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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> there are only three places he could have gotten on the ramp. here at ashley drive. here at doyle carlton drive or here at jefferson scott street. i went out there today so i can show you what these areas look like and to dig deeper into what can be done to make the areas safer for your family. >> reporter: this is the ashley exit ramp marked with wrong-way signs but no flashing lights. doyle carlton drive. [ no audio ] that's because the exit ramp from i-275 is feet away from the entrance ramp. of transportation specifically about this area. they provided us with these pictures to show improvements they made last year including
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the spokesperson said they are always looking for ways to make this road safer, especially after a deadly wrong-way crash. >> we'll work with the law enforcement agents investigating this to figure out if they can determine where he went on and we'll do a study to try to add more flashing devices. >> reporter: signs like these were installed on a number of exits in north tampa last year because of the number of accidents. >> we think they are making a difference but it is an on- going study. >> reporter: one thing that didn't work, these wrong message boards on the highway warned of a wrong-way driver accident. a road ranger spotted the car getting on the roadway. center. >> reporter: what troopers are trying to figure out is how
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and back on all going the wrong way. >> florida highway patrol could not say if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash yet. it would take weeks to get the toxicology test results. the phrase stay right at night will help you stay safe. he solidified his status as the new hampshire winner of the republican primaries. >> donald trump is in the bay area. >> the doors opened an hour ago for trump's rally at usf sun dome. mark rivera is inside. tammy fields is outside. we'll go first to mark. what is it like in there? >> reporter: there is an electricity in this room. the music is playing.
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they just came in half an hour ago. donald trump is going to take the stage at that podium there. thousands of supporters but not everyone is here to see him win. >> i support trump to show him we are behind him. >> i wrote a letter to donald trump to tell him how i feel what needs to be improved about america and what i think should happen if he became president. he could help america with the money he has and if he became president he could help build a wall that he is planning to build. >> do you think trump has what it takes? >> no. i'm just going as a student. >> do you think donald trump has what it takes to change things? >> i think that he is definitely changing people's perspective on the presidential election and how people look at politics. i think he is getting people who haven't been into voting or
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elections to get people talking more. that is interesting to see. >> i would not say i'm a supporter because of how crazy some of the things he says are. but i think he is interesting. he is mixing things up. it is definitely worth coming out and seeing. >> reporter: you can imagine that two of the biggest issues for folks that i talked to out here -- i talked to a dozen of them behind me -- is immigration and safety. back to you. >> mark rivera live inside. now let's head back outside to 10 news reporter tammy fields. >> reporter: we are going to
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hear some of the things they are rant you can. >> hey hey donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: there are a little more than a hundred people out here at this hour. many of them say donald trump continues to speak hate speech. he speaks negatively about immigrants and people of color and of course, as you are seeing here, people are calling him racist. you can see black lives matter signs out here. >> hoping that people just stop and talk to us. that's really what we want. we are tired of yelling back and forth. there is too much arguing and too much screaming. we want a civilized conversation. that's not happening. we would like to talk to people
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and proposed policies hurt the people living in our >> reporter: there are many dome than protesters. across. now we are live in st. pete tammy fields 10 news. >> if you are watching from home odds are you are not going to be at trump's rally. regardless of what you think about the canidate you may want to watch. we made it easy for you to watch from the computer or your phone. go to our website or you can launch the 10 news app on your phone. on both you'll see a red banner that will take the top of the screen to a live stream of trump's speech. you can find everything you need to know about the 2016 race posted on you can download the 10 news app for free. search wtsp in your app store. it will bring you instant alerts on breaking news. the next republican debate
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during last night's democratic debate both canidates brought president obama into their argument. >> senator sanders said president obama failed the presidential leadership test. this is not the first time he criticized president obama. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves. >> madame secretary that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that canidate. >> sanders and clinton are side by side in the polls. nevada democratic caucus is saturday the 20th. happening now, superintendant of polk county schools is resigning. she was under investigation for nine misconduct accusations including sexual harassment. school board leaders will vote tonight on whether to keep or fire la roy. instead her lawyers sent the board a resignation letter two hours ago. new information tonight
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arizona high school that killed two students. worried parents were taken by bus to the campus to reunite with their children. two 15-year-old girls were found dead in a patio area of the school. a gun was found near their bodies. investigators still do not know what happened but police are not looking for suspects. police in ohio are investigating a vicious machete attack that happened at a restaurant. >> he came to each table and just started hitting us. >> restaurant's owner says the man who did this came inside, looked around and asked about the food and where the owner was from. half an hour later he says the man came back and went table to table slashing people with his machete. four people were hurt. they are all expected to survive. after a five-mile car chase the suspect, confronted by police was shot and killed. investigators are trying to figure out if he has ties to
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has the signs of a lone wolf terror attack. a flight of passengers from clearwater is getting to its destination after a plane problem. the flight took off from st. pete clearwater airport and made an emergency land you can before 9:00 a.m. in birmingham, alabama. another plane problem with a flight heading from boston to tampa. jetblue night was on the runway at boston logan with passengers on board when a refueling van ran into the wing. no one was hurt. the plane could not fly so passengers were put on another flight. historic meeting in cuba today that is a thousand years in the making.
