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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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rosary beads and crying it was so scary. >> we are looking at what happened to the anthem after the seas. i'm going to represent the crew passengers stuck at sea for days after getting tossed around by the storm. >> i'm going to represent the cruise line trying to keep thousands of angry customers safe and happy. >> first thing i want to know why wasn't my trip canceled when that storm was swirling in the atlantic ocean? >> it is likely at this point the cruise line would say something like this is fairly common. weather like this happens late fall through the winter. as a passenger you need to be aware that storms can impact any cruise, especially ones that leave from the northeast this time of year. anthem of the seas avoided a different winter storm a few weeks ago. that trip had to be extended by a day. captain on this latest trip thought he would also be able to avoid going into the storm. >> as a passenger that still
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a cruise ever again. what can you, the cruise line say to convince me? >> you have to remember every type of transportation or travel comes with a risk. as a matter of fact every time you get behind the wheel of your car your risk of dieing is one in 5,000. if you decide to travel by plane there is a one in 1.2 million chance that will will your flight. with the anthem of the seas we are talking about bad weather. 6,000 passengers and crew on board that ship during the storm, there were only four minor injuries. >> maybe cruises are safe but passengers on that ship, we heard from them. they thought they were going to die. why did the captain take that risk? >> if it comes down to forecast listen to what a vp with royal caribbean had to say about it. >> winds of 125 mile-per-hour sustained were going to be in that area we never would have
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there is no question about it. >> even other cruise captains agree the ship should never have set sail. coming up on "10 news at 5:30" we'll look at how the storm developed and we are digging deeper into the changes the cruise line is making. details tonight on a four- year-long investigation. one of the state's largest home buildings will have to pay tens of millions of dollars to settle problems with poorly built homes. we first broke the news of the settlement only this afternoon. florida's attorney general has been working on this one since 2013. 10 investigates first exposed shotty construction and deceptive business practices in 2012. after years of headache, thousands of you could collect money for repairs and possibly
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attorney general's office set up a claims website. if you would like to file there is a link at ahead at 6:00 we break the news to homeowners frustrated by years of construction failures. we are digging deeper into how the attorney general there force kb to change its ways. we have new information tonight about a mother desperate for answers. >> three years of the sadistic sexual hell this grown man put her through out for complete examination by multiple, multiple people. >> tonight we are learning that she is one step closer to getting justice. for days now 10 investigates has been pushing for answers about why deputies have not questioned the man accused of sexually abusing her teenager daughter. investigative reporter mike
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>> i spoke with detectives in washington, d.c. and montgomery county, maryland who is conducting a criminal investigation. as we first told you the mom went to authorities in october with evidence, including underage sexually explicit pictures. videos sent from tampa to the man in d.c. the evidence also included a recorded phone call by the tampa police department where the man admits he had sex with the teenager in washington, maryland and fort lauderdale. hillsborough state attorney's office, which initially closed the case is now agreeing to take another look at the sheriff's office report. >> we have never been presented the evidence in the case. >> there is a 37 page report here. are you saying that you guys never saw this report? >> to my knowledge we never saw the report. i'm questioning is whether or
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adequate on both ends and all the pertinant facts fully explored to decide whether the right decision was made. >> although the mom says she was getting nowhere before talking to us the assistant state attorney says he made the decision to relook at the case before our story. meantime i called the alleged child molester. within minutes of my call he took down his youtube channel where the teenager first came in contact with him. the d.c. district attorney handling the case is one of the top in the country. another disturbing case of a young girl being victimized by special someone through social media. lucas bale tried to threaten an 11-year-old girl into sending him nude pictures and videos.
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app. he told the girl he was going to post her address on the internet and told people to come rape her, hurt her and set her house on fire and did what she asked. the girl told her father. deputies found another young victim during their investigation. bales is in jail tonight facing several charges. the standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon is over. the last armed protester turned himself in two hours ago. he and three others will be in federal court tomorrow. presidential canidate donald trump is coming to tampa tomorrow. thousands are expected to attend the rally at the usf sun dome. the republican front runner will also face protesters. a large percentage of usf students are foreign and they oppose trump's immigration policy. we caught up with mayor buckhorn who spoke tongue and cheek about the rally.
