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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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welcome to 10 news we have a cold start. i'll talk about that and take a look at your extended forecast minutes. hot spots at 6:00 on your thursday morning. there is an accident in hit-and-run. this is on clearwater largo road at wyatt street. i'm on top of an accident in hillsborough county in tampa. this is on waters avenue at armenia avenue. this looks like it is on the shoulder. i'm here to help you get to work on time. coming up in ten minutes i'll a drive times and a look at the bay area bridges.
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welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >>i'm ian reitz. this morning concerned over the zica virus starting to have a big impant on vacations. according to aaa all of the publicity about zica is making people consider trips. that's pushing vacation prices lower. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is joining us live at tampa international airport. you can get good discounts if you are really looking for them. >> reporter: aaa experts says it has been a long time deals have been this good. that could be a reason to pack up your things and look for a deal on a nice vacation if you are not worried about the zica virus. some of the places with the biggest discounts are the caribbean, south america and europe. some of those places are having a serious issue with the zica virus spreading. booking a trip to canada, australia and new zealand could
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places. what i'm working on next s all of these things mean good vacation places you can go and travel and have a good time. florida? i'm working on how this could be a bad thing even though all of the prices are good. live at tampa international airport isabel mascareas 10 news. royal caribbean sailed right into a dangerous storm. the luxury cruiser returned to the home port in new jersey last night. they were happy to be there. they were caught in a severe storm in the atlantic. >> i'm not going to hold it against them. i'm never going to cruise again. >> we can not ask guests who come to us for a dream vacation to experience those types of things.
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after more than a month a after more than a month a standoff at a federal wildlife over. four occupiers are promising to surrender in a few hours. the fbi has the wildlife refuge surrounded. father of the leader of the occupiers has been arrested. are you sick of driving over potholes and roads crumbling under your tires? hillsborough county commissioners say the problems will only get worse unless developers cough up millions of dollars. county leaders could soon force developers to pay money to fix the roads we all rely on. >> reporter: it is all because for years county leaders were given tax breaks and not charging iming pact fees for businesses like this or seven story apartment towers like
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the idea was to spur development. now we are all paying for it. potholes, puddles, we have all driven over there and we know how frustrating it is to get a flat tire after cruising down a street that looks like this. the county is short $750 million to fix roads in this condition and it will only get worse has more people move into hillsborough county. >> we have infrastructure that's crumbling before our very eyes. people are getting flat tires. alignments are off on the cars. we need to find a solution in getting these roads up to speed. >> reporter: here's the thing. these mobility fees could cost developers four to ten times more than they are paying now to put the developments in place. there is a good chance that will be passed on to you. i'll explain why coming up at 6:30. i'm working on those details right now.
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we have a crime alert we want to pass along on this thursday morning. tampa police warning there have been a number of car burglaries in the city. even though they made several arrests they need your help. you have to lock up your car so thieves have a smaller chance of getting inside. in sarasota thieves hit 40 cars in 24-hours. flags across maryland will be flown at half staff today after two deputies were killed in a line of duty by a man wanted in florida. this started at a packed panera restaurant at noon on wednesday. the gunman opened fire shooting a deputy in the head and another deputy outside. the suspect was 67-year-old david evans. he was also killed in the shootout. law enforcement believed he was targeting the deputies. >> the suspect took that action because he was wearing a police uniform.
