to south carolina. the other thing we saw was some of the candidates congratulating one another on what was being told as a crazy night and things we saw we did not see coming. like ted ted crews coming in third congratulating donald trump. hillary clinton wishing bernie sanders well. what is next? things could get nasty. expect the gop candidates to
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race to the top. south carolina and nevada are coming up in the next two weeks. most republican candidates plan to fly to south carolina this morning and get ready to get at nauseous. presidential hopefuls and supporters are planning to spend 35 million in south carolina, 7 million in nevada and millions more by the time they get here to florida. >> money starts to dry up when they start to win this contest winner and we will see some of the lower tier candidates probably doctor carson, and others have to really decide whether they want to continue or if it's time to get out. >> coming up, who is expected to drop out of the race and why time is ticking for those gop candidates who are falling behind in the race. plus those ballots already won out here in florida but this could spark a big change in what we are going to see there and complicate things. the candidates of course have their sights set on south carolina and nevada this morning.
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carolina scheduled for saturday ferrari 20th. donald trump leads in polls and ted crews is second. developing out of michigan several people are hurt after a shooting with the deputy at a high school. it happened tuesday night in muskegon. police and deputies were already at a basketball game because they heard a group of people were planning on a fight. they kept them from getting inside one person from the group refuse to deputies order to drop his weapon and turned it toward deputies. city police said the deputy did what he was trained to do. we don't have a lot of details on the shooting that we know several people were sent to the hospital. schools will be closed today as the investigation continues. sarasota police have a crime alert for drivers after criminals broke and 40 cars in
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there aren't no reports, and does not mean it cannot happen in the future. car burglars that happened at people left their car doors unlocked and that is where it gets really scary because police in other areas are saying they are having instances where criminals are owner's manual, and using it to get access anytime they want. police say in areas like redington beach, criminals are going around checking car doors and stealing your owners manual. so what do they want with that ? they want to use it to have a spare spare key made, meaning they can come back and take your car. that is why police say it is so important to lock up, and even if you are in an area you think is safe, you have to lock your doors anyway. all of the burglaries that have happened here and sarasota since the beginning of the year, police say only about 10
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doors. coming up at 6:30 am i will you will need to know to make sure this does not happen to you. crews are investigating a deadly air force plane crash in indonesia. and therefore spokesperson says the plane crashed early this morning. it crashed into a house killing both people on board and hurting a woman inside the home. she was taken to hospital where she is in critical condition. new video to show you out of taiwan where rescuers found dog four days after an at least 44 people were killed in that 6.4 magnitude quake that hit saturday. about 100 people are believed debris. a debris. a majority of the people found alive were rescued within hours of the quake. the number of zika virus cases in the us is on the rise.
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officials confirm 66 cases in americans who've traveled the zika stricken countries. this has countries. this has impacted 17 states including florida and washington dc. the vast majority of zika has spread through a mosquito which is primarily in the southern states. they have not been transmission yet by mosquitoes in the us but the cdc fears it is only a matter of time. >> we do think it is likely that we will have limited local transmission and some of the southern states. in the winter months we have a chance to try to get ahead of this. >> in hard-hit countries like peru, fumigation fumigation efforts are continuing. experts say wearing insect repellent is one way to ward off the cut. china has reported its first case of tran4. they say man who recently traveled to venezuela contracted the virus. the country's family planning commission says they do not expect the virus to spread. in health news a new report hospital. researchers at yale from patient to go to veterans a
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attack, of fill hostels for heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia have lower death rates the compared to patients to go to non-va hospitals. the study also study also found a non- readmission rates were higher at va facilities. the royal caribbean cruise ship them is by a powerful storm will arrive in new jersey later tonight. and some of the seas went to storm with hurricane force winds and 40-foot waves on sunday. that force the captain to ask everyone to go to their cabins until the storm passed early monday. them seriously. is considering legal action against the city of ferguson. after city leaders called for a revision of supposed change. the changes were announced in front of a packed house on tuesday night. before the vote. city leaders are still nervous about the cost of changes which will total near the $4 million. started their investigation after the shooting death of 18
