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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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passengers at sea along the east coast. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas is docking in new jersey tonight. the ship was caught in a major winter storm over the weekend. four passengers were hurt but not seriously. more than 70 people have been killed in a double suicide attack at a refugee camp in nigeria and 80 others hurt. investigators say investigators say two women were behind the suicide bombings. firefighters are battling a large gas fire in oklahoma this afternoon. the fire is near several highways that appears to be threatening homes in the area. firefighters are working to keep the fire from spreading to nearby trees. democrats in congress say not enough is being done to fix the flip water crisis. that is that is the word in a committee hearing in washington. michigan's governor was invited but did not take part. new information about the dog that was attacked and killed in the care of a kennel and manatee. the pet sitting service in brayton was reportedly
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been ordered to shut down. 10 news -- is digging deeper to find out more. >> this this looks like a typical home. so when you look up peter pan's puppy pet sitting in boarding the address is here. since 2013, pam morgan has been operating at pet sitting business but turns out >> it is ill legal been operating where they should be. >> morgan advertises on the web and accepts payment for pet sitting service. in manatee county that's defined as a camel. >> we do not allow commercial businesses in a residential neighborhood. >> this morning manatee county's code enforcement issued a violation of the land development code. she has until monday to shut down. morgan would not going camera but did invite me to sit down and talk with her. she said she never really she was operating illegally and says to a half years ago she checked with manatee county and was never was never told she needed any special permits or
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suzy demmer on his morgan's neighborhood. >> there is a lot of barking at 5:30 am-6:30 a.m. - 6:30 a.m. >> county officials learned about morgan's business after a woman 6-pound york he was attacked by a 90-pound dog. kayla died from her injuries. morgan says it was a terrible terrible accident, and i am devastated. in florida there is no state law or agency regulating kennels or pet sitting services. it is left up to cities and counties. >> we have a large number of legitimate businesses like this in manatee county that are following the rules. those are the people that we want you to recognize. >> the manatee county sheriff's office is investigating the dog attack. but up this time no criminal charges are pending. we want to reiterate what
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choosing a kennel. veterinarian aaron capital from the brand veterinary clinic says besides checking off the basics like making sure his clean and staff is attentive. ask this question, how do you handle animals that are stressed, being aggressive, or not sociable ? you want the staff to tell you they're paying attention to the body language of animals. and if small and large dogs are mixed, campbell says they should always be supervised. take a look at always be supervised. take a look at those tips again they are on our way website in the tv section a wtsp .com. if your car was ransacked in the last two days, sarasota police want to talk to you. they have made for arrests including three teenagers. police say the teens were car hopping. they go from car to car pulling on handles just to see which ones were left open. they targeted three downtown parking grudge is hollywood 20, wells fargo bank and bb&t.
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year were left unlocked. it is a crime of opportunity that detectives say can be prevented. d. >> they are looking for vehicles left unlocked and that includes at your house. lock up your car, lock up your home do not make it easy for the criminals. >> police believe some victims may not even realize someone broke into their car. so if you were parked in any of those grudges take a look and see if anything is missing. . the birth of a child should be a joyous occasion. but it turned into a nightmare for two proud parents. they learned doctors performed the wrong surgery on their healthy newborn. >> essentially they took our child, who was 100% healthy, nursing well with no issues at all and took him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. >> not long after she gave birth, that woman brought her baby in for what she thought
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and said the surgery went well. the mom s, what surgery was to mark it turns out the doctors performed a procedure where a peace of skin is cut from under the child's tongue. it was a surgery meant for another baby. >> we don't know if the child is going to have speech problems or eating problems. the concern here is this was a healthy baby that was supposed to leave the hospital healthy and instead was harmed by the hospital. >> the doctor who performed the procedure admitted to the mistake, and apologized. the next and apologized. the next time you flight to atlanta you may notice something new in the terminal, a private place for moms to breast-feed or pump breastmilk. >> i want to be able to have a place that is quiet and i can come and put my feet up in here so it is relaxing, it is comfortable. it is definitely comfortable. >> there. >> there are for lactation stations at hartsfield jacksonville international
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travelers say the big improvement from the public restrooms which was what nursing moms had before this. a social media campaign drove the message home. >> we've been listing to our customers over the years and there has been a real demand for it. >> the airport will soon add signs and study where the stations are needed the most to give nursing moms more options. >> it was a big win for bernie sanders campaign yesterday in the state of new hampshire. but can sanders keep that momentum going as the campaign moves on to other states ? especially as the democratic senator embraces the term, democratic socialist. 10 news this morning anchor teams up with pundit facts to check a claim that more americans would elect an atheist than a socialist. >> bernie sanders win in new hampshire was expected. but a lot of democratic insiders think his democratic socialist label will hurt at future polls per jennifer granholm is the former gov.