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in florida. he assaulted an officer in this state. there are tougher sanctions against north korea. the country violated international law over the testing on nuclear weapons and missile technology. a bill passed on wednesday will limit north korea's ability to test the bombs. hackers use stolen personal data in a cyber attack on the irs website. about 464,000 social security numbers were used outside of the irs to create fake log ins. thiefs were trying to generate pin numbers to use to file fraudulent tax returns. no personal tax payer data was compromised. major backlash from states along the gulf of mexico. this comes after the white house proposed to take money
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in the budget $375 million in shared revenue from offshore drilling will be taken from louisiana, texas, mississippi and alabama. the white house wants those funds to help alaska as they deal with rising sea levels. organizers of the famous iditarod in alaska say there might not be enough snow to hold the event this year. anchorage typically has six feet of snow this time of year. now they have only two feet. as the cold temperatures continue clearwater marine aquarium need your help this morning. they are take in dozens of sea turtles stunned by the cold. that's been over 140. most require critical care and treatment. with the turtles arriving every day more supplies are needed. you can donate to the aquarium. we have all the information on how to do that at today a st. pete mother and daughter will have a new place
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>> rays teamed up with habitat for humanity to build the house took 180 employees five weeks to finish the project. >> that is so great. it is so wonderful when they get the keys. >> it will be their home. it is awesome. a launch at cape canaveral has been delayed all over fold. >> we'll take a closer look at where the mold was found and what nasa is doing to make it it doesn't happen again. $15 may seem like a lot for a couple of coffee. one shop says what they serve is so hot they are selling out of this stuff. let's take you live to washington, d.c. it is a very cold start in our nation's capitol. you'll want a coat as you head out the door this morning. 44 degrees. bobby deskins has a check of
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across the courtney campbell causeway there is a broken down car going east near the mid span. looks like it blocking a lane. the rest of the bridges are quiet. howard frankland bridge and gandy bridge into tampa not seeing any delays. live look at the sunshine skyway bridge. drive time is 17 minutes between pinellas park and i-75 in manatee county. bobby? >> 6:12. light winds on the bridges this morning. it is just cold. we have 30s and 40s this morning. a nice warm up finally gets started this afternoon. we'll go to 66. look at friday. i'm telling you that's a sick day. let the boss know today you are not feeling well. tomorrow is beautiful. 68 degrees on saturday. even sunday looks nice for valentine's day. don't forget to get the cards, guys. cold air is in place now.
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it is shifting eastward. while we will see cooler air coming our way, it is not as cold as we have now. details are coming up in my seven-day forecast in ten minutes. it is thursday february 11th. this is your eye opener. a look at the day's top stories at 6:00. >> i can see the water coming up to our porch. after a nightmare at sea passengers of the anthem of the sea cruise ship are back on solid ground. royal caribbean plans to strengthen the company's storm policy. >> he asked how was your day? who maryland deputies were killed in a shooting at a panera bread in baltimore. the suspect was also killed. a month-long standoff at a oregon wildlife refuge could be ending in a few hours. final four armed activists will turn themselves in later this morning.
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the zica virus is impacting tourism. aaa says travel agents are pushing back vacation dates because of concerns over the virus. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. a california is sheriff's deputy and a pilot are dead after their small plane crashed. this happened wednesday. investigators have been looking into what went wrong on the plane. it burst into flames after it hit a mountain. the train was part of an operation to track down a suspect. today the senate will vote in favor of a compromise to keep state and local governments from taxing internet access. under the bill the 7 states that impose internet taxes will have to phase out the fees by the summer of 2020. how much would you pay for your favorite cup of coffee? there is a coffee shop in
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small cup of sofia coffee. they keep running out. they can not keep it stocked. it comes from a bean farm in panama. it is a smooth coffee with orange flavoring. some say $15 is way too much. >> if it is that good they can not keep it in stock. >> try it one time. and you don't have to go back and spend the money again. a virginia family is safe this morning after a fire destroyed their log cabin. this video is incredible. officials say the fire broke out wednesday evening. at one point this fire was so large you could see it from several miles away. the roof collapsed a few hours after this started. firefighters just decided the safest thing was to let it burn out. investigators are working to figure out what caused it. several people are hurt after dozens of accidents traveling i-90 in ohio. look at this mess. snow and ice covered the road on wednesday causing trucks and cars to collide.
