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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and the out-the-door forecast is cool. we have patchy fog. the fog gets thicker the further east of i-75 you get. eastern hillsborough county, sarasota county and manatee county.
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plus i'll look at the three-day forecast coming up. a hot spot at 6:00 on your friday morning. this is a serious accident on i- 275 southbound through downtown tampa. all lanes are blocked from the ramp weekend i-4 on to i-275. this is before ashley drive. you can see cars just sitting there. we are hearing serious injuries are reported. we are going to stay on top of this for you. i'll have drive times as well as a detour if you are heading into peek rush hour. good friday morning. morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm mark rivera. as we inch closer to florida's primary election donald trump makes a big campaign push in tampa. he has a huge lead in the florida polls. tonight he'll speak to thousands at the usf sun dome
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10 news reporter emerald morrow is live at usf. tonight? >> reporter: even before donald trump agains here tonight you can expect to see lots of sun dome. when it comes to what he'll say you never know. it is more than likely he'll keep with the theme of make america great again. our political analyst says this is drawing in conservatives who are tired of our system and feel like washington can not get anything done because the system is broken. voters want to see an outsider in the white house and love that trump has a reputation of being a deal maker who appears to accomplish what he sets out to do. donald trump has not laid out any policy plans. it is unlikely we'll get that tonight. >> what do you think he'll talk about tomorrow? >> himself, his poll numbers
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he is not much on policy and no one gets in depth policy ideas from him. >> reporter: it is likely there will be some undecided voters tonight. experts say donald trump's job is to convince them that he is a true leader. there is a lot of buzz surrounding tonight's event. i have been talking with other people trying to send counter messages to trump's campaign. i'll have that in the next half hour. live at usf emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. >> we'll have complete coverage all day on this. tonight i'll be out there covering donald trump's campaign stop. you can find me on facebook. search mark rivera. i'll have live video streaming within the midst of the folks that will there.
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changes coming to tampa's night life following a series of 10 investigates reports on predatory towing. tow truck drivers were penalizing you for chosing not to drive after having too much to drink. 10 news reporter darren nowers is live in south tampa with more on the changes. >> reporter: you can see a sign that says 24-hours a day, seven days a week you can be towed. there was another sign that said they can tow you as early as 5:00 a.m. that's no longer here. that's illegal. in tampa there is a city ordinances that says when businesses sellicker they can not tow you until noon so you don't have fear of leaving your car, making that responsible decision not to drive and being toad. that's because of tampa's city ordinance from 2008. last night city council members voted to look at ways to have
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visitors and patrons know they can leave their vehicle and make that responsible decision and not fear the sick feeling you get and of not seeing your vehicle there and paying a hefty fine to get your car back. other areas, hillsborough county and pinellas are looking a it doing similar measures to help take care of you if you go out to have a night of fun and if you drink too much you can make that responsible decision. live in tampa darren flowers 10 news wtsp. another big development in an investigation that's been going on for four years. one of the state's largest home buildings, kb homes will have to pay tens of millions of dollars to settle problems with poorly built homes. many of you have been waiting years to hear this. florida's attorney general has 2013. how thousands of you can collect money for your repairs and your hassle. we broke the news to one homeowner who has been fighting
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it is hard for him to believe. >> the attorney general is going to make sure kb homes pays you for your losses and >> that would be great. after four years that would be it is what we deserve here at willow brook. >> the attorney general's office set up a claim's website if you want to file you can find a link at a warning for parents to remind your children it is important not to eat thing from their friends if they don't know what it is. >> we had two students ingest a substance today and became very sick. the students got the substance from another student. hospital. >> an investigation is going on now by the hillsborough county sheriff's office to figure out how that student got his hands on marijuana infused candy. this happened in citrus park. the edible marijuana was
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some states but not here in florida. protecting businesses and homes from thieves and burglars. clearwater police have a few tips to keep your home and businesses from being targeted. we caught up with a detective who has tips to help us protect our home. >> you don't want too many trees blocking the view of the building. lighting is a big deterrent. >> planting or placing cactus or shrubs with thorns in front of your windows, make sure they don't block your windows. maryland has its first case of zica virus. there is now 18 confirmed cases of the virus in florida. the only county in our viewing
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starting tomorrow running through saturday february 20th people can drop off up to eight tires without rims at the mckay bay energy facility. you can get more information about that dropoff at uber will pay $28.5 million to settle two lawsuits. the class action suits across the ridesharing company of misleading customers about safety procedures and fees. the money will go toward 25 million riders who made trips 31,2016. the illuminated parade starts tomorrow night. even though it is at night they encourage you to bring out the family and kids.
