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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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they came by the thousanding to -- thousands to hear the message of one man. right here in tampa bay. good evening. >> and i'm courtney robinson. whether people love or hate donald trump, they came out tonight from all parts of the state to hear his message. and our 10 news political scene was at the sun dome as well. tammy fields covering the crud and mark rivera breaking down trump's speech to help you make your choice for 2016 in the race for the white house. mark? >> reporter: trump went after jeb bush big tim and he also touted a positive relationship
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he knows their vote counts big. the rest of his message you definitely heard before, but it didn't keep the crowd inside from getting fired up. standing room only inside the u.s.s. sun democrat as trump walked into ruckus applause. as you'd expect, the donald was bombasted taking on jeb bush in his home state. >> jeb. he is asleep. he's asleep at the wheel, folks. >> we have sanctuary cities in florida while he was governor, right after he left florida. i was here. florida went to hell. >> reporter: conspicuously absent, any mention of senator marco rubio. it sounded like he was working to mend fences with flay -- florida hispanics. >> i love this state. i love this state. but, but i have created tremendous numbers of jobs here. a lot of hispanics are working there.
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and, by the way, by the way, by the way, today i just settled with univision, isn't that nice? >> reporter: but he continued to stay on message about his unique ideas to fix immigration. >> build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! >> reporter: the rest you have heard before, help the veterans, repeal obama care and common core, the iran deal was bad, hillary's e-mails and more. >> anger is not a bad thing. we're angry because we're run incompetently by incompetent people. >> reporter: and trump says he is the only one who can fix it all. >> i think he is definitely changing people's perspective on the presidential election and how people look at politics. >> reporter: yes, also no mention of a strong poll numbers here in florida, but a lot of talk about his own personal successes to the vastly white crowd inside the u.s.s. sun dome. how is that going to translate to the ballot box? it is your choice. 2016 on march 15 for the presidential primary in
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now, i want to send it over to tammy fields who was outside for this whole thing when donald trump pulled up. tammy? >> reporter: this place was completely packed. it was at examinationity near -- capacity. nearly 11,000 people and most of them donald trump supporters . his message, make america great again. he did not disappoint. >> it is about time someone has the balls the stand up and tell the truth and get something done. >> it was fun. it was funny and i liked it. people were doing the wave and yelling and everything. it was fun. >> reporter: but a large number of supporters were deeply disappointed. they weren't allowed in, still going through security after the new york real estate developer and author started his remarks. >> they locked us out. we are the only people left. >> reporter: earlier in the
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not so happy about trump's appearance. many saying his past remarks calling women fat pigs, dogs and disgusting animals, and his call for to keep muslims from entering the u.s. just a few remarks that are divisive. in this day and age, bigotry, racism, they run rampant in politics. >> reporter: but for the 12- year-old matthew stone whose father surprised him allowing him to skip school to make the trip from west palm beach, this was the chance of a lifetime. >> it has inspired me to be a politician and a businessman. >> reporter: donald trump's next stop? south carolina. we're live in tampa, tammy fields, 10 news, wtsp. j and trump is just one of six remaining republican presidential candidates. they will all be on stage tomorrow night in greenville,
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debate, and this one will be hosted by cbs news and the wall street journal. it is the final debate before the party's next nominating contest for the south carolina republican primary on february 20th. you can watch it right here on 10 news tomorrow night starting at 9:00. and even though she's not presidential candidate hillary clinton got a huge endorsement from the bay area. the tampa bay times says it recommends hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. they say she is the only one with the skill and experience to appeal to the general election voters and build on president obama's record. it is your choice in 2016 and 10 news is here to help you out. just click on election 2016, the tab right there on the left hand side of the page, and we'll keep you informed about every debate, every primary, all the way through to general election. right now the northeast is bracing for a deep freeze. temperatures could hit record lows in philadelphia, nand boston.