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around the sun dome and make somebody pay for it. i'm not sure who. certainly i don't subscribe to anything he says. he is entitled to come here. he has some support here. we'll treat him like we treat any other canidate. >> trump's rally at usf is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:00. we'll have team coverage of his visit here on "10 news at 5:00". live on democratic nomination. a few hours bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face off in another debate. experts say it is an important night for clinton. >> she needs to show he is passionate about what the voters she is losing to sanders care about. she cannot be knowledgeable about policies but has to show she is in touch be the young people, african-american vote and women. >> those are the same voting
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live look at the evening commute. you are looking at i-275 at west shore. congestion around here as been lighter in the last few days. this is the howard frankland bridge you are seeing here. backed up as usual. it is lighter than what we normally see. it is because on monday a fourth northbound lane opened between west shore and himes. that eased congestion a little bit. road warrior hilary zalla has been studying traffic patterns all week. she has important information about your morning drive to work. >> i think you'll like what i found. let's start with the howard frankland bridge. traffic really doesn't get slow here until about 6:45 a.m. even then you don't slow down until well after the hump. the slowest lanes as we can see from sky 10 are the left two lanes, which take you to the kennedy airport exit. if you can stay in the two right lanes on i-275 going north it will be easier for
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drive time here as we go back to our maps across the howard frankland bridge during peek rush hour has only been about 25 minutes between gandy and i- 4. let's talk about the gandy bridge. i know you have been frustrated with how backed up it has been. we thought make it was a signal at west shore. as looking at sky 10 we are seeing relief. we are not seeing a backup until manhattan avenue. that's because drivers are going back to using the howard frankland bridge. the gandy bridge drive time is holding on to 22 minutes. that's between u.s. 19 and the selmon expressway. the courtney campbell causeway is looking much better into tampa this week. during rush hour traffic is moving 30 miles per hour during peek times. that is not horrible. overall i think this week you can say thumb's up.
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are seeing out there. e-mail me at i'm road warrior hilary zalla for 10 news wtsp. >> gandy was killing me. now it is much better. hillsborough county is running short on cash when it comes to road repairs. >> see how growth like this in downtown tampa could be the answer to fixing pothole problems. >> reporter: i'm eric glasser in st. petersburg. cops say surveillance equipment like this may have helped them solve a crime that took place here earlier this week. details of the program that may help them tap into your security system and help them solve future crimes. payoff for the cold morning is amazing, beautiful, fantastic weather.
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with so many cameras out there detectives say knowing who has them saves valuable time and helps solve crimes. >> if you have a camera and you are willing to help 10 news reporter eric glasser is digging deeper into a program that might help police out.
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surveillance video helping st. petersburg police as they put together their case against the art thief. images from the alley way, on the curb, outside the museum, inside and around the corner. >> otherwise we would have had nothing. >> reporter: it is why st. petersburg police want businesses and residents with their own surveillance systems to voluntarily register with the departments no-cost eagle eye program. detectives don't have to search for surveillance cameras, they'll know who has them. giving them video evidence that much faster. >> the more information we have the quicker we can solve the crime. >> i guess it would be okay if they needed to see if something did happen and you might be able to help. >> i think it is nice if the community is able to work with the police. i think the police's business should be their own business.