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crews worked to clean up overnight. police tried to divert the traffic. many drivers just sat in traffic until the lane reopened. stuck. you cannot even turn around. >> they got a lot of snow up there. we are moving into a busy time on our road ways. >> we have a broken down car on the courtney campbell causeway. this is going eastbound near the mid span. it may be blocking a lane. this is just reported. i'm trying to get the details. so far your drive time is ten minutes from mcmullen booth road to the courtney campbell causeway. no delays yet. i'm watching this for you. where we are seeing a delay on our interstates is live from our sky 10 network camera on i- 275 in hillsborough county. at fowler avenue travel is picking up in the southbound direction. you are a minute delayed from
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definitely give yourself some time in the next 15 minutes. majors will really get busy. we are getting into the peek of morning rush hour now. i want to take you to manatee county north of palmetto. there is an accident on u.s. 41 at u.s. 19. it is where 19 and u.s. 41 connect there. u.s. 41 split. it looks like it may be blocking a lane. i'm seeing good conditions so it is not really causing a slowdown if you are heading that way. veterans expressway drivers your drive time is 11 minutes from sun coast to the tampa international airport. speeds 58 miles per hour. a slight delay on hillsborough avenue. other than that nothing to worry about. polk county also looking very clear this morning. this morning polk parkway still smooth sailing. i-4 into tampa from polk parkway to i-75 is 15 minutes. east and west your drive time
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if you have any problems on the roadways send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. e-mail what you are seeing at frost advisories for just about everyone. freeze warnings for hillsborough county and citrus county. all of these in effect until 9:00 a.m. coldest temperatures between 6:45 and 7:45 this morning. notice pinellas, the western parts of hillsborough and manatee and sarasota county basically west of i-75. those areas are not in the frost advisory. it will be warmer. we have 32 in brooksville. 42 dade city. that's a warmer number. i have seen it colder than that. river view 34 degrees. crystal river not reporting. robert tweeted me. he has 28 degrees in crystal river. you can tweet me your temperatures and frost pictures on my facebook page at bobby deskins weather.
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look at the 40s in pinellas and hillsborough county. 45 odessa. there are some spots that are 39 to 40 degrees there. 39 land o'lakes. zephyrhills 31. clear skies. light winds. these a recipe for radiational cooling. that is what is going on out there. tampa bay downs we are starting to see the light coming up. twilight getting started first thing this morning. our forecast model is very, very quiet for today. it is a really cold start. grab your jackets. 30s and 40s. but we'll go to the mid 60s for highs today. in fact, close to lunchtime today, we'll be almost 60 degrees. we have not seen that number in a few days. it will feel nice to get it back in the mid 60s.
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they'll turn southeast to southwest this afternoon. 66 degrees for a daytime high. mid 60s for this afternoon. and a light southwesterly wind. boating is getting better. northeast winds turn southwest around 5 to 10 knots. two to four foot seas. that's a result of swells that's left over. we have a rip current risk. if you are on the bay it is a light chop. water temperature 55 degrees. look at the warm up in the western panhandle. that's headed our way. by tonight we will not be as cold. this time tomorrow morning we'll be in the upper 40s to low 50s. we should not have any frost or freeze warnings or watches. 72 on friday. 68 on saturday. see the weak front come through on saturday. nothing big. it will cool us off saturday night into sunday morning in the low 40s. back to the mid to upper 60s on sunday. between now and the end of the weekend a great looking stretch of weather. we'll warm up. the next chance for rain gets
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little earlier now. it will be monday afternoon into tuesday morning. then there will be a good cool down into thursday next week. i don't see cold air like what we have right now over the next ten days. you can catch our forecast on the radio. broken heart can be a tough thing to go through. >> doctors are saying it is a real condition. who feels the effects the most coming up at 6:37. a fast food chain known for burgers is adding hot dogs to the menu.
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let's get a check of drive times. >> drive times are slow in southern hillsborough county. through gibsonton and river view if you are traveling i-75 from i-275 to the selmon expressway it is taking you 24 minutes. drive time for you on the veterans expressway getting slow going north past hillsborough avenue. it is a minute delay going north there. coming home this afternoon a lot of sunshine out there. much warmer temperatures. it will be a beautiful day outside. 65 at 4:00. 59 by 6:00. traveling around the area today northeast still has a few snow flakes flying. that's an understatement for the lake-effect areas measuring it in feet. otherwise travel weather is fairly quiet from the east coast to the west coast. in health news this morning we all know being a couch
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it may also lead to smaller brains later in life. more than 1500 people were given treadmill tests to figure out their heart rate. people whose heart rate went up after exercise were likely to develop accelerated brain aging. burger king will be selling hot dogs at the u.s. locations later this month. there will be the classic and chile cheese dog. burger partnered with oscar meyer on this venture. dairy queen and sonic have them. >> i love hot dogs. more than hamburgers. >> hot dogs and burgers go together. get ready to pay more at one orlando theme park. >> we'll tell you where tip prices are going up. hop online if you are on facebook. join us on the live stream. we are streaming until 7:00 a.m.