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pennsylvania, check it out. they are covered in ice. a water main broke this morning shooting water 20 feet in the blocks. large icicles are hanging from street signs, trees, power lines, and, listen to this, in new york, near lake placid, the wind chills could drop below minus 40. i don't think we understand how cold that is here. the temperatures are not until tuesday. we have new information tonight about the suspect whose went on a machete attack in a restaurant in columbus, ohio. the man has been identified. the fbi is now involved in the investigation because of information connected to his car registration. four people were injured in that attack. he was killed by police. the investigators are still not telling us his motive. and new tonight, and the polk county school board has accepted the resignation of the superintendent. and the board also approved a severance package worth more
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she leaves her post after allegations of sexual harassment and mismanagement surfaced. deputy superintendent jaclynberg will replace her for now. another deadly wrong way crash on i-275. it happened this morning. we'll tell you -- we tell you about them all too often. this one was at the ashley exit on the southbound side of the highway. the drivers of both cars were killed in the accident. the troopers are still trying to figure out if alcohol may have been a factor. the investigators are also looking for witnesses who could help them piece together what exactly happened. already this year eight police officers have been killed by gun fire across the country. but a tool that could help save lives isn't a requirement to wear across much of the bay area. we explain. >> reporter: sigh rings crying, and so are the cops. five police officers killed in
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>> this profession is becoming increasingly dangerous. >> reporter: eight kill sod far this year. >> and people are hunting us, and how do you think? yet we wear the badge with honor and pride and we're going to go out every day and present our community. >> reporter: despite the danger, many like this officer in gave gave don't wear bullet resistant vests. >> not wearing a vest is actually very common in our area nmany cases bus of the heat. in fact, the four largest law enforcement agencies here say it isn't required just highly recommended. >> reporter: but the vests are not a guarantee tie at life. statistics show that 2/3 of law enforcement officers killed between 2005 and 2014 were wearing body armor, but only once was it because the vest failed. >> let me put it to you this way. think of the officer as a family member and that's how you can get an idea how we'll deal wit. >> reporter: the thin blue line
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in st. petersburg, 10 knew news, wtsp. >> we have more details a tonight officers killed this week on just click the seen on tv tab. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60-second scan. the officers now say the shooting at an arizona high school was a murder-suicide. it happened this morning. two 15-year-old girls, both students were found dead a suicide note was fund at the scene. the u.s. and cuba are set to sign anne agreement next week that will restart commercial flights for the first time in five decades. u.s. airlineses will be able to bid on routes for dozens of two countries. and after a brief stop in cuba, the pope has now arrived in mexico city. he will be the first pope to visit the u.s.-mexico worder. pope francis is expected the address some of mexico's biggest challenges, including drugs, violence and poverty. and the museum in bowling green is back open after what you see right here.
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eight vintage cars two years ago. there's now a sink hole section which includes video of the cave-in, repairs and inter- active displays. insurance covered most of the $5 million tab to reopen the museum, and that is just a few- second scan. and a colorful celebration through the streets of the city. you can expect road closures and a big crowd tonight for the santiago night parade. the illuminated parade starts at 7:00 and takes about two hours and runs down seventh avenue. they encourage you to bring your kids out to the parade. and this weekend is also your last chance to check out the florida state fair. this year's theme, so much more to explore reminds everyone that there are plenty of activities to enjoy, including rides, food, entertainment, animals and shopping. monday is the last day. we have everything you need
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the night parade right there on still to come -- the powerful message from the survivor of the columbine shootings almost two decades later. >> a typical visit to the tanning salon gone wrong. >> i threw my hands up and i heard the thump. no the lawsuit ahead. and have any anti- valentine's day plan ? one bay area store is here to help. and oh, now, that was a friday, right? we're going to do our part and try to not mess up your weekend, but i am tracking two weekend.
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it has almost been 17 years since dylan klebold and eric harris opened fire at columbine high school and murdered 17 people. for the fist time the mother of one of the shooters sharing her story on national television and tonight one of the shooting victims has a message for sue klebold. it is a message of forgiveness. anne maria was wounded in 1999 during that massacre. she has been paralyzed from the waist down ever since.
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while she was still in the hospital. that letter stayed with her through recovery, the anger, and it helped her let go. anne maria says she doesn't judge mrs. . klebold for the actions of her son. >> and bitterness is like taking a poison pill and expecting the other person to die, and it only harms yourself. i don't have any ill will towards her. i forgive her and she did reach out to me in 2004, but i wasn't ready. if she did reach out to me now, i would be willing to talk to her. >> anne maria's mother suffered from depression and took her own life just months after the shooting. sue klebold is about to release a book and is donating all of the profits to help those suffering from mental illness. a woman in tennessee is suing a tanning salon because she claims her fingers were cut off while she was in a tanning bed. can you believe isn't it? the woman and her lawyer say a cooling fan inside the bed was
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put her arms up, her fingers hit, slid straight into the fan. >> i threw my hands up and i heard the thump, and i grabbed my fingers. i saw the blood. i thought i just cut them until i was trying to get dressed and then when i looked down, i can see my finger on the floor. >> wow. >> the lawyer says a 40-cent screw put in that safety latch would have saved his client's fingers. is it going to continue? >> yes. >> that's all i want to know. >> i wrote a doctor's note for today, so if you missed it -- no, i have some good news for you. >> oh, good. you can be my valentine. >> we can talk about it. i amtraking a cold front for the morning. what kind of cold front?