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the russian orthodox church. pope francis is leaving cuba tonight for a week-long trip to mexico. if you do not have an i- phone you don't want to fall for this trick. forget cubic secureconia. there is a new way to give
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it is a billion dollar industry surrounded by controversy. diamonds are a symbol of both love and status. you might be thinking of getting a diamond for your valentines. you heard about problems about the weight and mine are valued. >> look at your screen and get a good look at these two stones side by side. one was mined from the earth. the other made in a lab. even if you think you can, there is no way to tell the difference with your naked eye. >> one place you can tell the difference how much this is compared to those. >> kenneth craig takes you inside the lab where they are making diamonds of the future. >> reporter: when jordan hill proposed to his girlfriend he popped the question with this diamond ring. >> i love it.
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diamond mined from the ground. it is man-made. the stone came from the company pure grown diamonds. instead of mining diamonds from the earth, pure grown has gems developed in a singapore lab. process uses carbon and other gases to create diamonds in a high pressured chamber in 12 weeks. the ceo says the gems are ecofriendly, conflict-free and 40% cheaper. >> i know when i first heard about man made diamonds i'm thinking cubic zirconias and costume jewelry. >> these are diamonds. they are identical to mine diamonds. >> reporter: increasing number of companies are getting in the man made business. one start up, diamond foundry has the backing of actor and activist leonardo dicaprio. >> i would not be able to tell a difference. >> reporter: tom moss says you
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the only way to be certain is to put it under an infared light. >> both the size and quality of diamonds produced in laboratories are quite good. >> reporter: some may hesitate to buy a non-traditional stone for their bride-to-be. >> he could not have picked out a better stone for me. >> reporter: the couple is making plans for their wedding this fall. >> let's get back to the real numbers. if a typical mined diamond engagement ring costs you $5,000. the lab grown version would cost you around $3500. i don't think we could have ordered a more picture perfect day.
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doctor's note so if you went to work you missed out today. 71 bartow. 75 sebring. 67 crystal river. 64 sarasota. tampa and st. pete both checking in with 66 degrees tonight. i'm tracking a cold front to our north. all the weather with this front that's where it will stay pushing offshore and winding up [ no audio ] early in the morning. this one is going to be a quiet cold front for us. you can see behind it with the cold air running over the lake, the snow that's happening from areas of michigan, indiana, ohio, portions of new york and pennsylvania, west virginia and this is expected to wind up and track off to the northeast through saturday and sunday. shot there.
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ready for the race before too long. friday evening forecast warmer than last night by a few degrees. low 60s. light winds and clear skies. perfect evening. the morning temperatures pretty pleasant. fairly seasonal for this time of the year. it is not even a couple degrees above average. looking at mid 50s to start in the morning. i want to show you future cast. here's what is interesting. we have not been talking much about rain for the weekend. if you look at future cast that looks like rain, right? we are so dry at the surface, i think this is going to be verga. what is verga? i'm glad you asked. very simply put it is rain that evaporates before making it to the ground. you can see it coming from the cloud here but it never reaches the ground. tomorrow morning when you wake up and hit the 10 news app and you look at storm tracker 10 and say i think it is raining outside you'll look out your
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we are so dry at the surface, we believe that's what most of this will be. it may look like it is raining on your app. hit the ground. isolated shower chances for the first hour or two of the morning. gone by 7:00 a.m. most of that should evaporate ground. mostly sunny skies. a decent afternoon. not as warm. front. still mid 60s for this time of the year. low humidity. we'll see temperatures in the low 70s east of i-75 for you. about 70 sebring and lake wales. on the water for saturday, two to four feet is what we'll see the waves look like offshore. light to moderate chop. winds from the north and northwest two to ten knots. high tide 5:20. low tide 11:11 a.m. valentine's day for you a little cool in the morning like we had earlier this week. 44 degrees.
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have planned it will be an amazing day. although a few more clouds will be back in the second half of the day. coming up at 5:30 we'll talk tracking. that's a different story. that's looks to bring rain chances and thunderstorms, too. it looks like an overnight event. when i see you at 5:45. what will it take to fix our failing schools? i'm reginald roundtree. all new on "10 news at 5:30". five st. pete schools ranked the worse in the state get an f rating. calls to 9-1-1 are legitimate? see a local county's new plan
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a new way to get the attention of local kids, pasco deputy says this comic book will help prevent crime in your neighborhood. those stories and more coming up next. you think that a sinkhole opening up and swallowing eight
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warehouse fire in new jersey that burns for almost an entire day. one firefighter did hurt his leg trying to put it out. he is going to be okay. it is a huge fire burning out of control. this was around 3:00 a.m. keep in mind, this is 12 hours after it started. you can see firefighters got a handle on it by the time the sun came up this morning. it generated enough smoke to be picked up by weather radars. warehouse was storing plastic pellets. environmental agents are testing air quality. schools in that area were canceled today. it took 20 hours to put out that fire. two years ago today a sinkhole opened up at the national corvette museum in kentucky and swallowed eight cars. take a look. it was all caught on camera.
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of how the museum restored the cars. it turned out to be a good thing. news coverage. the future. smooth criminals take off with a stolen truck. deputies hope this video will help put them behind bars. five of the worse schools in the state getting an f the district promised changes.
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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm jeannie dean. police are looking for three masked men who shot a man and toddler in a washington, d.c. barbershop. both the man and child are in
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they were both shot in the leg and expected to survive. don't be surprised if you see dead fish at the beach this weekend. red tide blooms in sarasota engelwood have been killing fish. blooms are expected to move through the waters over the next three days. fargo, north dakota man is out in temperatures above zero to show support for fallen officers. jason moser's death inspired him to say police lives matter. a story for every parent tonight. do you know how well your child is performing in school? florida department of education released school rates today. among those that failed the same elementary schools in st. pete that have been labeled failure factors. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is getting answers about why the grades are not improving.


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