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that $15 cup of coffee story has people talking. search for allison kropff and ian reitz on facebook. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ...
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steak 'n shake,
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hot spots at 6:30 in land o'lakes. there is an accident reported on land o'lakes boulevard at hail road. this has reports of injuries as well as lanes blocked at this intersection. sky 10 is on the way there to give us a live look. taking a live look from sky 10 at dale mabry highway at busch boulevard. traffic is picking up south on dale mabry. coming up in ten minutes i'll get you out the door on time with the drive times as well as a look at our bridges.
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i'm allison kropff. >>i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us. happening today hillsborough county leaders will work to find a way to fix a big problem. the roads you drive on every day to work may be crumbling and the county needs to fix them. they are short millions of dollars. >> we are live in downtown tampa. the idea is to charge developers more. you are digging deeper to find out if those costs will be passed on to all of us >> reporter: yeah, chances are they will be. take for example this seven- story apartment tower they are building now in downtown tampa. developer will pay the mobility fees when they build it. a few months later when you building here, you would end up paying off the fees. same goes if you buy a house or a condo or even if you shop at county. there are new developments tampa. a few blocks away from where we
6:27 am
ground today on this 23 story tower on franklin street. new buildings bring more traffic. county leaders hope the new fees will help them recoop $750 million they are short on fixing roads you rely on. commissioners will talk about these new fees at 2:00 p.m. here's the worse news. the other thing they are considering is a sales tax hike to pay for some improvements on our roads. either way it will end up costing you. zica virus is once again top of mind here in florida. today national health officials will help florida find the best way to hand the virus. cdc is holding a conference to share ways with doctors and hospital workers to keep the virus from spreading. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is joining us live at tampa international airport this morning. there have not been any case where is the virus was transmitted here. airports are still a risk. >> reporter: that's right. the big concern is for people
6:28 am
where the virus is spreading. that's why having this so important. governor scott says that today they will be talking specifically with doctors who work with pregnant women. helping them understand what to look for in terms of symptoms and what precautions to take. aaa says all of these concerns about the zica virus pushed travel prices really low especially to countries where the virus is spreading like the caribbean and south america. travel officials here are putting out information about zica in florida to calm fears about the virus since tourism is so important to our area. the conference call is happening this afternoon. of course, we'll keep you updated on what is said and we'll be sure to pass along the most important information. live at tampa international airport emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. developing out of oregon this morning.
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a national wildlife refuge are promising to surrender. overnight the fbi has been negotiating a end on the the standoff that started a few weeks ago. bundy was taken into custody wednesday night after he flew into portland international airport. 10 news uncovers the 9-1-1 calls costing you, the tax payers. there are ten state funded facilities in the bay area privately run by the company g 4s. problems. hillsborough county sheriff's office records show from 2012 made. 70% of the cries for help were founded reports of child abuse, assault and sexual battery. tampa police handled another 71 calls at st. peter's academy. lawmakers insist improvements have have been made.
6:30 am
>> we have to ensure that our juveniles within this detention center are safe and getting the quality programs they need. >> department of juvenile justice says offenders have limited access to the hotline and want workers to be cautious. pinellas park police found a severely neglected dog outside an auto body shop. the dog is severely malnourished and has a bad skin condition due to the neglect. adam clark who fixes things decided to take the animal to his vet. >> he is the biggest animal lover you'll ever meet. she told me she don't care that i never buy another birthday present again as long as i spend what i have to to get
6:31 am
we are staying on top of the race for the white house this morning. a field of gop canidates is a bit smaller today. new jersey governor chris christie and carly fiorina dropped out after the finishes in the new hampshire premayor. remaining canidates shifted their focus to south carolina. 20th. on the democratic side of things, the caucus is also february 20th. hillary clinton hoping to get back on track after finishing second to bernie sanders in new hampshire. two face off in their sixth democratic debate tonight in miwaukee. kentucky clerk kim davis has job security this morning. senate committee voted to protect davis and other clerks from having to put their names on marriage licenses of same- sex couples. some are opposed to the idea because it is treating gay and lesbian companies differently.
