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tv   10 News at 630pm  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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a political battle heating up -- over who will replace the late supreme court justice an-to-nin sca- lia. and -- it was a place you probably wouldn't take your family ..but tonight -- a political platted blalt heating up.
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obama to give a replacement. >> reporter: early sunday morning the body of supreme court justice scalia arrived. half staff. the longest serving. >> one of the most consequenceal judges. >> reporter: often seen as the keystone. which frequent ly frequently -- >> there's a long tradition that you don't do this in an election year. >> he can nominate someone the senate is not moving forward on it until after the election.
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obama appointments until a new president is voted into office. >> it's totally out of step with our history and institutional principals. >> reporter: it's beyond my comprehension and just speaks the unbelievable level and unprecedented level of republican abinstructionism. >> reporter: fun arrangements have not been -- funeral arrangements have not been announced. >> president obama ordered that flags at half staff until his burial. speaker paul ryan also lowered at the capitol. >> two small children almost drown. this morning a two-year-old boy found in his family's pool.
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>> on high land acres drive a one-year-old boy was found in a 55 gallon drum of water. they say they only lost sight of their kids for a moment. p >> downtown and the park a great plays to be. >> reporter: a great spot. she thought. >> i can't say that the homeless incident hurt us bai because they did. >> reporter: she grew up in st. pete. they remember the park before it became a hub for bus and the homeless.
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the response isn't as big as when they have it further downtown. >> reporter: they're glad they removed the bus stops. it could possible move the homeless population away. >> the hub is an important place. >> reporter: making some unhappy. >> plan on going to spc you would love to catch a bus to williams park. nowvy to walk two blocks. >> reporter: this pace was one of the bugs stops. now what remains are marks that show where it was. >> for the first time in 50 years the buses are not all coming to this park. >> reporter: brad miller the ceo, says with the grid system but busts will reach more ground instead of stopping at williams park as a hub making it more convent. >> they go -- connecting to the
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to more homes. >> reporter: downtown st. pete. wtsp>> some now say those living in the at that time mrashg have nowhere else to go. the city is reaching out to the homeless community. more on that part of the story on our website, swe we saw some beautiful weather this weekend. will it continue into your workweek. check in. >> it was a great valentine's day. temperatures are a lot more on the mild side right now than they were 24 hours ago at the same time. right now 07 degrees in tampa. 64 in -- changes are coming to the forecast. i wind into view. you can see a cross the -- across the mississippi, tennessee valleys, snow and ice. it's this system trailing a cold front through texas that is going to push through the east eventually bringing showers and
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we'll talk all about it coming up in a few minutes. your choice. 2016 to tell you about now. the final week before the south carolina primary. a new cbs news poll showing -- >>reporter: florida republican marco rubio looking for votes. >> we're going to unifie our country. >> reporter: riding a wave. 32% of republicans and independent declared him the winner snup i thoughted marco rubio did a nice job. >> reporter: trump second in the poll. clashed with marco rubio and ted cruz.
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funding for planned parenthood. that's a matter of principal. >> you're probably -- >>reporter: >> should president obama not nominate to the support now -- supreme court now. >> you think he should. he has the choice and ability to do that. >> obama may nominate but it won't get through the senate this year. >> reporter: sanders made the rounds on the sunday morning news programs while hillary clinton campaigned in nevada. primaries are a march away. march 16. a close primary which means if you want to participant up to be registered in a political part party. if you're a no party or independent and want to have a say who the nom nigh you'll have
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the last day is tuesday. this valentine's day could you please from across the country and here are saying i do. more than 60 couples signed up for the valentine day wedding day. some #k0u78s say they've been together for a while others say they decided to go for it. we spoke to one couple from illinois. who thought there was a plan for vacation. karen had no idea they getting hitched. >> i got the surprise of my life. they announced it on the pa to the whole airplane as we were pulling away from the gate so we couldn't get off the plain. >> many couples tied the knot some renewed their vows. aheads up.
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traffic detoured along the wbls of andy boulevard from 9th street to 16th street at 10:30. look for the detour signs. all of this part of the project as you may remember to create a six-lane elevated road here. the lightning still to come. tell you about that. a franchise record. show you why this one is personal for goaltender. coming up. >> the clock is tick. gift. if you waited until the last
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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>> waiting until today to heart. thank goodness for these pop up vendors. this near the air force base fresh roses on the spot. >> last-minute shopping. across from my house. beautiful products approximately>> if you can't get to one of these vendors, don't stress out. we posted 15 great valentine
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go to and you better coyote -- do it right now. today's weather was beautiful. it was a good thing. there were a lot of people trying to make sure they're not in trouble by taking their sweet heart out for dinner. >> valentine's day weekend we have will being -- almost six hours left. this evening the weather is going to be a very nice. you can tell your valentine that you're taking them out this evening because it's not as chilly as last night. overall a better night to do it. i want to show you a gorgeous time lapse. you can see we had minimal clouds mostly sunny skies.