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friends. hope you had a great friday. your weekend is off to a great start. 56 in sebring. the storm tracker 10, noise and clear, as your skies were today. you would expect it. i am tracking the first of two fronts starting to get into the gulf. now, it is the same front that brought -- and is bringing in those record cold temperatures that we talked about a few moments ago earlier in the newscast. the front, just like last night or if it has been a day or two since you have seen this forecast. no problem. we'll get you caught up no clouds, no rain. how unusual that is. we'll see a few clouds and a few light sprinkles trying to start out there in the atlantic. more on what that means for in the moment. you can see the lake-effect snow it is causing. even in the mountains from tennessee, west virginia. around the nation's capital, and that low is going to wind up out there in the atlantic. so a week later after last
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not near as strong, but definitely attention getting in the north atlantic. back here at home as we go through the overnight hours, notice a couple of these hours here before sunrise start to bring the a little bit of cloud cover. we're very, very dry at the surface. you felt it. low humidity today. it felt very nice, right? so there's not much to work with in the atmosphere. however, there's still some gulf moisture as this front comes in in the middle of the night. you see around 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning, not only do you have just a thin line of clouds, but the future cast picking out what looks to be a little bit of rain. you haven't heard us talk much about the rain this weekend. what i believe the models are picking out is something called investigatorra. what that is is basically it is actual rain. on radar it looks like rain. it is rain. it falls from the clouds, but at the surface it is so dry, it evaporates before hitting the ground, and that's what it
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it is just a fancy weather word. but when you wake up in the morning, you open that 10 news app, you might actually see a few green returns on there and might think is it raining outside? but when you look outside your window, you don't see any rain. you just see a little cloud cover. don't be surprised if that happens. i do expect that could be a possibility between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. it is gone that quickly. as soon as it rolls in, it rolls out. again, we're so dry t the lowest levels, you may not see anything even showing up on the radar. i just want to give you a head's up. in the morning from 7:00 a.m. to the rest of the day, we're looking sunny, beautiful, and even with the front coming through. yeah, the winds pick up a little bit, but not like earlier this week. so we'll call it breezy in the first few hours of the day. it does shave down the high temperature just a tom touch from what we saw today in the 70s. still, mid 60s, upper 60s. that's not bad for a february weekend.
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on the water, the winds between two and 10 knots through the majority of the day, but there will be pockets of gusts. maybe a touch higher far moment or two. the high tide is at 5:20 and low tide at 11:11. fair day, the last weekend for it, from mid 60s in the afternoon. it will be mid 50s late in the evening. a wonderful weekend to go to the fair. maybe headed to the night parade, also just as lovely. dry, a touch breezy at times, and not bad. 50s again for this time of the year is normal. now, men, if you have your sunday golf time, keep in mind don't forget. the forecast looks good and this is the forecast you need to be paying attention to, your sweetie. it is valentine's day. don't forget! i can hear men themmabling now, sending the roses. 69 for the midday lunchtime, dinner date and 58 degrees, which you will be taking your
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next front. we'll keep you up to date over the weekend. it looks main lie like an early tuesday morning event. don't forget to download the 10 news app. we'll keep you up to dit on the other front we're watching. in the meantime, enjoy your weekend and scrub your golf game. take your sweetie to dinner. >> hint, hint! the biggest music event of away. >> the 58th grammy awards air live here monday night. l. l. cool j. will host the grammys for the fifth consecutive year. taylor swift will open the show. she is up for seven awards, including album of the yore and she goes up against country star chris stapleton, the r&b artist the weekend and southern rockers alabama shakes. lady ga ga is set to make a tribute to the late david bowie. it is monday night at 8:00. and daytona is revving four
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welcome in to 10 sports. two all-star goaltenders in net. the lightning riding an eight- game home winning streak and
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undefeated against the bolts. both teams clinging to playoff spots. this showdown was shaping up to be a dandy and it delivered. the lightning exchanging goals. the second period, and necessarieroff, the long pass and he is all over him. the extra effort gives the bolts the lead. down one. and on the power play, and less than 36 to play. and cooperate clutch. steven stamkos snapping a six- game goalie streak in overtime. tyler johnson, five hole. that is your game winner. the bolts win it #-3, your final. picking up big two points. the lightning back in third in the atlantic division. jo and nascar, tomorrow night they'll drop the green flag on the sprint cup series with a running of the sprint unlimited at daytona. it was voted on by the crew chief today and jimmie johnson will have the pole for the 75- lap shoot-out.
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number 22 in the nation, raining supreme in cincinnati, and courtney williams was rocking and rolling. and the senior all american with a jumper in the second quarter, and then in the third. williams, a game high 22 points. and then the fantastic freshman from beyond the arc. and she poured in 14 as the bulls blow out the bearcats 78- 51. and usf improving 11-3. and to phoenix, pebble beach. the second round in the at&t pro amment and phil mickelson at the par three third. and one of lefty's five burdenies on the front nine. he's one stroke off the lead at 10 under. and the celebrities out there having a good time. and we know him as carlton from "fresh prince of bell air" yeah. it is not unusual. and your leader is at 11 under par. and how about we go up the california coast.
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the it hadliest waves in the world. 24 of the world's big wave surfers and the best riding the maverick monstersment and the event winner wins $1 25,000. he described the event by saying it was like mount everest meeting niagara falls. we'll be right back. there has to be a way. divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it.
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is a break-up bringing you heart ache for valentine's day? the goodwill stores had an anti- valentine's answer. they're asking for you to donate your ex's stuff. it is all part of their don't hate, donate campaign! they say it is a good time to start fresh and get rid of items -- >> she has a lot of stuff, too. no so start cleaning out the closet! >> it is a win-win here! >> whoever their marketing person is, take them all the
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