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will flip the switch on a large scale solar power project. not only will it provide solar energy to 50 homes. it provides shade for parking customers. that event is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. an investigation is underway this morning in nasa. space agency is trying to figure out the source of contaminated cargo bags from the international space station. this investigation delayed the next launch from cape canaveral during an inspection, nasa decided to disinfect every bag. you probably heard it in the movies, a person becoming heart. it is usually not as serious as that but doctors say broken heart syndrome is real.
6:33 am
as a result it will look like a heart attack. for unknown reasons the condition affects women more than men. >> it is four to five to one. it occurs more commonly in women. perhaps it is because women experiences emotions more than men in our society. >> doctors note it is important to never assume that any chest pain or pressure is not a heart attack. you should always call 9-1-1 first if you have any symptoms. look at this. british experts say new guidelines that recommend no more than five pints of beer a week may not decrease alcohol consumption but could change social attitudes about drinking. it will cost you a little more to visit universal studios orlando. >> prices are gone up for the theme park by $3.
6:34 am
the annual pass will stay the same. universal studios says we set our prices to reflect the value of the experience we provedore guests. more than 100 years after the titanic sank a replica will set sail. remember this guy here? the sea lion pup found inside a california restaurant? coming up at 6:45 we have great news to share with you on her recovery. a live look at the roads. this is i-275 and fowler avenue. road warrior hilary zalla is up next with another check of
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there is a broken car on the courtney campbell causeway. drive time is ten minutes from mcmullen booth road to tampa expressway. traffic is still moving. your drive time across the bridge is a minute delayed at six minutes. bobby? >> pollen counts going to stay on the high side. juniper, maple and oak. if you have those trees around your house you have seen the buds popping out. it is that time of year. high today 8.9. 9.0 tomorrow. saturday it creeps up. if you are an allergy sufferer that's why you are starting to feel it. weekend forecast looks fantastic. 72 tomorrow. 68 on saturday with a weak front coming through. no rain. mid to upper 60s for valentine's day. more details in my seven-day forecast in less than ten minutes.
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virus growing aaa says you need to be informed if you are planning a trip this year. >> zica virus confirms are pushing prices lower. the cdc says they are seeing an change their plans. people in hartford county, maryland are mourning the death of two police officers. >> the two were responding to a call about an angry man at panera. evans targeted the deputies. evans had a warrant in florida for assaulting an officer. royal caribbean has a plan to strengthen the company's storm avoidance policies after a cruise ship sailed in the path of a dangerous storm. >> passengers cheered wednesday night as the ship returned to the home port in new jersey. a lot of excited folks were getting off of the ship. it was on its way to florida when it was battered by massive
6:37 am
one woman said she was stuck in her room 17 hours during that storm. she said it was a roller coaster and you could not get off. the cruise they wanted. cruise story. titanic ii is set to launch in two years. replica of the unsinkable ship is under construction. it will set out on a maiden voyage planned for 2018. it will sail from china to dubai. it will carry enough lifeboats for every passenger and the hull will be welded and not rivetted. australian tycoon and politician is behind this.
6:38 am
sank on april 15, 1912. a lot of people are interested in getting on this cruise ship and plan to pay a lot of money. i have the story on my facebook page. remember this guy here. the little sea lion from last week. she made her way into a california restaurant. she was suffering an eye injury. experts at sea world rescued her and have been taking good care of her. >> she has gained four pounds and is well nourished after receiving fluids and oral nutrition. >> sea world says it is optimistic this pup will make a full recovery and be returned to the ocean. let's get back over to road warrior hilary zalla. couple hot spots this morning. >> we had a big accident in land o'lakes on land o'lakes south. i want to take you live to our sky 10 network camera. delays. point. this is southbound land o'lakes or u.s. 41.
