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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. 10 news at noon starts right now. good afternoon. i'm allison kropff. thank you for joining us. breaking news out of arizona. police are investigating a school shooting at a high school in glendale. two teens were shot in the courtyard this morning. students. active shooter situation. we will bring you details as
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news annette developing right now -- now, to 75 is back open after a deadly wrong way crash. thank you live to i-275 at the ashley drive exit. that road was closed for five hours. investigators look through the wreckage. police release these frantic 911 calls from a man trying to rescue two people after that crash.>> they are both unconscious? >> yes. i have a pulse on one of them. >> i don't want you to move anyone. are there any obvious injuries? >> oh, yes. they are trapped inside the car. i need to break this so i can get the doors unlocked on the other side.>> despite the man's efforts, both drivers died at the scene. garin flowers was first on the happened.>> reporter: the
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how this accident occurred. we know the suv was going the the wrong way. the vehicles were driven by two man, both were not wearing seatbelts in both died. accident happened around 5:40. this ramp was closed for hours. investigators are looking for any witnesses to help figure out what happened. we have seen a trend of wrong way crashes that can have devastating consequences.>> pay attention to what you're doing. keep your eyes focused as far down the road as you can see can see headlights coming at you especially at night time.>> of thumb is to dry -- drive in the right lane. garin flowers, 10 news, wtsp. today is the day. donald trump is coming to down.
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south toward campus for a rally. eric glasser is there live this afternoon. this is going to be a huge event. police are teaming up with other agencies to keep everybody safe.>> reporter: they are. it's going to be a dizzy -- busy day on the campus. there are already some traffic issues. you have shut down some parking areas to make room for security measures and what they expect will be protest when mr. trump does come here. there are a lot of things that people should probably be aware of. one thing that is concerning them is the traffic issue. there are expect to have a full- size crowd of at least 10,000. there are also hundreds of protesters expected to be outside the sun dome. and all of this, events that have already been scheduled on campus, including classes, will continue. nothing is being canceled. that means people heading into
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parking lots that will be closed and be prepared to get through lots of traffic.>> it is expected to be a very large event. we do expect some traffic delays. and we have communicated to our community in regard to what they can expect in terms of the lots the university will close before the event to make room and to facilitate the flow of traffic. the traffic is going to be heavy.>> reporter: the usf police department says this is not our first radio. they have had sitting presidents on campus. the campus has hosted republican presidential debates. they have had a plan in place to work with surrounding agencies including tampa pd, the hillsboro county sheriff, and other police. they will be communicating with
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the best advice did -- advice at this point, treated like it was a major sporting event or campus. give yourself extra time, be aware of the closed off areas. you don't have to be around the campus tonight, starting around 5:00, donald trump will kick in around seven, avoid the area if you can't. eric glasser, 10 news. our trump coverage continues at 5:00. will also be live streaming his speech for free. democratic hopefuls are fresh off a fiery debate. clinton and sanders are trying to make the case they are the better choice. the republicans are focused on front runner donald trump.>> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in a debate thursday night with each claiming to be the right choice to succeed president obama.>> sen. sanders said president obama failed the presidential leadership test.
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has criticized obama. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves.>> mdm. sec., that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate.>> reporter: the candidates are sending that message to african- american voters, a large percentage of the electorate. >> sadly, a whole lot of those poor people are african- american.>> the affordable care act is helped more african- americans than any other group.>> reporter: the attacks were aimed at one man. donald trump.>> you can push down donald trump a little bit by electing someone with a solid conservative record. >> all these guys, bush says, i do not believe he is a true conservative. these people are stupid.>> reporter: they are prepping for more face-to-face in taxes they
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region jane, cbs news, greenville. gov. bush is unleashing his biggest supporter, president george w. bush. former president will campaign in south carolina on monday. it should be an -- a so far it already looks pretty. >> it is a beautiful day. this is it. if you haven't been outside yet, you owe yourself a treat. walk outside after the news, of beautiful -- blue skies. it is a similar scenario as we plaza camera at ray jay. temperatures quite pleasant as well. over the past few days. it's 70 right now and carol would and slightly cooler in sarasota with a temperature of 66. i will be back in a few minutes to let you know if this beautiful weather will continue
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international in boston. passengers on a plane heading to tampa felt a jolt sitting on the runway. it turns out a refueling ban crashed into the planes wing. the driver stepped out of the van and move forward. passengers were put on a new plane and everything is fine. a former officer is fighting for his job. it was fired for months ago for not investigating a possible to draw -- drunk driver and having sex with her hours later. pulled over a 24-year-old woman who hit a concrete barricade while driving with her lights off on 19. after 40 minute traffic stop he gave the woman a warming -- warning and let her drive home. the two ended up talking on the phone and texting and then had his lawyer says he was wrongfully terminated. crooks get creative as they steal a shiny truck from a sarasota car dealer. two ybor caught on camera using
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f4 50 from sarasota forward. the truck is valued at $76,000. this weekend, a colorful celebration in the streets of ybor city. you can expect road closures in a big crowd tomorrow night for the crew of santee ago night parade. it takes about two hours and run that -- runs down seventh avenue. organizers say the event is fun for your whole family and encourage you to bring your kids. where park, what to bring, everything you need to know coming up, it is called the angelina affect. see how the popular actresses inspiring breast cancer victims. social media stars on the amazing rate. -- race. failing in st. pete again,
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the amazing race. this one like no other. amazing race hosts whole coven tonight's premiere.