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staying out of the gulf of mexico ass the. 59 degrees. current temperatures pretty nice for a february evening here in the bay area. 64 in st. pete. 07 degrees in tampa. we don't have to g far before we find colder air. 46 in atlanta. charlotte, 28. that ridge of high pressure is keeping us blocked from the colder temperatures. big changes coming as we look to the west. you can see warm mouse area across the gulf. that will move into our direction as an area of low pressure lifts to the northeast. that will affect your forecast monday night into tuesday. western tennessee. look at the snow across portions
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and ice storm near memphis. eventually dragging this cold front through the bay area. not a lot of cold air behind it. the effects we will see, the front scattered showers and storms. look t -- ook looking at the sunday evening. mild low 60s. by midnight 59 degrees. monday morning 56 degrees with partly cloudy skies. winds east-southeast at 6. cooler on the nature coast. crystal river 51 degrees. 58 in st. pete. you want to let you know monday over all will be a nice day. we will see a few more clouds. isolated showers are possible. they will be few and far between. you can carry on with your outside outdoor plans. rain chance increasing late. most of that rain will hold off until after midnight into the
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lest check the [ indiscernible ] winds out of the east northeast. not wide spread. as we head into your monday evening moisture lifting from the south. this is not associated with the cold front not just yet. over night monday as you look to the north and northwest this is the showers and storms ahead of that approaching frontal boundary that will be bringing us rough weather monday night into early tuesday. not a bad day at all to head to the fair. warmer, breezy. nothing more than a few isolated showers. rain holding off until late monday night. moderate chop and surf temperature, 58 degrees.
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>> trackingaller gins for you. monday tuesday, wednesday and thursday. if you're sneading, that's probably due to the allergys. not necessarily a cold. here comes the system in the gulf. the area of low pressure nay stays to our north. we're monitoring possibility of strong severe storms. right now the threat does not look overly looiktly. tuesday, 12:45. rain moving into the bay area. lingering as we head into tuesday morning. showers and storms. quickly we start to clear things out as we head into midday tuesday. tuesday afternoon looking nice. tuesday 9:00 in the morning. roughest weather to our sous. area of low pressure lifts to
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when you're on the go, keep on top of our weather download the 10 news app and stien -- sign up for the alerts. if the storms become severe you will know about it. a look at 0 weather.
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>> all fun playing against these guys. fwrup through the farm system and everyone watching. one way or the other i'm going
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>> the lightning all star goaltender playing for the junior blues in st. louis. drafted by his oem team and discard in the trade. send their own message. this one got feisty early. less than two minutes? . dropped their gloves. don't be fooled by his boyish looks. 3.5 minutes in. steven santos gets a shot. this one still in the 1st. usf ruding a -- rid losing streak. mcmurray from half court. beating the buzzer.
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the bulls had nearly as many turnovers. temple took advantage. droling 9 three pointers. usf 9 and 21. just tipping off inial hascy. the 12th ranked health insurance. highlights of this one coming up on 10 sports at 11:00. >> switch gears to nascar. 29 years ago bill elliott grabbed the daytona 500 pole with 210 miles per hour. it's impossible to duly indicate that speed thanks to restricter plates. 20-year-old bill elliott the second. aka chase elliott.
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he had the top spot on the pole for a little while. over. 196 miles per hour grabbing the pole becoming the youngest of the row. this is very, very cool day. i don't know that this opportunity has sunk in much less sitting on the pole of the daytona 500. daytona qualify fieing is about the team gieps>> moments ago here on cbs 10 news. an exciting finish. vaughan tailer. a two stroke lead. couldn't get to drop. that will leave the door over for lefty. milkalson. a three time winner.
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vaughan taylor entered on an exemgs and finishes at 17 under par. not a bad valentine's day for him and his wife and family. wins $1 million. take her on a shopping stree sprooe. >> speaking of valentine' hopefully weather is nice. >> if you're still heading out and about, temperatures are fairly mild for this time of year. headed out to a romantic dinner. temperatures in the 60s. by desert 61 degrees. work off that meal head out for a moonlight stroll and soak in the lovely february evening across the area. temperature 59 degrees. >> sounds like your a date planner almost. a nice stroll.
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>> can i plan the dates but i'll be here. >> we want to thank you for watching. 60 smins next with a rare interview with the are director
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> is isis coming here? eventually find its mark here. >> you're expecting an attack in the united states? >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, the material or whatever else they need to do. >> the man who was supposed to stop that attack is john brennan, the director of the c.i.a. tonight, in a rare interview, we talked to brennan about a world of trouble. does isis have chemical weapons? >> we have a number of instances


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