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>> a man armed with a machete passed several people in a restaurant. a legendary surf competition starts in a few hours. some people are looking to make changes and who gets to compete. live to the roads on this friday morning. we are on top of a serious crash on i-275 and i-4. it will make for a tough commute. hilary zalla, your road warrior
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. two women from colorado accusing bill cosby of sexual assault will not be able to bring him to trial. lawmakers in the state are considering a bill that could extend colorado's statute of limitations in sexual assault cases from ten to 20 years. both women testified in a colorado court on thursday. each case is 30 years old or more.
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asthma may play a role in women with fertility problems. european researchers found women with asthma took longer to get pregnant and were 20% less likely to have a successful conception. if you think the latest tech gadget is to expensive. look at this. it is a $9 computer. it has four gigs of storage, blue tooth and wi-fi. it is inside of a bear. 50,000 have been sold in the first month it was available. the best surfers in the world are in half-moon bay, california for the legendary today. there could be a twist with a boy's club in the ocean. more and more women are stepping up in hopes of joining. a committee of five will have to agree. >> we are looking for the absolute best of the best performance in the water.
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they would be invited. >> absolutely. >> there has been talk of women the lineup of surfers. let's check in with hilary zalla for the crash on i-275. >> this is on i-275 southbound drive. originally it was reported near i-4. main lanes of i-275 are opened. the exit ramp of ashley drive are shutdown. live to our sky 10 network camera this is the exit ramp 10. i-4 going into downtown tampa going west a mess. you can still get off to go to i-275. you will be delayed this entire morning because they are not planning on opening up that exit ramp until -- well for three or four hours. they are investigating what
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we are hearing very serious injuries. i want to let you know how to get around this. this will affect your morning commute. if you are going south on i-275 and you want to stay and you usually take ashley drive don't. avoid it. take howard drive instead. heading south on i-275 before this crash you'll see a backup early. you can exit mlk boulevard, take armenia avenue and get back on i-275. i-4 drivers consider taking the connector to the selmon expressway. that will help you get around it as well. that is our big traffic story this morning. i'm staying on top of it for you. i'm on top of an accident in pinellas county on u.s. 19 northbound north of park boulevard. this one is blocking some lanes. however, you are not heavily delayed. you are in the green. sarasota county and manatee county you are quiet. i-75, 301 and u.s. 41 still looking good. bobby?
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a lot is east of i-75. it is that i-4 corridor across hillsborough and polk county up into eastern pasco county. manatee county we have a little bit of fog. in fish hawk in the plant city area through gastonia and lakeland that's where it is the thickest. visibilities have come up to a mile in plant city. quarter of a mile in lakeland. improving in zephyrhills. in manatee county is where most of it is. a little in sarasota. bay shore gardens, bradenton beach this is mainly going to be off of the beach inland. i can't rule it out for the immediate beach areas. it will be out of here by 8:30. we have clear skies above us. sun is up at 7:10. the sun will warm up the fog
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it is warmer out there now. 53 tampa. 41 sarasota. we are looking in the 40s to low 50s. river view is 46 degrees. 53 tampa. 50 tarpon springs. closer to the water you are the warmer you'll be. 14 degrees warmer in crystal river than this time yesterday. 11 degrees warmer in tampa. there is the fog. this is looking across from the international plaza at tia and ramond james stadium. wesley chapel is looking good here, as well. certainly lakeland and plant city will see more fog this morning. 49 at the bus stop. not as cold. highs today in the low 70s. it is chilly this morning. this afternoon kids could go in shorts and short sleeves. we have the fog burning off this morning. yesterday we made 66 for a high. today we'll get there by 11:00 a.m. winds will turn southwest.