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we appreciate it.>> millions of people are you know the racers this year.>> yes, and that's kind of cool. every single one of these races are a major media influence, social media the -- social media influencer. they connect with millions of people around the world every day. we thought would be cool for them to share their passion for the amazing race with the people who love watching them do what they do, and it's very diverse what they do. some of them share beauty tips, some of them do frisbie tricks, a whole range of thing's. some do funny vine videos. we thought we will take them off-line and let their fans and amazing race fans see what happens when they go off-line and they go out into the real world and compete in a race for $1 million.>> that had to have
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disconnect.>> it was hard for them. it was incredibly difficult for them. they are so connected. you and i may be connect online with twitter and facebook. we are dabblers in comparison to the way that these people connect. so, yes, it was like they had to leave something behind, and blair, one of our contestants who does beauty tips, she says she was wanting to text but couldn't text, realizing she didn't have her phone. >> we reached out to our social media for questions. one from lisa. are there any areas of the world the race hasn't gone that you would love to visit?>> i really hope that one day we get to nepal. i would just love to see mount everest in person. also, bhutan. that is at the top of my list
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really want to go to.>> we're looking forward to the season, hulk hogan.>> thank you very much. researchers say genetic testing is up among young women with russ cancer. 87% of women under 40 get tested for a diagnosed -- mutation after diagnosis. angelina jolie's mastectomy is thought to be a cause. what a great timing. we have a gorgeous day. it happens to be friday afternoon. i will give you a little tease. the weekend is shaping wet to be pretty nice as well. take a look outside our weather window. this is sarasota. this was about 7:00 this morning, just about sunrise. then we put the camera into motion, the time lapse into motion. you can see some voters out there.
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this the rest of the day. maybe you can get out, i looked -- of work a little early and make the most of it. temperatures are milder than they have been over the past few days. right now, 71 in brooksville, 72 carol would. the nice thing is these temperatures are not going to drop very much from where they are right now. even at the dinner hour, maybe you're headed out and about, temperatures in the low 60s. midnight, still 60 degrees. definitely you can leave the heavy coats home this evening. as we head into this afternoon, temperatures warming nicely into the low 70s for some, upper 60s for others. we have an area of low pressure off the coast of the carolinas. in fact, some winter weather not far away from us. we have ice across the border south carolina and north carolina right there. stationary frontal boundary remains to our north and we have warmer air to the south.
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between this area of low pressure off the coast of the carolina and nice high-pressure ridge enough the sunshine state. that is giving us a little bit of a pressure gradient, a little bit breezy at times at the coast. our wind flow will be out of the south and southwest. beautiful day to head to the state fair, 70 degrees, sunny skies, comfortable and dry. sunset right around 6:17. not a whole lot going on on our future cast model, winds out of the south and southwest. certainly no precipitation as we head into the afternoon. maybe a few clouds for our northern counties. very quiet, very calm weather thanks to that area of high pressure. is afternoon, temperatures in the 70s. by this evening, staying relatively mild or the time of year and no big deal overnight as well. a little touch of coolness, 58 degrees.
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winds at 5-10. surf temperature 57 degrees. the you the -- the uv index is six. make sure use sunscreen. looking ahead, this is the next time you will need your umbrellas or raingear, monday night we start to see some showers moving into the area. the area of low pressure stays north. it will drag a cool front room. showers monday evening through early tuesday morning. we could see some storms. we are monitoring for the possibility of any strong to severe storms and we will let you know. that's talk about that seven- day forecast. gorgeous we can ahead. friday, today looking great. saturday a touch cooler. sunday, for valentine's day, i hope you have a great one even if you don't have a significant other, a friend, a family member, tell them you love them. monday night into tuesday, we
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we dry out wednesday and thursday with lows in the 70s. when you're on the go, you can always have the weather right there in the palm of your hand. download our app for your cell phone. it's free for both android and apple. you can also sign up for breaking news in traffic alerts. >> the weekend looking good, kate. this weekend, coming up, see the big donation that will help hundreds of homeless pets in the bay area. tonight on 10 news, if you're staying in, the amazing race is on at 8:00. a white 50 at nine, lou blunted 10, 10 news at 11. stamp for the late show it -- with steven colbert. his guests are patricia heaton in quincy jones. join us for 10 news sunday morning. you will get a perspective on how the presidential candidate chances are shaping up. you will see how one families legacy is continuing on the road to the olympics.
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we hope to see you lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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the bay area renaissance festival will entertain you and your family. stephanie web shows you what you can expect.>> reporter: there are wonderful things to do, great food, stages was one of -- with wonderful entertainment. there's dancing, music, comedy, there's a pub crawl, there is a petting zoo for the kids and lots of fun activities.>> something for everyone. the festival runs on weekends through march 20. a special valentine's delivery for some special animals in the bay area. during the first two weeks of february, a group has been crossing the country delivering 400,000 bowls of healthy food to homeless pets.
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warehouse where the store handed foods to three animal organizations cop that powell animal shelter, florida cooler rescue, and the bruno foundation. each got 1500 pounds of food.>> it's important to focus on animals that need help. rescue pets are in need of loving homes where they will stay forever.>> since 2008, halo and free kimbal have donated 3 million bowls of food to shelters. make those weekend plans and make sure they are outdoors. >> we have to soak it in. this winter, we have had some rain and storms. this weekend you can leave the umbrellas at home. gorgeous temperatures, maybe a light jacket. the rain comes back next workweek. >> enjoy it while we can. thank you for joining us for 10 news at noon. we will see you back here 5:00. hope you have a great weekend
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>> victoria: excuse me, mr. abbott. but you know, it' s not every day that a girl proposes. so, um...i hope you' re not gonna get all traditional on me and say that you' re the one that wants to do the asking. let' let' s just get married. let' s get married again. valentine' s day. maybe you don' t like the idea at all.


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