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catholics all over the world and here in the bay area today. officially the start of lent. many folks will go to religious services today and participated 40 day fast the leads up to easter. 27. fight the zika virus. >> with the cdc sending to our scott is asking from hospitals. first, popular gadget you may have around your house causes a million-dollar home to go up in flames. take a look at bourbon morning. making their way around out there. >> mardi gras wrapping things up. stories, weather, and traffic
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we are getting into morning rush hour but still no delays on the sunshine skyway bridge. just be careful he still highway wind advisory. let's look at the howard frankland bridge. 275 coming into cat tampa at kennedy boulevard. since that fourth northbound lane open on tuesday it is been so good here during rush hour. we really haven't seen as many heavy delays. three-day forecast shows the coldest day really being today. today and tonight. not only for the next couple of days but i think for the next almost week. 50s for a high today and down into the 30s and 40s for tonight. but after cold start on your thursday we are back into the mid- 60s for thursday afternoon and how about low 70s for friday. you can see on the national map the cold air 75 across the eastern half of us while it is
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high near record later this afternoon. the presidential candidates are now focusing on south carolina after last night's new voters handed victory to donald trump and bernie sanders. a cruise ship with more than 4500+ centers will arrive today. but was forced to turn around after being caught in a dangerous winter storm. royal caribbean says the wind
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an hour or higher than what was forecast. growing concerns over the it is spread. than a dozen states. we have new video to show out of pacifica california. the ocean off the coast after ways. officials say the man was on the beach with a woman when he was hit by the way. a witness says the man may have gone into the water to get the woman out. she apparently was able to swim back to shore. governor snyder of michigan is expected to issue a budget proposal and ask for $195 million to help with the water crisis and another $65 million to help with infrastructure including water pipes across the state. detailed plans will be announced at a buzz up -- budget presentation. a winter he way setting
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the 80s and 90s on tuesday. the high in downtown los angeles 89 degrees. beating out the whole -- old record in february 9 by 9 degrees. other records were set in places like long beach, santa barbara and los angeles international airport. a hover board is being blamed for a fire that destroyed a million-dollar home in tennessee. the fire happened last month in nashville. investigators two teens who live there hid upstairs after hearing noises on the first floor. they had not realize the hover board they were playing with had caught fire. one of the teens had kicked out of second-story window and jumped into her father's arms. the other was able to climb down a ladder. everyone in the family got out safely. this is one of dozens of fires
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by hover board. let's get back over to road were keeping an eye on the roads force. there was an accident in pinellas county i want to get right to this. this was at you us 19 at tampa road in the southbound direction. you do have at least one lane blocked already starting to see a little bit of a delay of course getting into morning rush hour. it is really not causing too much of a problem yet , but as traffic picks up a will definitely will so i will keep an eye on it. in terms of drivetime in hillsboro county were not too slow just yet. the expressway from 75 to gandy to gandy boulevard so that's west taking you 70 minutes. let's go live to our sky tend network camera across i four right at branch ford road. you can see going east there some headlights those headlights coming into tampa, they are not really too slow
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drivetime for this section long i 4. we can see that from folk polk parkway to 75 is taking 60 minutes. that is only one minute delay. i. a missing a little bit of a delay across for the little bit earlier. but you are still smooth sailing you can see speeds of 70 miles an hour so certainly don't have to worry about anything along i four just yet. 75 drivers in the sarasota you can see from 275 done university parkway is taking you just 13 minutes. all of that construction overnight has wrapped up along 75 at university parkway so all of those lanes are back open. if you have any problems on those roads be sure to work -- e-mail me at road warrior wtsp .com. with cold numbers out there this morning. mainly in the mid-40s for most of the eastern hillsboro, all of polk county, hernando and citrus county. in fact some 30s will pop up in parts of citrus county. 48 in county.
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53 in sarasota. not as windy this morning as it has ben, that is the good news. you can see the winds generally five -10 miles an hour. we've had we've had some 40s on the coast but even those are coming down. the clouds are starting to clear out a little bit so we will start with a few low clouds especially south of i four really sarasota southward and then we will go mostly sunny later this afternoon. a little bit of a breeze up rate and reach you can see it blowing the palms, get it is nothing major out there. busstop forecast definitely bundle the kids up. we are averaging about 500 right now now upper 40s to near 50 but we will top out in the mid- 50s for today. today will be the coldest day of the stretch back. i don't see this cool air in place for the next 10 days. so if you can make it through today and tonight which will be really cold you will be fine coming be loving warmer weather on the way.