6:39 am
blocking all lanes but one. only that right lane is squeezing by. there is a road called fool road that winds around land o'lakes boulevard. that could be a good detour heading south and then get on after the crash or you may want to consider taking sun coast parkway south. let's look at our majors in hillsborough county. we are getting slow out there. no surprise. i-275 south from the apex to i- 4 down to 35 miles per hour at fowler avenue and fletcher. in plant city i'm on top of a broken down car on westbound alexander street near james redman parkway. this is causing a delay because it is blocking a lane at that intersection. give yourself some time there. polk county on polk parkway there is a car fire heading westbound at u.s. 98.
6:40 am
any delays yet. it is blocking a lane. watch out for that. sarasota county no accidents reported. no significant delays on i-75. if you have any problems on the roads. send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. i look at traffic safety issues. if you are seeing anything e- mail me at bobby? >> we are now entering that hour where we'll see the coldest temperatures of the day. freeze warnings in hernando county and citrus county and warnings for eastern pasco. frost advisories for just about everybody east of i-75 including parts of northern hillsborough and western pasco county. that's all until 9:00 a.m. here's the reason why. our temperatures. you have 36 degrees in lakeland. that is not freezing. that was taken at six foot high. when you get calm conditions the colder air is heavier and denser and sinks to the ground.
6:41 am
ground than it is on the ground. that's why when you look at some of these numbers and you say it is 36 and you have frost you could have 32 degrees at the surface. it is not an issue in most areas around the bay. 46 safety harbor. davis island is 46 degrees. ben in thonotosassa look at the frost he has. he is recording 26 degrees. if you have frost pictures bobby deskins weather on facebook. clear skies. light winds. that's one of the reasons why we are so cold this morning. performing arts hall shows it quiet on the water. trying to get frost on the grass at wesley chapel. no visibility issues. forecast model. i put cloud and rain and the wind direction arrows. they are all there along with
6:42 am
direction forecast through this morning. there is not much to show you. it is a quiet day. mostly sunny skies. temperatures getting to near 60 degrees by lunchtime today. we barely made the low 60s the past couple days. today i think we are in the mid 60s. we should warm up nicely after this cold start. temperature wise again i think it is the biggest jump that we'll see. we'll go about three degrees per hour warming all the way through 65 degrees. high. west. or less. great day. another great one for state fair. 64 degrees under mostly sunny skies. basically dry. tomorrow is the best day. 72 and sunny. just a few clouds. you can see the quick front come through on saturday morning.
6:43 am
upper 60s on saturday. cool start sunday morning. low to mid 40s. back up to mid to upper 60s sunday afternoon. dry forecast today all the way through sunday. monday does have a chance for rain. now the model is trying to push the timing up to monday afternoon into the evening hours and early tuesday before things clear out. not too cool behind it. it will cool down a little bit. thursday could be chillier. we'll wait until it gets more focused to forecast that. let's look at your newspapers. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger. if you are up early this morning drinking coffee going through the paper you can head back to the weather section and find the 10 weather forecast there. two most famous male models are returning to the big screen this weekend. they are celebrity friends are joining them on the cat walk. >> we'll tell you who is joining zoo lander in the
6:44 am
welcome back. we are busy out there. through the 5:00 a.m. hour it is quiet and in the green. look at our drive times now. slowest spot is between fowler avenue and fletcher. it is 24 minutes to the selmon expressway. bobby? >> upper 30s to low 40s. it is cold. bundle the kids up at the bus stop. mid 60s this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. travel weather remains the same. cool with snow showers across the northeast and warm. almost hot out west. twitter is not gaining as many users as it used to.
6:45 am
for the fourth quarter were not so good. experts say it extends from twitter failing to attract new users. folks have not been able to get the popularity of facebook since people don't understand how they should use twitter. zoolander is returning to the cat walk this weekend. >> the two reunite to save the fashion industry. justin bieber and benedict two of the famous faces starring in the zoolander ii movie. it comes out in theaters tomorrow. >> they had cameos in the first movie years ago. they were hoping to recreate the buzz by putting new famous faces in it. >> they did a whole thing at fashion week. >> that was neat. >> it made a lot of people excited. thank you for joining us this morning. hope you have a great day. stay warm this afternoon.
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