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coming through overnight. the wind is coming off of the water. that will keep temperatures at the beaches in the upper 60s. most areas away from the water will be in the low 70s today. about 71 degrees. sunset is 6:19. fair forecast looks fantastic. today is the best day. temperatures around 71 degrees. boating forecast looks really nice, as well. south to southwest winds 5 to 10 knots with one to two foot seas. weekend forecast is awesome. 69 tomorrow. 68 on sunday. it will be chilly in the morning on sunday. certainly a beautiful day. next rain chance doesn't get here until monday afternoon into early tuesday. we could see a few thunderstorms with it. we'll track that and let you
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we'll hear from hillary clinton and bernie sanders as they face off in thursday's debate. we are looking at i-275 and ashley drive where the exit is closed from a serious accident. this causing backup all over tampa. we have a crew on the way and road warrior hilary zalla will
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talk about the worse place to have an accident in tampa bay. i-275 southbound at ashley drive is where this crash is. this is at martin luther king boulevard. we are seeing delays almost up
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avoid the downtown interchange. all exits downtown are closed. when we look at drive times on our maps you are at 20 minutes from the apex to i-4. westbound i-4 is jammed 15 minutes from i- 75 to i-275. get off early on i-275. i would say get off as early as busch boulevard. >> not good out there. if you are coming home, hopefully the traffic will be better. the weather will be fantastic falling through the upper 60s into the mid 60s. carolinas and virginia will have a snow storm today that will turn into ice, sleet and freezing rain. that will be your main travel area. out west looks pretty nice.
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the son of sonny and cheer. we are live streaming through the show. 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. hello folks, join us on facebook. you can join allison kropff there. like us on facebook, as well. back out to the roadways. if you are just heading out the door we are on top of a serious crash at i-275 and i-4. we have a crew on the way to this scene. road warrior hilary zalla is headed back to the traffic center. she is going to check this out and get you around this accident to get you to work on time.
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good morning. we have a little bit warmer temperatures out there this morning. 40s and lower 50s. warmest along the coast. we have fog east of i-75 this morning in the eastern hillsborough and polk county. that's improving. i'm take a closer look and
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a serious hot spot at 6:30 on your friday morning. downtown interchange in tampa avoid it! there is an accident on i-275 southbound at ashley drive that closed all exits to downtown. live to our sky 10 network camera here are the main lanes of i-275. you can see those are not affected. you can get off at ashley drive. you'll want to avoid that interchange. take the selmon expressway or nebraska avenue. take anything besides i-275 and i-4 through downtown. i'll break down your detours and get you drive times and look at your bridges coming up in ten minutes. good morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >>i'm mark rivera. preparations are underway for donald trump's rally in tampa. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live at usf where the gop front runner will be this evening. this event is drawing strong interests from both sides of
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but for very different reasons. people who will be here for trump are here because they support him and see him as a leader who has a proven track record of doing what he says he'll do. there are other people here who totally disagree with everything trump stands for. there will be 300 people here who will be protesting this afternoon at usf. one of the student organizers say they plan to be peaceful but they want to have a dialog about decisive issues in trump's campaign. >> we don't want to quiet him at all. we are glad he is here. we want people to have this discussion. when somebody like donald trump isn't speaking these things still exist. it is just a lot quieter. starts at 7:00. doors open at 5:00. the sun dome can hold up to people will be traveling all
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i checked and there are free you have to go online to event bright to get those tickets. if you are interested and want to come out that's what you have to do. news wtsp. >> we'll stream donald trump's campaign stop on you'll be able to see that live app. download it now. democratic canidates are on the campaign trail today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in their last debate before the south carolina primary and nevada caucus. clinton caught to gain momentum in miwaukee calling the vermont senator out on his so-called country. >> we have to be clear with young people about what kind of for them and what it will cost. >> clinton you are not in the white house yet. >> canidates discussed criminal justice reform and race
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jeb bush is getting help on the campaign trail. his brother and former president george w. bush will be joining jeb in south carolina on monday. it could be a make or break for bush's campaign. he finished ahead of marco rubio. today hillsborough county supervisor of elections is loading 93,000 vote by mail primary ballots. primary is march 15th. 10 news investigation exposes predatory towing in one of tampa's busiest night life districts. 10 news reporter derek flowers is along a popular spot for towing cars along howard avenue. >> reporter: at some point in the day this car will be gone. that's because tow truck companys were hauling them off
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there is a city ordinance that says you can leave your car and not fear of being towed until noon the next day. that's to prevent people from getting in the car and driving irresponsibility. >> it is our requirement that all these establishments post this information. >> reporter: city council members want staff members to present that to them by march 17th. hillsborough county officials and officials in pinellas county are looking to provide the same rights to you out there when you want to have a fun night out and stop the fear of being towed. in tampa darren flowers 10 news wtsp. this morning a pasco county mom is outraged after her special needs 10-year-old son is handcuffed at his school. sandy butler said the school resource officer cuffed her
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his wrist and body. and took him to be voluntarily facility. she admits he had a melt down but believes staff isn't needs children. dangerous? >> allen can be aggressive but if you handle it in the right way it can be deescalated quickly. >> deputies follow state law. anyone can be handcuffed or zip tied no matter their age. remember that story about patty the dog? it was declared dangerous after it bit off part of a boy's ear inside a bradenton vet office. patty was set to be euthanized without any consideration of the circumstances surrounding the boy's attack. there is a bill on governor
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does not happen to other dog owners. the bill gives officers leeway in determining the fate of dogs that cause severe injuries, this is if the dog was acting in self defense, defense of its owner or against a trespasser. police shot and killed a suspect with a machete after he attacked several people outside of a restaurant. four people are in the hospital. one in critical condition. law enforcement was able to corner the suspect after a short chase. >> he had a machete and another knife in his hand and lunged across the hood at the officers. another officer fired a couple shots at him and put him down. >> investigators say this was likely a random act. pope francis is on his way to a historic visit to cuba. this is video of him leaving
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he is expected to meet with patriarch carol. today's meet will focus on religious reconciliation. diplomats meeting in munich agreed friday to implement succession of hostility and bring aid in the country to help a humanitarian crisis that displaced millions of people. secretary of state john kerry says this will be a pause in fighting. not an end to the five-year- long civil war. today president obama is granting national monument status to two million acres of southern california desert. the white house says the area prorides recreational opportunities for hikers, campers and hunters. the president is in the swing state this week on a fundraising trip. at&t announced it is ready to conduct 5g field trials. it is short hand for the fifth generation of wireless.