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all the clouds are out of here. look at this 1230, 56 degrees northwest winds around 10 miles an hour. a little breezy at times this afternoon we go 10 - 15. they go 57 - 50 degrees for daytime high today. the average high 71 - 72 degrees. we are talking a good 150 below average. you can see the wind does pick up a little bit from what we have out there right now , but not a lot. we will call it breezy today with the sun down at 6:17 p.m. 57 today under police cloudy skies with more sunshine this afternoon. if you go early to the fair bring a jacket because will be chilly. small craft advisory until 4:00 p.m. 5-foot - 8-foot seas. those winds will come down a little bit though good news for the boaters. tomorrow morning morning clear skies, light winds, 42 in tampa freeze watch for hernando and
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temperatures generally in the 30s north of i 4 low to mid 40 south of there. 60s by thursday, 70s on friday, saturday if you have weekend plans not yet made go ahead and make them. i don't think we will see any rain and we will generally be mid- to upper 60s. the coldest is today and tonight, and in fact we could be a good 740 monday ahead of the next frontal boundary. that will be the next chance for rain, the best chance of mainly on tuesday. why organizers of the world- famous surf competitions a massive waves are arriving just in time. if you love a good deal for your valentine , we of a list
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spend the holidays. you may not have to go too far. let's go live now to city hall in downtown tampa starting off your wednesday morning. 40 degrees at the bottom of your screen.
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drive times are picking up just a little bit but so far we are not sing a huge delays. if you can get out the door the next 30 minutes it will save you some time. this is what we are looking at on the veterans expressway. 11 minutes from suncoast down the tampa airport. no significant delays past linebaugh oregon highway. if you're coming from wesley county down south from the apex down to i 44 on 275 you're looking at 15 minutes also.
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ready to go and it will still be chilly. you can take the motorcycle to work it won't rain but it will be just a cool day. 57 at four pm, 52 x 6:00 p.m. and the wind picks up a little bit. if you're traveling, we will have some snow showers especially for the great lakes areas. those areas they get the lake effect snow those will get it today. there affect spell those will get it today. there are a few showers moving from delmar ben to new york. it is not terrible and out west travel is actually pretty nice target is offering gender neutral heading for kids in its home to core line. the collection while four seem seem to trees and bicycles in neutral colors. the retailer will remove the boys and girls sign from it toys and betting aisle. a only few days left for valentine's day we have good news, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make a good one. the mac >> san francisco, california top the list , orlando came in fourth, tampa, st. 15. they look at they look at
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of attractions and florist per capita. rounding out the list of 100, cleveland, detroit and hialeah, florida. we will show you the pitcher and tell you what the deputy found in his front seat.
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i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
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it is a chilly one this morning 40s and 50s. only warming up to the mid to upper 50s for today. we'll see more sunshine so grab your sunglasses but certainly be ready for the chilly weather all day today. not as windy out there right now. i will now. i will talk about that coming
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10 minutes. hotspot for just about 6:30 i'm an i've an accident on you us 19 in pinellas county. this is going south that tampa road it's actually starting to eastbound. network camera 275 really getting sick -- thick out there. this is past busch boulevard your drivetime is about two coming up we will take a look frankland bridge and the gandy bridge to see if there are any delays. front runners donald trump and bernie sanders have one new hampshire. front runners donald trump and bernie sanders have one new
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hollenback is in the tend is room this morning. the question now is when do we start received the republican field narrow down ? >> political experts are already saying this is the time we will see those candidates kiss this raise goodbye. chris christie already tweeting out this morning he will no longer travel to south carolina. he has not said if he will drop out of the race. but we know he will not go to try to get more voters to support him. you might be thinking we've only had to contest so far, the caucuses in iowa last night's primary in new hampshire. but here's the thing, money is drying up and that's why local political experts say it is decision time. these candidates either have to decide now that they are going to stick it out or second up and toss in the towel. here's the interesting thing. ballots already one out in pinellas county yesterday. they will go out in hillsboro county on friday. but things are not changing. so if these candidates drop out, that means your mail out, that means your mail in ballots will have candidates that are no longer even in this race.