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on a recent episode of abc's this week she said the word socialist is really hard for voters. >> when you look at that word socialist, the gallup poll did an analysis of what are the characteristics that people would vote for in a president ? when they get to the question whether you would vote for an atheist excuse me a socialist? it is even less popular than voting for an atheist. >> so let me take that that's why it's an issue. >> pundit facts found the gallup poll she mentioned was done last year and found 47 percent of people would vote for a socialist candidate nominated by their own party. 50 % would tolerate an atheist.t. >> republicans were much less likely to nominate a socialist a twentysomething%, was very low. democrats, it was still lower than nominating atheist, but there they are more open to nominating because socialism is more affiliated to believe. >> she had it right when they say the idea of voting for
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voting for an atheist so pundit facts rates are claim true. so why sanders doing so well ? he calls himself a democratic socialist not a socialist in the old soviet union cents. learn more about the distinction a wtsp .com. now that we have clear skies and lighter winds in the forecast, and that means a cold night on tap for us with the breeze warning. we have freeze warnings in effect for part of the area. most of the area under a frost advisory. we'll talk about how cold it gets in your area when we can expect the warm-up. here is a look at the sky tend network traffic camera this evening for your commute the howard frankland there and you can see business as usual, backed up.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
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and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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now time for stories making headlines from the state, nation and world in today's 62nd scan. a manhunt is underway in los angeles after a one-year- old girl was shot and killed in her crib. detectives are searching for two men who shot at the house. officers believe the shooting was gang-related. pentagon officials believe a north korean satellite is out of control and likely useless. is out of control and likely useless. north korea launched a rocket carrying the satellite over the weekend. some thought it was a ruse for
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and no more people are falling behind up paying the bill. that's according to a new report from experian automotive. inexperienced director says the uptake is natural due to more borrowing. if you have logged onto twitter lately you may have noticed tweets are out of order. the social media site rolled out an algorithmic midi generated timeline for the tweet you would most want to see appear at the top instead of in chronological order. it is an expansion of the, while, while you are away feature start of the year ago. a shakeup in the banking industry. listen to this. a third of the millennial generation is doing away with traditional checking and savings accounts. that is more than 27 million young people who are not taking like there parents. more than half of all millennial's do's do not have a credit card either.
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the 2016 olympic games just athletes from around the globe have worked their whole lives some in this competition. for inspiration. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road in clearwater with two sons trying to chase down dad. >> sailors from all over the world are here clearwater beach including two young guys who >> he's my teammates were actually her teammates. >> you get more nervous before race of your owner before >> this week in argentinian iago and clouse money will fly their flags with the rest of the world on the rough waters passed peer 60 trying to win the approval of dad. >> they are doing very very well. it's a very big achievement for
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the boys will represent argentina in their 40 niner sailboat at the 2016 games in august, alongside dad. dad. santiago sale two bronze medals in 2004 and 2008. and now his boys are looking for metals of the road. -- of their own. if they win, they will will do it together. something that would make dad very proud. >> now is a good time to share
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>> on the road at pierce 6010 news wtsp. >> the family made his olympic debut in 1960. >> if you if you want to see the action both will compete just beyond peer 60 through sunday. a push to make a big event even bigger see how st. pete is pushing to make this year's grand prix a major pull four locals and tourists alike. a teenager arrested after having a fully loaded gun on the school bus. how he was caught may surprise you. at the school is doing now to make sure your child is safe. it is ash wednesday, the start of lent.