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announced it would begin 5g field test in 2016. don't expect to have the 5g service until 2020. cbs announced who will kick off music monday night at the grammy awards. when the world health organization says vaccine trials will be ready for the
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we are looking at bridges into tampa. gandy bridge not slow yet into tampa. before manhattan avenue getting off you are looking good.
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45 miles per hour before that kennedy boulevard exit. the courtney campbell causeway holding on to a good speed. sunshine skyway drivers you are looking good at 17 minutes. live from sky 10 i'm on top of a serious accident in downtown tampa that closed all downtown exits from i-275. i'll have an update coming up in three minutes. bobby? >> pollen update today stays on the high range and creeps up higher into tomorrow. we'll have a southwesterly wind initially. tomorrow during the day it is more of a northwest wind. that will mix up the pollen even more. juniper, maple and oak are the main allergens. still a great looking weekend forecast. 70s today. that frontal boundary tomorrow will knock us down in the mid to upper 60s for highs on saturday. chilly start on sunday morning for valentine's day. a nice finish in the mid 60s. all the details and your seven- day forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. republican front runner
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>> he'll be at the usf sun dome at 7:00. doors open at 5:00. free tickets are still available. there is a charge of $20 per vehicle for parking. trump is coming off of a major win in the new hampshire primary. the world health organization said vaccinations for the zica virus is in trial. >> maryland just seen its first case. there are 18 cases in florida. all cases are related to travel outside of the u.s. none
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video into the news room. we wanted to take you to new jersey in hillsborough, new jersey. this is a warehouse fire. it is massive. we have been watching this fire for the last couple of minutes now. it looks a little bit better than it had over the last five to ten minutes. we are watching this burn. several firefighters are trying to get this out in hillsborough, new jersey. we don't have a lot of details about what happened. >> the fire started last night. it has been a big deal for firefighters. we wish them the best to get that out. we know who will be kicking
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it is taylor swift. she's had a huge year and is nominated for several awards. you can watch the grammies here. 58th awards hosted by l.l. cool jay monday night. >> it is l.l. cool jay's fifth year hosting the grammy awards. >> he does a great job. grammy winner himself. we are looking forward to the show on monday. let's head over to road warrior hilary zalla. it is a mess on i-275. has passed away. all exits downtown. the ashley drive exit is closed. live to our sky 10 network camera. here's the exit ramp to ashley drive.