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year-ago. and businesses registered. among them ferg's sports bar. >> someone who commits a crime head our way. we need to protect our investment. >> reporter: registering for the eagle eye program does not obligate to cooperate with police. if you don't want to share your surveillance video you don't have to but getting it in the hands of the public faster will help them solve crimes. eric glasser 10 news wtsp. more about the eagle eye it was cold this morning. >> it was very cold. i took my dog out. outside. >> dogs are used to florida
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they are like no, no, no. i'll hold it. forecasted 41. 42 in tampa this morning. very, very cold at crystal river. you can see why we had the freeze warnings. 32 lakeland. we needed the campfires and hot chocolate. 36 degrees. take a look at this gorgeous shot of clearwater beach from our sky 10 network. isn't that a great payoff? it is beautiful. temperatures this evening, the lighter winds and clearer skies would get us into mid to upper 60s. it would feel like 70 degrees because no wind out there. we are holding not far from 70s in sebring and polk city. ramond james stadium tonight it looks more hazy than it is. humidity and 54%. winds less than 10 miles per hour from the southwest.
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nice to see the calm waters here around the airport. i know a lot of you who live by the water, today was the first day you could get on it. evening forecast clear skies. it will be a cool night. compared to the windy nights we had earlier this week and the cold night last night this will be better. light winds and 50s falling back. in the morning there will be a coolness to that start. from 32, 45 is a big jump. crystal river look for a bigger warm up from out of the gate at sunrise through the afternoon. 45 dade city. 41 wesley chapel. east of i-75 mid 40s common from river view to plant city. new tampa, as well. once we get into downtown tampa west to the bay and the gulf low 50s will be more common to wake up to. 49 sarasota. starting temperatures around 43
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just in time for your friday, we have been promising this all week, too. 70s return. 70s are back! low 70s for everyone. close by the water 70 degrees. just a perfect day. take the day off if you are working. call in now. tell them you have the florida flu and you need a three-day weekend. light chop on the bay. less than three feet waves offshore. low tide 10:30. high tide 5:00 p.m. why not make it a fair night. florida state fair sunny skies in the afternoon. staying mild in the upper 60s around the dinner time hours. low 60s through the evening. the one thing i have, the one thing for the next couple days is the time of the year, tree pollens are all over the place.
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they that way. if you are sensitive to that start loading up on allergy medicine. through the weekend a weak cool front comes in saturday. weak is the key. upper 60s for high temperatures. valentine's day looking good. still holding on to rain and storms monday night after 8:00 p.m. through the morning drive on tuesday. we'll talk about that in the 5:30 half hour. a cool, new way to get around traffic in pinellas county. i'm reginald roundtree. on "10 news at 5:30" only on 10 news could aerial gondolas be the transportation future of st. pete?
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clearwater marine aquarium you expect to see winter. it is the harsh winter weather shell shocking the turtles. bobby lewis on the road in clearwater where they are fixing flippers. two more zica cases confirmed in florida. devastating news about two women who contracted the virus. those stories and more coming up next on "10 news at 5:30".
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new video from massachusetts showing a convenience store clerk fighting off a robber. see the man in the gray jacket? he is trying to get money from the register when the clerk pulls out a golf club and starts swinging. the thief is trying to grab the register and pull it out of the store. by that time the clerk come from around the corner and chased the man out. man. in a few months its became one of the biggest movies of all time. tonight the production company behind the latest "star wars" movie is in trouble to what happened to a star off screen.
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filed charges against the company during an accident that broke harrison ford's leg. the production company is charged with four breeches of work place health and safety laws. python hunt is nearly over. tonight we track down the so- called snake whisperer to see how he works his magic. >> reporter: like clearwater st. pete officials are hoping
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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'mjennie dean.
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landing in an emergency landing at lax. an american airlines was forced to land because of smoke in the cockpit. everyone is okay. a bill to spare dogs from getting euthanized is heading to the governor's desk. it allows exceptions if the animal is defending a person or if the dog attacks someone illegally on your property. the bill exempts police dogs from dangerous dog laws. good news at the pump is bad news on wall street. stocks tumbled as oil prices fell below $27 a barrel today. markets recovered after a 400 point drop and closed down 255 points. imagine traveling from downtown st. pete to the beaches much faster than through the air. you may be riding a gondola like you may see at a ski resort. these would go 40 miles per hour.


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