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center ted news tran1. the candidates now have their sights set on south carolina and nevada. republican primary in south carolina saturday ferrari 20th. the latest poll numbers there show donald trump leaves with ted crews in second. the second. the nevada caucuses next for the democratic candidate -- candidates. an investigation is underway in indonesia find out what caused an air force plane to crash and took home. two people on board were killed, woman inside the home were hurt. she was taken to hospital where she is in critical condition. florida's getting getting some help in the fight against zeke up -- zika. florida will have more than 1400 available kits. gov. scott is also s the cdc for more training for hospital workers. right now there are 16 cases confirmed in our state that includes three in hillsboro. none of them involve pregnant women. hope solo, a a member of
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she may skip the olympic games in rio because of problems involving zika. the us olympic if committee is not advised athletes at this point as to whether they should we consider competing. the women's soccer team started their bid for the summer olympics tonight taking on costa rica. a reminder this morning to lock your car doors. sarasota police are investigating 40 car burglaries that happened in just 24 hours. they happened at the bb&t bank on second street, the street, the hollywood 20 movie theater main street. we are live at the hollywood 20 movie theater. and locking your doors is the best way to protect yourself. but in some cases that still may not be enough. >> unfortunately that is true. these days criminals are getting really creative. some cars actually have owners manuals that have a key touch right into it and that is making it really easy for you
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in this case we also want to remind you that that is why police are begging you also to lock your doors. that way crooks won't be able to get access to your spare key, if there is one in your owners manual. and even if there is not a key insight, sometimes thieves will just take the manual try to contact the manufacturer for a new key, because the manuals often have the vin number and registration papers inside. in sarasota, police say nearly 90 percent of the burglaries they've seen since january have come from people who have not locked their car doors. again again this is a big problem across the entire tampa bay area. we have talked with police in tampa and clearwater who also say this is happening in their area as well. we actually just found out that in clearwater there was a car or someone left a key inside and someone broke in. getting busted with
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crime and citrus county. the commission is moving forward with a plan to ease up on a penalty for possession of pot under $20,000. commissioner scott carnahan wants to give deputies the discretion to find people busted with a small amount of marijuana instead of a misdemeanor or jail time. he believes it will pay off for taxpayers saving thousand dollars in courts, prosecution and law enforcement costs. >> i think i think it is a win- win situation for all agencies involved. >> the county is now drafting the ordinance, it will have a hearing in the next couple of months. an an investigation is underway after a man was killed during a skydiving trump in arizona. records show the man had over 600 jumps log. the faa is the faa is looking to see if there was any equipment failure. this is the third skydiving death at the arizona facility since december 31. passengers. passengers on an alaska airlines flight are in san diego after diverting in denver.
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denver tuesday night after a drunk passenger got a little out of control. the passenger was taken off the plane but not arrested. in today's the world-famous mavericks surf competition will officially be underway. organizers say the waves will be picking up under have been bay. they believe el nio is help them to predict when two hold the contest. >> more storms keep coming and the storms that are out there right now have been very readable. so we have been able to forecast this so that we could call it today's out, three days out actually. >> 24 surfers from all over the world are invited many are in another surf contest in hawaii. a hiker missing for three days in washington state is now recovering in the hospital. 51-year-old brian wallace had been missing since friday when he went for a hike in little rock. he was reported missing when he did not show up for work monday morning. he was found late tuesday night. florida is in the running
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blue orchid rocket production. the company says they want to launch an audible rocket from cape canaveral by 2020 19. it would bring more than 300 high-paying jobs to the area and more than $200 million in infrastructure investment. tampa bay rays are packed up and ready to make the move to charlotte sports park for spring training. we were there on tuesday when they loaded up equipment and more than three pairs of pants, more than 100 jerseys as well for the players. this is a story that will put a smile on your face. >> a jacksonville police officer was on the job when an unexpected visitor showed up in his patrol car. he was sitting in his car when the door opened and the dog jumped in and make yourself comfortable in the passenger seat. her owner was found and able to
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the picture was posted on facebook and shared nearly 9000 times. >> you >> you can see the smile on the officers face. a mcdonald's happy meal six years after she buys it. you are are not going to believe what it looks like. making waves around the world. guy. the roadways at i 275 and kennedy boulevard moving along pretty good so far this morning.
