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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  February 14, 2016 8:30am-8:59am EST

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good morning, and let me be the first to welcome you to valentine's day and 10news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. good morning, and let me be the first to welcome you to valentine' days and 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. i'm mark rivera, we're so happy to have you with us. with iowa and new hampshire behind us, you will get a look at the candidate's chance now as they continue their race presidency. plus, we have the valentine's day events you can enjoy in the bay area today.
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road to the olympics. a family's legacy of sailing and their hopes of gold. first, let's take a look at what's making head lines on your sunday morning. right now, the republican presidential hopefuls are continuing their campaigns to win the hearts and minds of south carolina residents less than a week from the primary. six candidates faced off in a debate. the ninth debate was anything but subdued. donald trump clashed with deb bush. >> obviouslyly, the war in iraq was a big fat mistake. >> while donald trump was building a tv realty show, my brother was building an ap rat
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>> two went back and forth and even argued in spanish. staying out of most of the heated debate was dr. ben carson. he is saying that the fights are making it easer for the other side to win. another topic looming large in the debate, what should happen now with the vacancy on the supreme court with widespread respect for antonin scalia. he was the longest serving member of the current court. >> we honor his extraordinary service and one of the towering leaders of our kind sp. >> president obama is looking to nominate a third justice, but he may not get past
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should be left to the next president. president obama says he will submit a candidate. pope francis will celebrate another mass today during his historic visit to mexico. on saturday, thousands attended mass at the entrance to the batilica in mexico. he spoke about poverty, brogs and im-- drugs and immigration. and the biggest names in music are preparing for the biggest night in music. l.l. cool j. will be hosting for the fifth consecutive time.
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one of the most highly acclaimed performances, a tribute to the late david bowie. you can catch it tomorrow night. iowa and new hampshire are behind us, now south carolina and nevada are next for the presidential candidates. the two from florida, bush and rubio haven't faired well so far. ian wright talks about the candidates. >> we have iowaened new hampshire behind us, looking at the folks from florida. what kind of challenge do they face going forward? >> you know, i thought a lot of us thought that after new hampshire jeb bush would be out of the race or basically out of the race, but now he got a
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ahead of mark o rubio. that is a big assist for jeb bush. >> trump has dominated. is it surprising to see how well he has done. >> what surprised me is that he did well across the board. i mean, he won highly educated voters, and others. donald trump has much broader support than a lot of people realize and i think he is going to be very hard to stop going forward. >> on the other side of the aisle, bernie sanders has done well, and are there lessons the others can pick up? >> well, i think the lesson is this is a terrible year to be an established politician.
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i mean, by now, typically historically have things been decided, or are we where we should be going forward? >> that's a good question, because i think a few cycles ago, things would have been decided largely, but if you remember mitt mitt romney when to south carolina and lost. it took a while for him to regain it. it looks like we are heading for a long primary on both sides. >> what do you think the role for florida will be, especially in march? >> florida is going to have a huge margin. right now, jeb bush and mark o'rubio are struggling. if they can't win florida, what's their argument? it might be a big assist for hillary clinton.
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where she always has been, she's going to be in big, big trouble. >> do you think it it will come down to bush and o' rubio? >> i'm not convinced they are going to be still in the race when it get to the florida primary. the thing that's re-assuring, whatever you think about, say, jeb bush, he went to all of the town hall meetings and answered question after question after question and it works. it's not all about tv. that's the other lesson, he spent $80 million on tv and that doesn't really matter. there's something about facing the voters and making a difference. >> do you think we are at a
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up their campaign using untraditional efforts? >> yeah, trump has de fied all of the rules. i was one of those who didn't think trump would be this far, but he is. who would have thought a guy who is swearing left and right and is attacking people is ahead. >> it's going to be a lot to watch over the next several weeks for sure. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. >> you can read adam's exclusive interview with republican candidate donald trump on coming up on sunday morning with the tampa bay times, this is a valentine's day for the whole family to enjoy, from a special night at bush gardens to other events, we'll show you what's happening in your area. and the road to the
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how a family is scaling for another chance to go for the gold. good morning, tampa bay, we are looking at a beautiful sunrise from the happy area in st. petersburg. right now, it is 8:39 on your sunday, february 14th.