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to give up? the massive volcano is now spewing lava, ash and >> this crazy irruption about 30 miles away from water mollis city luckily no one is near the lava flow but there are mounting concerns the this past may waking make its way to the country's capital. unless the wind changes residents may be forced to evacuate to avoid breathing in the harmful ash. it's not we are looking at, we are looking near ojai where we are seeing whiteout conditions through parts of the day. we've seen that in several locations especially appear in the mountain ski resorts you expect to get a little more snow there you can see how the visibility is dropping at times. that was all associated with a system that continues to bring snow to parts of the great lake regions and one big batch moving into st. louis and
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northwestern georgia. cold air is settling in, and for some of us we may get close to that point where will be cold enough to snow but we will be devoid of all that moisture. that is not something we will be tracking, but we will be looking at cold temperatures for tonight. 53 in tampa, already down to 49 in largo in and tarpon springs. those numbers are starting to fall by the time we get to tomorrow morning we will break down these numbers. 45 in seminal, pinellas will be all that cold but four areas east of i 75 we will see some mid to upper 30s. 36 and brenda, 36 and lutes and as we go into citrus and hernando county that is where we have the near freezing temperatures and a freeze warning in effect for tonight. 45 in brayton. we look at some pockets east of i 75. that is where we have frost advisories in effect where we will see some mid 30s and may develop some frost inspection some of the more rural areas that tend to cool down a little more.
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until nine am with a freeze warning for citrus and hernando. also until nine pm not included of manatee and sarasota hillsboro county as well. everyone else hillsboro county as well. everyone else look out for some very cold temperatures and we won't be shy of that really anywhere across the board. every go, tomorrow morning there are those upper 30s even in and around the bay area. our winds die down substantially overnight. in fact, nearly calm getting out the door tomorrow. you won't have that huge headwind in your face for the morning run, but heads up you will need layers because it will be really really chilly out there through about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow after which we will start warming up. him side by a lunch tower flooding by 600 we do we recovered nicely and those temperatures keep getting warmer as we head into friday and the weekend looking nice as well. the the other thing we are missing from the forecast, rain chances.
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potential round of rain so both saturday and sunday which happens to be valentine's day. as we look out into late monday and early tuesday that's when we will be tracking our next round of showers. but valentine's day itself is looking good. let's break down the timing. chilly in the morning and by the time you had to dinner temperatures drop back into the 50s. imagine your child getting to travel to places like antarctica, or el capitan.
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it is allowing kids to explore places around the world they may never see on their own two feet. >> it is a group of pilot projects called google expedition. we go along for a virtual field trip to see how it all works. >> i haven't actually traveled out of the us in my life and i think it is so cool to be able to see all these other places. >> through cardboard viewfinder students look on as teachers take them through several destinations and teach them about the area. >> right now there's a ship with a scuba diver going down. >> the student took a trip underwater he's in this type of learning as much better than education through textbook rid >> we are learning about organisms and different things in life. it's very nice to look around and actually see them on another level.
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to travel from the different -- deepest parts of the ocean to historically relevant places in american history so they're all different places they get to visitors >> becky lyons sixth and seventh grade social studies classes took a trip to greece >> we >> we study ancient greece and study middle-age aztecs. >> this is really a fantastic getting on plane. evolve this is becoming latest virtual change to hit the classroom. >> to be this young and see all these amazing things that are not a lot of people get to experience, it's a nice privilege. >> google is testing out the products with plans of possibly launching it in schools worldwide. polk county's chief
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sign up for google expedition.
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and in the top stories tonight, a scary moment for some bay area teenagers after a student was arrested having a loaded gun on the school bus. the 18 -year-old was caught because another student was not afraid to speak up. the bus was heading to brand an alternative school this morning when deputies pulled it over at highway 92 east of highway 579. 10 news reporter, jennifer titus is getting answers old -year-old with a criminal the first place. >> police say the student first this intersection and decided
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they saw. that relative contact the
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