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your bridge update on this wednesday morning.
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looking better read there is no longer a high wind advisory. now we need to worry about the howard tran2, the gandy, and the courtney campbell coming into tampa. so far to 75 n. and kennedy boulevard looking good. the fourth northbound lane is really helping things out and we are still sing a delay, it's just not horrible. this is a look at the gandy bridge east of the bridge in tampa it is still taking just five minutes to cross so no significant delays five minutes to cross so no significant delays just yet. what we are looking at is the launch of a delta 4 rocket out of vandenberg air force base in california. nasa reconnaissance office is doing the seven want to do the secret satellite stuff. allergy forecast, we have it on the high side and that used to be saying this the next couple of months. three-day forecast looks really good out there, we are going to
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for tomorrow, 72 on friday i will have worn details in the full forecast coming up. the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign now shifts to south carolina after tuesday night. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton become the first jewish candidate to ever win a presidential primary. the cdc director is expected to speak on that zika topic on capitol hill. >> it is been confirmed at least 13 states and washington dc was 16 cases confirmed in florida. the cdc is sending hundreds of gov. scott is s for more training for hospital workers to detect symptoms since most people who contract the virus don't even after what passengers are
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the royal caribbean cruise ship new jersey. to florida over the weekend powerful storm. this is some of the video recorded during that storm on board the royal caribbean ship. they maintain the wind speed that the captain of the ship endured were higher than this is a facebook post going by -- viral this morning. a chiropractor from alaska posted a photo of a happy meal she said she bought six years ago. sheena put the receipt in the photo to prove it. she said she wanted to conduct an experiment and prove to her patients just how bad that food is for you by showing you that it does not mold, rot, or decompose. or decompose. she wants people to choose real food instead of fast food. she said the only smell that was coming from this food was the smell of the cardboard from the box that it came in. i have this post on my facebook page so you can check it out
6:37 am
and sit up close because when you look at it the food looks exactly the same as if you about it six minutes ago. peace with her patients. >> she had she had in her office where she does her she had it in there for six years and wanted to show them what is made of. we have really cool video want you to check out this morning. look at this little guy. this is an albino turtle from australia are getting lots of attention. the volunteers from an animal shelter were amazed to find this rare albino we've turtle on the beach. look how small he is. they have decided after thinking about it they are going to call him healthy. he's pretty cute. we of the photo on facebook if you are shot with friends and family.
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franklin, you are looking so much better. not even in the red. but red. but where we are looking slows on 75 south toward tran3. there's an accident at the interchange. i want to go live to the sky tend network camera. you can see you can see it's pulled over into the right shoulder. but you can see it's partially blocking the right lane. we are really seeing significant delays from this it's not helping with morning rush hours. drivetime is about 21 minutes expressway. you can see northbound still in heavy as well. the rest of our drive times are getting heavy on 275 especially from the apex down to i4 does that usually gets up to 35 hour. the selmon expressway's taking 70 minutes from 75 to gandy you are so there special if you're passing 50th street down
6:39 am
we have a couple of accidents out there this morning one on you us 19 and pinellas county at tampa road. this was blocking the lane going south. he has since moved to the shoulder. so if you are in the green just watch out for some slow traffic of course have to abide by the move over law. tampa. down to 21 miles an hour approaching you us 19. that is probably more of a concern. just make sure you're giving yourself time as you approach that intersection. a little slow him polk parkway near bartow road but i'm also on top of an accident near tipton road of florida avenue. it looks like this does have reports of injuries so you may see ems on scene three definitely ems and it is pulled over into the shoulder at least not blocking any maine lanes. sarasota is manatee county good morning 75 not looking bad just yet. you can see the drivetime is 13 minutes from 275 down university. if you have any problems on those roads be sure to send me an email. i'm your road warrior and i love to hear from you with any
6:40 am
issue you are seeing out there. e-mail me at road warrior wtsp .com. i'm tracking cold air across the area not only this morning but today and tonight. then we will have a little bit of a warm-up. grab grab a jacket this morning, 44 and carol what, riverview at 49, tampa 48, look at the lower 40s for winterhaven and 43 in polk city. a cold start up there it's a little bit warmer sarasota and brayton 53 degrees first thing this morning. we do have some crop clouds and that's one reason why it's a little bit warmer in manatee and sarasota county. these are clearing out, it is rain free for your morning commute. it is actually going to be a little bit more on the sunnyside. grab your sunglasses along with the jacket. not as windy today. a little bit of a breeze a breeze along the coast but gusts at 15 miles an hour brayton.