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coming up on cbs sunday morning with charles osgood, more than thousands of tourists looking to get up close and personal with polar bears. moraco is looking at the annual meeting place for our executives, the annual cherry blossom festival. this doesn't shine any brighter than this annual night parade. many bundled up and packed into the city on saturday night. tampa's mayor bob buckhorn showed he had an arm tossing
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while this parade is known as more of an adult affair, it didn't scare away if families. the forecast. valentine's day. here's my tease for today, are blue. we are looking ahead to a nice valentine's day. we are starting off with gorgeous views. look at the sunrise as we look over the theater. some colors there, but nothing in the way of cloud cover. we are off to a great start and that's going to help warm up the temperatures quickly. notice on the storm tracker 10, really not much going on. we have a few high clouds offshore, but that's at it. we are going to stay with this pattern on and off through the day.
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temperatures in clear water. 49 odess and cold spots around hillsboro county. we are going to get rid of all of those 40s. in fact, we are heading toward temperatures of 70 degrees in tampa bay. moderate waves on the seas. high tide, 6:09:00 p.m. tonight. look at your temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. we are going to see a lot of upper 60s across the coast. we are going to see some temperatures that are going to exceed that 70-degree mark. around 70 in mulberry around sea bring. some really nice february numbers for us and we are not going to see a huge drop coming in the next couple of days. what we do see is high clouds working their way into the area, especially around i-75.
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throughout the day today with the comfortable temperature ins the mix as well. overnight, we see the clouds covering, we will not be as chilly tonight. 63, spring hill. 65 braidington. not looking too bad, plus, we are seeing the southeast winds keeping us warm. the frontal boundary moving through in the morning on tuesday. we see the high pressure building in through the rest of the workweek. we have a lot of temperatures in the mid 70s, mainly an overnight rain event. now, we could see showers and strong thunderstorms, not a significant weather event. looking ahead, most of this moves out and we are looking
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get the forecast any time on and as ashly mentioned, it is a great day to get out and about with the family or even spend time with your valentine. whatever you are up to, we have ideas for you. >> reporter: good morning, here are some options for family fun. you can go to mosby's today for the dinosaur in motion event. kids can grab the levers and make the dinosaurs move. go for it and snap the jaw of the t-rex. now we go from ferocious to fragile. this is a show end sale that features glass from the 1880s to the present. this is the show's 37th year.
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valentine on a truly wild date night tonight at bush gardens. they've got a special valentine's day version of the sai fairy. there's-- safari. there's dinner and a tour where you can learn about some of the animals. have a great day everyone, i'm kathryn bursch for 10 community. still ahead this morning, two brothers chasing to sail away to the olympics. the competition that's in their blood and their hopes for a medal. good morning tampa bay, we are taking a live look over florida southern college at our sky 10 network. sunny and clear, a perfect day to enjoy with your valentine. we hope you are off to a great
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the 2016 olympic games are just 173 days away. athletes have worked most of their lives working for this goal.
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water with two sons trying to chase down dad. >> reporter: sailors from all over the world are here trying to chase down the championship including two brothers who are ready. do you get more nervous before a race of your own, or watching them race? >> watching them race for sure. >> reporter: this weekend, these brothers will try to win the approval of dad. >> for sure, yes, yes. >> reporter: who knows exactly what his boys are facing. >> they are doing well. it's already a big achievement for them to make it to the games in their first try. >> reporter: as in the olympic games. they will represent in the 2016 games in august alongside dad. >> this will be my sixth
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tried in argentina so if you count the amount of years i have been close to it or participating, it's a big chunk of my life. >> reporter: sailed to a medal in 2004 and 2008 and now his boys are looking to win a medal of his own. >> i know when he won the medal, i was watching the tv. >> i felt like when i grew up i can go to the olympics and someday win a medal. >> mostly, the competition i really like. i really like it. not just the sport, but i am really into competition so it's great to get into it. i start sailing and then, that was it. >> reporter: if they win, they will do it together. something that will make dad very proud. >> i have been away a lot of times from home, but now is a good time to share with them
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>> we know if we stay well, we have a chance. >> reporter: on the road, i'm bobby deskins wtsp. >> now, sailing made its debut in the 1900s. if you want to see the action, the boat race wraps up just beyond pier 60. >> and we have beautiful weather. you can do the brunch, maybe this morning and then head out to watch. we are going to warm up very nicely in the next couple of hours. we will be in the 60s around the 11:00 hour. for the late brunchers, we will see the upper 60s. a great day to head to the florida state fair. lots of sunshine, comfortable, dry, we are looking fantastic. i want to give you a heads up, though, overnight monday into
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are tracking the next rain. weather. >> oh, yeah, this is why we today. happy valentine's day everyone. thank you for joining us. you can find us on facebook and twitter, but first, this sunday, we want to leave you with the sights and sounds of clearwater beach on a beautiful
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations i'm charles osgood and this is "sunday morning." as you may have heard, supreme court just sis antonin scalia died yesterday at the age of 79.
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