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those are slow because of onlooker delays. that ramp is shutdown. looking at an aerial view from sky 10 you can see how big the delay is on i-275 going south. you'll really want to avoid i- 275. i-4 is affected going westbound into tampa. entire interchange in downtown tampa is somewhere you do not want to be. so many of you take i-275 and i-4 for morning rush hour. your best bet for i-4 is the selmon expressway. if you know someone on i-4 or maybe you could give them a call and tell them to get off expressway. i-275 drivers, if you can you'll have to exit as early as well before busch boulevard. maybe even at fowler and fletcher south on i-275. once you hit busch boulevard
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nebraska avenue is a good alternate. i'm staying on top of it for you. definitely a big story for morning rush hour. pinellas county just a heads up. country side high school state road 580 will close at mcmullen booth road. as soon as all kids are inside they'll close it down for pipe repairs. you'll want to avoid that area for pickup. police will be on scene to help direct traffic. bobby? >> this fog is getting better. in eastern hillsborough and western polk county and manatee. let's start into polk county. you can see lakeland, mulberry, bartow seeing the thickest fog. that i-4 corridor is where you'll run into it. it is improving. fish hawk and plant city are looking better. visibility has improved a touch in sarasota. it was a quarter of a mile of visibility half an hour ago. now up to three miles. in the southern parts of
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more of it. we are warmer out there. dew points are coming up. that's the reason why we have some fog. 53 in tampa. 44 in mulberry. river view 46. sarasota 43 degrees. new port richey 52 degrees. 51 odessa. 52 macdill air force base. lots of clear skies above us. that means the sun is up at ten after 7:00. that sun will get down and burn that fog off quickly. if you are seeing fog it will be 9:00 before it burns off. then it is a beautiful day. mostly sunny skies. the day. yesterday's high temperature was 66. we should get there about 11:30 and continue going. we'll warm up into the lower 70s for high temperatures today. notice the winds out of the southwest. that water is in the mid to upper 50s.
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will be slightly cooler in the upper 60s for daytime highs. sunsets tonight at 6:19 on a beautiful evening. temperatures coming back down through the 60s. fair day, one of the best days of the week. 71 this afternoon. friday evening fair will be through the 60s. tonight won't be as cold as what it is now. which is mid 50s. 54 is the average low temperature. i think we'll be above that. there goes the frontal boundary. moves through at 4:00 a.m. slightly cooler air. upper 60s. saturday night sunday morning 43 degrees. it will be a chilly one to get valentine's day started. a really nice afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60s. yeah, we'll see a little more cloud cover sunday afternoon for your valentine's day activities. morning brunch on sunday 48 degrees. lunchtime 67. dinner plans for sunday night lower 60s.
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another chance for rain finally getting in here. we have been relatively dry the last several days. that will be late monday into tuesday. good warm up ahead of the front. good cool down behind it. don't see any really cold air until next week. you can get our forecast in the newspaper. that's because we teamed up with the tampa bay time and the ledger. head over to the newspaper. check out the weather section and find the 10 weather forecast there. be sure to put 10 news sunday morning on your must- watch list. i'll have the top stories in the morning. ashley batey will have your sunday forecast. this weekend you'll get a perspective on how the presidential chances are shaping up. you'll see what is happening in our community and how one family's legacy is continuing on the road to the olympics.
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coming up you may have something in common with president obama, bill gates and brad pitt. we'll have an update on the serious accident on i-275. it is causing some major backups for your morning commute. if you are about to head out the door stick around. in a few minutes we'll head back to hilary zalla. she'll get you around this.
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serious accident on i-275. this is downtown at the ashley drive. avenue. go. avoid i-275. avoid i-4 west into tampa. live to our sky 10 network interchange.
6:54 am
there is the crash at the ashley drive exit ramp. we are working to get more details. crews on scene are busy. avoid your majors. take the selmon expressway into downtown. take nebraska avenue or armenia. avoid i-275. bobby? >> we'll see temperatures moving into the 60s by mid to late morning. highs today with sunshine in the low 70s. enjoy it. we have a crew at that accident on i-275 where it is causing enormous traffic backups. >> 10 news reporter darren flowers just got to the scene. what can you tell us out there? >> reporter: it is a very serious situation. just want to point you to what is behind me. you can see a car flipped over on its side. left of it you can see another car that is badly mangled. this is a terrible accident. you can see it here. this is on the southbound ramp
6:55 am
authorities have been here since around 5:50 this morning. once again we are finding out this is a fatal accident. traffic is slow. it is moving smoothly as you can see. we are finding out more details and we'll bring those to you as soon as we find them. live in tampa darren flowers 10 news wtsp. switching gears, you might have more in common with president obama, bill gates and brad pitt than you think. they all met their significant others at work. new survey by career builder says that more than one third of workers have had an office romance with 37% getting married. 5% say they left a job because of their office romance that went wrong. >> that's the funny statistic there. >> the other side of the coin.
6:56 am
broncos got to play a game on the late late show with james corden. take a look. >> the players didn't seem scared of the massive snake. >> i think it is nuzzle what?
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the minority vote in a heat debate. republicans sharpen their attacks before tomorrow's face-off. >> donald trump says the pope does not understand america's immigration issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pontiff's visit. and controversy crashes a massive surf competition. why no women are paddling into


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