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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening, i'm tammie fields. several new stories coming into the newsroom right now... new tonight out of manatee county... a deputy shoots and kills a man who he says charged at him with a knife... according to sheriff brad steube -- it all started when deputies responded to a fight at a home on boo-kelia circle in bradenton. >> when deputies responded to a fight
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>> developing now. the body of a supreme court justice antonin scalia has arrived at his home. heart attack. his body is going to be flown on tuesday. scalia was 79 and the longest
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president barak obama says he will submit a -- a neighborhood in brat bradienton on alert after two wild animals were shot with a cross bow. the images you're about it to see may be difficult. >> respond about a duck swimming in the water with an ar row and then a raccoon also. vets rushed to perform surgery on the raccoon but it died before getting to surge principle>> this is a neighborhood people live in. who is to say you're not a good shot with the arrow you didn't even kill the raccoon with the rare row.
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sna colony of wild monkeys live. left from an old tarzan movie shoot.
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famous posing for pictures for years before he was finally captured. this wasn't as slippery. >> we got to him before too many people chased him. >> here valentine is. >> weapons on [ indiscernible ]
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> displaying his affection for the young he asked the dhoirn pray for him. sna young girl -- mexico city of ben pope franciss hub. he's taking daily strips. the holy father traveled by helicopter. there he celebrated an out door
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the largest event on his six day-historic visit.
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>> en if they don't take home a trophy every nominee is invited back stwraj they're invited to take home everything from clothing to cocktails to jewelry. >> prestuffed an amazing gift bag. and then they come through this gift luge and fill this trick or trick bag. pay trubt to michael jackson. >> he's performing a cover of
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>> you can catch the grammys here on cbs 10 news tomorrow night. >> nice day today to celebrate valentine's day. i don't think you'll see too many complaints throughout. >> it was nice. warmer than it was on saturday. like you mentioned before if you saved your valentine's day dinner until tonight it was nice and comfortable out there. mostly clear skies. time lapse from our hooters of clear water beach [ indiscernible ] >> plenty of blue skies today. lots of sunshine as well. very nice conditions out there. monday will be even a touch warmer as we head through the
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right now 57 degrees in brooksville. saints petersberg at 61 degrees. to the north temperatures cooler across nashville. 32 degrees. that cooler air is going to stay alittle bit to our north because we're being protected by a ridge of high pressure. in time a system moving across the northern gulf coast will bring showers and storms to our region starting monday night. here's an area of low pressure bringing showers to portions of arkansas into north alabama, mississippi. a mixture of snow and eyes across sp season. snow across west virginia and virginia. this area of low pressure moving to the north wringing this cold front our area and increased chaj chances of rain your low temperatures monday morning kids
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a nice day. if you're heading to work, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. a light jacket or sweater. as we head into your monday afternoon temperatures warming up to 76 degrees. average high for this time of year, 72. above average. we're going to notice increasing clouds ahead of our next frontal boundary. windy at times. winds out of the southeast at 13. isolated showers during the afternoon and the showers we see during the afternoon not associated with the system that will bring more rain monday night into tuesday. especially areas to the east of i 75, we could see showers moving through. not a big deal. most of us staying dry for much of monday. you look to the north and northwest, this is the leading edge of the weather that will be pushing into the region oef
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nice day to head to the fair. temperatures in the 70s. during the evening a few showers possible. mainly dry with high temperatures in the 60s. bay water a moderate chop. 10 to 15. high tide 8:54 in the morning low tide 12:22. let me show you storm tracker. moving into the region. this is early morning tuesday. after midnight chance of scattered showers and storms moving across the region. that will continue until early tuesday morning. quickly by noontime we'll start to see clearing conditions as the front pushes to our south. i want to show you closer another vooupt of what's going to happen. this area of low pressure moving to the north and northeast. looks like the strongest
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the jet stream staying to our north. the likelihood of severe weather -- across the tampa bay area not likely to see severe weather. there's a potential. the entire 10 weather team we'll be watching that closely for you. storm prediction center says scattered showers and storms for us with a slight risk of severe weather especially across the northern gulf coast portions of mississippi, alabama and louisiana include new orleans. a fairly uneventually passage of the cold front. >> looks rainy. not a wash out. mainly showers and storms after mid night monday. first half of tuesday. look at this beautiful forecast. high pressure and control. lots of sunshine temperatures in the mid to upper 70s through next weekend.
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download our 10 news app free in the app store. >> franchise record home winning streak and a feisty one. we'll talk you will.
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>> fun playing with these guys. growing with guys. up with way or the other i'm going to get a lot of text messages. >> lighting all start -- lightning all star goaltender. a trip back this season. out for revenge. two minutes in. dropping gloves. don't be fooled. he manned up. pulls the jersey over.
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st. louis. >> rebound. appears to be kicked in. refs look again. looks like he did to me. they give him the goal. franchise record. home winning streak. nine games. tipping it off with temple. just before the half. mcmurray, half court. count it. mcmurray a game high 24. 20 in all. nine, three pointers. 77-55 house win. usf falls 5-21.
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12th rand miami. looking to knock off. lawrence corner pocket. fsu cut it to t.46 left. beasley, off the mark. canes hold on. 67-65. >> nascar. 29 years ago bill elliott grabbed the date nah 500 -- date nah 500. another awesome -- 20-year-old bill elliott the second. chase elliott.
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grabbing the pole. youngest driver to start from the front row at daytona. matt kenseth. >> this is very cool day. i don't know this opportunity has sunk in. it's very cool. i think the big something the team. daytona qualifying is about the team guys. >> earlier today on cbs 10 news. exciting finish at bebl beach. two stroke lead. can't get it to go.
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> bryant his final nba all-star game showing he's still got it. fade away. shooters roll. that million dollar grin. curry. throwing it up from windsor. finished with 26. paul george the man with the hot hands. 4 # finishing one off will champ berlin's -- the >> love in the air? don't forget so is spring training. yankees report to tampa. >> already. >> looking forward to it.
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>> this valentine's day coups said i do. more than 06 couples signed up for the group wedding at the florida botanical gardens. the bride surprised herfy yawn say. he had no idea they were getting hitched. he told us he was happy about it>> of course. >> that will do it.
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>> joel osteen: god bless you. it's great to be with you today. and if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. i like to start with something funny. and i heard about this pastor, he was raising money for a new sanctuary. and he told his congregation, "i've got good news and i've


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