6:41 am
that in mind. our forecast model for today, mainly quiet i don't expect any rain out there. i do think do think the clouds that are out there now mainly south of i4 will continue to seek southward. and so even by 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. we will see more and more sunshine. 9:00 a.m. 53 degrees, noon 56. 57 degrees, we just don't warm- up much with this cooler wind coming in. and and then for daytime high today even with all that sunshine we will only top out about 57 - 50 degrees. sun is coming up first thing this morning at 7:12 a.m. obviously a little bit light out there. sunsets around 6:17 p.m. the state fair forecast, it is called this morning but let's call it cool or chilly this afternoon around 570. all that sunshine. all that sunshine will feel much better standing out in the sun. today's the chilly this day of the week. tonight the coldest night of
6:42 am
look at the 30s on the map. most of polk county in the 30s. plant city about 300 this this time tomorrow morning. lower 30s for hernando and citrus county. we have a freeze watch for hernando and citrus county. it it will likely go to a warning later today. jim will track that you could tune in at five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. after a cold start tomorrow at our seven-day forecast shows a nice warm up in the afternoon, 65 degrees. look at friday. friday is the best day of the work week. 72 degrees and the weekend still looks nice right now with mid to upper 60s close to 70 degrees. next best chance for rain does not get here until late monday night and into tuesday. i think that rain chance will bump up a little bit for tuesday afternoon. a pretty good-looking forecast
6:43 am
i we are getting another look at the netflix series full or house. >> a new trailer trailer featuring a couple of familiar faces. here's a live look at downtown tampa this morning. this is sacred heart ash wednesday service about to begin. if you're out and about this morning on a run or walk and can take a picture of the sunrise send it our way on instagram, facebook, twitter with the # rise with 10. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger.
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they doing ? >> it is slow and 75 and to 75. and 75 there's an accident near i4. you can see it is pulled into the right shoulder. really just heavy heavy delays going south and 75 and the drivetime is 21 minutes from full or 56 down to the solomon expressway. 275 drivers from hillsboro county be careful. you can see fowler avenue extra slow in the drivetime getting up there 25 minutes. >> if you are headed to ash wednesday services it is going to be chilly upper 40s and mid 40s inland. many areas in the upper 40s to mid 500. we see a lot of sunshine and high temperature around 500. tonight the 50 degrees. tonight the coldest skies and we rebound to the 60s as early as tomorrow. red lobster saw a boost in sales thanks to beyonci. the singer's new single formation which was released on saturday mention the restaurant. red lobster said they saw 33% surge in sales on sunday compared to super bowl sunday last year. red lobster did not realize beyonci called lobster did not
6:46 am
started trending on twitter. thanks to chipotle one lawyer has been receiving lots of text messages. the chain offered a free brio to anyone who text the word rain check to the number 888222. but if you had another 2 you get the cell phone of the washington dc attorney who got dozens of text messages demanding a free burrito. the company says they were sorry and sorry about the mixup they will send some gift cards to make up for it. >> you imagine the first couple text it. >> you imagine the first couple text he got the sent rain check? imagine what was going on. one of tvs classic sitcom families is back. >> we are getting our first look at what the tanner family's up too as the netflix released a trailer for the full house spinoff, fuller house. the olsen twins are not going to be back.
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throughout the show. this siri debuts on streaming service february 26. >> they all look the same. >> they do. it has the house and the original set. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here?
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now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better.
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